An Expectant Milla Jovovich Out Shopping

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

An expectant Milla Jovovich was snapped out shopping at Fred Segal in Hollywood on Monday. She looks very gorgeous and happy! Milla and her fiancé Paul Anderson are expecting their first child this fall.


  1. courtney says

    # 5 and 6, i was gonna post that too!! hahahaha i dont even know who she is really…..but shes cute, congrats!

  2. nioami - uk says

    I’ve never seen any of her films but she does look lovely pregnant! To answer #1’s question it seems like celebs anounce their pregnancies when they cant hide it any more so that’s why they expand so quickly after making the anouncements!!!

  3. ogrenort1 says

    If I was to pass her on the streets, I wouldnt give a second look. To me she seems ordinary. I dont see the beauty the agencies or the media sees.

  4. Sally says

    I think Mila looks great! Off the subject slightly but I LOVE those sandals. I have such a hard time finding some decent thongs, flip flops, etc. that aren’t super flat or super thick in the heels. Anyone know anything about these?

  5. Mildred Wogbash says

    This is off topic, but where is everyone gone from the Heidi Klum threads? The racists are running it over and no one but myself dares challenge and denounce them? For shame!

  6. Mildred Wogbash says

    I always thought she had a rather mannish face. I wish her all the best with the pregnancy, we need more interracial celebrity couplings with offspring.

  7. Zbella says

    The picture of her waving is very nice. And it shows off her belly very nicely. I’ve known about her pregnancy for about 2 months now. I think she’s only 5 months along but she gained weight (25 pounds in 4 months) fast – she is drinking sprite or 7-up like it’s going out of style. She looks great though – and happy.

  8. Midge says

    The same question was on my mind, too. Sadly, it’s not just Hollywood, but Hollywood does glamorize it, though, don’t they?

  9. Amy says

    Turkish Delight – I was just going to post the same response as you!!! Everyone gets knocked up first – then gets married!!!

  10. says

    She is beautiful and she’s looking great with her pregnacy. She really does look like a sweet person. Love her! 2nd best pregnant celebrity, of course Bridget Moynahan is 1st!

  11. fifi trooper says

    FIRST! when does celebs actually tell the world when they’re pregnant? I swore that we just learned that she was pregnant 2 weeks ago, and she look to be about 6! She is cute, and I love seeing a pregnant woman!

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