Fun Jen News!

The super cute pic of Jennifer and Ben was taken at a Red Sox game on June 2nd.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner has signed a one million dollar deal with Neutrogena as spokeswoman for its new Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse treatment range. Lordy…Jennifer Garner is only 35? These cosmetic companies just want to give us more things to fear so they can sell us more stuff!

Also, rumors are flying that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their second child. Jennifer Garner was reportedly seen leaving a doctor’s office sporting a clearly visible baby bump. A source told New Weekly magazine,“She was very happy and glowing. She touched her stomach for a moment. She looked pregnant.” The couple – who have a 16-month-old daughter Violet – are said to be “thrilled” with the news. A second source said, “They were hoping to have another baby fairly soon so that Violet would have a sibling to grow up with. “She’s an affectionate, happy child. Jen thinks she’ll love being a big sister.”


Note: Has anyone seen Jennifer’s movie “Catch and Release?” I’ve been thinking about renting it. I haven’t heard much about it….but would see it purely based on loving Jennifer Garner. And if anyone is looking for a good movie tip, my mother couldn’t stop recommending “Because I Said So” with Diane Keaton. I haven’t seen it yet actually, but hope to soon! I suddenly discovered the show “House” and my husband and I are totally obsessed with it. We are going through the DVDs feverishly! The actors on the show really make it addictive…they are sooo good! Sorry for the random DVD outburst!



  1. courtney says

    oh my gosh she is so cute!! no wonder violet is so gorgeous!! shes gonna look JUST like her mommy!!! cute pic!!

  2. Xenafan96 says

    23. Cristin2324 | June 15th, 2007 at 12:37 pm
    Catch and Release was cute, the best were Kevin Smith’s character, the scenery and the kiss. Worth watching for those things alone!

    Huge fan of Kevin Smith(lol just finished watching ‘Dogma’)
    so if he is in it, I’ll pay to see it, hands down. As a director, he is simply brilliant and can turn any tense ideas into good humor.

  3. Xenafan96 says

    **correction pn post#36- VERY busy today, meant to say soulmates as in together forever as opposed to solemates, implying that they wear the same shoe size!!

    Thanks to my little girl Fudgie (nickname, I never give out her real name for her safety.) for noticing. She is such a silly, and at only 7, can read, write, use cursive, advanced math, and is learning German and Spanish too!!! OK, ’nuff about braggin on my Wonder Girl!! Thanks for reading this! Have a lovely evening all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Xenafan96 says

    My husband was right! Jen Garner is the ultimate wife: she cooks and she loves baseball. How sweetly cute her radiant, happy smile! SO nice to see her and her husband out on a ‘date’ night, it’s hard to be away from your baby for more than a few hours, nanny or no nanny!

    If the Afflecks have another baby on the way, all my congrats for them!! They are such a lovely couple and obvious solemates 🙂

  5. Lauren says

    They make such a cute couple, unlike Ben and J.Lo. Vi is adorable. I hope she is pregnant again! 🙂

  6. Zbella says

    SOOO sweet. I think Jen is pregnant. I”ve thought so for several weeks now – so the bet is on. I hope I”m right – LOVE Jen & Vi to bits.

    Regarding Heidi Klum – I refuse to even acknowledge the idiots who post racist comments. Pretend they’re not there and maybe they will go away…

  7. says

    Awww they make a really cute couple! I love jen, never really liked ben though. Never though he was hot or anything like that. Anyway, that’s great that she might be pregnant! I hope they have a boy, but another girl would also be sweet! Awww, Violet as a big sister! So sweet! Love them! 🙂

  8. Xenafan96 says

    MIldred, you are so welcome. I got sucked into the whole debate too, thinking I could wear them down with the truth and common sense, and they would leave, but no such luck. It’s just sad, sad, sad that they think the color of skin dictates the character of anyone, but I do have to say, one that ran like a b*%ch was Col. Sanders (Da Chicken Man!) when I put it out that if he was so ‘knowledgeable’ on anthropology, then I wanted him to name the greatest and most respected anthro expert alive today, and HE COULDN”T DO IT!! SURPRISE!!
    Their ‘breed’ is a total waste of space and the only people who even buy their junk is those who like to whine and moan while sitting on their butts complaining that they didn’t get a job because of the ‘black man’, nevermind the fact that a black man is probably smarter and more qualified than they are!!

    Anyway dear, again, welcome and have fun posting, we can be such goofballs at times! 🙂

  9. obnoxious spice says

    haha…mildred.. i was sucked in also…!! i had a bit of a feud with ‘taylor m’ who went on thread to thread calling myself and another poster (who happens to be a long term poster) racists – which we are not!!…i pulled her up on it, asked for proof of any comments we might of posted which were considered offensive, she refused, then proceeded the NEXT day to post false racist comments under our names…i argued with the freaks for a day then realised i would never get anywhere and was making it worse…
    the webmistress should introduce a log in system to help clear that kind of nasty crap….it’s a shame as i know now if another heidi pic gets posted, i won’t want to go and comment as it will all start again…but on the other hand, it sickens me to have those kkk freaks have the last word!! – the majority of posters on this site are appalled by this kind of behaviour, so if you are new to here, don’t let it sway your judgement on this site…don’t get me wrong, no one will EVER agree on certain celebs…but thats cool…and kind of a draw to the site…i just wish the webmistress would ban the ip adresses of the people who post that crap…

  10. says

    Because I Said So was terrible – Diane Keaton drove me NUTS throughout the movie. I know it was just her role, but it was not believable at all and really annoying.
    Congrats to Ben and Jen, if it’s for real 🙂

  11. Mildred Wogbash says

    Xenafan and obnoxious spice,

    thanks for filling me in, Im brand new to this site and I never could have imagined such an awful plot, but now I understand. I guess I just completely swallowed the bait, I even felt I was getting the upper hand on them LOL.

    Thanks for the help girls!

  12. obnoxious spice says

    mildred –
    PLEASE just ignore them or else they will do to you as they have with me and others…that is, post horrid and foul comments under YOUR name…they WANT us to respond…i suspect it is merely one or two deranged freaks….despite your good intentions, i suggest cutting that thread dead…my own name has been falsely used to post racist crap and the more you argue the more they enjoy it..

  13. Jenn says

    I hope she is pregnant. They seem like such a great family, and Violet is just adorable. I would love to see another baby as cute as that running around. Also, Jennifer seems so happy with Violet that I’m sure another baby would make her very happy.

  14. Brit says

    Both movies were quite good – better than I thought. I actually liked the Elecktra movie too.

    They are a cute couple!

  15. Cristin2324 says

    Catch and Release was cute, the best were Kevin Smith’s character, the scenery and the kiss. Worth watching for those things alone!

  16. DMITZ says

    Awww, they look so cute together! I like this pic. I do hope they have a baby on the way! I love Violet and am sure the next baby will be just as cute.

  17. Violets Auntie says

    Jen is shooting a movie in Connecticut in October–I don’t think she will be pregnant for the flick.

  18. briana says

    i have not seen it, but heard catch and release was dissapointing. Because I said so was amazing – you will love it.

  19. Carran says

    Catch and Release was ok. Wouldn’t see it again. Because I Said So was GREAT! Bought it the night after I rented it.

  20. Xenafan96 says

    #13 Mildred Wogbash-Hello fellow (or fellowette lol) poster! The Heidi Klum flame fest has been going on for a couple months, myself I have gone head to head with most posters from the racist movement. I think it is the second most recent post w/ Heidi and Henry that contains a direct link to the racist website that ‘picked us’ and boldly admit it on their boards. They also LOVE anyone who does respond, it gives them more public space to espouse their beliefs. All of us that have responded know that they are not reasonable or coherent individuals, too locked into the hate mindset, so it is a total waste of time to even try to respond to them. It just makes their pathetic day. Don’t let it get to you, it’s just a bunch of people who can’t fit into regular society so they must stir up controversy to get attention. You seem to be an intelligent, articulate poster, so don’t give them the time of day. Trust me, far more good and decent posters here are all for the racist malcontents going back under the rock they came from! 🙂

  21. Lauralin says

    I loved Catch and Release, but then again, I love Jennifer — Because I Said So was horrendous…. and that’s what I said so.

  22. Mildred Wogbash says

    This is off topic, but where is everyone gone from the Heidi Klum threads? The racists are running it over and no one but myself dares challenge and denounce them? For shame!

  23. ali says

    come to think of it, do you suppose these people we watch through photos ever buy the pics? There’s been some pretty adorable shots out there.

  24. fifi trooper says

    I love them! It must be great to be together! I didn’t think that J-lo, and Ben was a ggod couple! He really didn’t seem comfortable at all with her! She was trying to make him into this flashy person, that she wanted him to be! And that wasn’t him! This couple seem more at ease, and enjoy life, and what life has given to them! A beautiful baby girl, hopefully a little bun is in the oven! GREAT PARENTS!

  25. Midge says

    This picture is adorable! I love her expression. Of all the Hollywood couples I would like to see have another baby they definitely top the list.

  26. Malayka says

    I know I have said that they have chemistry of best buddies but they look so cute in this pic and Violet is so cute. Wish they have another one soon.

  27. claire says

    catch and release was okay. had its funny parts. i hope they have another baby soon! violet is soo cute!

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