Keisha Castle-Hughes Opens Up About Becoming A Mom At 17

Keisha Castle-Hughes

People magazine reports:

Keisha Castle-Hughes has opened up about becoming a mom at 17.

“I just didn’t expect the media attention,” the Whale Rider Oscar nominee tells the New Zealand edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“Absolutely everyone in the country had something to say about it. I thought, ‘At the end of the day, I am going to be the one looking after this baby in the middle of the night and it doesn’t affect you.’ ”

The actress, who turned 17 in March, and her boyfriend of four years, Bradley Hull, 20, welcomed daughter Felicity-Amore in April. She admits: “Yes, I was scared when I found out I was pregnant. But if I got pregnant when I was 27, I would have been scared too because it is a huge step.”

At a week past her due date, she began three grueling days of labor. But when she was finally able to hold her daughter, “it was just the most amazing moment,” she says. “For the last three days I had been in the worst agony of my life and right then I forgot every single minute of it. I just thought, ‘I’d do this all over again.’ ”

These days, she’s like any new mom: sleep-deprived. “I’d be up checking, checking, checking, being paranoid,” she says. “I remember when one of my friends had a baby she said it was like that in the first few weeks. And I said, ‘If I had a baby I would just sleep the whole time and I probably wouldn’t even wake up for it.’ But it’s so true because this little person relies on you and I know if anything happened, it would be my fault.”

What’s next? No more kids for a while – Castle-Hughes says Felicity-Amore can play with her own siblings, Rhys, 15, Liam, 11, Maddisyn, 6, and Qayde, 11 months – but she does hope to get back to work: “Just because I have a baby, it doesn’t mean that my career is going to go kaput. I have a really ambitious streak in me. I want to do it now more than I ever did.”



  1. Jessica .H. says

    People going around judging someone who they think they know just because they read some bullshit paper announcing the unwedded Keisha Castle-Hughes pregnancy and saying shit like ‘she‘s too young’ and ‘she‘s having a bastard baby‘, people should look in the dictionary before using that word, everyone should be ashamed of their selves. If you go to church every Sunday then you must know right from wrong, even if you don’t go to church, you still know right from wrong, then who is to say that having a child is a sin? Even if your not of age and married? People commenting on her pregnancy shouldn’t even be aloud. Saying nasty things is one, but judging her over some “not even worth discussing, (we should be discussing children with rifles in their hands going around killing people or why were slowly killing mother earth and were not doing jack-shit about it) topic” is out of the question. So what if she got pregnant at the age of 16. At least she knows what she’s doing and what she got herself into. It was her choice and it happened.
    Unlike other people who just avoid reality and get an abortion and it’s over. Sorry it doesn’t work like that. There are consequences to your actions. You’d be missing out on the most greatest joy ever, Motherhood. (on the other side, fatherhood), and not be wondering what would happen if I did have this baby? What would she/he have been like? People have got to get over this. There are bigger things out there than discussing teenage pregnancy. We all make our own choices. Some are bad, some are good, but if their bad choices, we find our own way out because we got our selves into that situation. And if their good, well…that’s something you’ll live with knowing you made the right decision and not have any regrets at all. If she’s capable of having this baby and knowing she can take care of it, (we all know she won’t have financial problems) loving, caring, and making the child happy, is her choice. NOT YOURS. Ask yourself this, if I got pregnant when I’m 20 yrs old and not married, would people say nasty things about me? I don’t think so. So it’s okay for a 20 yr old whose not married, fornicated and got pregnant, but it’s not okay for a 16 yr old. GOD, what’s wrong with society these days?

    Oh and FYI, I’m 16, and not pregnant. This is just my opinion.

    Besides all that, I congratulate Keisha and Brad for the most precious little girl, a gift from God, baby Felicity Amore. She’ll be a handful.

  2. samantha says

    Sweetie, those were rather disturbing pictures but very true and eye opening to what abortion really is. in case any one actually knew there is an over 75% higher risk of suicide after a mother has an abortion!!!!! so why do it??? and most of the time there done by illegal doctors without licenses because the young mothers are too afraid to actually tell anyone they’re pregnant. NOW THINK TO YOURSELVES WHAT ARE WE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN??? there is no support for any of these children, there are many people who would love to adopt but some of these young kids don’t even realize it as an answer. A FETUS IS A LIVING BREATHING EATING GROWING HUMAN BEING!!!! not a toy doll who can be ripped to pieces and thrown away like it never existed. it is without a doubt a gift from GOD. it doesn’t matter who it’s parents were or where it’s from, IT IS A BABY!!! now someone needs to grows some balls in this world before it gets anymore uglier and start sticking up for the innocent. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO WILL FIGHT FOR THOSE PRECIOUS BABIES.

  3. kimmy says

    Carleigh- The fact that you don’t have an opinion shows that all you are to me is just a piece of jello with no backbone. You know abortion is wrong and it’s murder. Get some morals please-you’re really tacky.

  4. carleigh says

    Kimmy,please don’t flatter yourself. If you think my entire post was directed squarely at you, you need to rethink and take your own pill. I am a quite happy person, as if I need explain that to you..but I am exceptionally happy with my life. I just believe that abortion is a sensitive, heated, passionate subject and why it is being discussed here on this thread is beyond grasp of understanding. Whether right or wrong, each woman has a choice of what she chooses or does not choose to do w/ her body and her life. I am neither for, nor am I against abortion, but I also firmly do believe that if a woman HAS a conscience and a heart, then an abortion or chosing to have one would be a heartbreaking, gutwrenching choice to make. Not all women who have abortions are thoughtless, uncaring, inhumane monsters. I don’t look at a child’s life whether born or unborn as dispensible, I love my children dearly, but for other women sometimes they have no other option and abortion while the act is barbaric…..the women have a RIGHT to choose for themselves and all the right-wing preaching, bible beating and threats of hells fire is going to change their minds. Why discuss this subject when Keisha Castle-Hughes decided to give life to her daughter??? Shouldn’t we be commenting about a beautiful little girls new life and not debating whether or not she should have been aborted? That’s my whole point.

  5. megan says

    First off president Bush is not my president,lol
    I am curently living in Indonesia for right now, and have been for 4 years. Maybe he’s your President-don’t be ashamed!
    At least I’m the Freak, what are you then?

  6. sam says

    Pia, you should think before YOU type. When a mom plans what to do with her baby she ponders it while she is still pregnant! If she puts it up for adoption or plans to keep it its a “baby.” She sees the future baby. If she plans an abortion, suddenly its not a baby anymore, its a “fetus.” Its a baby regardless of whether its killed or born. I just think its funny how Sam insists its a fetus, but then called it a baby.

  7. God says

    Don’t use my name again in this post otherwise i will make you repent for your sins. I will send a thunder bolt of lightening down from heaven and fry you all – especially Megan and Rae!

    “Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain”

  8. Pia says

    Sam you should think before you type. You can’t give a baby up for adoption until it is born. Duh!

  9. Isa says

    Megan you are a freak!
    Who made you God’s spokesperson?
    I’ll tell you who the real murderer is…George W. Bush!!!
    That’s right – YOUR president. So before you go blasting on this blog about your “morals” find another country to live in – becaue you are associated with a country that has killed billions of children all around the world – during the Korean war, the Vietnam war, and many other wars in the Middle East, including the one that is going on now in Iraq.

    People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!!!

  10. says

    jj and you call yourself a WOMAN???
    please go look at yourself one more time in the miror before you use such powerful words (as, WOMAN) never call yourself that if your a baby KILLER.
    and please leave, thats right, go right ahead. Dont come back you hear.


  11. JJ says

    JJ has left this particular blog thread…and will no longer be responding. Gab away and say you want. I stand firm on my views and will not be wavered by bullying and being made to feel guilty because I value myself as a woman before anything else.

  12. sam says

    “Oh, right there’s the option of giving your baby up for adoption…how silly of me…how could I forget that” jj

    but jj, I thought it wasn’t a baby? i guess it is a human in there, huh?

  13. oriana says

    This is my first comment about this subject. First of all a 17 year old girl, who was 16 when she got pregnant is way, way too young to have a child!

    As for abortion, incest, rape, and if the baby is going to be severely deformed, and I am not saying mentally retarded, but DEFORMED, then I think those are special circumstances and need to be considered. I also think the age of the mother should be considered too, a 13 year old girl does not need a baby!!!!

    I don’t think having an abortion just for the sake of having one is the answer. However, I do think there are enough orphans in the world today, if the mother wants to give birth, there are lots of families that have members that would love to take and raise the child.

  14. kimmy says

    Carleigh- Everyone on here is discussing this topic except for you. I’m flattered that you wrote a whole page blog just for me- thank you!! Anywho, take a chill pill, relax and enjoy life. Don’t let the small things make you sweat- and don’t be so mean!!!!

  15. kimmy says

    The only argument that I have to say to pro-choice people re: incest, rape, or just plain not wanting to have the baby is “OK, so we murder the baby?” I really don’t understand how women can do that without a conscience. I really don’t think these women have a soul. Sorry, just my opinion. I hope they appreciate the fact that their mother didn’t abort them.

  16. carleigh says

    Kimmy, did I say I was a dictator? Did I name anyone namely YOU specifically in my post? Nope sure didn’t so bug off and save your abortion opinions for where they belong, not on a BABY blog but an ABORTION blog. THAT IS MY OPINION, just like you have your own..respect mine, I’ll respect yours when it has absolutely anything to do w/ this particular thread. The title of this thread isn’t ABORTION: The Keisha Castle-Hughes quandry. This blog is about a YOUNG girl who is now a teen mother, and she is quite fortunate she isn’t another statistic and she has the money and means to care for her daughter. This situation could have worked out in many worse ways. Notice I didn’t post my personal views about abortion, I simply said that abortion has no place being discussed on this thread, because we are all entitled to our own views and opinions and abortion is a very delicate matter to discuss especially in this forum where we come to OOH and AAH over the beautiful babies. Dictator, NO, don’t think so, you have me confused w/ some other militants on this site, but that’s not me.

  17. Rae says

    JJ-you honestly have no morals do you? News Flash most children in orphanges in the U.S. are adopted quickly. And you don’t own your daughters body,she could very well have a baby against your will. The problem w/ so many teens today is that their parent(s) push them so hard to be the best, and say don’t do this,don’t do that,that they feel completly trapped. The more you tell teens not to do something,the more they WANT to. I should know I am a teen and i’ve seen my friends act out just because their parent(s) told them not to do something. My parents have always GUIDED but not CONTROLLED my life. They’ve told me what they would like for me to do, but not what i have to do. My mother believes that if you push to hard, it has bad side effects. And im happy to say, that i am a very normal teenager. I’m planning on saving myself till im married,and have never done drugs. I thank my parents for not pushing me,because if they would have, i’d probably be in a load of mess right now. A baby is a gift from God, and no matter what age the parent is, that baby is a blessing. And for you to say that no matter what,you would have your own grandchild aborted is cruel! Oh and btw, a fetus is very much a’s breathing isn’t it? It’s growing everyday and changing everyday isn’t it? There you go, it’s a human being,who deserves a chance at life. Only God can end a life. Those who abort their baby will have to answer to God in the long run, because that’s innocent blood on their hands.

  18. N says

    I dont know any 17 year olds that have had children and lived or will live a charmed life like Keisha’s. The teenager’s I know that have had children are living stressful and hectic lives….struggling to support themselves and their child(ren). Without the help of their parents many of them would be homeless.

  19. JJ says

    p.s. Oh, right there’s the option of giving your baby up for adoption…how silly of me…how could I forget that?
    There are enough children in orphanages around the world without adding more to the growing population of unwanted children living out an impoverished life in an orphanage waiting for a wealthy actress, musician, celebrity to adopt them.

  20. JJ says

    #45 – You’ve done your homework but your research is not substantial. You get a C- !! You need to present me with better statistics in order to get my attention. And cite your sources too. Your lame quotes clearly came from the internet. Hardly a reliable and reputable source.

    An old man in a dress is not going to tell me what to do with my body. I’ll let you figure out who the old man in a dress is – you’re a smart “wafer” – I’m sure you can figure it out.

  21. JJ says

    “I also know a woman who was raped and in this case she was forced to have the baby – and she chose to place him for adoption”

    JJ – Forced? to have the baby? That is outrageous! That is militant. Archaic. Nobody should be forced into anything especially when it involves their own body. If the mother-to-be is underage then a legal guardian or parent can step up to the plate and make a decision with their child’s best interest in mind. My child’s best interest would be to have an education and live her life without the inclusion of infants at such a young age. There is plenty of time in life to become a mother but you only get to be a teenager once.

  22. RB says

    Attention Fetuses! Whatever you do, don’t get conceived in Denmark!
    “The number of legal abortions in relation to the birth rate is much higher in Denmark than in the rest of Western Europe, but it has nevertheless been declining since the beginning of the 1990s. In 1995 there were c. 18,000 legal abortions and c. 70,000 births. Since 1973 sterilisation has been available to all over 25 years of age. The declining fertility rate has meant that population growth has become very slow and in certain years (1981-84) actually negative. ”
    Impressive! They killed 18,000 human beings. Of course, “JJ” does not consider them human beings until they pop out, isn’t that right JJ?

    People need to be more responsible and, in many cases, stop using abortion as a lazy or irresponsible person’s “birth control method”.

    You’re very preoccupied with semantics, JJ:
    “Then I would drive her to the clinic to terminate the pregnancy – which is a fetus not a baby.” You can call it “termination” but it is ending the viability of a baby ie causing its death. It doubtless comforts amoral existentialists like yourself.

    Also, why do you assume that the father is a deadbeat? You speak using cliches and stereotypes. Or perhaps that is the modern, non-Victorian Danish way…
    You need to read up on history, abortion is as old as mankind, as is contraception or at least, attempts at contraception. Mankind is now merely more efficient at killing babies while preserving the woman’s life and more effective in contraceptive methods.

    Keisha Castle-Hughes and her boyfriend are to be commended for taking responsibility for their actions.
    Becoming a parent while still a teen isn’t the best path to take in life but at least they are responding in a mature fashion to an unplanned event.

    Oh, I am a European but I live in Canada…

  23. Zbella says

    JJ – You do not own your daughter’s body. How could you make that choice for her?! She may be a ‘minor’ – she may be immature – she may be upset and hormonal and a million other things… but to force her to abort? That is wrong.

    I also know a woman who was raped and in this case she was forced to have the baby – and she chose to place him for adoption. My heart breaks for her too. In cases of rape and really in all cases, it is up the the pregnant female, and NO ONE else to decide.

  24. Kate says

    Seventeen is certainly young to have a baby, but who are we to judge a life that isn’t ours? She certainly has the money to take parenting classes and hire all the help that she needs. (Not even a nanny, necessarally….a maid, cook, etc….Whatever she needs) I can’t wait to see the baby. I wish them all the best!

  25. says


    Such harsh words…. You are so cruel, never say that about a Bible….Pray to God for forgiviness before it’s too late my dear.
    It would be the same thing if a mother killed her child, not any different from killing the CHILD in the womb.

  26. JJ says

    The Bible? Who cares about the Bible? It’s a bunch of gobble-dee-gook!

    A fetus is not the same as a baby. Babies are not aborted, fetuses are aborted. In my country it is totally acceptable for a mother to terminate her pregnancy regardless of the situation that led to the pregnancy.

    I’m so very glad that women have that option these days.
    After all we are not living in Victorian times or in the Middle Ages. Nobody has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.

    When a teenager becomes pregnant it is up to the parent or guardian to take the teenagers best interest into account. Think with the mind, not the heart.

    Like I said earlier, if my teenage daughter who is considered a minor by law, became pregnant, she and I would have a long chat about how her life would change with a newborn baby present and a deadbeat for a father. Then I would drive her to the clinic to terminate the pregnancy – which is a fetus not a baby.

    That is my final answer.

  27. oriana says

    Kimmy, I don’t doubt you, but isn’t that illegal? 3rd trimester? I lived in K.C., KS. for 5 years, loved it there, lots of nice people, good memories too. This is so hard to believe it is going on and allowed to happen!

  28. kimmy says

    It’s scary to think about the judgement that these Doctors that carry out abortions are going to face with God- considering all the innocent blood they have on their hands, especially Dr. Tiller that works in Wichita, KS. He performs 3rd trimester abortions with no conscience at all. Yeah people, 3rd trimester abortions do happen.

  29. Rae says

    Kimmy-Thank you sooo much! And yes i agree pro-lifers are in the minority.
    and # 19 i know it is my opinion about what the bible teaches, but i also believe that a baby is a living being,and to kill it because you had sex is wrong…If you choose to have sex you need to accept the consequences…its a risk you take. And adoption is always an option.

  30. maggie says


  31. carleigh says

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with prolife and abortion issues. This has everything to do with a young actress getting pregnant and having a baby. Keisha chose to have her child and she’s now bringing out pictures and interviews about her new baby. Felicity is gorgeous, Keisha is a very young person to be handling the responsibility of a child, doesn’t mean she can’t do it persay, just that it is a very big endeavor and responsibility for anyone much less a 17 y/o girl. Best of luck to her and her family and her baby is beautiful! Stop with all the stupid abortion talk, it’s not the right forum to air that laundry out here.

  32. sweetie says

    You know, I knew this girl that was rape, and got pregnant. Her mother forced her to have an abortion, after the abortion she was never the same, she told me that the abortion affected her more and that she was never going to forgive her mother for doing this to her and her baby. she was RAPE, she wanted to have her baby and give it up for adoption, I know that not all cases are the same, but often everybody go the easy way, why don’t people go for consuling or for help somewher else, the first and easy solution is abortion right. After having the baby you can give it up for adoption. sorry abortion is wrong, on the other hand about a handicapped baby, how would you this to a baby, you know i work with hadicapped people and they are living angels i tell you, everymorning I come and see them I get the biggest smile they get so happy to see us there. Tell me this. If a normal kid has an accident and get brain damage, and becomes a handicapped, do you have to kill that kid because he is suffering? or you carry on and take care of that kid? or what about an old person in a nursing home lonely with no family and sick, suffering, do you have to kill that person too. The point I want to make here is that life is precious and not matter what, we have to respect life, the only one that is allow to take life away is God. sorry abortion is WRONG, IF YOU DON’T AGREE CHECK OUT THOSE PICTURES AND SEE WHAT THEY DO TO AN INNOCENTE UNBORN BABY. You are right I am not any body to judge girls that already had an abortion, for whatever reasons, maybe they didn’t have the suport from her family or whatever, and I hope they really repent after doing this. But we have to put an end to abortion, and by not speaking up is not going to happend. I am really sorry if I offended anybody, but this is what I beleive, and i have to defend it.

  33. me says

    hey – sweetie – a “criminal” ? what if the girl was raped? are you going to say she needs to take responsibility for her actions? watch what you say and how you say it.
    And what if early on you know the child is completely handicapped? Is it really better to bring it into a life of complete suffering? And what about the baby born of rape – how would you live with yourself knowing your mother got pregnant with you as a result of rape?
    I can agree that in other cases I personally think that it is not right to abort a pregnancy, but who are we to judge? Have you ever been in the situation? Do not judge what you don’t know. It must be a heart-wrenching decision to abort a pregnancy or to give a baby up for adoption, even if the latter is “right”. So until you’re there, don’t go calling these girls criminals.

  34. kimmy says

    desiree- but it’s not too young to have sex? People need to take responsibility for their “adult” actions.

  35. says

    SWEETIE- I so agree with you on that one 100%.

    Thanx for the website/ images, very eye opening….
    I’m pretty sure you just saved a baby. Good work!

  36. sweetie says

    ABORTION IS WRONG! ending the life of an innocent baby is the most horrible thing, In my opinion if a girl gets pregnant at a young age, she has to take responsabilities, abortion is not the solution, people always want the easy way out. If you don’t want to keep the baby for whatever reason give it up for adoption, there are so many wonderful couples that would love to have a baby and for whatever reason they can not have one. everybody check this website and see what abortion really is. This is a reality and if you support abortion you are a criminal, abortion is not different than killing somebody on the street, actually is worst I think at least an adult has the chance to fight for his life, but a unborn baby?

  37. Beth says

    Most teenagers that get pregnant don’t mean to…probably including Keisha Castle-Hughes. Her having a baby at 17 isn’t going to make teenagers start shooting out kids because it’s cool. I would hope they’re smarter than that and their parents are involved enough to talk about things like that. Keisha shouldn’t have to hide her feelings about her child just because she’s 17. She’s proud and she should say so.

    It’s ridiculous that parent’s blame their children’s behavior on Hollywood and society and all that crap. Who’s the one that raised them?

    Personally, I believe abortion is irresponsible except in medical cases and rape. But, I’m not out to judge anyone…that’s not my job.

    Congratulations to Keisha

  38. oriana says

    #13, Ask any Polynesian and they will tell you that New Zealand is included when they refer to the Islands. No, it isn’t like Tonga, Fiji, Samoa or Tahiti, it is larger and has excellent hospitals and schools, but it is still considered as part of the Islands.

    Have you ever been to Hawaii to the Polynesian Cultural Center?

  39. Zbella says

    I also agree with #17. Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she has to set an example her whole life. It was an unplanned pregnancy – but not an unwanted baby!

    I would support my daughters (or son) in raising a child if they should have an unplanned pregnancy at any age. I LOVE babies & children.

  40. kimmy says

    JJ- It’s good to know that you’re daughter has such a loving mother. I’m 30 now, and for me to even think that my mom would take me if I got pregnant at 17 to murder her grandbaby almost brings a tear to my eye, but I guess to each his own.

  41. kimmy says

    Rae- just wanted to tell you that I back you 100% sweetheart. I know these days pro-lifers are in the minority and it’s cool that you stuck to your opinion. Right on!!

  42. Granny says

    No child in my opinion is a mistake, but sometimes the timing can suck. She will do as well by this child as she is determined to do. Sounds like a determined young lady to me.

  43. sam says

    ” I would take her to a clinic and terminate the pregnancy.” man, thats a harsh way to treat your grandchild.

  44. me says

    Totally agree with you #17.
    I also wanted to add – #6 : not everybody believes in what the Bible says and that is just an opinion, you can’t go on blaming somebody for saying abortion is wrong. My personal feeling is that it is totally up to the mother to decide. Personally, I would never see myself getting an abortion unless it was an incidence like rape. (I’m 22, btw)
    So while it is your opinion and okay for you to have it, it is not okay to to be telling on others that it is wrong because it is against God’s will. Not everyone belives in that stuff.
    AS for Keisha – like #17 said, I don’t believe she is glorifying teen pregnancy, she’s just part of it and expressing her personal feelings towards the experience and it is up to parents to teach their children otherwise if they so choose.
    Congrats to her

  45. claire says

    she would of gotten grief if she had an abortion or decided to keep the baby. i think that it was really brave of keisha to speak about having a baby at 17. and not many young girls know who she is so i doubt girls are gonna say i wanna have a baby like she did. i had no idea who she was until i heard she was pregnant and im 18

  46. Aleisha says

    So many people here are talking like they know this girl and her maturity level. Stop acting like you know everything and understand that some 17 year olds are mature enough to have kids and some are not.

    She is not glorifying teenage pregnancy, nor is she promoting it. She is a young mother who had an unplanned pregnancy and decided to do the responsible thing and deal with the consequences of her actions in the way she saw best.

    We have no right to judge her decisions because when it comes down to it we don’t know her or her situation.

    As for kids going out and saying well if she can do it so can I… I think that we as parents need to teach our kids better than that. You don’t jump off a cliff just because someone else did (as my mother used to say). If a child/teenager goes out and gets pregnant just because Keisha did, they have more problems than idolizing celebrities.

  47. fee says

    JJ, you most likely wouldn’t have a choice in the matter of terminating the pregnancy. It would be your daughter’s decision and the doctor would speak to her about it extensively alone.

    Will Keisha have a tough time ahead of her? Yes, but don’t all mothers? I don’t have any children, but I think a 17 year old is just as capable of raising a child as a 27 year old is. The age has nothing to do with it-it is all about maturity levels.

  48. Jacquie says

    Well I’m glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks this is not right I’m with you #7, 9 and 10.
    I don’t agree with abortion at ALL.
    But I also think in this case that and I have said it “glorifies” teen pregnancies.
    If only it were the case that all teen pregnancies were afforded the same luxuries as Keisha they might be more level headed too. I
    I’m sure she has earned her way with her movies yes BUT I still think it sends the wrong message to fans and any other teenage girl out there. IMO that is.

  49. Val says

    No matter how mature a young girl is, having a baby as a teen is not easy. I had my daughter at 18 and had the same fairytale ending in my head that most young girls had. I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. WRONG. I was straight out of high school working a minimum wage job to TRY and support my daughter and I. There were countless days that I went hungry so I could get diapers and gas to get to my dead end job. There was no maternity leave to stay home with my daughter. I was back at work full time within a week of giving birth. Then I realized I had to squeeze an education in somewhere if I was going to be able to make it. Now that quite some time has passed and I have had another child, I truly understand how hard it was and I am thankful that my daughter doesn’t remember the rough times. I am hopeful my son will never have to live the life we did. Whether it is right or wrong to have a child at a young age, it is taxing on a person. It isn’t something that should be taken lightly by anyone, but let alone young girls who can’t truly understand everything involved with having a child. It is more than changing diapers and late night feedings. SO MUCH MORE!

  50. Lovethebabies says

    The Islands? This is New Zealand! It is just like the UK or the US, probably even better (not that there is anything wrong with the Islands, but really it is all just like the places you guys live!)

  51. oriana says

    I thought she was married but guess not. Surprised her dad hasn’t raised a fit over that! They are very family oriented in the Islands.

  52. oriana says

    I thought she was married but guess not. Surprised her dad hasn’t raised a fit over that! They are very family oriented in the Islands.

  53. Malayka says

    I agree she seems mature and level headed for her age but she is still 17, and that is why she had an unplanned baby. I know older people also do but the fact that she is an unwed mother and only 17 shows that she is not as mature as she would like to believe. She is an idol to millions of kids and one of these days they will go ‘If Keisha can, I can’. It is not the right message to send and while I congragulate her, I hesitate to condone teenage pregnancies whether a girl seems mature or not. Look at the boyfriend’s reaction, remember there are two young parents here and though one may seem mature, the other may not be. Thats my two piece.

    Otherwise, congs girl.

  54. Lauren says

    Wow, she seems really level-headed and mature for her age. But, it’s the truth what she said. They’re not caring for her daughter, she is. So, if she feels ready to have a baby at 17 then that’s her choice. 🙂

  55. Turkish Delight says

    She’s sending the wrong message to other teenage girls that having a baby at the tender age of 17 is okay….and it’s not!

  56. Rae says

    JJ…i think thats a REALLY cruel thing to say….Abortion is COMPLETLY AGAINST what the bible teaches and what GOD wants….Why end a baby’s life? It’s a living,breathing,human. I’m only 16 and me and my parents have talked about if i ever got pregnant as a teen what we would do, and we decided as a family that i’d keep the baby…now im not planning on getting pregnant or having sex anytime soon, but we were just saying if…ABORTION is WRONG….That’s what gets me…its ppl like you who disgust me…Because there are MILLIONS of family’s out there who want a baby so bad and can’t have one,and your saying you would terminate the pregnancy if it were your daughter…thats horrible…
    Oh and 17 is NOT to young to be a parent if that person if mature enough to handle it and willing to take care of the baby….both of my cousins had a baby at 16…and they were GREAT parents to their newborns and still are GREAT parents…age has nothing to do w/ raising a child…its all about the maturity level and willingness to raise the baby. I know this for a fact because i’ve raised my nephew since he was 4 weeks old and he’s now 9 months old…and i’ve done it w/o any help…
    I’m very happy for Keisha! I’m sure her daughter is beautiful! Congrats!

  57. JJ says

    She seems in control of her life and her levelheadedness is rare for a 17 year old. Good for her. If my daughter were pregnant at the age of 17 – I would take her to a clinic and terminate the pregnancy. 17 years old is way too young for motherhood. Her life has not yet begun. Young people nowadays are so enamoured by film and tv and think that a situation will tak care of itself and there will always be a happy ending – just like a Hollywood film. There are many teenage moms out there that don’t have the money or luxuries that Keisha has. Many moms live in shelters, their partner has left them and they have been kicked out by their parents, etc. Keisha’s life is not an example of real life in the real world.

  58. fifi trooper says

    I guess! it’s good when you have money! For the young teenage girls that don’t have money it’s bad! I just think that having kids when your a kid is crazy! I’m happy that she have someone there to take in the responsibilty with her! CUDOS to her, and her guy!

  59. oriana says

    Way too young to be married and be a Mom! I do think she will be a good mother. The Polynesians do marry young and the whole family pitches in and helps with the children. It is really a family affair. I know because my husband is from Samoa, and he has many relatives in New Zealand.

    She is a beautiful girl and I loved her in Whale Rider! Good movie! New Zealand a beautiful country with wonderful people!

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