Angelina Jolie With Maddox & Shiloh

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie was snapped leaving an art-supply store in midtown Manhattan on Saturday with Maddox, 5, and Shiloh, 1.



  1. mooku says

    i will love to meet you,brad and the children someday (i loved mr. and mrs. smith)there should have been mr.and mrs.smith2

  2. mooku says

    i will love to meet you,brad and the children someday (i loved mr. and mrs. smith)there should have been mr.and mrs.smith2

  3. mooku says

    brangelina is the most cutest cuple wish i shared with they share i love every movie each of them star in i will look forward to any future movie and they have the most beautiful children and adopting is so sweet i will adopt children in need when i get older their both my idols

  4. Call Me Kat, Kitty Kat says

    How nice, Shiloh has her own private coolie. I wonder when she’ll get the rickshaw.

  5. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    A good explanation for shiloh having her mouth open…


    so Jolie beleiveS in making the kids work hard after all she doesnt want shi to feel too priviledged,,,her solution is to have shi catch all the flies for thier evening supper in the neo about putting the pair of lips to good use..All SHI has to do is keep her mouth open till a fly enters and mummy empty the trap, passes it on to Mad, who then fries it up in some delish olive oil and Zee and Pax serve it up to Daddy and Mommy ahahhahahha

    Will the explanation work for those wondering why a one year old has her mouth open ahahahhahahhaLOL

  6. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Reading over these comments made me laugh so much, I can just imagine some of you;

    “Oh no, Angelina is holding Shiloh, what can we complain about now? I know! Lets pick on a 13-month-old baby for having her mouth open in a picture!”

  7. Mindy says

    #114 get over it. No one is truly bashing the children. Child abusers? Yeah sure lady you do have issues. If you just dont agree with what people are pointing out then maybe you shouldnt be the one on this site. It’s just peoples point of views so respect that even if you dont agree with it.

  8. paolawllms says

    Babyrazzi should be ashamed of themselfs for allowing people to talk about celebrity children in such a horrific way! These people are sick in the head and should not be allowed in this website.Its a shame that even babies are not save from these sickos! These people are no better then child abusers! shame on all of you for talkng about little ones like that.This website should not allow these people to say these things.

  9. Nicki says

    Deeds- Yes how silly of me to focus on HER exact words instead of breaking up her exact words and twisting them around! Sorry you feel I have a problem, no I am not related to her and will never be in her company, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring the good she has been doing for over the past 6 years.
    Yeah you did want to hear the answer or else you wouldn’t have answered yourself.
    Again, how silly of me to use her exact words. Sorry I corrected your “misquote”, or should I say…your Angelina “claimed” statement.

  10. DEEDS says

    #111, what is your problem? I find it interesting that of all the AJ bashing you focus on her beauty and her exact words. Is she a relative or are you in love with her? Never mind, I don’t want to hear your answer on that.

  11. Nicki says

    Deeds- Her exact quote was….”Our first question is what paper is it in. The New York Times? If not, do we really need to worry?”

    Then she was asked “But at the Golden Globes, you seemed in a bad mood, and that was in The New York Times.

    To which she replied….”Yeah. And that was when my mother was about to die. Others have said we were getting married. We are people who want a good newspaper and television report, so when it’s lies about us, it makes us wonder what else they’re not double-checking.”

    Where did she claim that whatever was published is only true if it is in The New York Times?

  12. Deeds says

    Nicki, I do not follow the “facts” when it comes to Hollywood polls. In my opinion they are to subjective to what maybe popular at the time or not. AJ can be on the most beautiful list for the next 10 years I don’t care. Anyone that is sucked in by the Hollywood “facts” is like the blind leading the blind. After all AJ herself claimed that if it isn’t published in the New York Times it isn’t true.

  13. JBEGIRL says

    I think Shiloh is absolutely adorable!!!! She has Brad’s hair and eye color but Angelina’s face. So cute!!!!!!!!

  14. oriana says

    Really don’t think this was staged, again, they are human like the rest of us, eventhough she could afford to have all her bodyguards carry her and the kids to the car! Ha!

    I am going to see Oceans 13 this weekend, heard it was good, much better than the last one, even Bernie Mac on Jay Leno said it was crap and this one was the best of all of them. I did hear it isn’t doing as well as expected and hoped for.

    Tia, I hope you have another baby and hope it is a boy!

    I think that Angie is very slim, but not as bad as Nicole Richie and some of the other wanna be stars in Hollywood, I am amazed Angie can carry both those kids, she must have more strength about her than looks like.

    I am all for her making up with her Dad and I think it may happen, it is for the best for everyone, her brother included.

    Saw Babel last night for first time, he did do an excellent job and he is getting much better as an actor.

  15. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    I have a craving for clams , mussels, oysters hnmmmmmmmmmmmmm..its going to be an expensive summer soltice~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tia says

    #91, of course she has a “whats going on face…she’s surrounded by flashing lights, and a bunch of people!”

    Yes Oriana, my daughter just turned a year old!! My hubby and I are talking about having another 🙂

    have a nice day darling 🙂

  17. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    By the way..the pictures of the cruisers look totally staged..I am yet to see them behave normally and naturally …even Jolie has better staging tatics than these baffoons.!!!

  18. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    By the way..teh pictures of the cruisers look totally staged..I am yet to see them behave normally and naturally …even Jolie has better staging tatics than these baffoons.!!!

  19. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    By the way..teh pictures of the cruiserslook totally staged..I am yet to see them behave normally and naturally …even Jolie has better staging tatics than these baffoons.!!!

  20. Libraesque says

    you want to see this kid or any other celeb kid smile????

    Go to their house, into their living room, where they feel safe and happy without 50 cameras frightening them.

    These people can’t go anywhere or do anything in peace so GET OVER IT

  21. says

    what’s this no Brad takin Maddox out, no pics of Angie holdin Shiloh goin on a plane from Prague, and u call ur self babyrazzi, but i guess this somewhat good cuz of the bitchery and negative comments so funny

  22. Nadia says

    I have never seen this child smile, all the children do not smile period.This family is always miserable looking.

  23. Jocelyn says

    Shiloh has piggy lips, not the most beautiful baby.Nothing special. Angelina knows how to manipulate, i give her credit for that.

  24. Cobi says

    I have a question….does Shiloh not have any other looks besides the ”what’s going on” face. She’s an adorable little girl and I would love to just see her have a different expression. Sometimes it seems like her lips are too big for her to carry.

    Maybe her smiling might be sweet to see.

  25. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Twinkle ..sorry not to understand your self righteous rants, but SkeleHOr is not a HO beccause of Brad Pitt…take a look a little further back…

    I actually think these two deserve each other and if you insist on bring Anniston into all this, I think SkeleHOr did Anniston a mighty favor. Who wants to be shacked up with a wuss who behaves like another stepford wife
    Anniston needs to send Whorelina a migty thank you gift!! Brad himself out of *guilty consicence* has voiced that Anniston does not desserve all the stupid comments being made about her..Anniston had said she moved on and does not awant peopel associatign her with these two!!!

    ..I dont care who is guitly or not, in the world of celebs we all arrive at different conclusions based on what they allow us to see. I think I have a pretty good brain to make my own analysis… So ewhat if I am wrong…shot me if you can!! you may also be wrong…

    The fact is that unless you are one of those 3, you are also making assumptions based on pictures. Your interpretation will be different from others, it does not mean you are right and they are wrong…now try to have fun and stop picking on others simply because they do do have the same left brain as you do!!!

    Now all are entitled to thier opinion, most people here actually state their opinion without making assumptions about about those of opposing views. Unless Holie is paying you to defend her on this site I suggest you leave others be.

  26. HILLS says

    damn, it’s almost if you want them to fail! Everybody movies fail! What movie aisle did I last seeone of your movies? When the last time I saw you on the Red Carpet? I think that all of you need a life…..seriously! I think that all of her children is cute, and if they(Angelina, and Brad) wants to adopt more children so be it! I do love Shiloh, she is going to be a hell raiser! She’s Brad’s heart! Wake UP, and get a life! Grow some fruit!

  27. says

    Just as expected….When she leaves Shiloh home its because she doesn’t love her. When she takes Shiloh out, she’s doing it to sell her movie! You people are unbelievable. Nothing will please you with this woman. Lol. I dont undersatnd how on earth is ocean’s an office bomb????
    If she doesn’t want to talk to her dad, that’s her decision. He didn’t even know her daughter’s (Zahara) name!!!

  28. Kate says

    Nothing against the family but I fail to see the fuss over Shiloh. She is average and not gorgeous at all.

  29. Mimi says

    This woman will never cease to amaze me. For 7years she has refused to reconcile with her father who said she needed mental help not out of malice but genuine concern of a father now sh etells us to reconcile with terrorists hwo have killed our loved ones and when she looks stupid doing that, she starts insinuating that she is going to reconcile. And for those who think this is an innocent walk through new York, please!!! This is all ochestrated to sell her movie.

    Yes One week on top of the box office is a bomd especially if a movie cost that much. And has such a cast.

  30. Twinkle says

    #73 and 74, Tea and Traveler, Bravo! Thank goodness there are some fair and openminded people on this site.

    #47 Belle, “small eyed Asian”? That is so racists and ignorant of you to say. Directing that remark to a 5 year is cheap.

    It’s nice seeing these folks out and about trying to live as normal a life as they can. Would you prefer that they hermit themselves 24/7 365? We get the benefit of it by seeing how well her children are growing. Let’s admit it, they’re all well fed, well dressed, clean, very well behaved and they all get special time with the parents. It’s quite obvious that the parents are devoted to their children. How many average kids do we know actually get such love and devotion?

    As for all the name calling, whore, slut, skelewhore, etc. Real mature folks. It’s become very obvious was searching for the life he ultimately wanted. He wanted to be a father. He said it many times in interviews. Don’t you think that he and Jennifer were on the same page about that then they would still be together? We have no idea what goes on inside a relationship unless you can turn yourself into that fly on the wall. So, to all those weirdo out there that must still spew such bile toward Brad and Angelina for such adulterers –LET IT GO! Did she sleep with your man? No! Did she have you man’s love child? No! Did your man leave you for her? No no no. Let it go folks. They didn’t do anything to hurt you personally, so why all the hostility? Maybe we shoud just appreciate the photos as mommy and baby time and leave it at that!

    Some you folks really make go Oy vey izmere!

  31. oriana says

    Tia, I didn’t realize you had a one year old!!!! Jesus, you are a busy Bee!!!!

    I think that Jon Voight will be so happy to see the kids, all of them, that he will be a loving grandfather!!!! I think there should be forgiveness, and after the grieving of losing her mother, I think she will be willing to try again with him.

    You have a nice evening my Dear!!!!!

  32. Tia says

    hi oriana!! im excellent, hope all is well with you!

    I do agree with you about the Jon Voight thing….i really hope these kids get to know their grandfather…nothing is more important than family 😀

  33. oriana says

    HI Tia and Nicki, hope all is well with you girls!!!!

    I, as you know, am not a Angie fan, but I do not think she is a media whore, I don’t think she is finally carrying her baby sometimes, just for show, and I think she wanted to go shopping! She has that right like all of us. I do believe that as Shiloh gets older we will see more pictures. And good to see the baby in something other than a black shirt, she is pretty, looks like a pretty little boy!

    Angie must be pretty strong (more than she looks) carrying both of them. I do think Maddox is used to the paps and they don’t really bother him that much. Mia was right, she does have love and tenderness in her heart for I have seen MANY pictures of her with him, cooing, smiling, kissing and laughing in a very loving way. I doubt very seriously if we ever see those kind of pictures with her and Shiloh.

    Shiloh is JON Voight made over! Look at some of his younger pictures and you will see the remarkable resemblance.

    Brad is a big time Wimp and he will go along with whatever decisions she makes with the kids.

    I really hope there is a reconciliation with Jon Voight, all the kids need to meet him and get to know him, and vice versa.

  34. Zbella says

    I want to see both movies… Shiloh is cute. An open mouth doesn’t bother me. it’s very common and not something need to worry about. My husband had and still occationally has a tendency to leave his mouth open. He has his Master’s degree and is earning his PhD next. Really smart guy – always tested in the 99th percentile. Anyway, if you want to hate this family, I’m sure you’ll find something to b!tch about. I like this family and I like seeing pictures of Shiloh too.

  35. Fly On The Wall says

    Box office bomb??

    Ocean’s 13:

    Domestic: $70,429,741 51.1%
    + Foreign: $67,400,000 48.9%


    = Worldwide: $137,829,741 (so far)

    Some bomb.

  36. traveller says

    Wow. Weird people on here. If AJ doesn’t take Shiloh out, then she hates her biological daughter and just favors the adopted kids. If AJ does take Shiloh out, then she’s a media whore. Huh? You can’t have it both ways people. Sounds to me like people are choosing any stupid thing to bash her over. I believe I see a green-eyed monster in the room.

    If it were me, I wouldn’t talk to my father anymore either if he did to me what Voight did to Jolie. He almost got her son taken from her. And for what? She’s a good mom that has raised a very polite little man. All Voight did was guarantee a rift between himself and his daughter. If he truly had issues with her, those would’ve been best discussed in private, not on national tv.

    I believe Angelina Jolie has some Native American in her background.

  37. Tea says

    Man, you people are never happy. No matter what She does you all have to critizise her. you don’t see pics of her holding Shiloh, then when you do she is just doing it for attention!! give me a break!!! You make nasty comments about children? and she is the psyco? You all need to grow up. Oh and yeah so she was wild in the past, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have changed?? Of course not, any other person can, but not her because you all have decided to judge her and not keep an open mind to anything. You make me sick. And you all know which people I am talking about, You don’t have to like Brad and Angie, but some people just can’t admit ANYTHING good about them.

  38. Fly On The Wall says

    $56 million in two weeks is hardly what I would call “bombing at the box office”. And whatever O13 makes in America, it will make three times that much overseas.

    You bitch haters are so pathetic. It must really suck to be on a losing team.

  39. Tia says

    Yes Lola, i ‘m 25 and still believe in the tooth fairy. excellent observation. I forgot, you must hang around Angie and know her evil plots to get the paps to take pictures of her…excellent!

    I certaintly hope people are not as judgemental about your children ( if you even have any)


    Anyone know if Angelina has any black in her? when I first saw her in a t.v. movie, I could have sworn she must have. No.. it’s not because of her lips she just has the appearance of having african/american in her. ANYONE?

  41. says

    The children you are worried about may pro bably think a world without paparazzi chasing after them is wierd..the only person to notice any difference is PAX since he was added at an older age, otherwise maddox and others have all been infront the camera since they were toddlers.

    I think when they move away from home and they are not famous themselves, some of them will actually miss the attention and start acting up…

    In my opinion JOlie enjoys the media attention like all the stars and she is not happy out of the limelight, this time she is doing all she can to sell her movie…she is also obviously not happy especially since her weigh tloss is due ot some pyschologial or emotional distress..if the root of her sadness is her mothers death, then I am all the more baffled since she never really spent much timw with her nmother over the course of her illness…maybe its guilt and that may explian her wanting to reconcile with her father….fathers will actually give in ..but if I were voight I will just slam the fuck ing door in her face for all the brohahah she goes on about..afterall she nad her brother can go on being orphans if they wish…but those children especially shiloh are goign to grow up and wonder why thier so called moher fantastic denied them a relationship with their grandfather…she is doing an injustice to both her child and the grandfather …her short sightedness is extremely selfish!!!

  42. fifi trooper says

    Shiloh, is up there with Kingston, Suri, and Henry! I think that those are the cutest babies, I’ve seem in a long time! Oh, I forgot about Sean, and Jayden! Oh my, Cute babies everywhere! From now on I will Shut My mouth, about wondering where was little shiloh!, and Why wasn’t Angelina holding her! I think that Brad Pitt has really strong Genes! She does have Angelina’s lips! This baby is sooooooo adorable!

  43. says

    I didnt realise oceans 13 was doing bad,.,A friend treated me to it and I slept right through it..but then it may have been my viral infection ahahahhahahhahahhahahha

  44. Nicki says

    Deeds- She was always for the past 10 years, on the top 10 list of the most beautiful. Get your facts straight!
    Deal with it, she will be on the list for many more years to come!
    Have a good night/………..Good night everyone!

  45. Nicki says

    51. desiree~ Exactly!! They will never be happy. They will always find something to complain about… Just a sad life for them!!
    #32~Tia~ you are welcome for the exxtra pics! Thank you for the “thanks”.
    I am so tired of the tabloid crap that gets reguritated over and over again! I just wish some of these “nay sayers” would read an actual interview and not a little bit of it, twisted. But whatever, the Jolie-Pitt family will prevail. Good rewards good. Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitts.

  46. Penny says

    I can’t believe how passionate people get over someone walking a few steps from the store to her car!!

    If she is a media ***** it’s because the public has turned her into one.

    I’m not a fan of hers (and I do think her children are cute- although Maddox looks like he may be getting a liitle upper lip hair?)

    Who wouldn’t want a standing ovation for just picking up finger paint. Maybe Angie can send the paps to my house, I have 6 QTpies , and I take a few of them out whenever I leave the house….or even better have them shoot me feeding 6 AND getting myself ready for a school concert while Daddy shows up 2 minutes before we need to leave. That is an act I’d LOVE to have covered.
    Maybe she is using them, or maybe Shiloh wanted to go with her and pulled that big pout so she could go….

    Either way everyone seems to be giving a simple trip for art supplies , headline news attention.

    You reap what you sow ……………….

  47. Deeds says

    Every one knows that there is a social class differance according to the color of your skin. No matter how wrong that is, AJ adopts children of color so no matter the age difference or when their opinions differ she can always pull the superior
    “I’m white” thing. Why do you think she was so against being a biological mom? Bradangelina, hmm that is so 8th grade, her picture of her naked with only a sheet screams U.S. Ambassadar.

  48. says

    #54, K, did I ever say that Maddox was protective? I said he “looks protective”. There is a major difference with actually being something and looking like something. As for your “fantasy world” comment, I’m definately not in one. You clearly dont like Angelina, so you want reasons to bash her. I am not the only one who thinks that she is beautiful. She was voted the world’s most beautiful woman some time ago. You are also wrong because she never told Maddox to call Brad daddy. Mad just did it one day, and she said this in interviews. That’s fine if you dont like her, your opinion, I could care less, but please get your facts straight.

  49. JJ says

    I’ve often wondered why Shiloh has her mouth open. Can she not breathe through her nose? Don’t get me wrong, she is a very adorable looking baby but seeing her mouth open all the time really seems odd to me.

  50. Malayka says

    I think Shiloh looks like Bluebell Madonna, that spice girl’s daughter of course bluebell is cuter and has a cosed mouth. She is doing this for her movie of course and I think they are worried because Ocean’s 13 is doing very badly at the box office. They don’t realise that after seeing them all over the super markets, watching their movie is a no no because we are all just tired of them. Personally I skipped Ocean 13 because the thought of a hour of seeing Brad Pitt just turned me off. I have enough of him as it is. Didn’t mind Ocean 11 and 12, actually loved 11. Pitt is just not my cup of tea any more.

  51. Fabienne says

    The PR machine is out full force. She does not want her movie to bomb, so let us take the Messiah out. That is why i do not like her anymore, she uses her children too much.As for Shiloh she looks just like Grier, But Grier is cutter and does not have her mouth open all the time, just like Henry , Heidi’s son.

  52. Clare says

    Seriously every body, just for one moment imagine she was not a Brangelina baby, would yout think her cute? She is just another baby so I will not attack her. But she is not special or beautiful, just cute and sweet.

  53. Janice says

    Yes Analise, because Suri is in a league of her own, she is no Garber baby and she has the most exotic look ever! Z is quite pretty especially when she smiles but Shiloh, nahhh. Shiloh is cute the way every baby is cute but she has nothing special and is no where near her hype. Sorry but that is the truth.

  54. K says

    Desiree, I read your post but it is like you live in some kind of fantasy land. From Angelina’s beauty which to me is non existent to Mad being protective, gal he was just walking and he has been told by his mum to keep calm and act out. I mean she did tell him to call Brad Daddy didn’t she? She is just pimping those kids. I think Lola is sopt on in her obbservations.

  55. Jo says

    Unless am blind but I see nothing beautiful about SHiloh. Lets just say I would not look at her twice if she was on a supermarket stroller.

  56. says

    Well, well, well… this picture is for all the Brangelina haters. The things you all said: She doesn’t love Shiloh, she never holds or cuddles her biological child, she thinks her daughter is a “blob”, and all that other nonsense. Here is a pic of Angelina holding her daughter, and one may think you all might be a little satisfied with this,….but of course not! She only brought Shiloh out because she has just released a movie and she needs to please her fans!!! Haha, you all are hilarious…
    If you haven’t watched the video of them coming out of the store, I suggest that you do, then criticize Brangelina for not taking Shiloh out more often and keeping her away from cameras. The photographers and the crowd were really acting insane!! They were shouting, clapping, screaming, etc. as though she was the last child to be born on Earth! Shiloh is a baby!!! She would obviously get scared when people act like that. Her other children are a little bit older and the pap. never really acted in this extreme way with them. I suppose its because Shiloh was the baby that the world was waiting to see. The pap. never acts this way with other celebrities. They have some sort of space. Not with this family! Also, I would never say anything bad about celebs constantly holding their children and going out with nannies and security. They have to take extra precaution with their kids with crazy people like the paps around. The celebrity parents choose to be in the spotlight, but when the paps bring in the kids on this level of attention, its ridiculous! The video shows an insight into the celeb world and how crazy it can get. So now people, ask yourself the question again, “Why do we never see Shiloh?” . For an answer, watch the video. I must say, I LOVE seeing these pics, but I felt terrible while watching the video.
    With all of that said, Shiloh is a beautiful child and Maddox is one gorgeous little boy! Mad looks so calm and almost like a little gentleman. I guess he has gotten used to all the attention. He also looks very protective of his mum and little sister. He’s getting so tall. Shiloh looks like her dad but she has her mum’s lips!!! In some pics I can also see a little bit of Angie in her but she definitely looks more like her daddy. Maddox has some of the same expressions on his face that his mum has sometimes. Its so cute! There were also pics of Zahara and Shiloh with their mother after lunch. The facial expressions that both her daughters had were identical! They looked really precious. You all should check out the other pics at the celeb baby blog and just jared. Absolutely gorgeous! Angelina looks beautiful as usual! Such a sweet family! Love this family no matter what!!! 🙂

  57. Lola says

    Good for you Tia, keep it to yourself but it is a free site and we can express ourselves. Z has big lips but she is not always gaping like a stupid thing. Shiloh is plain and no amount of photshopcan change that. Jolie is in this for fame and glory and to build what she called a legacy. I am glad most people see through her and her facade. She knows the paps are hot on her heels but still she will expose those kids for fame if that is what it takes. Garner does not have hordes of paps like those in that Video. First we see Brad and Maddox, then with Pax, then Angelina now comes with the three kids and you think it is a coincidence? Give me a break. Probably Pax scremed and refused to come. And what is with carrying all the kids in her scrawny arms?. Does she think we don’t know that she employs an army of nannies? She is a fraud and sorry that you are stupid enough to fall for her. You probably still believe in the tooth fairy. LOL

  58. Kelly says

    I don’t find Shiloh beautiful at all. And I usually find babies sweet and cute. On a good day, I find her rather ordinary with nothing to write home about but mostly, like on the pictures in the links posted, she just looks like a blank child who would swallow a fly if it entered her mouth. It is after all open most of the time.

  59. Tia says

    yes, i buy her lies. Give me a break. If she wants to take her children shopping then good for her…does anyone freak at Jen for taking Violet to the park where day after day you KNOW there will be camera’s following them? these poor people cant take their children anywhere without the paps following them! I know Angelina is no sant, but for god sakes, i really dont think she is in it for the media attention

    Did you ever think that babies mouth is open because her lips are big like her moms? Angie did the same thing when she was little.

    Im sorry, but this baby is a doll. Maybe people should keep their rude comments to themselves. There are other babies on this site i dont think are very cute, but i keep that to myself

  60. Belle says

    I am sorry but I just can’t stand her. Shiloh is not all that. Maddox used to look cute but now he is just another Asian small eyed man. Shiloh does look dense.

  61. Lola says

    Tia, there are better places to take children out than a shopping centre in new york when you know how crazy it gets. She is just pimping them and am sorry if you buy her lies and tales. She is just a crass woman with no morals and will used anything to gain fame. How many interviews has she done yapping about her private life for one movie? She is just an all round whore.

    Babies have their mouths open but Shiloh’s is too much and worrying. She just looks like a….. blob! Thats it , a blob.

  62. Malayka says

    Thanks for the pics guys. Shiloh is just so cute, though not as cute as Suri Cruise but cute nevertheless. I agree she looks slow but may be she will be better as she grows. Angelina’s legs look horrible. Even her hands, infact the whole of her. She should do something about it. She just is not as hot as she used to be.

  63. Tia says


    these children need to have a life…do want Angie and Brad to just lock these children up in the house until they’re 18? gimme a break woman!

    A lot of babies have their mouthes open…i have a few pictures with my daughter looking the exact same way…judging by the comments you make you sound a TAD slow

  64. K says

    Most beautiful baby? NOT!!!! She is just another garber baby with a big head and huge lips and a perpectually open mouth. Jolie will whore out anything, her mother’s death, her kids and when she thought she will take the back ground, she decided to bring out the Shiloh gun. I wonder what she will be doing next to remain relevant. Adopt another child or get pregnant. How predictable.

  65. Janice says

    Seen all pictures but I beg to differ. It is interesting that Shiloh looks like Brad but she is no where near the most beautiful celebrity baby. Suri still holds that. But Shiloh is cute but does not look like an alert baby at all. She actually looks stupid with her mouth hanging. Not that I expeted her to be bright after having such parents.

  66. Lola says


    2. How can a normal mother usbject their children to all that craze? For what? Can’t she just leave the kids home? Even MJ who covers them is better than Angelina.

    3. Ocean 13 is bombing badly at the box office and I guess A mighty heart will follow.

    4. Seen all the pictures but the way Shiloh’s mouth hangs makes her look a tad slow.

    5. For a baby who is supposed to be the most beautiful in the world, she is rather plain and yes she does look like Voight a lot.

    Please Angelina, stop using your kids to stay in the news.

  67. Libraesque says

    Jodie……SHE’S A BABY

    And what is with the CONTANT comparisons with Suri and Shiloh ONLY. Why don’t you ever compare Shiloh with Violet or Suri with Violet????

  68. carleigh says

    Shiloh is so precious, I loved the close up pictures that TMZ had on their site. She’s definitely got the best of her family’s gene’s. She’s just so darn cute! Now everyone who whines about Angelina not holding Shiloh, not bonding with her can shut up already. I think Angie just brings her out selectively because she’s so young and not used to all the attention that she and Brad get when they are hounded. Isn’t it better to leave a little one at home when they can be exposed to so many things that can be perceived as threatening, not to mention the fact that Shiloh shouldn’t have to spend her young life having to fight the glare of the camera’s. It’s her parents choices to be in the spotlight and I applaud them both for keeping her time limited..she’s still a baby.

  69. Tia says

    haha Mia you are right. I guess people just have a hard time believing that someone could have 4 children??

    thats also very funny about your friend…stupid people

  70. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    they are all regular babies and most babies bring out the oooh and aahs in most people..nothing extraordinary about them..besides if your expectations are high, you have to remeber that all parents have had surgery to sharpen up their they will look stunning when they also get to tweek their features…..

  71. Jodie says

    she looks really dopey to me.she has this vacanct expression, and those big rubber lips, her mouth is always hanging open!!

  72. Martha says

    For being an offspring of Angelina and Brad, I don’t think Shiloh is all that. I think Suri is much cuter. I think Shiloh is cute, but way overrated. She looks like a boy, but it may just be the hair. Other than the bright blue eyes and Angie’s lips, she looks like any average baby to me.

  73. Kalista Brat says

    Judging by this pic and a few other recent pics of Shiloh that I have seen, I’m begining to think that she probably is the most beautiful celebrity baby. Before I was with Suri as number one but Shiloh has pretty big blue eyes and a cute button nose and she looks perfect but who knows , I still have to see more Suri pics before I bump Suri off number one, but Shiloh is gorgeous for sure!

  74. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    That was hilarious..
    people would ask ” Are they ALL yours??” and my mom would reply ” no..i borrowed a few from the neighbours” ha ha!

    Why do ppl ask such questions to strangers….
    My friend was half asian and thir mom was blonde and ppl always asked about her adoption experience in china!

  75. Tia says

    #22 thanks for the other pictures! Im now convinced that Shiloh is alllll Brad…with Angies lips of course….i dont see where she looks like Jon Voight

    Penny, I’ll have to fully agree with you. Coming from a family with 4 children myself, i can remember my dad taking 3 of us to school and my baby sister would be at home with my mom or vice versa. I remember going to the grocery store with my mom and she would bring all 4 of us and people would ask ” Are they ALL yours??” and my mom would reply ” no..i borrowed a few from the neighbours” ha ha!

  76. phnxgirl says

    I think Shiloh looks just like Brad. Of course the lips are Angelina’s for sure. I think she is beautiful. I did see some other pics of Angelina recently and she is VERY skinny. Her legs are so small. I still think she is pretty, though.

  77. DMITZ says

    Thank you Miapocca and Oriana! I’m glad some people on here have common sense.

    Where is Xena today? How was you weekend/Father’s Day?

  78. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    This lady is strong …I wonder what work outs she is into..she is very strong in carrying those two especially with her current structure..

    Brad is defintely banking a sack of bones.,,,,,

  79. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Obvioulsy she is just pulling another media love me prank….the carrying of shiloh and the white clothing are in direct opposite to usual and ciritism fomr most blog…

    I never got onto the whole blob thing because no matter how messed up the chick is in the head, I dont think she said it in a negative way since I have seen pics of her and maddox as a baby and realise that there is some love there…in anycase..dont expect too much ..she is not normal afterall..right now she is holding it together but who knows what tomorrow brings…

    Shilohs forehead and the way she has her mouth open is BRad pit…everything else is John Voight.. Apparently word has it Psycho whorelina is looking into letting papa voight back into her life…she must really need to sell those tickets..ahahhaha.

    I think her last media scam backfired so she has to work overtime to look GOOD…now all you fans, just do the skeleHOr a favour and buy a ticket..

    Seems like TMZ is playing with fire today…aka, the tomkat aggressive threats to a la scientology tatics!! Holmes looks particulary fetching in this photo especially without her legs in sight..ahahhahah

  80. Jen says

    OMG she is finally seen with her biological daughter. I guess Paramount is not happy with the promotion of the movie so far cos of the damaged by her hypocrisy of not allowing the media to ask personal questions and now her final weapon is her daughter. Oh well whatever works to get ppl to see her movie, right?!

  81. Penny says

    I think the real reason we don’t see too many photos of her with Shiloh is her position as youngest in the family.

    Anyone with more than 2 children know it’s very hard to get all three or eventually 4 (or in my case 6) moving all at the same time. Never mind shopping with them.

    If she’s holding Shiloh publicly just to put an end to all the negative comments and end the ‘blob’
    discussions, good for her.

    It’s a mothers job to protect her children from negativity. Even if Shiloh and Angie know it’s not true, she’ll appreciate the effort her mother put out there to stop it one day when she’s googling herself.

    You really can’t pick on her mothering. She has alot of other faults, pick one of those to debate. Her parenting skills are pretty much untouchable.

  82. maggie says


  83. oriana says

    Shiloh looks just like Jon Voight, she is a mini version of him!

    Maddox is very confident and is used to the paps by now, he is a very cute little boy.

    Pilar, NO there are not LOTS of pictures with her holding her baby, there are a FEW but not even close together so please don’t act like there are tons of pictures of her with Shiloh because there are not! I think now that she is older, maybe Angie will bond with her more and there will be more pictures coming.

    Mia, you crack me up! I had to laugh at post # 2!

    DMITZ, Honey, don’t worry about your stalker, we all can see it isn’t you with those posts! Ignore and continue on my Dear!!!

    Penny, I liked what you wrote, very well said and very true!

  84. Pilar says

    Actually, Kim, there are plenty of pictures of her holding Shiloh. Try googling Angelina Jolie + Shiloh and see what comes up.

  85. Emily says

    Finally I get to see a photo of Angelina holding
    Shiloh! She is the most beautiful child I have ever seen.

  86. Penny says

    I’m not a fan of hers – mostly because of the genre of films she’s in , not personality traits or a love for Jennifer A – but I can’t help noticing how mature and confident Mad is.

    I have 6 children so we’ve been on plenty of field trips, playgroups, and 1st days of school…. children alot older than him can act up when faced with a few new faces.

    He must have been given a huge amount of self confidence from his mother and more recently Brad.
    (and yes probably a few nannies)

    Say what you will about how they handled the spouse swap (not a big fan of how they handled it either) it seems to have worked out in the children’s favor.

    You can’t argue with such well behaved , confident children.

  87. Lauren says

    It’s nice to see Angelina finally holding Shiloh. Maddox looks so grown up now. He’s a handsome boy. Shiloh is a cutie. She looks so much like her daddy with her mommy’s lips. 🙂

  88. Tia says

    See people!! She holds Shiloh! Maybe people can sop crying now.

    Shiloh is a DOLL! I can’t decide who she looks like though…one minute i think she looks like Brad, the next i think Angie.

  89. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Why do people insist on hijacking other IDs…are you too dumb to come up with your own name..if you have a prb with someone, address it openly and quit the sick cyber abuse ploys….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Turkish Delight says

    I watched the video of them leaving that store. How scary for those children with all the cameras flashing in there face.

    Shiloh is a real beauty….bless! She really favours her mum.

    On a side note. Do any regulars on here post on HELLORAZZI? I don’t recognise any names over there?

  91. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I watched the video of them leaving the store, its pretty sick, the papparazzi are crazy, I felt really sorry forMaddox but he seemed really confident in the midst of it!

    Maddox and Shiloh are cute.

  92. DMITZ says

    #6 was not me. It’s my obsessed stalker 🙂

    Shiloh is cute, I think she looks like her mom. It’s good to finally see a pic of Shiloh though.

  93. DMITZ says

    Shiloh is not cute.It is amazing to think that this baby’s birth was heralded with so much expectations and was even compared to the then anticipated birth of Christ.
    It is good to see Angie with her though.

  94. peige says

    I was never a big Angelina fan, she always seemed quite disturbed to me but since having kids and meeting brad she seems to have changed and i think she is a great mum and person.

  95. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    I like Shiloh little cute nose….she is looking more animated
    I think Jolie wanted to please her adoring fans with this one!!

    Now you can all flock to watch the new movie she is plugging ahahahhahah

    It will be on cable soon anyway …

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