Adorable Pic Of Dannielynn Hope

Anna Nicole Smith

She is so adorable! And is growing up so fast! Dannielynn Hope is 9-months-old now. This pic is from a recent interview that Larry did with Fox News.


  1. oriana says

    Xena, what about the ring? What did it look like? I do love jewelry, and pearls are my favorite, I love the Black Tahitian pearls.

    I read that Larry is living in Anna’s house in L.A. Did he just move in? I guess her house would go to Dannielynn so it is as it should be.

    I am glad you liked the one about the Old Man, it was so funny to me!

    Now I am worried about Nicki’s dog, she said he is 14 years old so he is having problems, not good at that age, hope it isn’t serious!

    A September wedding would be nice, I love the Fall of the year better than the Spring, love the colors of that season! You will have to let us know about the dress you are wearing too! Verrry exciting and happy news! Congrats again!

    Goodnight to you and Tia, both of you are prob snoozing away by now, hope it is peaceful!!!!!

  2. Xenafan96 says

    You ladies always make me smile! Oriana, got your emails and the old married couple is dead on to me and the mister!! HE even pointed that out! 🙂

    Hi Tia! Yes, my younger son announced over dinner that he is marrying his girlfriend. They are looking at a September wedding (next year, there is no way her mom or I could clear anything up on anyones schedule, plus we are rational women and we know the planning involved lol). Appears that Mr. Xenafan was in on the whole idea for a few WEEKS and helped Junior pick out the ring. I am still in awe that he managed to not speak a word about it, this is the same guy that tells me all my Christmas, birthday, anniversary etc presents as soon as he buys them. And yes-he is a total dork and wraps everything too. He insists that is the real surprise, which one is it that I am unwrapping!
    Anywhoo-I really like Junior’s girl, she is very bright and totally unfazed at the site of decedents coming and going. That, in our family, is the true test of will it last!

  3. Jodie says

    she’s losing her looks. she started off really cute and i just can’t see it in this picture!!

  4. Rae says

    Dannielynn looks soo beautiful!! oh my gosh. She looks just like her daddy in my opinion,but w/ her momma’s eyes. I saw Larry on an interview recently,and Dannielynn was w/ him….You could tell he was so happy to be w/ his baby girl finally. He kept giving her kisses and playing airplane w/ her. It’s always so cute to see a daddy w/ his baby girl. You can tell Dannielynn absolutly adores her daddy.

  5. alicia says

    omg shes so cute!!! teeth yay!!!! im sure anna nicole adores her and larry too… im so glad shes a happy child!!!

  6. oriana says

    Tia, I saw the video with Larry taking her for a walk in the stroller, she had on the cutest little black n white outfit with matching hat, she was kicking, laughing, truely a happy baby! She looked more like the other pictures too in the video, she is very cute!!!!

    Don’t know when the wedding is, I sent Xena email, they announced last week over dinner. Hope all is well with you, have a fun and safe weekend!!!!!

  7. Tia says

    Oriana- I think Dannielynn is a doll! I think she looks like Larry now more than ever!

    The weather is very hot here right now. Im trying to keep cool! Everything is going well…my dauther just turned a year old last week….it went by so fast!

    No i didnt see where Xena’s son is getting married? where is it?

    Hope all is well with your family!

  8. boo says

    #23 Janie Posted a link to go watch the interview, After clicking on “loved her too much” Go to bottom of screen and scroll down to daddy’s girl, thats the interview where she is excitedly kicking, laughing and smiling!!~*

  9. Zbella says

    I didn’t see the interview, but I saw other pictures at and she looks very healthy and cute and happy! She is very close in age with my daughter – who happens to be even cuter. 🙂 My daughter just got her first tooth (bottom) so it’s adorable to see little Dannielynn with her big tooth!

  10. sally says

    I think she’s beautiful and I am really hoping she lives a ‘normal’ well-adjusted happy life. I was a little concerned when I saw her in the interview that there might be something wrong with her? It may have been all the excitement..the cameras..the lights..but she had a look that made me think that the drugs might have affected her…i hope not!

  11. oriana says

    It is obvious Larry is doing a good job as a father and hopefully his sister and family are helping out. It has to be difficult for him at times, and with that witch of a lawyer he had, God, I can’t stand that woman! I am sure he has lots of stress on him also.

  12. courtney says

    its most def her, i saw the actual interview….and the whole interview shes just waving her arms around laughing and smiling, notice when she was with her crazy mom and howard, she never had expressions, but yet now that shes with her true daddy that obviously treats her and takes care of her WONDERFULLY, she smiles and smiles!!!! i think shes adorable, i can see larrys face in her but shes got that chubby cute face liek her mom USED to have before she got into all the bull sh*t she got into to drop all her weight! which made her a complete idiot…..which we all saw the outcome of that!! i say no to trim spa hahahaha but i am very happy for her baby and so glad they finally figured out who the daddy is considering they had to go through her past 15 boy-toys to figure out whjo knocked her up, sad story, adorable baby!! even though i personally think larrys the hottest of all the guys shes been with (which is probly a rediculous and discuting amount) dont know what she was thinking with all the other ones!!

  13. dori says

    #63 thank you for saying it so well. Exactly what I’ve been trying to say. She’s a happy well adjusted little girl who now has a loving family environment. She is a beautiful little baby girl. In other photo’s she looks a lot like Anna.
    She will grow up to be a knockout. No doubt.

  14. Lisa says

    That picture doesn’t do her justice, did anyone watch Larry King the other night, it was priceless and she is absolutely gorgeous

  15. DMITZ says

    What a beautiful baby. I’m glad to see she looks so happy. I hope Larry will be a good father for her and hope that none of all the drama will effect her in the future.

  16. Lola says

    Opinionated or not, the truth is She was photoshopped. She is very pretty and much prettier than Shiloh. I guess when you see Shiloh again, you will all wonder whether she is the same baby like the one on USweekly, no she will be the same old plain Shiloh who was photshopped and air brushed. Next time, use your heads.

  17. says

    Despite all the tragedy surrounding her, Dannielynn seems to have a wonderful, happy life with her real daddy. What a beautiful outcome for this baby girl

  18. says

    well allison i see more larry in dannielynn his blue eyes and his eyebrows and she have anna nose have you seen the video of dannielynn she one of the most beautiful baby i ever seen in my life

  19. Alison says

    # 59 Do you think Dannielynn looks anything like Anna? I thinks she looks more like Larry and I can see some of Daniel in her. She is such a beautiful little girl.

  20. Alison says

    I am the 3rd. name on Dannielynns page, if you would like to chat please send me a friends request. I love meeting new people on there.Hope to hear from you.
    Take Care,

  21. oriana says

    Hi Tia, fixing to watch Starter Wife and dream about some more Greek Food! Ha! Had to settle for Subway Tuna! Hope all is well in Canada land! Did you see where Xena’s son is getting married? Are you guys having hot weather up there?

    What do you think about the change in Dannielynn? She is chubby and very cute but looks so different than before to me!

    Hope all is well with you and the family!!!!!

  22. Mildred Wogbash says

    This is off topic, but where is everyone gone from the Heidi Klum threads? The racists are running it over and no one but myself dares challenge and denounce them? For shame!

  23. Brenda says

    Alison I would like to see your official Dannielynn page if it is possible. I have been following this story about Dannielynn since the day she was born. I also think that Larry has turned out to be a Great father. Dannielynn seems to be a very healthy and happy baby. I just wish Larry and Dannielynn all the Best in the Future. I am just glad that she is with her real father. I am sure that Larry loves her very much. As for all the pictures I hope that they still put pictures of Dannielynn up so we can all see have she is doing because I know that she and Larry are in my thought and prays.

  24. Alison says

    This is a very cute picture of Dannielynn, she is such a beautiful girl.Have any of you been on the official Dannielynn page on my space? It’s a very sweet page with lot’s of wonderful photo’s.

  25. oriana says

    Lola, yes, I did say she was the most beautiful baby, and she definately had the most beautiful eyes. This picture doesn’t even look like the same baby to me but she is still very cute, and to me, Shiloh looks like a cute little boy.

    Dannielynn was gorgeous in the other pictures!

  26. Sweet Texas Honey says

    I couldn’t have said it better Janie, all that’s important is that she is happy and loved.

    Stinky spice- you are a stinkpot. Looks don’t matter only the heart.

  27. Stinky spice says

    O – why Karen? Because I think Shiloh is prettier than Dannielyn? Whats the harm in that?

  28. Janie says

    Dannielynn seems to be very happy, well taken care of, loved very much and finally in a safe and happy home. Isn’t that all that matters?

  29. kim--original kim says

    I just have to say that my baby girl was born 3 days before Dannielynn, and MY baby is the most beautiful baby!!! hee hee… But I only worked for a celebrity…
    …glad to see Dannielynn looking so happy.

  30. Malayka says

    Wow she looks so pretty, the tooth is so cute. I still think Suri is the cutest celeb baby. I agree Shiloh too was phtoshopped. If you see other pictures, she is rather ordinary but cute like all babies are cute.

  31. Lola says

    Huuuuuuuuuuulo, I remember trying to make a point that O.K pics were phtoshopped and every one just insisted she is the most beautiful celeb baby, Oriana especially. Some times her naivette astounds. She is beautiful and more beautiful than the average Gerber baby but come on she is the the most beautiful celeb baby. Now I can’t wait for pictures of Shiloh to say I told you so for that photoshopped usweekly magazine.

  32. maggie says


  33. dori says

    The day Larry Birkhead got custody of Dannielynn was the day god saved her life. Howard would have used that child for money He’s still fighting Larry on anything related to the childs money interests. He’s still trying to control her financial interests even without custody . He’s absolutely sickening. Don’t you listen to the news?

  34. dori says

    you people are nuts It’s howard who was the weirdo and fed frugs to Anna Nicole It was Larry who loved this child all along even when Anna was alive he wanted his daughter It has nothing to do with money for Larry But Howard was the one living off of Anna her money and her fame. You ladies are dillusional. You talk as if you know something when if fact had you actually followed this story for the last 2 years you’d know it was Howard who is the scum bag not Larry.

  35. oriana says

    Oh I hope he doesn’t do drugs! He looks clean cut and so nice! But looks can be deceiving, I hope if he did, he isn’t now!

  36. Amy says

    Why does everyone keep saying that Larry is doing drugs? Do you have proof of this? I have never read or heard anything about this.

  37. fifi trooper says

    where? Where? and Where? he is pimping that baby out, and you know it! I also felt like Anna gave up when her son died! I think the only thing(s) that was holding her up was Howard, and her baby! Remember, they didn’t find any drugs in her system! It’s unfortunate that she had to go in that situation! I was actually sad! Sad, for the baby! She will never know her mom, apart of me wanted Danielynn to stay with Howard! He had a better chance at telling her later on in life, how she really was! He was around her longer than Druggie burks! He’s a sperm donor, a lucky one!

  38. Aryn says

    I agree with you Nicki. I think he genuinely loves & cares for his baby daughter, he appears to take very good care of her.

  39. Nicki says

    27. ~*Miapocca*~ I do not agree with anything that you are saying. Larry is not perfect but he does seem to genuinely care about his baby girl. And he most certainly it not “drugged out”.

  40. oriana says

    Mia! Good Lord! Is this really you? People could care less about Larry, it is the baby that they are interested in and how she is doing.

    I feel sorry for Howard, for yes, indeed, he catered to Anna, kissed her ass 100 different ways, was insulted time after time, had his face rubbed in crap more than once, and I do think he loved her, really loved her! And I think he would have taken good care of the baby, with his family’s help, also.

    Anna was a Mess, I liked her but she was looney as a tune to me. My heart broke for her when her son died and I think she just gave up.

  41. says

    The shadow is bad..she looks way better, she was on live tv and she looked BEAUTIFUL

    I really never liked this larry character…he keeps whoring himself from show to show…I dont see why he is in demand anyway

    Seems like Stern spent all hi stime caterign to Aanna only to end up without her and the child.

    Hope this drugged out banging hermaphrodite will jsut get out of the media..he is only famous for shafting a drugged out ANS

  42. Amy says

    Thanks goodness that she is with her daddy. You can tell that he loves and adores her!! It seems that this story has a happy ending!!

  43. oriana says

    Reeny, Anna was an addict and had some emotional problems as well. She prob didn’t even consider the baby that much when she was carrying her, but I do think when she was born, her maternal instincts kicked in and she did love her very much when she died.

    However, I felt very uneasy when the nurse told the story about Anna wanting to give the baby less milk because she didn’t want her to be fat, I don’t see why the woman would make up a lie like that? Sometimes things, even tragic ones, happen in life for a reason.

  44. Reeny says

    How could anyone say that Anna loved this baby? With all the numerous drugs that she was on when she was PREGNANT! I laugh (because it is so rediculous) when I see or hear someone state that. If she had truly loved this baby that was growing inside her – she wouldn’t have put all that crap in her body!

  45. Janie says

    Last week Greta Van Susteren of Fox News interviewed Larry Birkhead on her program “On the Record”.

    Click on the following link to watch an adorable video of Larry and Danielynn that was taped during the interview.

    Look for the picture of Larry – Click on “Loved her too Much”

    Then click on “Daddy’s Little Girl”

  46. Lauren says

    Wow, Dannielynn is getting so big. She doesn’t even look the same from when Larry did that Ok! photo shoot. It’s nice to see her smiling and happy. She deserves that. 🙂

  47. oriana says

    fifi, I still have concerns that Anna’s trashy low class mother has not given up, she is seeing dollar signs every night before she goes to sleep!

    I don’t think Larry was well off financially by any means and that lawyer of his, what a SNAKE, I hated her from the beginning, will hound him for money for a long time! I hope he can get some money for these pictures for I think he needs the help taking care of her.

    She is getting chubby and is very cute!!!!!!!

    I think Larry loved Anna and I think Howard did too.

  48. fifi trooper says

    I’m truly sorryI i just remembered his name! howard, I hope that howard, get to see Danielynn! it’s larry that I don’t trust! He has really pimped his baby, out to the media! I’m so sorry for the mistake! I apoligize!

  49. fifi trooper says

    I’m truly sorryI ijust remembered his name! howard, I hope that howard, get to see Danielynn! it’s larry that I don’t trust! He has really pimped his baby, out to the media! I’m so sorry for the mistake! I apoligize!

  50. fifi trooper says

    Oriana, I hope that he(larry) has a chance to see her also! I always thought that Larry truly cared for Anna Nicole! I hoped that It was his baby. I just don’t trust Larry, that much! As soon as he recieved that little girl, he has done nothing, but pimped her to the media. I don’t trust Anna’s mom! I think that her family (excuse me) is trailer trash! I understand why…..she wanted to escape!
    I really just pray that, danielynn, have the best life, and live with someone that truly loves her for her! P.S. I hope that he(larry) tells her about her mother! how she loved her so much!

  51. boo says

    I think she looks different cuz she’s chubbed up a bit and is smiling that beautiful smile… In all the other pics I’ve seen of her she’s got no expression on her face, which is why I think she looks different from before.
    She is definitely a beautiful little girl and I hope she had an easy time Adjusting to her new life with her Daddy! And I to hope that Larry is allowing HKS to be a part of her life… I couldn’t imagine how it must’ve been for him to have his “daughter” taken away from him! I hope he is at least being givin some sort of visitation with her:)

  52. Tia says

    i saw her last night on TV, she is still beautiful….one of the most beautiful baby girls ( besides my own that is 😉 ) i have ever seen.

  53. fifi trooper says

    I can’t believe that is the same little girl! i was I could see a better picture of her! Because from this view, I really can’t give you an honest opinion!

  54. oriana says

    I think Larry has taken excellent care of her, I know Howard’s heart breaks every times he sees these pictures. I really hope Larry allows him to be a part of her life.

  55. Kate says

    OMG! Is she just the cutest? What a delighful little girl, seems very happy! She does look very different, however, it’s been a while since I last saw pictures of her.

  56. oriana says

    Carleigh, thank you my Dear!!! I have wondered about that and two people this week have asked me. I was actually thinking about Eddie Murphy myself.

  57. dori says

    It’s such a pleasure to see Dannielynn happy . And so glad to see her with her natural father . This story looks like it will have a happy ending.

  58. Janie says

    It is Danielyn. Her daddy Larry is holding her. I have already seen this picture and all of the other ones taken on the same day.

  59. Erika says

    She is beautiful and sssoooooooo big!!!! She looks like such a happy baby now LOOK SHES SMILING!!!

  60. Gesine says

    I love babyrazzi…..but I don´t get why you always show most of the pictures 2 – 3 days later than other websites? Why is that?

    I also thought Dannielynn has changed a lot… but it´s her! 🙂

  61. carleigh says

    I can’t even really see her features that much in this picture. Wish it was clearer and brighter…would love to see beautiful Dannielynn!

  62. oriana says

    This doesn’t even look like the same baby as the pictures before with the beautiful eyes! But still very cute!!!!

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