1. Betty says

    I agree with Dori, why the need for so many children, raise the ones they have well and donate to many children. The cost of thier expenses for one child would probably support many many children in need and families. I think Jolene must need meds for her self image that requires so many children. They are both great actors, and I obsolutely adore Brad and thinks Jolene is sexy as heck with that mouth, but come on, use some sense…..7-17 children, ya gads….why doesn’t she just adopt an orphanage!!!!!

  2. Fiona says

    all i can say about the people that have bitched about brad and angalina is get a life of your own and stop slagging them them off, Least they are trying to help people and try and solve a lot off problems in this world, what can allot of you say you do judge and put out negativitey in the world. One of you even said that there child looked slow!!! For a Women to say that about a small child is just so low.Why dont you all have a look at your own lifes and personalitys and instead of bitching find something worth while to do.

  3. oriana says

    Lib, would you REALLY take a dose of him? Ha!

    I am going to see Ocean’s 13 for I love Don Cheadle, love him, wonderful actor!!!

  4. oriana says

    Analise, I don’t hate Brad, I do think he is a Wimp, but I also think he loves the kids and is a good father. I have several hobbies, thank you.

  5. Analise says

    Blah, blah blah I hate Angelina. She’s a whore. Brad’s a wimp. Blah blah. You people that hate (says a lot about you that you hate them and don’t know them) Brad and/or Angelina need hobbies.

  6. oriana says

    People, for Heaven Sake, how in the world do you think kids are supposed to be seen by a doctor when they get sick? These people are human beings! I don’t care for them but let’s get real here! They have to go to the DOCTOR!!! Maybe some doctors don’t make house calls to hotels!

    I don’t think Brad took him just to be taking him. He is sick of the photographers and well he should be! They are disgusting sometimes!

  7. Libraesque says

    Jodie, and others….please answer this question
    when they are stalked everywhere HOW are they supposed to take their children to the doctor, to school, etc

    Please explain or STFU about them using their children for media attention

  8. Jodie says

    i really don’t think this child looks quite right. he looks kind of slow. and i agree, very scared in this picture.

    it is shocking what this pair of fools will put their children through for media attention

  9. kelly says

    my take on the subject is i think brad is an awesone dad. ange is to involved in filming and other causes which is great. she is compasionate as care’s for people. but, on the other hand, i think someone already said this, she collect’s kid’s. my decision is split on her. but, brad love’s those children you can see how happy those children are when they are with him. i wish he was still with jennifer but, he screwed up there. and i feel that ange only keep’s brad around to help her with the kid’s, shiloh in pic’s is now being carried by her mom. she alway’s talk’s about how much brad love’s z and she can get anything from her dad, there was no mention of shiloh being daddy’s little girl. i apologize if there’s any article’s out there about that (SHI) being daddy’s little girl) i can’t stand ange, this crap about stopping a woman from naming her perfume shiloh. she was doing that before shi was even born. and the memo for the press to sign that the only question’s will be about a mighty heart and not her personal life. the kid’s need to stop traveling so much, yeah ange wan’t them to see the world. but, there is no home, no full time school, whatever country they are in that is where they attend school. they need to have a routine, make freind’s and have a family atmosphere. brad want’s that two for the children. he say’s he misses new orlean’s, he went on to say there people there treat them like a normal family. that is what they need. there are alot of article’s on the web, that she is taking time off to spend with brad and her family. alot of article’s that she is already pregnant and in the process of adopting a little boy where she is filming wanted. it also went on to say she has been visiting him,and brad has met him to. i know alot of storie’s are crap, i can’t imagine brad wanting to adopt so soon. he said he wanted a bio child next . i can’t blame him. he is a natural dad. and you can see that in those children’s face’s. the only chance for those children have to a some what stable home is brad putting his foot down. he wan’t’s to be back in new orleans,to be somewhat to some down time.this can’t be normal for these children to be traveling so much. and poor maddox, going from a only child to having 3 siblin’g in a short amount of time.

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh the poor thing looks absolutely terrified! That photo looks weird, like Brad and Pax were just copied and pasted into it or something. Cute kid anyway.

  11. Lauren says

    Pax is a cutie. But, he looks so scared. I think that’s jacked up that Brad and Angelina would take a little kid who barely speaks English right in the middle of the papparazzi flashbulbs. It seems like it’s more on Angelina’s part but Brad is like her little puppet.

  12. kitty says

    only the ignorant would say they are media whores. Why not call the media news whores? Shit, they can’t go anywhere in peace! If Pax looks scared it’s probably because he came face to face with lightning. All those cameras flashing in your face. The media, yes, will do their job but have a limit where kids are concerned.

  13. Elaine says

    No.27 – AJ has just given a detailed interview to Marie Claire about her private life, including many details about the children. If she really didn’t want to be questioned about the children, she would not have given that interview – by doing so she is giving out the message to the media she is happy to speak about her children and her relationship with Brad. Inevitably she will then be questioned about them.

  14. Libraesque says

    I would like just ONE of the haters here who are calling this couple media whores one question
    How the HELL are these people supposed to live their lives and get things done without their pictures being taken everywhere?????
    Build underground tunnels to the doctor

    I realize some of you people may be from Podunct Idaho, but the paps CAMP OUT at their houses by the dozens and follow them wherever they go to.

    How are they supposed to NOT get photographed

    he’s a media whore because he took his kid to the doctor? or to school
    you people are WACKED

  15. adri says

    I dont understant all the negative comments. I really didnt like Angelina, but I think its wonderful how much she cares. There are plenty of celebrities who dont care about anything but themselves. (For example Paris Hilton.)
    If only there were more people like them in this world. But I do think she needs to slow down, and stop adopting so many children. Angelina looks so thin and needs to take better care of herself, in order to be able to care for all those children.

    But I do applaude her for all she is doing!

  16. says

    “Not available” ???? How on earth are they not available????

    I agree with Ail. Pax looks very confused. They must have all been shouting his name in order for him to watch so they they could snap a pic. Brangelina are not media whores!!! They cant help it if the pap follows them everywhere.

    Pax is a cutie. Love Brangelina! 🙂

  17. says

    Too bad celebrity parents can’t have some sort of deal with the paps like Prince William and Prince Henry did, where they were not allowed to photograph them until they were 18 years old, unless it was some sort of public forum. These kids will undoubtedly suffer longterm from all this chaos, and I don’t think Brad and Angelina or any other celebrities use their children for the attention at all.

  18. ogrenort1 says

    Its not the family wanting the attention, its the media. A simple doctors appointment and all hell breaks lose. I think its a wonderful thing that Brad and Angelina are adopting many children. They both are very RESPONSIBLE, caring, loving people and they have the money to do it. If more people in the world were less selfish they would probably invest their lives and money into a little human beings and the places they come from.

  19. N says

    I was just about to bring up the Duggars…. if any one wants to read about them go to…

  20. traveller says


    Not available?!?! They’re more available than most working parents. When one is working, the other is home taking care of the children. Most couples would kill to be able to provide that to their kids. Most kids in this country are in day care during the day while both parents work. Plus, what a treat to be able to have that kind of time with your dad as well as your mom. Almost no kids in this country are able to spend that kind of time being cared for by their dad.

    Why do you think they’re child collecting? Just because they choose to build their family through adoption instead of birth? That kind of thing is not said about the Duggars even though they are getting ready to have their 17th child. Why is having many children naturally ok, but adopting many children is not? Sounds a little discriminatory to me.

  21. Granny says

    Actually, if you go to, this picture was taken outside of a Dr.’s clinic. Paps even follow people to doctors? That is sad that you cannot go to a doctor, dentist, grocery store, or walk without being followed. If they take your pic you are media whotes, but if you don’t allow the pics you are rude, obnoxious and pushy. We celeb followers cannot have it both ways.

  22. Essie says

    “Not available as parents” What does that mean? They take the kids everywhere with them. How can they be “not available” to them? That doesn’t make sense.

  23. dori says

    Sure Angelina has her causes but this collecting of children is disturbing. They really aren’t all that available as parents with the careers they have.
    I can understand helping needy children but do it by building schools and orphanages providing food and medicals services. There are so many ways to help volumes of children rather than collecting them 1 at a time into your home.

  24. Essie says

    Last night on the Larry King Show, Angelina gave a really nice interview. She is a very intelligent young woman, well read and insightful. She is also absolutely stunning!!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and that’s not usually the case when I listen to stars being interviewed. They are usually vapid and pretty stupid and hard to listen to.

    Not the case with Angelina. She cares so much about this movie and Marianne Pearl and it shows. She is obviously passionate about the troubles in this world and her place in it. I was really impressed with her.

    Her interview later last night on the Comedy Channel show was totally the opposite. Jon (whatever his last name is) was not serious and his questions were ridiculous. (At one point Angelina was talking about wearing a “burka” while in Pakistan and Jon wanted to know “did it hide your hotness?” What kind of question was that??) But he was funny and Angelina just went along with it all.

    Anyway, Angelina is very aware of how the paps disturb her children but she thinks they have to be exposed to this rather than hidden away. Eventually they will get used to it. Children adapt to anything and as long as a parent is with them when these crazy people snap their picture, they will feel secure. I don’t think Pax looks scared. He just looks like “why are these people here”???

  25. traveller says

    Ok. I have to comment on this. Of course pictures like this will exist. Look at all the paps lying in wait for them to emerge. And it’s ridiculous to expect active and healthy children to spend every second of their lives tucked away in their home. They deserve to go out and play in parks, eat in restaurants, go to museums, go to school, play with friends, take walks, etc. And since the paps literally stalk them, they are going to take pictures of scared kids. What can Jolie and Pitt do about it? As long as the paps are on public property, they’re allowed to photograph people. You think this kid looks scared? Instead of griping about two people who can do nothing to stop it, maybe you should campaign to have the laws changed to prevent it.

    People on this board are unfairly critical of the Jolie-Pitts. First, you complain because they expose their kids to the media. Then, when Jolie tries to fix the situation by making the media sign a contract not allowing them to ask about her kids (thus taking the kids out of the media spotlight), you complain that she restricting information. You can’t have it both ways people. Either the press is free to do what they want or Jolie and Pitt are free to try and protect the kids. No wonder she doesn’t read anything written about her in the tabs. She can’t win for trying. No matter what she does, people gripe and complain.

  26. kammy says

    who is the dumb ass that said that they thought that pax was Brad’s biological son? are you really that dumb?

  27. Mary says

    I thought Angelina said this little guy is scared of photogs? WTF can’t Brad get a doc to his since he knows what happens when he is out in public? You would think after Angelina’s apologies for exposing him like they did they would be more cautious but hey, who will remember that they do a lot of good if they do not walk with some evidence. My respect for them falls every day and after Angelina’s Jolie’s attempt to control the media, I really don’t have much patience left for them.

  28. Miranda says

    I think he’s super cute. but like some of you said, he looks so afraid. But if he was totally afraid, I don’t think he would have looked in the cameras at all.

  29. Xenafan96 says

    Fly On The Wall- Never once have I ever taken Maniston’s side. I could care less what happened between her and Brad Pitt. It’s done and over and Brad has quite happily moved on and lives now with ‘the woman of his dreams (in his own words in an interview with US magazine and professes he ‘Cannot live without his children now’ in same magazine). I posted here too, and I am far away from using racists slurs on innocent babies, or adults too. It’s NOT the entire thread, only a few you object too. I am not a bitch, I actually am a very nice and firendly person. Oriana is not one either, she has her own opinions and she is not afraid to say them. It’s perfectly fine for her to express herself, just as it is for you to do so, but please refrain from generalizations since alot of our posters are here to just comment what they seen in their own opinions. Most of us can do it without resorting to using words designed to upset people, and I want you to know that while our site is a celebration of babies and small children, we all view things differently but we like to speculate just as much as the next person. I’m happy to have gotten to read you postings and think you are a very smart and clearly spoken, but names single out and personalize your posts and after the last 2 months of aryan bashers, we just all want to sit back and agree to disagree. I really hope that you can find the same enjoyment we have here, it is very much a nice thing! 🙂

  30. says

    I don’t know about you guyz but it’s there life, there money, and there kids…Yea they need to stay home and be more active with there kids before they go out n adopt more or be4 she gets preg. again…I don’t wish them anything bad I hope they make it last & maybe get married…I think Shiloh will keep them together and I hope it’s for more than 5 years…Angelina & Brad I think it’s awesome how u guyz worry about every1 else…But take sometime n spend it with ur family…I wish u both & ur children da best in the future and I hope u guyz shut every1 upzz…I don’t believe everything I read unless I hear it from da mouth dat speakzz it…Love ya both…N shiloh is a beautiful baby…Come on u guyzz show sum more respectzz…We are all human, they might have da money butta I think they make mistakes like every1 else…

    “Let thee who had no sins be the 1st to cast a stone”

    I bet not 1 of you guyzz can do it…

    They are just pictures…There not so you guyzz can take shit about them…

  31. Fly On The Wall says

    This entire thread has been taken over by rabid Jenhags from the trailer parks who can’t deal with the fact that their idol hates kids and wouldn’t give her man a child, so they’d rather dump on Brad and Angelina instead. These are the same bitches who said they hoped Shiloh would be born dead or deformed or retarded or handicapped, called Madd and Pax “mud children” and said they hoped Z would die of AIDS.

    I feel sorry for you freaks.

  32. Xenafan96 says

    Poor little guy! Lucky that Daddy is there, I hope he is bonding well with Daddy so that he will grow more secure. I totally agree, the paps need to BACK OFF and give the poor boy some space. I don’t think his parents should keep him in the house all the time, he has every right to venture out and be just like any other kid. Really, the paps need to learn the meaning of ‘Personal Space’ and quit using a defenseless child to earn a buck ALL THE TIME. Give the poor sweetie a chance to bond with his new family and find a comfort level!

  33. oriana says

    This kid had enough to deal with all the changes in his life without having paps flashing in his face screaming like stuck pigs every time he shows his face! There should be a law against it being allowed all the time!

  34. b says

    Is it just me, or does this child look nothing like Brad Pitt? I thought he was supposed to be his dad… better check what the milkman looks like!

  35. JJ says

    #12 – Unfortunately, you’re fighting a losing battle. The perfect strategy would be to move on from that thread and let those racists duke it out with one another. They are like rabid dogs and once the opposition is gone they will start to devour each other.

  36. Mildred Wogbash says

    This is off topic, but where is everyone gone from the Heidi Klum threads? The racists are running it over and no one but myself dares challenge and denounce them? For shame!

  37. Tia says

    These people cant walk any where without a camera in their face, i really dont think they use their children for media attention…give me a break. I love this family. Pax is a doll and Brad isnt bad either 😉

  38. JJ says

    What a darling little boy…my thoughts are with Pax and what a struggle it must be to adjust to such a high profile lifestyle.

  39. ali says

    They are media whores? How can they help it? Look at all the cameras in the angle we see, imagine how many others there are…I’m sure we’ll all see at least 5 different angles of this shot. We are all media whores or we wouldn’t be on this site. For the record I don’t think Pax looks scared, I think he looks confused, as in “why are all these people calling my name?”

  40. fifi trooper says

    WTF: Ok, someone is taking heavy dosages of medicine! Ok, i think Angelina is so-so! I absolutely, hands down will be in love with Brad Pitt…..until the day I die! I think Angelina’s one lucky chick! I’m telling you I would meet Brad Pitt, at the door, with his favorite newspaper in one hand, and his slippers in the other! I would definitely pamper him! I would have his bubble bath ready! I don’t know what’s wrong with you ladies! I want to see pictures of Angelina, holding Shiloh!

  41. Lacy says

    i actually like this family….i think my comment might not actually be totally hateful and judgemental, unlike most of yours, except for claire…….we are no one to be judging others, none of us know what goes on inside that family, so why follow along with rumors that people make up out of nowhere???? unless you are God, and see everything that goes on inside there homes, does you opinion actually mean something if it is going to be negative…..

    i know it’s america, and it’s a free country..but, we shouldn’t be so judgemental of others, that’s why the world can’t live in peace….there is always something bad to be said of others.

  42. Janie says

    I do not like Brad and Angelina. They are media whores! Stay home and take care of your children!!

  43. Malayka says

    Can’t stand them either. That boy looks scared shitless but they will use him to get more media attention because their movies are out. Why oh why can’t they just call a doctor home. With all that money and those kids they should have a family piedetrician who can deal with the kids. He got from an orphanage into this life, from LA, to Prague, to LA to NY, how mean are these people to hop from place to place with these poor kids. I swear am beginning to hate them too.

  44. dori says

    I agree amy they use these kids for media attentions their so called honorable intentions aren’t very honorable they are completely selfish.They are media whores and Angelina is just a plain whore.
    In 5 years this marriage will be over and Angelina will be on to her next leading man.

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