Katie Holmes Sporting Her New Hairdo

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

After wrapping Mad Money in Shreveport, La., Katie Holmes was snapped sporting a new summer haircut during a night out on the town with husband Tom Cruise at Cut in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.



  1. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Obnoxious spice..you just made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was hilarious.

  2. obnoxious spice says

    sorry sunny,

    ‘makin lurve’ to best bud david m DOESN’T count as being gay….i mean, it’s not just sex between them is it?!!

    oh, don’t you think we had better tell all his other secret boyfriends that he isn’t ‘gay’ …

    you are right though, all kidding aside, ‘gay’ is the last thing you could call tom, he looks like a right miserable frowning twat lately….he should really cheer up, i am sure he will and that he will be back to feeling gay again very soon….

  3. oriana says

    Mia, loved the pictures in this link!!!

    Must say, Tom looks very dapper in his cream colored suit and white coat, loved his choice in clothing! Very nice indeed!

    Suri is very cute, but Katie, she is going to be a Posh clone if it keeps up, already making a good start of it!

    I read Tom was going to perform the wedding ceremony! That is stupid to me! Utter nonsense!!!!!!!

  4. obnoxious spice says

    i think to complete the look, tom needs some three inch hot pink talon nails, and obviously, in keeping with nouveau rich urges to display their cash, little diamontes on the tip of each nail….
    david m will squeal with pleasure from each and every scratch mark tom leaves on his back i think!!

  5. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Lets make the studed collar hot pink patent leather to pick up the pick int the bra…and diamonds studs of course..you know how the nouveau riche are always trying to flaunt thier money……ahahhaha

  6. obnoxious spice says

    the suits not only hide the girdle he wears,

    but also the whip marks miscaviage gave tom for being a ‘naughty boy’..

    i can picture that red ball shoved in his mouth mia, i see tom wearing a studded dog collar with that frilly pink and white bra you described above…

  7. oriana says

    Does Tubbs have to wear a suit EVERYWHERE he goes? I saw a picture of them at one of Beckham’s games and he was dressed in his usual suit, vest and tie! Who goes to a sporting event dressed in a suit all the time?

  8. Analise says

    Cute cut, cool dress. Nothing like Posh. Still can’t stand Katie and what’s with the idiot? Is he waving, holding the press back ,signaling Xenu? Other sites have better pics of her hair.

  9. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Maybe tom should be in a frilly pink and white bra., with a red shiny ball in his mouth to keep him quiet do suri doesnt hear “daddy” screaming with pleasure….oh ..and add leather chaps over the g string for miscaviage..ahahhahah

  10. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, U two! I could imagine Miscavige telling Tom to bend down and give him twenty….rim jobs.. >:)

  11. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    ROFLMAO./.a red rose it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahahhahahhahahha
    Lord, you crack me up Obnoxious spice ahahhaha

  12. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    I actually think midget lost weight since the birth…but then anyway who cares its more fun to imagine him fat in a bra with miscaviage in patent red heels and black g string standing over him with a braided black whip…ahahhahah

  13. Shadow Girl says

    Haha. Tom needs a bra to contain those jellyjugs of his. He’s a fatass lying gaywad midget who bangs anything with a penis.

  14. stacey says

    why the hell cant you people leave them alone?!? tom does not look like he has gained weight. katie looks very cute with her new hair and her dress is fab. they make a lovely couple and i cant wait till they have a baby boy.

  15. says

    Holmes legs are just a wonder..I wont be suprised if she had lipo on them to shape then out…,I think she continues to shrink hoping some of the wieght will fall off her legs…I call that the Germanic heritage of the midwest. When I lived in that area, I noticed a lot of the girls where pretty healthy looking and fresh with pretty thick stems. Alwys had a freshness about them as compared to the dried out LA look.

    Holmes just draws attention to her legs from her recent fashion choices… clothes that cover the back of her claves but show the front can be flaterring on her. Maybe she has one of her yes women telling her how wonderful it all looks..however as she continues to shrink, its just looks bigger and bigger and bigger..

    She is busy indulging her times in the carwash tranforming those fresh features to the everyday hollywierd starlet..she will look back and 10 years and realise what terrible thing she did not herself…unfortunately the solution will be more surgery….Posh is already a living plastic doll. all she needs to do next is to stop breathing and she will become the real doll..

    Hmmmmm enough about the boring wife..still waiting on their science experiment…the babhy boy ahahhhah
    Why are stars so stupid to tell public of babhy plans before mother nature gifts them one..ahahha in the case of this couple its the audacity to beleive that Midget canmake things happen by simply using his mind…he is using his mind alright….in going back to the italian orphanage or lining up cousin lookalike sperms in the turkey baster..

  16. oriana says

    Katie will be with Tom for a long, long time to come! She enjoys her lifestyle and I think she loves him.

    She does have a cute face and she has big legs, when she was in her bathing suit when she was pregnant those legs were huge!

    Have to agree, Posh has very shapely legs, she has a nice face too, but those fakey boobs look pitiful, and that sulled up look on her face all the time is a turn off! Katie does have a very pretty face to me. I do think she has copied Posh in more ways than one with her style in clothes and she does have some gorgeous clothes to me!

    I saw a video of David and Posh, couldn’t hardly understand a word he said, and it was clear, she is the Boss in that family! He flat kisses her ass! And likes it!

  17. says

    Posh LOVES clothes…Holmes choice after her marriage has been that of one still finding her style…she was and is not known for her style sense in hollywierd…the clothes com eoff childidh cinderella, over conservative housewife in designer duds, and that shif above is doing nothing for her

    Orianna is right about the jeans, that was her uniform till she shacked up with Cruise..
    Some of her best clothing choicve are usually from photoshots..which should tell you that those choices wer ento mad eby her since pre tom she didnt have any clout whatsoever

    anyway..I have always suspected Holmes was less than 5.8 in height , she is too found of her heels,…Nicole was 5.10 and half, thats why she was always in flats and continues ot wear very low heels.
    if hoilmes were 58 it will take only 2in for her to rech Nicoles height to tower way over tom.;.but those heels she wears are around 5ins

    Posh has the designer info, she jsut makes outrageous choices…the only thin worth looking at on posh is her legs..the rest is just plain offensive…Katie has her fresh looks on her side and hopefully she will acquire enough confidence in herself and stop morphing into others …..the girl is just plain stupid if you ask me..seems like money is very important to her..

  18. Fifi says

    Not too sure about the haircut although her hair before was a bit too long and childish looking. Don’t really care for the whole posh thing. I think she lacks talent and just married a rich footballer. The scientology stuff is just weird if you ask me!

  19. Libraesque says

    mia, I actually found a link that lists Clarkson as being five FOUR!!!!
    was she wearing 4 inch heels in that pic, or is Katie shorter than her 5’8?

  20. oriana says

    She knows how to dress and does it better than Posh? Didn’t she used to just wear blue jeans most of the time? She has started dressing much better and more designer and stylish clothes SINCE she became big buds with Posh, whom I don’t care for, but she is known for her shopping and designer duds.

    And the haircut looks like the same, if she had her hair the same color as VB then it would be very noticeable.

  21. Patricia says

    Beautiful. This hair cut is the talk of the town right now. That girl is simply classy on every level. Does her cut look like Posh nah, the only thing in common , it is call a bob hers is classy, the other one is edgy with a fake color. People are saying she is dressing like Posh do not think so, she knows how to dress and does it better than Posh.

  22. oriana says

    Just saw the picture of Tom and Nicole, his wee little legs look awfully short in this picture. Maybe it is pants that are making them look that way?

  23. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Oh my..I just found a pic of Tom and Nicole..I gues he had the tall woman standing behind him perfected to a T…Why does everythign ahs to be soooo oschestrated with this midget…is he ever his real self or spontaneous…he tries too hard to present aan IMAGE..oops I guess he tried being his real self but the backlash was just terrible..ahahha

    Ever wonder why midget is always whispering in the ears of his beards…”dont forget to stand behind me and smile WIDE”…Are you sure you are wearing your flats NIC???


  24. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Get off your slimy shit okra…people have different tastes in hairstyles

    Your brain is probably glued to your skull with all that slime so you cant think straight.

  25. Hahaha says

    Great, now she’s got Tom’s hair.

    First, Scientology, now this. BLAH. She needs to find who she is and stop becoming Tom, for Tom.

  26. says

    Pregnant again…ROFLMAO really?..

    Never knew a backdoor entrace without fluids could get one pregnant, wrong direction and all..

    They were probably out picking up the diamond encrusted turkey baster or for that matter ordering another chinese -italian ophan

  27. Alison says

    I think Katie is pretty here but I like her hair better long. I have heard rumors that she is pregnant again is there any truth to this? Who is Taylor M? I have seen her on several sites causing trouble.

  28. Blaze says

    Well.. not to name names, but alot of other stuff people on here are writing is sad as well. I’ve never seen so much garbage on a site in my life.!! What are the ages of all you morons anyway?

  29. oriana says

    I just read a bunch of pitiful nonsense Taylor M wrote! It is sad, just so sad someone like this is even allowed on here!

    And N, Mary, Essie, among others, has the nerve to complain about ME! Sad, just sad!

  30. oriana says

    Where did Taylor come from anyway?

    Carleigh, coat or wrap dress, it is beautiful and I wish I had one just like it! I sincerely hope you didn’t take my comment as anything negative, definately didn’t mean it in that way at all! You have a nice evening!

  31. Shadow Girl says

    Uh yeah, what Oriana said! We will demand proof of your LUDICROUS accusations whenever you make them.

    Anyway, we all know you’re a slobbering pathetic fur fucking drywall humping little twat who can’t get any from a vibrator. Go and buy yourself a nice DDD, so you can get both holes filled at once.

    Double Dong Dildo, FYI

  32. carleigh says

    Obnoxious spice..too funny about the height of Katie’s knee being the same height as Tom’s “bits”….she wouldn’t have far to go to rack him now would she???? Your whole post was quite humorous..thanks for the laugh!!!

    Oriana, I am not sure if it’s a thin coat Katie is wearing but when I first glanced I thought it was. It might be a wrap dress but I do like it, I think it’s a different look for her altogether. Hope things are going well w/ you.

    To Taylor M. GO away! You are a complete fraud and a dumbass!! (Had to borrow a word from Braydie..lol..she did love the word DUMBASS!!! Miss Braydie hope she’s doing OK!)

  33. obnoxious spice says

    oh and ‘taylor m’….
    to post that you are sorry ‘IF’ you offended anyone on here…
    um, accusing people of being racists, when it had been pointed out many many many times that there were i.d. thieves last week,
    and to continue spreading from thread to thread your accusations, without providing proof even when BEGGED to do so on many times…
    went BEYOND offensive, it actually crossed the line to lying defamation….
    you really should think again next time you plan on embarking such unfounded vendetta’s, as they cause a lot of hurt, anger and bitterness…
    it would be nice to see you apologise to the person you DID purposefully accuse and offend (ie libraesque),
    and if that is done, then perhaps we could consider this a sincere effort of truce, rather than a face saving manouvre…

  34. obnoxious spice says

    did anyone else notice how katies knee is the same height as tom’s ‘bits’…..
    come on, even you die hard tom-thumb cruise fans can’t attribute THAT kind of dramatic height difference to her heels…..
    and if you want to know the background of this pic..one of the paparazzi yelled out “hey tom, how many belly’s do you have??” tom simply held up the amount with his fingers as a reply as he and katie were in a hurry….

  35. oriana says

    I do LOVE Texas, even loved J.R.!!!! Ha! Have a nice day down there, hope it isn’t too hot!!!!

    Some of the biggest burritios I have ever.seen in my life in Amarillo!!!!! Covered the whole plate! Yummy!!!!

  36. Sweet Texas Honey says

    40. Hey Oriana a BIG Texas hello to you, glad you had a great time here in Texas. You’re right the mexican food is to die for. Come back and see us sometime. You’re always welcome. When you do don’t forget to pick up a new pair of Texas socks.

  37. Taylor M says

    oriana & Reba & June….What’s the problem? I know you like me just like the other girls on here. I know you want me just as bad as the others…You like carpet just like shadow girl and Libra..I know i’m a crazy loonie toon that’s on lithium and drools all over my bibs…Who cares that I have ticks and mumbles stuff to myself and my daughter Suri, and who cares that suri has a plastic face and a cloth body she still has feelings, so be nice to her.And who cares that I wear a white suit all day and lives in a white padded room it all matches the white suit the white padded room and the white straight jacket they slap on me after I get out of control. Who cares that I have electric shock therapy, all it’s done has put an attractive looking curl in my hair……..So back of you pigsssssss

    i’m gonna huff i’m gonna puff i’m gonna blow your house in.

    abcdefghijklmno–qurtuvwxyz.Wheres the P?? It’s running down your leg.

  38. Reba says

    OMG!!! Oriana , Taylor and Shadow Girl you guys are such loser getting in a fight on a fricken blog?!? Get a life!!!

  39. oriana says

    Thank you Shadow Girl!!!!!

    Mary, instead of worrying about me so much, please get you a dictionary and learn how to spell!!!!!! Are you obsessed with me? I am too old for you and happily married!

  40. Not A Taylor M .Fan says

    To everyone on this message board who does not know Taylor M. I will give you a chance to know her good. Just make your journey to the message board titled Suri Has Amazing Manners ( Suri Cruise )and read for yourself. This Taylor M. is a piece of work who really needs the help and support from any friends she’s got ( Which are not many ) Now post # 44 is the real Taylor M. but post # 59, 60, 61, 62 is not…..Just read on that other message board, it’s very intertaining stuff.

  41. Just me says

    By the way, it is sad, if it’s true, that Katie can’t think for herself. But, honestly, who would you rather have her looking up to? Tom or Posh? Yeah, Posh dresses kinda trashy, but she seems like a good mom.

  42. Shadow Girl says

    Uh huh… so what are ya trying to do ,Taylor? You were just trying to get in me and LIB’s pants and you go and bullshit bluster like ya usually do.

    You’re not ‘man’ enough for me, honey. Go buy a ten incher.

    KH’s hairdo is a hair DON’T! She looks so goth and dark.. it’s very unsettling.

    PS-Mary, I want U to leave Oriana alone. I would hope people can’t fault her for expressing her own opinion out here. Clearly, you’re too close minded for your own good.

  43. Just me says

    Great summer cut! Although I thought she had beautiful hair before, I think this makes her look more grown up, but not old. Maybe she just needed a change … I’ve seen his high school photos and she had the same ‘do even then. However. I doubt we’ll see her hair short for long. I bet she’ll get extensions.
    As for Posh, I didn’t really think about that until it was mentioned here. Katie looks nothing like her … Posh looks so fake these days, including her boobs, hair and orange tan.

  44. Mary says

    I see Oriana is still brainwashed. For an old woam you really are shameful since you can’t think for your self and you are always seeking apporval. Why are you so insecure?

    That off my chest, Katie looks different, still getting used to it but, it looks cute.

  45. Zbella says

    I also thought POSH when I saw her new do. It looks good though. I didn’t like her hair the last month or so. And she does look giant next to Tom…

  46. Taylor M says

    I would also like to say that I am very sorry if I offended anyone. I do not expect to make friends here. But I would like to believe I am mature enough to at least call a truce. Please accept my apology so that we may all at least post in harmony together.

    Taylor Mastronni

  47. Taylor M says

    I would also like to say, I am sorry if I offended anyone here. That was truly not my intention. I don’t expect to make any friends here. But I would like to believe that I am mature enough to at least call a truce. Please accept my apology so that we may be able to post in harmony together.

    Taylor Mastronni

  48. Taylor M says

    I know you are the one writing this rubbish Libraesque/Shadow Girl. Just what exactly is your problem with me? You have some very serious problems to be writing this nonsense. What a warped mind you have. It would never even cross my mind to post such perversion.

    And for the record, I do not even believe in homosexuality, and I think it is unfair to post such heinous, evil things about me. You do not even know who I am, or anything about my life. I think the webmistress should do something about this abuse. These kinds of things should not be posted on “babyrazzi” or any other website. It is not decent for anyone to read.

    Taylor Mastronni.

  49. kim--original kim says

    Oh, thank the Lord, she finally cut that hair!!! She looks fantastic, if still not completely happy-looking… what’s the consensus, do we think she’ll be having any siblings for Suri???

  50. Melissa says

    I like the haircut..makes her look more grown up. Why is Tom always wearing the same thing..looking all wacko and constipated??

  51. oriana says

    Xena, Happy times ahead for you and your family! Now this is good news to share. I am so pleased for all of you!

    Have to run, going to fix grilled cheese sandwiches for the crew! Have a nice evening and I will say a prayer for your son and future daughter tonight. Much happiness and well wishes to You!!!!!!!!!

  52. Xenafan96 says

    Thanks for the well wishes! ๐Ÿ™‚
    HA! That dirty rat Hubby went with our son to help him pick out the ring @ 3 weeks ago. I am amazed Hubby kept it secret, this is the same man who can’t stand waiting for Christmas morning and will tell me everything I am getting for Christmas. In November. LOL.
    She is not in the business, but she is fine with it. She’s come by while he is working to go to lunch with him and to date she has gotten to see some bad cases. The most important thing is she thinks our son is the greatest thing since sliced bread, so she’s OK in my book!

  53. oriana says

    Was your hubby shocked? It is very good news! What does she think about the Business? Has she ever seen your son at work? Congrats All the Way!!!!!!

  54. Xenafan96 says

    Thanks sweetie! I am insanely proud of my kids, they step up to any challenge and work it through, just by nature.

    LOL-I have to tell you this:last Friday, my younger son and his girlfriend were having dinner with us and right at dessert, announced they are getting married!

  55. oriana says

    I have thought about that many times. I know you are so proud of your son! I wish mine had the motivation and the ambition your children do. I think it is just wonderful!

  56. Xenafan96 says

    Great question! Yes, we do wash and style hair, and I have a friend who does hair so she has taught me a few tricks for styling. She is great for the more complicated ‘dos. Right now my younger son is training with her to work on decedants since he chose to focus on Restorative Arts. He has an amazing talent to hide and repair wounds. Usually we try to match it with the most recent picture, unless the family wants that person to look like an older or favorite picture. IMO, it’s not hard at all. Unlike living persons, the dead don’t move around so you can have a steady hand ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. oriana says

    Xena, I have always wondered, when you do hair, do you just wash and style it? Do the family members request how it is done? How hard is it to do?

  58. Xenafan96 says

    I would hazard a guess and say Troll Land. Unable to post without ranting and raving and attempting to flame anyone.
    Yet another kid with unlimited internet access. Makes you wonder where the parents are.

  59. Xenafan96 says

    Is weiner the same thing as a penis? If you are talking about weiners, then Oscar Mayer would be my suggestion.

  60. Taylor M says

    katie looks sexy with that hair doo. I would do her if I had a weiner, soon I will and she will be first on my list right after I do Libraesque and Shadow Girl…I love carpet too…..mmmmmmmm tastey

  61. oriana says

    Xena, Tom should be called Tubby Tom, and Travolta has slapped on the feedbag more than his share, he looks like a Human Garbage disposal when he eats, he can’t swallow, he just shovels! I have seen pictures! It is pathetic!

  62. Shadow Girl says

    ICK! She’s becoming too much like Posh and not enough of herself. I have to say that she’s becoming what anyone tells her to and she’s just not her own person anymore. Short hair rocks(I have short hair), she should have had a wave or something curled into it.

  63. Xenafan96 says

    LOLOLOL Oriana, you are TERRIBLE!! But cheers to you for looking on the bright side and having a replacement sock! You are in rare form today my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kinda weird observaton, but one that just hit me:does anyone else think that male Scientologists(those that are famous at least) tend to run a bit heavy? TC, John Travolta, even Beck(the singer) has chubby cheeks. Maybe a dietary thing?

  64. oriana says

    HI Xena!!!!! Good to see you taking a break from work! I do think it makes her look older but it is a nice style.

    Tom looks a little tight around the collar to me, he needs to leave off the sour cream and gobs on butter on those baked potatoes he is eating with all those steaks!!!!

    Sweet Texas Honey, luv Texas!!! Love the Mexican food down there. On my last layover in Dallas coming from Nashville, bought a pair of socks that says “Don’t Mess With Texas”. Love them! And when wears out, I will just put on the other one! HA!

  65. JJ says

    For a moment there I thought it was Victoria Beckham…she has a similar style. Anyway, she looks good. More mature and sophisticated.

  66. Xenafan96 says

    Oh Miss Oriana!! I have not sprayed pop out of my nose in a long while!! Baseball boobs-good gravy that is hilarious!!
    Oh well, she is married to ‘Bend it’ Beckham so I guess she needs to have some kind of sports motif going on, since her personality seems AWOL!!

    Katie’s hair makes me think she looks like Cameron Diaz with dark hair. I like her long hair, but I kinda had a feeling that she was going to do something with it, since she had it up alot.

  67. carleigh says

    I like her haircut..it is very modern and yet versatile. She needed a change and she looks more her age w/ this haircut. I love the coat!!! Tom well I don’t have much to say about him except he doesn’t impress me much.

  68. oriana says

    Tom looks like he is being choked by his shirt buttoned too tight under his neck. Perhaps too many steaks he loves to shovel in!!!!!!

  69. oriana says

    Mia hope you are having a good day!!!! Hot here, 96 outside!

    I do love her dress,the haircut does kind of remind me of her buddy Beckham with her baseball boobs!!!

    I think it is a cute hairstyle for her.

  70. says

    I’m sorry, but I’m with Erika on this one, I dont like it at all!!! ๐Ÿ™ It makes her look a lot older than she really is. Katie always looked mature and sophisticated anyway. OMG,I hope she really isn’t going a bit “Posh”. I despise that woman!!! She’s sooo fake and stuck up!!!! Urrghhh!!!! Lol. Katie is nothing like her. Keep it that way Katie!!! I hope her hair grows back quickly because I liked her better with it long!

  71. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Hiya Orainna…longtime;;..

    I suspect the publcist called this on in to unveil the hair….I saw that girl on ET and she looked hagiliicious at best

    Scar JO is still the reigning young queen of hollywood.,..!!!

  72. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    the hair looks better elsewhere.on this night the styling was not good…

    I hope we dont have morphing a la micheal jackson ……I suspect there have been some knifing to the face again!

  73. K says

    She is a beautiful girl, any hair style is bound to look good on her. She looks pretty and chic. I like it. Don’t think it looks like Posh’s hair.

  74. Lilian says

    Crayola he does not need to go that extreme. Just ask her not to wear those 5 inches heels. Which only prove, he does not ask her not to wear them, like the media has been saying.Love her cut, she is a classy woman, one of the few still in hollywood.

  75. Malayka says

    Wow, looks really beautiful. I thought her old hari do was boring and I was just thinking she should experiment with it but not make it blonde. I think I said it on this site that I wish she experimented more with her hair. After all it will grow. I love it! Go girl!!!

  76. crayola says

    How cute they have his and her haircuts. Now i know he brainwashed her shit. To make her cut her hair like that is just rediculous. next thing you know he is gonna make her surgicaly remove some heigth from her legs to shorten her so that they can be the same heigth of 4′ 9″. Hahahaha!!!!

  77. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I wonder what facial surgery she is covering with the new hair style..Maybe she finally had her ears pinned back????.ahahhahah

    Seems like a serious ongoing carwash…..

  78. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I always thout it was her hair….but someone mentioned it on TMZ…could be just that her hair fell out after the pregnancy..quite normal….

  79. Meg says

    I liked it alot until reading comments on how similar to Victoria Beckham’s haircut…I really think Katie is a classy girl with her hair longer or shorter, but can’t stand “Posh” Spice!! I think Katie is adorable and wholesome, where Posh is plastic and cheesy. OK, this post is turning into something totally else but overall, her hair and attitude is sophisticated & she looks very sweet & summery.

  80. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Word has it she has been wearing a weave so this is her actual hair on display finally….All hail Posh for empowering the wimpy beard!!!

  81. Libraesque says

    DAMN TC looks evil in that picture. scary. she looks very chic. I think the long hair look was tired, all those dumbdumb bimbos sport those long curls (except theirs were weaves, not katies)

  82. Lauren says

    I like her new haircut. It makes her look carefree and sophisticated. Katie looks gorgeous with short or long hair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Essie says

    Katie looks much more mature in this new haircut. It looks really good on her. Unfortunately, it does look a bit like Vic Beckham but a little longer and not as severe. I still don’t see how Katie and Poshie could actually be friends. But . . .

    Fifi, the word is spelled KUDOS not cudos. Just saying!!!

  84. dori says

    uh oh… she’s starting to look like her buddy Victoria Beckham……
    It’s cute on her though. She looks good in short hair..

  85. Libraesque says

    interesting. she seemed to be moving towards a more classic, conservative look with the long soft cirls and demure clothes. This is such a radical change. The only woman I know who do something radical with their hair are making radical changes in their life.

  86. KT says

    I liked her long hair. It was so thick and beautiful. The new one is OK but I hope she grows it out again….

  87. Miapocca says

    She looks OLD
    Seems the influence of the people in her life are so strong that she as to adopt thier “faith” and hairstyle…what next, matching ear jobs with suri???

  88. fifi trooper says

    oooh, I love this haircut! I think that it actually makes her look better! I love it! Cudo’s to her, and Tom!

  89. Taylor says

    I like the new haircut on Katie, she looks very sophisticated. She had her long “Joey” haircut for so long this is a nice change. Looks like she’s going a bit “Posh”.

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