1. Rose says

    Why is this little girl always dressed like a boy??? She’s really adorable. Meg could cuten her up every once in a while.

  2. Mum says

    What happened to Meg’s hair? She seems to be in need of a trim. Daisy is a sweetie though, and I disagree with the comments about needing to dress her in ‘girly’ colours. Why do we need to perpetuate male/female stereotypes anymore than they already have been?

  3. anne says

    Just look at the more recent photos of Meg and her children at the beach and youll see Daisy dressed in bright & white & girlie outfits!

  4. Xenafan96 says

    Andrea, I totally agree with you. A girl needs get to dressed up fancy and by all means, Meg Ryan (Angie Jolie) needs to dress their kids with the kind clothes that ‘look’ good on the children but no catering to adult styles. Daisy has such a lovely face that IMO bright colors would make her simply stunning.

  5. Xenafan96 says

    #10 Katie-Check the ‘Britney Time!” thread, we had some ideas for the new album over there 🙂 I think the names are down towards the end of the post. My daughters’ and I came up with them but if you think they are something you want to use, by all means use any that I have in my post!

    Best of Luck and let us know if you win!!!

  6. just wondering.... says

    Daisy looks nothing like Meg…she must resemble more her father. Is he Asian or something?

  7. KAtie says

    She is so cute!!!!

    Not to be off topic or anything, can someone give me ideas and names for Britney Spears’ new album? It will help me a lot and I’m doing this for a contest and my imagination is dead. Please don’t bash me, I just want ideas. Please respond ASAP. The reason I am asking this is because an contest in a forum. Please any ideas would be appreciated.

  8. oriana says

    These pictures are old! This site seems to get pictures much later than other ones do. That being said, this is a cute kid for sure!

  9. kamineko says

    Very cute child! Nice ro see that big grin, reminds me of the smiling pics of Violet, Jennifer Garners’ baby . I hate it when the paparazzi pics show celebrity kids looking sad, scared, or just plain mad!

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