Brooke Burke & David Charvet With Heaven Rain

Brooke Burke
How can Brooke’s figure look THAT amazing!?

Star magazine


  1. says

    it looks, if it was a raisin, but with the third one and the type of a model …. simply, they her do not meet to me on cheese. She will not have julia’s roberts money but that of a hard-working normal woman, living where it lives in a house in malibu, since this is not anything that the whole world can go allowing himself not also. More than once it has been seen when it started going out with david (2 weeks after separating of his husband) with his other daughters and going a babysitter behind to that certainly never him to imported to take of trip while she was working or was amusing itself, therefore this woman to dyed time more than in abundance to be able to devote oneself to her ….. surgery? without marks of any type in the body after 3 I would not be surprised and it is more than probable insurance

  2. elasticwaistbandlady says

    Brooke and her baby are both gorgeous. But personally, I think that Heaven Rain is a hideous name. It reminds me of a knockoff perfume or new kind of shower soap. I wish celebrities would stop trying to corner the market on “unique” names.

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh my god she looks INCREDIBLE! Can’t really see HeavenRain that clearly but I think its so sweet when babies suck their thumbs!

  4. Missy Hypnose says

    I think her body looks great for having a baby, but she is not that pretty. She looks like an arangatang. She cannot be compared to Vanessa Manillo, give me a break people, she is a shrimp.

  5. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    yeah, charvet in no stranger to spray tan..its hollywood men and women both indulge in the beauty secrets..ask bradd pitt

    hmmmmmtoo bad most of the poor didnt learn from you…they are rather overweight in that demographic! quality these days ona measly budget can pave the road to the cemetary!!

  6. Tia says

    man oh man…i JUST got rid of the weight and my daughter is a year old! lucky woman…she looks good!

  7. onatear says

    I had 4 kids in 5 yrs, and I looked like that!! BECAUSE, we were poor, (no money for deserts,etc) and I was on my feet chasing kids,etc. every day. HOWEVER, now that I am old, hahahhaha….I’m not lookin’ so good. I don’t care, though.
    I want to see pix of her and Brittany when they’re in their 60’s.

  8. LadyOne says

    I don’t know who she is……looks like Nick Lachey’s girl Minillo………she does look great for having three kids though.

  9. sara says

    Wow, I’ve had three kids in 4 years, run marathons, eat healthy, don’t drink, etc…and I don’t look nearly like her! What’s up with that???
    I love how they are on the beach!!

  10. Twinace3 says

    I have 3 children who are now 18, 15 and 15. 3 weeks after my twins were born, I was a size 5 and no stretch marks. It is possible to look that way naturally after having 3 babies, some people simply have better elasticity than others.

  11. CeeCee says

    She indeed shared her “secrets” in an interview last year and said about some cream she was using twice a day to prevent stretchmarks.
    I believe better in not gaining than trying to loose after birth (like a baby belly even if you’re in great shape) but this is not something you can always do!

    Those who insisted on the difference it makes to diet and exercise instead of eating ice cream and sitting at the computer couldn’t be more right, but if we didn’t get that great result, her example shouldn’t make us feel guilty: it’s just great for her, and I see it as an encouragement for us to do something to improve our shape, still keeping in mind that we’re not her, with her genes and all the help she gets.

  12. CeeCee says

    About the tan, actually, if you look at this picture, she might not be as tanned as you think because her skin tone appears to be almost the same as her baby’s: it just depends on the light!
    It’s very similar to hubby Charvet too: is he also supposed to have gotten some spray tan on before going to the beach?

  13. Miapocca says

    ZBELLA …I totally understand what you mean…Brooked beauty accomplisment is defintely not going to be an esay accomplishment for the ordinary MUM with 3 kids…..Enjoy..and yes the starvation mode is sooo true..unless you can starve continously for a a long time ..otherwise waiting between meals that long will only make you expand..try walking everywhere ..if you walk even rapidly an hour a day , you will see magic..have to combine with healthy eating though adn you have to enjoy the food…YOU HAVE TO EAT to lose weight ahhahhah..grilled fish and salads (without the fatty dressing) will do the trick.

    You have to toning exercises if want to tighten as you lose the weight you will start seing more muscle definition

    All I can say for Brooke is that , she must have her pre hollywood carwash pics very well hidden ahahhaha…she must have a lot of discipline combined with external help to look the way she does…its possible but she must have ignored those pregnany cravings…..and the STRETCH MARKS hmmm..ho DID she DO it


  14. Miapocca says

    Brook is nto stupid enough to ruin her skin in with the sun rays…even when you see celebs on the beach they are not there to get the tan leather look….if Brook had been indulging in sun tanning she woul dnto look this good…so yes it is a fake tan, many celebs get it before actually going to the beach or else they will spend all their vacation working on the tan rather than doing other stuff.

    As for “fake” tan . . . they are in Cabo. You don’t need a fake tan in Cabo.

  15. Zbella says

    I actually don’t know anyone that has had 3 children and looks that amazing. But one of my friends just had her third, and she has always been in great shape – so I’ll let you know in about 6 months. Other moms (such as myself) do not wear bikinis therefore I have no idea if they look that good!

  16. kimmy says

    It’s called being a hollywood star and having money to afford a personal trainer that sticks to you like white on rice.

  17. Ellie says

    Yep, some can look like that. Diet, exercise, ability to devote time to it and not to forget genetics. Some people just do look that good that quickly and almost all of us know someone who did. And deep down we envy them.

  18. Zbella says

    BTW it’s pretty easy to SAY that you can bounce back if you have not actually had 3 pregnancies and are raising 3 kids! Easier said than done. Has any one of you actually done it? 😉

  19. Zbella says

    Hmm – I’m curious if this is true and I intent to find out. I bounced back really well after baby #1 and #2. I had some stretch marks but they were really low and even with low rise jeans didn’t show. After baby #3 it is different. I carried higher with her and my stretch marks show if my shirt rides up. Worse than that is the lil’ belly that I have 9 months after giving birth.

    I am in great physical shape and not overweight, but I just went to a personal trainer yesterday to see if I can loose the belly. I’m going to look more closely at how I eat. What I eat is good, but sometimes I wait 5-7 hours between a meal since I’m running around after all the kids. She said when your body goes into ‘starvation mode’ it will retain food as fat as a result. So I need to eat more often – basically add a snack during the day.

    It remains to be seen if the loose skin and mama belly will actually go away. Maybe after 3 times stretching it out, it will not – and I’ll live with that. Without a doubt she looks great – so kudos to her!

  20. Essie says

    If I remember correctly, it is Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams who insisted they will never have a nanny.

    People can be jealous all they want but I know for a fact if you take care of yourself and are in great shape when you get pregnant you will be in great shape after you have the baby or babies. It’s not rocket science.

  21. Neena says

    Don’t be so jealous – the way she looks is the difference between sitting on your butt eating icecream and chips, and staying active and eating healthy.

  22. carycaj says

    yes diet and excercise helped her maintain her muscle tone BUT there is NO way her skin in her belly and breast area could bounce back and look like that after baby #3……it is just impossible. there is no diet in the world that can make your skin shrink back like it wasnt ever stretched out.

    so you mamas, dont beat yourself up b/c she bought that belly and those breasts………there is no question about that!

  23. Malayka says

    She looks amazing but I wouldn’t take the pressure of having to look like this after three kids. It must have its stressful side. Nothing in this world is totally free seeing that she doesn’t seem like a naturally thin person. I know someone who said that they did not have nannies but it was not Julia Roberts, I forget who. Roberts does have two nannies. I would too if I could afford it. I don’t think it makes one a bad mother especially if they are still as involved as say Heidi Klum.

  24. Lauren says

    Brooke looks amazing. She was always pictured working out when she was pregnant and it sure paid off. 🙂

  25. Essie says

    Not all celebs have nannies and maids and I don’t think Brooke has the money that other A list celebs have. She and Charvet are somewhere down in the C list category and don’t have Julia Roberts-type money.

    Why is it so hard to believe that someone could look this good with just diet and exercise? She was in great shape while she was pregnant with all three of her babies. And it’s been five months. Almost anybody can get back into shape in five months if they work at it. It takes work and not sitting in front of a computer reading message boards!!!

    As for “fake” tan . . . they are in Cabo. You don’t need a fake tan in Cabo.

  26. Turkish Delight says

    If I had money, personal trainers, nannies, an X-husband who was a plastic surgeon, I would look that good too!

  27. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    do all celebs have nannies?..I beliee I read about one who wanted to do it all by herself..was it Julia Roberts

  28. Keni says

    Accordin to this artice, Heaven Rain is 5 MO, Heidi Klum did that VS show 6 weeks after giving birth, I think a lil loose tummy was still AMAZING (@ 6 wks) IMO

  29. says

    Remember seeing her lifting a barbell on this site while she was pregnant? It caused so much controversy because everyone thought it was unsafe. Well, I guess it paid off!! Although I DO agree that she must have had some surgery prior to being pregnant and after having the baby, considering her ex is a plastic surgeon! Case in point: Heidi Klum – a supermodel – couldn’t even pull off this look when she did the Victoria’s Secret wings thing after giving birth! Even she still had a bit of a “loose tummy”.

  30. CeeCee says

    Melissa: you’re absolutely right to mention how important nannies, trainers, housekeepers and cooks are to feel free to think about yourself during that period! This is why we can’t look so good… Sad but true!

  31. Miranda says

    Oh, she looks amazing. And Brooke looks so much like Neriah in this pic 🙂 Heaven Rain is sooooo cute.

  32. Melissa says

    These celeb’s look fabulous!! It is THEIR JOB to look this good. If you were getting paid the big bucks the way they are…you could afford to diet, exercise, and train all day long. You would have nannies to watch your children, cooks to make you wonderful food, housekeepers to take care of your house, and trainers to help you lose the weight. Anyone could do this given these circumstances, I don’t know why everyone is so surprised when these women lose their baby-weight so fast!!

  33. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Diet and execise in a healthy way…yeah right..lady has a plastic surgeon for an ex husband….whatever diet it was was definetly not healthy. Alternative is that she may have not gained any weight during her pregnancy but still boobs , tummy etc does not show the normal signs of stress…spray tan baby…she really knows how to bounce back ..maybe she can sell her secrets in a new book!!

  34. CeeCee says

    Eat healthily and work out before during and after pregnancy!
    This amazing pic is also in several French magazines this week along with the mot adorables of baby Rain!

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