Katie Price Celebrates Her Pregnant Form In Nude Photo Shoot

Katie Price

Katie Price

An expectant Katie Price (Jordan) posed for these celebratory photos! The eight-months-pregnant Katie, 29, looks amazing! Katie also posed naked on a swing while heavily pregnant with the couple’s first son Junior. Wow!

Katie has cancelled a string of book signings after being told to rest by doctors.  That definitely sounds like a wise idea. Best wishes to Katie and her family!



  1. courtney says

    this is like a porn pregnant shot…..??? she is nasty lookin straddeling the freakin swing! what a nasty whore, then in the bottom one she looks like a fake whore! i dont like her at all, i think she’ll do anything for money and i think shes discusting, i would neve let my wife take pics like that with our unborn child in her stomach which is supposed to be a beautiful and sweet thing but they turned it into like a “i f*ck*d this hottt porn star lookin b*tch and now were having a baby!!” CONGRATS TO YA!! …….gross

  2. Mac says

    @ Jamie67

    jy weet nie die tall ek praat~!!! jy praat duits. Ek praat nie duits nie. en hou kan jy se ek is lilyk. dit vat a baie lelike persoon on dit te se. so how jou bek

  3. Rain says

    Her pictures look rediculous. I agree, there is NO way I would straddle a swing like that if I were pregnant. It just doesn’t look like a pose a pregnant woman should position herself to do. Also, in the swing picture she appears to have a plump bottom, but in the second pose, she looks like a starving child (not pregnant woman) straight out of Africa sitting on a perverts lap. I don’t know who she is, but if I were her I’d rethink what I would “release” for the public to see. For the photographer-lighten up on the airbrushing-makes pictures look really fake. Believe it or not, ppl truly like looking at ppl in their natural state with all the inperfections. No one is perfect-we all have flaws:)

  4. obnoxious spice says

    YES – she looks like a plastic, fake titted, orange, pregnant barbie doll,

    and it is THAT look that pays for the two full time nurses for her blind and disabled son…

    someone mentioned how this son has had two accidents this year, well, unfortunatlely, it happens that disabled people, adult or infant, have more incidents of accidents than able bodied people..that is a fact…

    at the end of the day, this woman (whom i am NOT a fan of), candidly admits that her ‘work’ persona is different from her real life personality…

    i truly think she separates slutty trampy cheap jordan, from mother and wife katie…(i couldn’t, but that’s just me)

    i don’t like her myself, but i think a lot of you are being harsh and are judging her on an image she has created to give herself a lucrative living, one that is now supporting two children, one severely disabled, and another on the way…

    as for her hubby….he reminds me of an oompa loompa…but hey, they are also seem sickly in love….i wouldn’t want either of them…but they DO give a lot to kids charities and THAT matters to me..
    oh, and having had my little rant…jesus…what fucking horribly embarrassing pics!! hahaha….

  5. Emma says

    #82 i guess you dont know anything about Harvey’s condition as if you did you wouldn’t call him mentally retarded.Maybe you should do some research and then you would understand that in his condition children are much more accident prone. It makes me so sad when people slag the parenting skills of a mother who has a child with serious learning/developing problems. I work with children who have similar disabilities as Harvey and can understand how much care that is needed.Its not fair to judge someone when you have no idea what there lifestyle is like. From what we see of Katie she is a fantastic Mother to both her kids and im sure she will do her best with no 3. Mother of the year -DEFINATLEY.

  6. N says

    I think this is the couple that really wants attention from the media…. See their E! reality show…Katie and Peter.

  7. Sandra says

    Essie show me where it says he was burned and a mirror fell on him, I haven’t read that before. Thanks ;o)

  8. Essie says

    As I mentioned before . . . her mentally retarded son was injured TWICE THIS YEAR because he was neglected by this “Mum of the Year.” He was burned so badly he spent months in the hospital and just recently a mirror fell on him cutting him badly. How in the world can some of you defend her? It boggles the mind!!!

  9. Camel says

    Katie is not an Airhead like Paris Fucking Hilton, She is one of the most down to earth celebs I have ever seen, she tells it as she sees it.

    She is a great Mum who incidentialy won mum of the year 2007, She is a Glamour model hence the big Boobs etc, Did any complain this much when Demi Moore poseed Naked Pregant or Mel B with her first pregnancy?

    Good luck Katie you & Pete rock!!!!!

  10. Puh-leeze says

    I’ve been talking about the lot of you, YOU were just the one who chose to speak directly to me, Tia, starting with a bitchy, snarky comment.

    I’ll shut up if you shut up…. deal?

  11. Tia says

    # 67, you dont even know me….shut up now please, you’re annoying.

    I never once questioned her mothing ability, from what i have heard, she is a wonderful mother. I said that she wears a lot of make-up.

  12. Jodie says

    the first picture is fine. i think she actually looks pretty good there.

    the second one is awful. she looks enormous – all over – like she is much bigger and taller than pete. pete looks scared and small and weird!! lol

  13. Sandra says

    #73- Do you have kids? I did the same thing when my son was born. I wanted a girl so bad; I felt that it was a girl. I had to look at his (dare I say it) PENIS to make sure he was a he. What is so wrong with actually seeing to believe the sex that you are having! Jeesh

  14. eeeewwww says

    umm…anyone that seems that excited to look at their new daughters vagina gives me the major heebie jeebies..shiver….I was trying to keep an open mind about this woman but that comment just blew that effort to pieces…what a role model she is…blah..

  15. Jamie67 says

    Slecht geslapen meid!!
    Ik ben mooi..ik ben heel erg mooi!!
    En Katie is lelijk.
    En jij ook!

  16. Tamara says

    If everyone remembers demi moore did exactly the same thing. YET ON ONE CRITISIZED HER !!!



  17. mac says

    ek kan dit nie glou nie dat daar is baie van julle so lelik praat oor Katie. ek dik sy is baie mooi en sy is a baie goeie ma.

    julle moet nie praat van eimand so lelik as jy ken nie haar nie..

    julle wat dink lelik dinge van haar moet uintlik soos haar wees julle dink sy is a vark maar het julle in s speel gekyk

    nie julle het nie

    julle is almal teefe

  18. Puh-leeze says

    The difference, dear Tia, is I am calling you a bitch because you’re a judgemental, mean person, along with alot of others here, YOU people are calling a woman’s mothering into question because of the innocuous way she makes a living.
    I’m also assuming that a majority of you who are acting like Mother Superior about the nudity in the pictures are American, where the human body is considered indecent. Katie Price comes from a country where there are naked breasts on page 3 of the paper everyday, so sitting on a swing or on her husband’s lap and NOT SHOWING ANYTHING isn’t pornography. And it shouldn’t be to you, either.
    Alas, I know I’m typing just to hear the click of my keys because the mothers/housewives/have-nots on here have nothing better to do than judge other people based on pictures and tabloids.

  19. says

    GROSS! She should be embarrassed for exhibiting herself like such a classless slut. WHY has this become okay? When did it become okay for something like this; isn’t anything PRIVATE anymore?! I am so sick and tired of seeing celebrities naked bodies, and why do they think everyone wants to see their dumb naked asses and tits and bloated bellies? They are such sick exhibitionists, ALL and ANY of them that can’t keep their clothes on, especially when they are pregnant. It is bad enough seeing their skin when they are not pregnant. And they wonder why the paparazzi treats them like they do; they deserve it. These celebrities court it, they are asking for it. What happened to DECENCY and MORALS and CLASS? It is pretty hard to find nowadays. And the pathetic thing is, this woman thinks she looks good; something is so wrong with her it is very sad, to be posing naked, pregnant like this. I’m all for being sexy, but this is quite the opposite. I feel sorry for the child and it’s not even born yet.

  20. kim--original kim says

    all I can say is, ewwwwwwwwwww! And what’s up with that frosted lipstick and heavy liner?? Gross all the way around…

  21. oriana says

    #58, I had to laugh, Lib, it is kind of funny!

    Maybe you will get flowers, perfume and candy! It’s true LOVE!!!! Ha!

  22. Taylor M says

    I just want to let you all know that I was born as a hemaphodite, I was born with both sexual organs…I’m also a carpetmuncher, lezzy , lezo whatever you wanna call it..I also have a baby named Suri, she’s so cute, I love to push her in her stroller. I am also in love with a girl named Libraesque here on babyrazzi, she is nice but can be a racist like me. She’s scared to be with me since I was diagnosed with chlamydia this morning…If you want to learn more about me check out the suri has amazing manners board. Let me know if i’m the right person for you.
    Taylor M

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now i know my abc next time wont you sing with me.

  23. JJ says

    These people don’t look real. They look like plastic people.
    Freaky! The woman has no ass, she is sitting on bones.
    Yech!! I’m out of here.

  24. oriana says

    Mia, I will prob be accused of kissing your ass again since you are one of my Mentors, but have to agree, NO Comment should have been my response, absolutely right!!!!!

  25. phnxgirl says

    How can you leave someone alone when they keep throwing themselves to the wolves? If you don’t want attention like that, you certainly don’t take pictures like that. I’m not saying she is not a good mom, don’t know her or much about her. I just can say that she certainly likes attention and I don’t think she minds if it is good or bad. I’ve seen lovely photos of pregnant women and I can not call these photos very lovely. What mag was she taking these for I wonder?

  26. carleigh says

    I can say it again and again…leave this woman alone but it won’t do any good and as we all know full well, to each their own. I used to think the same way about her as most everyone on this thread, but have changed my tune because I can seperate the public image from who Katie Price is in actuality. No, I don’t know her personally, no I am not a “fan” persay, but I just know enough to realize this woman seems to get hosed everytime she turns around and it’s not fair. How would you guys like to be judged solely on your career or “image”? I personally want to be known for more than what I look like or the career I have made for myself, I want to be known for raising beautiful, loving, considerate children…and that to me is a real testament and legacy to WHO I am. Jordan is Jordan, the pic’s are not that bad, I’ve seen worse from Britney.

  27. Beth says

    this chick seems trashy and her husband looks sketchy….what makes them famous? I’ve never heard of them…

  28. Essie says

    She’s naming her little girl Crystal because she just wrote a book called “Crystal.” Nice and really classy!!

    “Mum of the Year” in Britain . . . were there no other choices? This woman has a mentally disabled child who has been ignored and seriously injured TWICE THIS YEAR!!! She has fake boobs that make her look like she’s ready to topple over and her husband looks like a pimp. Now she’s posing in the nude for the world to see. Mum of the year, indeed!!!

  29. Lauren says

    Wow, these pictures are tasteless and tacky. I don’t know why celebs pose for pictures naked when pregnant. It’s soo nasty.

  30. Just me says

    Nothing against her, but because the husband is fully clothed and she’s naked on top of him, it makes her look like a stripper or something, like she’s there for his entertainment. It would have been more tasteful without him at all, I guess.

  31. Sandra says

    fifi..Your right that second pic would look better with him naked. It would compliment her well, but also we could see how nicely he might look naked!! lol

  32. Tia says

    #37 You’re one to talk, you’ve just come on here to bitch, and then again to bitch back at me! contradicting much? holy hell woman, dont take everything so seriously. Lighten up a little miserable

  33. fifi trooper says

    You know, sandra, that the bottom photo, isn’t cute at all! i just wish that men show, what they have, instead of seeing a naked woman alone all the time! I think that, that would have been really good, the both of them nude, together! The 1st picture, isn’t that bad, except the straddling of that swing! That’s not beautiful!

  34. Canada eh... says

    I’m not not a house wife nor am I pregnant. The photos are not tasteful.
    If the skank in the photograph/paintings didn’t want to be judged, she should have kept the photos private for friends and family. Who straddles a swing?
    There’s nothing tasteful about the pics, Demi Moore on Vanity Fair was art compared to these “paintings” .

    They both look tacky.

  35. Melissa says

    Ah!! Isn’t technology nice these days…you can airbrush and tuck here and there and we would never know!! I think she would be much more lovely without the heavy makeup. I personally am not fond of these photos, she is insecure and wanting a lot of attention.

  36. Emma says

    Dont you think SKANKY,NASTY AND A SLUT, is a bit over the top when you dont even know her. She might have fake boobs but here in England she has made a very successful living out of it and is a super mother.But i suppose when a photo like the above is posted not all the comments are going to be nice ones.

  37. Jordyn says

    The 2nd pix is terrible…she looks manly size next to that guy. The first pix has been altered…look at the swing…a chunk has been taken out. Im sure she had more to sit on than a plank. Not thrilled with these pix…Id be grossed out if I saw my mom in these poses…Eww.

  38. says

    #27 her 3rd child is going to be a girl. I don’t think she is naming her Junior. The 1st pic on the swing was taken when she was preg w/Junior. The one where she is on her husband’s lap is now (preg w/her daughter).

  39. Puh-leeze says

    Does it make all you holier-than-thou little housewives feel better about yourselves and your sad little lives to come on here and say such nasty, judgemental things about other people? I don’t know anything about this woman, but reading most of your comments, I think the lot of you are way worse people than she is.

  40. Kelsie says

    oh….one more thing,is she naming her 3rd child Junior?B/C i thought her 2nd child’s name was Junior,and this woman was named Mum of the year in Britain?

  41. says

    In the 1st pic,her face really looks ok. But the second one is awful. They both look as though they were made from wax. I would never pose naked when I’m pregnant. I know its supposed to be beautiful and all that, but at least a little bit of clothing, and just the belly showing. Alot of other celebs who did this when they were pregnant looked beautiful (eg. Demi Moore and Laetitia Casta). I dont like the situation she is in. It looks way to sexual, especially the first one, the way that she’s on the swing, and very uncomfortable. I’m sorry but I really dont like these.

  42. Essie says

    How did this woman get famous? Is she the Paris HIlton of Britain? She’s a real piece of work . . . no class whatsoever!!

  43. says

    Nicki – I didn’t post comment #13. Why don’t you ask Taylor M? She’s obsessed w/Libraesque and myself so she uses our names to post comments.

  44. maggie says

    those pics are nothing adorable like others pics, they look really porn, poor little girl I hope she dosnt become like her mom

  45. Taylor says

    wow the first picture is pritty but who would want to do that and the 2nd picture she looks fake with all the make up ???? why would somebody want to do that. that is sick all u need to do is were a tank top and some jeans or somthing and show your stomach but not naked ????

  46. Taylor says

    wow the first picture is pritty but who would want to do that and the 2nd picture she looks fake with all the make up ???? why would somebody want to do that. that is sick all u need to do is were a tank top and some jeans or somthing and show your stomach but not naked ????

  47. Nicki says

    DMITZ – how can you say that this dirty whore looks good? Nothing about her is real!! Fake tits, fake hair and fake tan!

  48. Turkish Delight says

    My (honest) first thoughts…..Who straddles a swing while naked? (I hope it was clean……yuck!)

    The second picture looks like they are made of wax….not real?

    Very tacky pictures! I’am embarrassed that she is from England!

  49. onatear says

    This woman is not my favorite celeb. mom…I actually have real fears for a woman who has no respect for the unborn she carries, by which I mean the woman (this one?) who can’t wait to look at the newborn’s genitals and show them to the world. Now, we all like to check out our babies, entirely, but…she is simply TOO MUCH. As for this pix…this picture doesn’t need any comments, hhahahha, having commented.

  50. DMITZ says

    #1 You freakin idiot. Don’t you think that those who know me know that I have more to say than “i honestly donot know what to comment.Cannot wait to read other people’s comments”

    I have better grammer, punctuation, and capitilazation technique than that.

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