Melanie Brown Brings Angel To The Doctor For A Check-Up

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) was snapped taking 2-month-old daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown for a check-up in Beverly Hills on Monday. A Spice Girls reunion is in the works for Christmas! Wow!



  1. carleigh says

    I have tried to get the webmistress to clean up babyrazzi before. I’ve been posting her for over a year now off and on, and some days are better than others. You can pretty much guarentee that an Angelina & Brad blog will get a bunch of ignorant comments, Heidi & Seal will bring out all the biggotted, trailer-dwelling, nose picking, red-neck, racist idiots and TomKat will bring out a wide variety of different things as well. I firmly believe that we are each solely entitled to our OWN individual opinions, however, to those people on here who make RACIST comments..well your intelligence or lack thereof is very evident. Unfortunately, the webmistress doesn’t do much along the lines of cleaning up threads and she doesn’t monitor things like she should otherwise these issues wouldn’t be allowed to continue. I also believe that we should have to register and sign in with a passowrd to protect ourselves..but that’s not looking likely at this time either. So, ladies here we find ourselves a victim of racism, ID theft and being subjected to utter filth. I DID NOT think it was appropriate for the WM to attach a Traci Lord thread to this website because I will out and out call that woman a whore, she laid down and GOT PAID! That’s just the most appropriate description, maybe not put into the best language but I used proper terminology. I know that we all are familiar with each others writing styles, it’s almost as unique as a fingerprint, so as long as we realize that there are some bonafide sicko’s out there with nothing better to do then to hack our ID’s and post horrid things…we know how each other writes and that in and of itself should be enough. We ignore the stupidity and maybe it will pass……Oh webmistress where are you and why aren’t you cleaning up what used to be a great website????

  2. Xenafan96 says

    Does anyone know when the DNA results will be announced? I will be really surprised if EM is not the father, just based on his reluctance to take the test. If that was me, and I was adamant I was not the father, I would not have hesitated to get a DNA test to prove I was in the right.
    Angel Iris is a very pretty baby, and I hope only the best for her as she grows up!

  3. N says

    Oriana, you sound dumb as hell. Like always! In what way does this baby look like Eddie. Stupid ass comment! Great post #10

  4. JJ says

    I have 3 nieces. I spend a lot of time with the 3 year old as she is full of wonder and I enjoy her keen sense of curiosity. I also spend quite a bit of time with the 6 year old because I enjoy having conversations with her and teaching her new things. The infant of course I don’t spend much time with because a) she is still young and requires her mother for many things and b) I find infants high maintanance and not as fun to be around…I’m sure once the 8 month old becomes older – I will spend more time with her as I do with her sisters.

    So Zbella, no matter what you say about infants and how you LOVE “little Yodas of the world”…I don’t share in your view and you might as well be talking to yourself.

  5. Zbella says

    JJ – I remember from other posts you are not a newborn fan but I just LOVE the helpless little Yodas of the world.

  6. JJ says

    Zbella, are you taunting me?!
    Personally, I don’t like the Yoda look. I don’t find it cute and couldn’t care less for the cute factor in infants.

  7. sherise says

    E.M is a fool he needs to except that baby / if he is the father. it’s like watching muary you are the father/your not the father lol

  8. Toiie says

    I’ve been reading alot of objectional things on this site lately.
    It’s definitely more than one poster writing all this junk.

  9. Libraesque says

    #38, why don’t you write the WM and suggest it, I’m going to.
    maybe if enough people do it we can get this filth off the site. They did it over at tomkatcrazy and the site is totally cleaned up now

  10. Just me says

    This thread is disgusting!! It seems like this whole web site has just turned brutal. Such language and name calling! And everything is always turend into a race issue.

  11. carleigh says

    BTW…Angel is cute and I love the way Mel B. dresses her. I hope that she get’s her paternity test in due time and Mr. Murphy is forced to pay out his ass..what he did is very wrong. It’s one thing for a man and woman to split up, it’s quite another to announce it on national TV and then to allude to Mel. B. being promiscuous in the same breath. He laid down with her and at that time it was A-OK, they break up and he wants to paint her as a whore, that’s tacky and I HOPE he is made to pay up and eat his shit sandwhich!

  12. carleigh says

    I WISH the webmistress would make everyone REGISTER their name so that this kind of petty behavior would be nipped in the tail!

    To Taylor M. go home and get down on your knees and pray to GOD he gives you a real life!

    To all the others we know who we are and we recognize our fellow bloggers, so nobody really has to worry about being ID hacked.

    Kids today need to be made to be more active and not allowed to congregate in front of the computer 24/7, eating, being inactive and becoming obese from lack of activity. An idle mind in my home is put immediately to work, read a book, go for a walk, paint a picture, ride a bike, go roller blading, go to the park, movies, shopping, etc., etc.

    I am not raising a pack of fat, slovenly, foul mouthed young girls……….my daughters know if they don’t keep themselves busy MOM will find something for them to do! To much food and too much computer time makes for confused, foul mouth, little hooligans like Taylor M.

  13. says

    Lol… this site is sooooo ridiculus. Everyone knows that Lib is not a racist…yeah, she is obsessed with u Lib… Good God

    Anyway, EM is such an a** shes better off without him.. I love little babies

  14. Taylor M says

    oops, i did it again!!

    I keep forgetting to change the name I am using on all these different threads here, the above comment was obviously from me! sorry!!

    I know it might seem confusing to you all, but I try to give each of my personalities their own names to comment under on this site!

    I use libraesque’s name a lot as when I wrote all the racist comments all last week and then accused her of it when I got caught out, she was actually quite patient with me, if I had been her I would of reported me to the webmistress!!

  15. Libraesque says

    Tonight i’m here because my man rejected my lard ass he says i’m repulsive to look at. help please somebody? i have to lose this weight or i wont ever have my man or any man.

  16. crayola says

    you all are so funny. Libraesgue your a fucking loony. god help this little bitch. i hope your mommy walks in on you and catches you using her computer and spanks your little ass, and makes you go to sleep.

  17. Libraesque says

    I feel kind of like a movie star…I’ve got a crazy deranged “fan” that is completely obsessed with me!!!

  18. Libraesque says

    that’s interesting, douchebag. You have NO idea why everyone is LAUGHING at you and at that comment.

    you blew it with that one


  19. Libraesque says

    I haven’t been getting any cock at home because I weigh 400 plus pounds my mans afraid I’ll crush him to death.

  20. Libraesque says

    thanks Z.
    It’s just so lame that this deranged teenager is seriously stinking up this site!!!!

  21. Taylor M says

    #15 i’m getting sick of people making fun of me because of my birth defect, so what if I was born a hermaphodite. People like Libraesque and obnoxious spice keep calling me a racist and i’m not. I’m also getting tired of people calling me a carpetmuncher so what if i like pussy it’s not for them to judge. Pussy smells good and tastes good.GEEZ

  22. fifi trooper says

    thank the good lord! that this racist cunt was discovered! I really thought that this (cute)picture would start a war! Melanie, i’m a african american woman, and I just want to say stick it to his ass!

  23. Zbella says

    Libra, don’t worry, nobody thought it was you.

    JJ – again, I just LOVE the Yoda look!!! I wanna pick her up and cuddle her, she is so cute.

  24. obnoxious spice says

    oh and that comment above ‘supposedly’ posted by lib…
    so amateurish that it is embarrassing for who ever posted it!!

  25. chillin says

    $10 bucks says Taylor will stop posting as “Taylor” and start posting other racists remarks under her other alias. Gotcha figured out fatty!

  26. chillin says

    Hi Taylor (#21), how’s it going? Long time no see! Oh! I forgot, we cancelled you last week. Hey, by the way, I need my ipod back. I know you were the one that took it.

  27. obnoxious spice says

    people can accuse libraesque of many things, but being a racist ISN’T one of them…

    go and check old threads, ones that started before this horrible i.d. stealing began, and you will see long term and consistent proof of that fact…

    and what is with that fourteenth comment above?? wow, someone has anger management problems i think…

    i would hate to receive that kind of abuse for simply saying i thought a baby was beautiful and it was making me feel a bit broody…i saw nothing wrong with that comment at all!

  28. chillin says

    I know who Taylor M is. We used to be friends and she told me that she posted on this baby site (I do too under another name – anonymous). Anyway, Taylor told me she comes on here just to start drama with everybody.

    Guys, she has NO life!!! She is an overweight, bitter, and obnoxious teenager that has no friends. We all used to hang out together but we stopped talking to her because she talks behind everybody’s back. She actually tried to steal my friend’s boyfriend by offering “herself” to him but he reject her fat ASS and told her to get to steppin’! LOL. This happened after we all quit talking to her. She posts under lots of different names (not sure which) but she said she is the one with all the racist comments. Oh BTW, she hates mexicans and blacks probably because that’s what we all were (mostly what she hung out with) and now she has no more friends.


  29. kitty says

    the baby is cute, but i can’t really say it looks like Eddie Murphy. Hope it’s his though!

    Libraesque (the fake one) something’s wrong with you!Get back to your time machine and beam your way back to the 50’s. It’s 2007 and whether you like it or not black people are not extinct! Sorry bitch!

  30. Libraesque says

    LISTEN UP….if you want to post racist shit on these threads TAYLOR M…USE YOUR OWN SCREEN NAME you fucking coward

    To everyone else, if you EVER see racist comments on any thread under Libraesque IT IS NOT ME

  31. Malayka says

    Libra, I knew you were racist, no one can be that vile and annoying without being racist.

    Melanie will learn from this that there are other ways of getting a pension. I am not a big fan of Eddie Murphy but may be he knows something we don’t. He doesn’t have to reveal like Steve Bing that they had an open relationship or orgies. The amazing part is that Mel insists the baby was planned when they were together for only 3 months. I sense some scheming on her part. Those two looked gross together any way but the wee little one is a cutie.

  32. getreal! says


    What in god’s name did number 13 say that offended you so much that you were reducing to speaking to her in such a filthy manner?????????
    I think that it might be time for you to go and finish your homework, brush your teeth and go to bed little girl!

  33. Taylor M says

    oops, I posted under the wrong name above #8, I had been using that name on another thread and forgot to switch.

    Everyone knows it is ME who is the racist and NOT libraesque, you simply have to go and see the lovely things she has written about Angelina’s beautiful elder daughter over the months as proof of that.

    Must go, have to wash my ‘white outfit’ for tonights meeting.

  34. Turkish Delight says

    how can you tell that baby looks likd Eddie Murphy from that picture? The only resemblance is the colour of there skin!? LOL

  35. Lauren says

    Wow, Angel really resembles Eddie. If the DNA test comes back positive he needs to step up. Isn’t Angel like his 7th kid? He has 5 with his ex-wife and 1 from a previous relationship. Wow!

  36. oriana says

    Noticed the cute little shoes right off the bat! Very cute!

    This baby looks just like Eddie to me, will be shocked if the DNA tests say No! I really think he did her dirty with the breakup, it could have been handled differently.

  37. obnoxious spice says

    oh wow!

    I just can’t WAIT for eddie to APOLOGISE publically to her for the way he has treated both her, and more importantly, his innocent daughter…

    i think it will be the funniest thing i will ever see him do!!

    I love the little print shoes she has on her…too cute!!

  38. JJ says

    I tell you, newborn babies are just creepy looking. They don’t look human. They remind me of Yoda from Star Wars 😀

  39. fifi trooper says

    this baby is def. eddie murphy’s! he really should stop playing, and when the baby come to be his…….he should publicly apoligize to her!

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