Princess Elisabeth Of Belgium At The Technopolis Centre In Brussels

Princess Elisabeth

Princess Elisabeth

Princess Elisabeth

Hello magazine reports:

Whether or not she’s a fan of kids’ favourite handyman Bob the Builder, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium certainly looked the part this week at the opening of a of science museum’s youth centre. Donning a yellow hard hat and a big pair of gloves, the five-year-old got to work building a wall out of giant bricks, with some help from the grown-ups, parents Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde

The young royal guest of honour joined other children for a fun-packed day at the Technopolis centre in Brussels, where budding scientists can learn about how things work by conducting their own experiments. As well as trying her hand at construction, Elisabeth whipped up her own make-believe mini-pizza with plastic ingredients and joined other kids for a storybook session.

And despite her tender age, the princess showed she’s every inch a future queen, when – under the expert guidance of her mum and dad – she professionally greeted a member of the museum staff with a shake of her tiny hand.



  1. Xenafan96 says

    Don’t worry, in America, we have a president that has the same problem! Belgiums are not alone! You gave me the quite the giggle, thank you 🙂

  2. says

    I’m from Belgium , and it’s weird to see our future Queen on this site
    I actually hope she becomes really fast queen because Prins Philipe is really , honestly retarded he can’t even speak DUTCH wih is so important if your king

    groetjes uit België , mooi meisje Elisabeth

  3. Xenafan96 says

    So pretty! And it doesn’t hurt that she shares a name with one of my girls either lol(altho we used it as a middle name but same spelling!) I love seeing famous kids just being able to do things any child her age is doing, so good for her!

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