Britney Time!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney and Jayden James were snapped sharing a tender moment by the pool in Hawaii.

And more recently (Monday night to be exact!) Britney hit the town in LA with her assistant and gal pal, Alli Sims, and some other female friends.

Britney Spears

They enjoyed dinner at SHU Sushi House Unico in Bel Air. Britney enjoyed her usual: California roll and a salad.

“She seemed happy,” says the source. “She just enjoyed the music, the atmosphere and the food. She was just having fun.”

Then the girls hit Guy’s, followed by a brief stop-off at Winston’s. “Britney and Alli were holding hands, not leaving one another’s side,” says a clubgoer. “Britney spent much of her time whispering into Alli’s ear, smiling, drinking a bottle of water – she seemed to be in a really good mood, goofing around.”

Just before 1 a.m., Spears and friends arrived at the hip Hollywood hangout Joseph’s, but by then, the evening was winding down. “Britney was pretty subdued,” says a witness. “She didn’t really appear to be having a good time. She was casually talking with Alli. All the guests were swarming around her table to try and get a peek.”



  1. jamie says

    I think brits ad keves kids are cute.but how can a mom go out andparty at night.Knowing her children are at home woundering where she is. A good mom would stay at home with her childern. NOT PARTYING EVERY NIGHT MAKING A ASS OF THERE SELF.

  2. jamie says

    I think brits ad keves kids are cute.but how can a mom go out ad party at night.Knowing her children are at home woundering where she is. A good mom would stay at home with her childern. NOT PARTYING EVERY NIGHT MAKING A ASS OF THERE SELF.

  3. courtney says

    her boob looks way bigger in the 1st pic than in the rest of them, some of these must be a little older when she still had “mommy boobs” (thats what my daughter calls them! haha!!!) now her boobs have shrunk back down, just found it weird, double look if you dont know what im talking about haha!

    its so crazy how she used to be like the biggest pop star and now everyone thinks she is trashy and nasty, which i think its only because she married trash and thoguht she was in love and did whatever he did and he got her started dressing all kinds of crazy, knocked her up back to back, i just think shes had way to much shit go on and its too muchfor her, not even gettin into the divorce and rehab and shaving her head, poor girl, its so sad to see someone deteriorate like that. shell eventually pull through though!! good to see her being a loving and good mommy!! the boys are absolutely adorable no doubt!!

  4. oriana says

    Jayden looks just like Sean, both boys are beautiful children! I hope she can get the help she needs and be a mother for her children, I do think she loves them very much.

  5. Aryn says

    Hello Xenafan96- I appreciate your posts as well. Your posts prove that there are still good – decent people in the world, thank goodness for that. Have a great week and thanks for the warm welcome. I’m sure I’ll have lot’s of fun posting with you and others here. Be well Aryn.

  6. Jodie says

    sorry but jayden in my opinion looks backward. was she doing drugs whilst pregnant? as he doesn’t look the full ticket!!

  7. Xenafan96 says

    135. oriana | June 14th, 2007 at 7:29 pm
    Miss Clairol Fire engine Red will do the trick!!!!

    Hey Miss Oriana! Have you ever tried Miss Clairol Ginger Spice? Works great on any hair color and if you have hair that is lighter in some places ( or in my case soooo much gray like me!) it leaves pretty highlights. Not only can you color you hair, you get highlights too for under $10.00-my kinda price! 🙂

  8. Xenafan96 says

    83. Aryn | June 13th, 2007 at 9:20 pm
    Great post Xenafan96! And so true.

    Hi Aryn! 🙂 Hectic weekend here at home, but wanted to make sure you knew I really thank you and appreciate your posting! VERY nice of you! Have fun posting with us(mainly girls but a few guys too) we can be quite the rowdy bunch!

  9. oriana says

    The dress she has on is very pretty, love the color and the style, but she went into the restroom and put it on backwards, deliberately showing more of her breasts. She knows exactly what she is doing to get attention and she is an exhibitionist.

    I think of all the four girls that are so slutty acting, Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, Brit is the worst role model. She is a MOTHER with two young babies! The others are young, but she has responsibilities, and she is 25, not 15!!!!!!!

  10. Xenafan96 says

    Mom2amixedboy-It was posted in this thread as post #155, which our web mistress was quick to delete. In the post, a link was listed for an internet site promoting incest since the annoying pest was flaming DMITZ and suggested she gets intimate with her own cousins. It was just too disgusting for this site, alot of us complained. The link served no purpose other to disgust and provoke our members. and in the end DMITZ and I cut it off at the pass by alerting the WM.

    Absolutely no I am not a prude, pole dancing I hear is an excellent workout routine and if I time too, I would take it up. Sorry for the confusion, we were just trying to keep this safe for all of us to enjoy. I totally respect where you are coming from but I wanted you to know the full story behind it. Have a great rest of the day! 🙂 WHOO-HOO for weekends!!!

  11. libby says

    Mom2amixedboy, thank u. i couldnt agree more. and all the britney haters can just leave. and i am totally goin to buy her next albumto support her. whos with me????

  12. says

    You people are all seriously nuts! lol. Crazy crazy crazy. Brit is doing just fine, i never hated her and never will. I think she looks great in her bikini and everything else she wears. Granted she should be wary of her braless boobs, but oh well! slipups happen to everyone. Oh and whoever mentioned about that link to an incest site..??? What site did u go to??? It was NOT an incest site, just a site that linked to stripper poles. No big deal. Loosen up people and stop hating. If i were Britney, i’d say thanks for making me the center of ur world. U just cant get enough. 🙂

  13. Xenafan96 says

    141. libby | June 15th, 2007 at 2:23 pm
    honey, go to hell bitch.

    THAT could be a very interesting title for Ms. Spears new album!

  14. oriana says

    I like Back to Britney Basics and In Myself I Trust.

    Now off to watch Starter Wife! Goodnight and peaceful thoughts to all of us!

  15. Xenafan96 says

    Thanks Web Mistress for the clean up! Sorry that you spend your time working every day on the site and have to deal with such foul behavior! Now it looks like I just may be able to allow my daughter to look at the site again! 🙂

    OK-back to Britney. I was reading that she is looking for suggestions to name her new album. Any ideas?
    The ones I had were:

    “This Is The New Phase”
    “Back To Britney Basics”
    “Just Outside the Public Eye”
    “In Myself I Trust”
    “Beyond The Paparazzi”

    ***ALL titles are meant to reflect the positive changes she is attempting.

  16. oriana says

    fifi, I have made smartass comments, first one to admit that, but when have you ever seen me on here calling people bitches and saying Fuck you, like N and some of her cronies have? So with me, it started from her popping off about me long ago hon.

  17. fifi trooper says

    whoo nellie! this is some harsh stuff! People, we should get along! We should be able to discuss Britney, without starting a war! Now, we might disagree, but at the end of the day! She is not paying us! Sympathy, is far as It goes over here!

  18. Aryn says

    Well if having morals makes me a fuddy duddy! Then so be it. I ‘ll take June Cleaver or Donna Reed over any of these bimbos on tv today.

  19. oriana says

    “N”, when did I ask if you liked me or not? I don’t see that anywhere! And do you think I don’t know you don’t like me? And do you think I care? That is why I have said “N” is a big NOTHING and NUISANCE to me!!

    Go get you some Miss Clairol hair color bright RED, maybe that will help lighten you up a little bit since nothing else seems to be working! How many of your neighbors have had to get restraining orders against you?

  20. N says

    Dmitz…. dumbass…the Nuisance comment was for O…better known as Oriana. I see how you misunderstood… but O didnt thats why she replied. Also, my comment about you was a statement regarding your character. I can understand why that may not sit well with you. It was not a post that deserved a reply from you or anyone else because it was my opinion of you. Therefore, in what posts on this bored was I arguing with you. Please make sense.

    Oriana, I make comments about “some” of your posts not all because you dont make sense. Also, I dont like you. You already know that, so why keep asking. Plus, when you learn to keep my name out of your mouth then I will do you the same justice, Bitch. : )

  21. oriana says

    “N”, I am glad you don’t live in San Jose, I could not deal with you outside my bedroom window at night howling at me like a wolf at the moon! I would have to have a restraining against you! Do I remind you of someone that stole your boyfriend away from you or something? Please try to get yourself under control!!!!! Post all you want, on any subject, good for you, but you seem to LOVE to jump on my case an awful lot. You can always skip over what I write can’t you?

    Now go take your high blood pressure pill, have a shot of Bailey’s to help calm you down, and if that doesn’t work, get some choc ice cream, that always helps me!!!!!!

  22. says

    Hey, Dmitz……since you’ve recruited some lame jackasses….Especially the one that thinks her husband’s bi-focals are hot!, I guess! I know that’s how it is when you wear a chasity belt for god, know’s how long! Do you mop with spic n span? in that one room house of yours! Essay, answer me, answer the question, chilingo!

  23. DMITZ says

    LOL, thanks Oriana. I sure hope the webmistress can do something about that filthy person!

    BTW, I read all your posts on this pic and I totally agree with you. That’s kind of what I’ve been trying to say too.

  24. says

    N (ussiance) – take you own advice. Quit worrying what I comment and do your own thing. Who am I a nussiance to? If you can read darling, that’s what YOU were called. I’m a nussiance to the sick peverted child and you? Oh goodness, however will I sleep knowing that I’ve irriated you enough to reply to me? You are the one that is bowing down to me by letting what I say get to you. So if that racist child is your friend and you’re trying to back her up – good for you. But step off me trick.

  25. N says

    Dumb ass D, I was not arguing with you. That is exactly what I did…. posted a comment about you and your best friend arguing.
    Also, I can make a comment about anything I please. O, it looks like you are the nuisance to many on this site. If you dont have to keep your old ass mouth shut why should I. If you can comment on any and everything you feel…Tell me O, Why cant I? I find it hilarious how my comments affect you and dumb ass. I didnt realize I had that much power of you.

  26. Xenafan96 says

    🙂 No problem DMITZ!

    Oriana-he is a very colorful man! I happened to run and get a pop, came back and he was just typing away! I would not trade him for the world! LOL-the Osbournes-we love them! Hubby has a pair of green wire rim sunglasses and really long hair, so he calls them his ‘Ozzy’ glasses. Usually if we are out and I want to get his attention I just say “Ozzz-y. Are you paying attention to me? OZZZYYYYYY!” Sharon is too cool, I bet she has the best gossip!

  27. oriana says

    Hi Xena, Big Pink hugs to you today, thought about your son and the good news last night! Big party ahead for your family!!!!!

    I laughed and laughed over your husband’s statement! Had to wipe my eyes from that one!!!!

    DMITZ, as usual “N”, Nuisance, is commenting when she should keep her mouth shut, so please ignore her rantings! I enjoy you very much. And I think M. Milano is very sexy and beautiful!!!!!!! I am an old Fart and do look like Sharon Osbourne, so funny I have a dog named “OZZY”! Ha!

    Have a good Day Ladies!!!!!!!!!

  28. Xenafan96 says

    You are quite welcome. I have no problem disagreeing with someone and even debating them on it. I do draw the line at illegal things, and unlike the racists who are protected by the First Amendment, no protection exists for any kind of incest. We are a good site, with lots of great members and I refuse to let one idiot bring the whole thing down because they are a desperate attention seeker.

  29. Xenafan96 says

    #155 comment

    You are truly an idiot who is trying to play games. Linking to an incest website violates Federal Law and the TOS for this website. Even if you put a non-working link in, you still had the intent to direct people to an incest site. SO illegal! We are talking FBI on this one. I don’t think the web mistress here wants to worry about losing her site over the likes of you. When she emails me back, I’ll let you know.

  30. says

    Well, hey since you want to rescue her, can you build her a new house! Zena, i told you, that you should get that stick out of your anus, and replace it with the real deal! Maybe, if you would losen up, chasity belt wearer, then you wouldn’t sound so uptight! again, it’s ok! i have the perfect link for all of you old farts(except you) Dmitz, you do alot of stripping for your cousins already! ENJOY PRUNES!

  31. Xenafan96 says

    Hiya Miss Oriana! How are doing today?? 🙂

    DMITZ, I’m with you 100% on your posts. You posted exactly on topic, with an outside link, and you stand by what you said. I know you and I haven’t agreed on things in the past but we are on the same page with this one. Sorry that the stalker with no set screen name who posts toilet humor links decided to WEAKLY flame you. Notice all the posts made by it focus on itself and not the subject at hand, Britney Spears. Matter of fact, check other threads, it is a trick that it likes to use for fun.

  32. says

    N, and I can’t believe you are aruging with me! Guess you think you aren’t stooping to my level. Hypocrit. Just post your comments and don’t worry about mine.

  33. N says

    I cant believe your arguing with a child….yet you claim to be a mature adult. You and the so-called child sound like you are ex-best friends .

  34. says

    Thank you Oriana! 🙂

    See with Oriana (who she herself will post whatever she thinks and people are always jumping on her), I can have adult conversations with.

  35. says

    That’s great, I respect your opinion on the subject. I wouldn’t necessarily call it facts. To each his own. Hey, I was just like Britney when I was clubbin all the time but now I’m 27, married, and have 2 kids. I act like it too. That’s all I’m saying.

    But (AGAIN) as stated above, I hope Britney is getting back on track for her kids sake. If she didn’t have kids, I wouldn’t care what she was doing. I have a weak heart when it comes to innocent children.

  36. says

    Fifi trooper – like I said, I’m here to post my opinons on this site and if people don’t like it that’s fine. What I don’t like is that people jump on me when they want me to have the same opinion they do b/c that’s pointless on a blog. Then there’s these racists bastard children that want to come in and use our names in a perverted way and say gross things that only dirty man would use and try to step? I don’t think so. So if you think I’m bitter, I suggest you read all my other posts and let me know if you still think that. And for the record, I could have been first on many posts but I usually don’t respond right away b/c I really don’t care too until later. I don’t care about being first but what I’m trying to tell you is that I respect (and don’t agree) with what you say about Britney, but I don’t say anything to you. I don’t appreicate you coming into this AB conversation that yes, had NOTHING to do w/Britney, but you assume that all my comments are directed (or ignited) by Britney.

  37. fifi trooper says

    who the hell are you #142? you, sound so ignorent! You have been misspelling all day! Go back, and correct your own crap!

  38. N says

    The older stars did act like drugged up whores…the difference between then and now is the INTERNET dumbasses. With the introduction of the net …the gossip industry has taken off like wildfire…. more gossip mags, gossip sites, pictures, and everything else. The older actors in hollywood used drugs, were whores etc like the actors of this day. Back then it was not public info like it is now. People are obsessed with celebs and how they live their lives everyday…. hence all the pictures, paps, etc.

    Also, the picture with her ass in the air was an OOps on her part. There are plenty of videos out there that captured the whole incident. Fro mwhat I saw she was getting out of the front seat to get in the back with her girls. The paps were blocking the door so frustrated Britney climbed in the back through the car. You saw her panties so what. Dont you ladies where panties?

  39. FIFI TROOPER says

    sweet heart! was that “first” joke suppose to be funny? I see that it obviously caught your attention! Next time, why don’t you try to be first, maybe then……you won’t be so bitter! I’m not trying to convince people of anything! you are entitlted to your own dicisions! What, i’m saying is that, Britney, isn’t any different from the normal person! We have all made mistakes before in our lives! it’s alot of young women in the world that loves to wear revealing clothing, they have children, and they treat their children right! If this world, had the same type of woman… would be sooooo boring! If that’s the way she dresses, then that’s the way she dresses! I think that it’s pretty hypocritcial that people judge a girl…….by her troubles!

  40. N says

    Honey, Maybe the issue is that Britney is your girls role model instead of you. What type of parent are you? Maybe you should ban your children from all things Britney if you dont want them to look up to her as a role model.

  41. fifi trooper says

    whoooo nellie, wtf: THIS WAS ABOUT BRITNEY! Dmitz, if you don’t like Britney……ok! I’m sure that you have had some wardrobe malfunctions before in your life! Why are you being so paparazzish? chill! We like Britney, Sorry, but we’re no followers!

  42. Xenafan96 says

    Just looking at other pics and guess what I found????
    Seems as if Boo Who/Cob-webbs likes to troll all over here as Taylor M., falsely posting as Libra, etc. And yet, the spelling and punctuation never improves!! I would think all that practice would pay off. That’s all I have to say on the matter and to our boards Sybil.

    Getting back to the REAL reason we were posting, I have heard of mentor programs that have women who have been through a painful divorce or addiction that work with troubled moms. Kinda like Big Brother-Big Sister. I think Britney has alot of potential, she just needs a firm guiding hand to help her get there.

  43. Xenafan96's Husband says

    #108-Guaranteed that the only ‘snatch’ I want to see is the wife’s. A real man doesn’t go searching for what he has at home and he takes his marriage vows seriously. You claim to be an adult? Ok, well grown ups don’t call a vagina a ‘snatch’ they call it what it is: a VAGINA. Same thing as calling an elbow an elbow. What should I call it, a foo-foo or a tee-tee? No, I call it an elbow. Glad you are having fun, it must suck to be a troll looking for flaming chances. Don’t you get to play outside on recess?
    Oh well, enjoy yourself. You’re only a kid once.

  44. oriana says

    Fif, I do think she had a breakdown, he was not her first lover though, I don’t think she has been the same since Justin, and Kevin was his backup dancer, walked like him, copied his ways. I think she is still broken hearted, but she is also dabbling in drugs, and how many times has she been sloppy drunk! She is a MOTHER!!!!!!! She has access to all the help and support in the world.

    How many young, and old, women have had their world shattered and had children to support and raise on their own? She is not a young 14 or 16 year old! The nightclubs don’t cut it, she has TWO babies, she needs to get her act together and focus on her children, they should be her top priority, it is not Party Time, it should be Family Time.

  45. fifi trooper says

    who are you to judge what she does for her children! i’m pretty sure that she will grow, and blossom, into knowing what’s right for her kids! Maybe, she need someone to show her some love! have you guys ever thought about that? I doubt it, tearing her apart with every second you get! Maybe, she don’t know what love is, alot of people don’t! She’ll learn…..give the poor girl a chance! It’s alot of parents that drink, and still love their children!, but not to the point of being an alcholic! I think that she was in rehab, because she had a nervous breakdown, why? you might ask, because, she broke down over that first piece of ass! come on you ladies, know how that is! she thought that this guy really loved her, and he didn’t and she couldn’t handle that! She had kids with him, and divorced him, To tell you the truth, I’d break down to! If you don’t like B. that’s fine, but you’re not going to convert die hard fans, that think that she’s doing her thing, regardless to what you say! Like I said, “I’m pretty sure that you’re mother, didn’t like Elvis, but you did not care, you enjoyed him, and probably told your parents to get with the program! so……ladies……sorry…..get with the program!

  46. oriana says

    #108, have to run, or rather hobble with my Walker, got to go get my Hemmroid creme, been sitting too long! Please don’t worry about me, I don’t have a gray hair in my hair, and Miss Clairol sees to that every six weeks!

    I have it Red now and people think I look like Sharon Osbourne so don’t fret, the wrinkle creme is by my bedside every night!!!! Thanks for the compliments!

  47. Xenafan96 says

    Bingo-she owes it to those kids to get sober and stay sober so she can be the best mother she is capable of. No woman or man for that matter that spends so much time in the public eye partying and club hopping is any kind of a positive role model for two small children. Both of those kids will grow up in a divorced family, and that itself carries alot of weight. They need a mom who can constantly shore up their confidence. Kids learn from example. It is her JOB to nurture and raise these boys in the best way possible. That is what parenting is all about. Your needs are not nearly as great as those of your child.

  48. oriana says

    honey, you’re a HONEY!!!! I like you!

    I think when Brit is alone and has her quiet moments, she reflects on her situation and knows she needs some guidance and support. And not the kind for people to watch her move her lips to her songs. She is in a sense of desperation to me. I hope she doesn’t crash, I hope she gets help regardless of the publicity, or her resistance to it, but she can’t go on like this forever.

    All these girls, and I don’t think for a minute Paris has changed, found God, and will help do good in the world. She may slow down for a while but it won’t last. And this girl along with Britney could really help the young kids in a lot of ways to help their well being.

    Unlike Paris and Lindsay’s mom, I do think that Britney’s mother is not in denial and now is seeking the best interests for her daughter. I wish them luck and the boys are gorgeous and so sweet. They need a stable mother.

  49. Xenafan96 says

    Boo Who Is Back- Thanks but no thanks. I just don’t think anyone could compare to my husband. He is very gifted in that respect. Mind your business and you will be a better person for it.

  50. oriana says

    It is obvious and painfully to her family I am sure, that she needs help. Surely her fans on this site don’t think that few days she was in Rehab, against her wishes, was enough to give her the strength and help she needs!

    She is beautiful, she is talented, although I don’t think she can compare with Christina, but she has feelings and I don’t think she is over the divorce. He is a loser and he hurt her deeply. She has TWO children that are still babies! Do you ever wonder why she still has them only three days a week?

    This girl is on a downward spiral, she may have her good moments, but they won’t last, she needs therapy, a mother’s STRONG hand, and it will take more than 3 or 4 weeks. I think she acts trashy, she enjoys the limelight, she has been used to it, and she wants her name out there, regardless of her crying the blues.

    I think there are storm clouds brewing and anyone in their right mind can see it.

  51. says

    Wow…the debate continues!! I think Oriana, Xena, Aryn, among others are pretty smart ladies. I am convinced, however, after reading what the Britney-lovers have written, that they really are 13 years old. No adult would support this behavior or lifestyle, and blame it on the paps for selling shots she staged. Ridiculous!! Not one of you has explained how one person could possibly have so many “issues” with covering up her body parts, you just keep saying it’s what the paps want us to see. Well, if it didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be available to be seen! Ladies, we just might be dealing with preteens here after all, and wasting our time!
    If having some decency and self-respect is considered being old and wrinkled and a prude, then I guess I am!!

  52. Xenafan96 says

    Fifi-I am sure that you like Britney and you want her to succede and be recognized for that change. I have several songs of Britneys’ that I like, so I don’t hate her. The fact of the matter is, she is in a downward spiral and needs help. Re-read her statement on her website re: the opinion she has about rehab. Rehab only works if the person is willing to let it change them and get the help they need. She blamed everyone in that letter for all her troubles, which IMO is typical for someone who is resisting the help offered due to addiction. When you are an addict, you cannot see the forest for the trees. It sometimes takes an overdose or a car accident to change things, and neither one of those is something that I would like Britney to succumb to.

    To quote you:
    How can you judge a person on some stupid pictures! What it looks like, it’s not really how it is!

    I really think in the pictures we are discussing, that is really her vagina showing. Part of being a woman and realizing you have worth is respecting yourself enough that you do not deliberately draw attention by flashing your vagina at the cameras. I actually saw a video that was filmed when the cameras caught her pantyless, and she was announcing that she had ‘no panties on and I don’t care!!’. She brough the attention on by specifically calling it out, not because the press caught her unaware. She is in deperate need of guidance, and I hope she gets it soon before it is too late and there is no turning back.

  53. oriana says

    #99, No, his name is Matt, and he is a super nice guy. But I will tell both of them to keep an eye out for Bubba, sounds like they could have a GAY ole time with him! Hope So! Life is short!

  54. oriana says

    fifi, I was just having some fun with you, don’t get your feathers ruffled! And yes, it was a smartass comment, don’t take it seriously!!!!

    She is young, but isn’t she 25? Maybe I am wrong about that. I know plenty of 25 year old girls with careers and families, she isn’t 14!!!

  55. fifi trooper says

    Alright, i do admit that my girl B, needs to hire a stylist, but i don’t agree that she does this on purpose! I think that she is young, and maybe she needs someone to stand by her, instead of tearing her down! For all of you ladies, you don’t really, truly know, what you’re children are doing while you’re not around! I’m pretty sure, that in the fifties, parents across the world, didn’t like elvis, because of his gyrating! It’s the way of the world! I do think that the pap delibertly put those pictures out there like that, to tear her down, You have to know, that’s it’s other pictures that are tasteful of her! How can you judge a person on some stupid pictures! What it looks like, it’s not really how it is! She can’t even go, and use the bathroom, without the paparazi, stating what Brand of tissue that she used! Sorry, but I agree with majority, Britney wins, in my book!

  56. Xenafan96 says

    94. I’m famous, guess who I am? | June 13th, 2007 at 9:30 pm

    The only thing in this post that is comprehensible is the LOL. The caps lock on the post too clearly indicate someone who is attention seeking.

  57. oriana says

    Well Xena, it is obvious someone on here doesn’t know me, I don’t have a DAUGHTER!!!!! Two sons and one is Gay! And I don’t think he is up in PA. flashing anything, I will wait till Friday and see if he is on the front page of the National Enquirer before I make a phone call!!!!!

  58. oriana says

    #86, Do you not understand that famous people regardless of what year it is, can handle themselves better than this?

    Cameron Diaz does wear short skirts, and looks great, so does Kate Hudson, I haven’t seen them with their boobs hanging out and flashing their vagina at everyone, have you? Maybe I missed that.

    As for Pam Anderson, she is another sleaze and is so close to 40 you could kiss it! She was a role model for Paris Hilton, so Paris stated! So that says it all about her! And yes, I am going to have my KFC whenever I want it! And will buy a extra leg for Ozzy!

  59. says

    3 snot lickers, that’s prude, this is boring! I bet that all of you still wear ruffles, and use Ben-gay! If, yhou don’t like her, then ok, so why? are you trying to convince people not to like her! Ok, we get it, you think that her ass is out, so….what, you’re opinions doesn’t even measure up to a hill of beans, you’re opinions, are like a small dot, on the map! GET OVER IT!

  60. Xenafan96 says

    Boo-who, Reread my post. My daughter doesn’t listen to Britney Spears, by choice. She is more into hip-hop and punk. As far as bitter goes, I would rather be referred to bitter because I am not flashing my vagina to the cameras than referred to as a whore.
    I know that I am dealing with someone right around my daughters’ age, and my rule is that I don’t debate with kids. I will glady go with Oriana any day of the week, she is smart, funny, and strong.

  61. says

    I guess oriana, came back from watching that matlock reunion that she has recorded! Oooh, goody, we have two boring prudes, with wrinkles, nagging about their daughters! get over it, everybody likes…..Britney!

  62. oriana says

    Yea Xena!!!!!!! There are many young celebs in Hollywood that the paps take lots of pictures of that don’t act like this.

    Jessica Alba, isn’t she in pictures a lot?
    Reese, has had her picture taken for years, and I haven’t seen any boobs hanging out and crotch flashing.

    I loved that 70’s show, those girls are so pretty, haven’t seen pictures of them looking slutty!

    These girls know where the celebs are waiting, Brit climbing into the back seat with a short skirt on, she had no qualms at all about being photographed like that!

    I know her mother cringes when she sees these pictures! Any mother would not want their daughter to dress like, act like or talk like these girls do!

    All the money and fame in the world, and look at the outcome, Jail, Rehab, Hospital, and still young girls look up to them? I don’t get it. How many of them have sought an education? When did they promote something worthwhile for their fans? It is very sad, sad indeed.

  63. Xenafan96 says

    Snobby seconds, Wrinkles-it’s Over, Boo-hoo- it is very obvious you are the same person. You are rude, disrespectful, and immature. I’m the mother of a teenage girl, and I think that the last person I want her to act like is Britney Spears. NO girl with any respect for herself goes around making a point of flashing her vagina off for the paps. Interesting that she did that while out with Paris Hilton, I would love to know what drugs the two of them had in their systems at the time. Busting on Britney? Hardly. The sad truth: seems she has no one telling her, You need to act like a lady. Reality is, no one will think you are worth anything if you do not have value for yourself. No one is being a prude or a ‘wrinkled ass’ for saying that. It’s called maturity, knowing that there is a right way and a wrong way to present yourself. It is not stuck in a time machine thinking, it is common sense.
    Boo-Who #81:a link for feces? Really, nothing more clever came to mind?

  64. oriana says

    Hope all you Britney worshippers make it to my wrinkled old age!!!! Try to stay off the street corners flashing everybody and Good Luck in Rehab!!!! Bye!

    Can’t play any more, have to say, the baby looks just like Sean, both boys very beautiful children.

  65. KELLY says

    I understand how an old fart, lie you can be jealous, and resentful! We love Britney, if you don’t like her, that’s fine, but please stop spreading you’re non-sense! Nobody cares what you think!

  66. oriana says

    Thank you for your concern about me, and my Estee Lauder wrinkle creme is working just fine, it should as exp. as it is.

    I guess you just don’t have the mentality to get the point, famous people, who are photographed continously, whether it be in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 90’s, don’t have to show their ass and everything else in public all the time! And their are people who are famous today that don’t do it, and know how to exit and enter a car without exposing themselves. Sorry you can’t understand.

    Maybe Britney will send you one of her stinky wigs when she gets done with them and you can boast about it to everyone since you admire her so much.

  67. says


  68. says


  69. oriana says

    Snobby Seconds, your name says a lot about you.

    First of all, what does someone’s career path, as you put it, have to do with having some class about yourself? Especially a mother with two kids? Strippers who do it for a living, have more class about how they dress walking down the street than these girls do. They get off on having their boobs hung out, everything showing, and then act like they are Oh So Innocent!

    Princess Diana, when she was 19 years old, had photogs following her 24/7 until the day she died, and they helped cause her death, so since you don’t get it, the point I was making, was “more famous women, much more famous, young and old”, didn’t act like drugged out drunken whores like these girls do.

  70. oriana says

    Sounds like someone needs a History lesson!

    Jackie was the ripe old age of 24 when she married Jack Kennedy.

    Princess Diana was 20 when she married Prince Charles!

    Are you deliberately being stupid or did you just fail your History class in school!!!!

  71. says

    Jackie O, was a secretive floozy! and she was older than Britney! Her entertainment choice was different! Britney, is a performer, and all jackie O needed to do is sit there, and try to look pretty! Yes, it’s true, that i wouldn’t sit, and just let my guy cheat on me, but still she was a freak also! Bad examples! AGAIN, she was very much older than Britney Spears! Britney, is only 25! She might has alot to learn as she age, and grow! I bet you when you were 25, you made mistakes to! I think everybody did! and face it, they’re not sexy like britney is! Do your thing, britney, don’t let these disgruntal prudes bring you down!!

  72. oriana says

    I wish I could go back to the Greek Festival, I would be there right now! You read my mind!!!!

    As far as being stuck in a Time Machine, wish that was true, but for your info, Princess Diana was and still is, more famous than the reigning sluts of Hollywood ever will be!

    You are right on one point, Jackie O was a bad example, her name should not even be included in the same paragraph with those floozies! And what does her husband being a whoremonger have to do with her having some class about herself?

    If your husband was out screwing everything in sight would that make you a tramp?

  73. oriana says

    I find it amazing that Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy were two of the most famous women in the world, and they had lots more photographers following them than these slutty acting girls, I don’t remember seeing their panties, their crotch and their ass hanging out when they exited and entered their limos.

    Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Nicole, all of them act like low class street trash, they spread em as wide as they can, giggle like a three old and then cry “Poor Me”! Flash, not Class, and all the money in the world, I don’t feel sorry for any of them!!!!! And anyone that idolizes them and looks to them for a role model is an Idiot!!!!!!

    My admiration is for the young mothers struggling going to school, working two jobs, trying to make ends meet and get an education!

  74. please! says

    please honey, with a name like that, you’d think that you’ll be sexy, but to me it sounds like you need some p$%#s, in you’re life! The way you write, is probably how, you act! You’re kids, are probably going to be the first ones to have kids amongst their peers! to lose their viginity, You know why? because you’re probably soooooo strict on them! haven’t ever heard that the more strict, and uptight that you are, the more your daughters will want to explore, what you try to hide the real world from them! I bet that you’re husband, wants you to losen up to! geez, get some! We, love Britney Spears, so that’s that!

  75. says

    By the way, her kids won’t have to google their mother’s past, cause she’ll still be living the same trashy lifestyle by the time they’re old enough to be embarrassed by her. It’ll just be a part of their daily lives that mommy’s boobs are on the cover of every magazine, but it’s ALWAYS a mistake, so that makes it ok!!

  76. says

    You two must be best friends or number one Britney fans or something. Don’t you see a problem with a celebrity acting this way?? Again, I don’t give a crap if you walk around naked, Sandra – honestly, don’t really want to know!
    I don’t give a crap if my neighbor is in her underwear all day long or if about what anyone else does in their private time. I DO care that the “role models” my girls are growing up exposed to DON’T care if people see them this way and actually do it purposely to get attention. It’s totally pathetic and I can’t believe 2 grown women (I am assuming you’re older than 18) think it’s totally fine to be a public figure and act this way for young girls to see. Ask yourselves this, to make my point REALLY clear: how proud of your daughter would YOU be if she lived like Britney Spears? Prude?? I don’t think so. Standards higher than trailer trash?? Yes.

  77. Sandra says

    Honey- Yup your right. Her kids are going to Google when they are older pictures of their mother in a bikini (when they already see her in one) Yup they are going to Google her snatch, the way she exits a car. Yup give me a break! Would you, if your family was famous EVER think of Googling your mother to see how many half naked photos there are? Omg Yeah! I don’t think these pictures are going to be sitting out in the open in 16 years when the kids are old enough to search. For surely it is very sick of you to think that the kids will look this crap up, seriously would you???

    Fifi My mom used to walk around naked with us and I now do it with my son. It’s this whole culture shock thing omg I saw a booby, omg I saw her butt, omg I saw her underwear! Give me a break if it sins you so bad to see the photos why come to a website like this!

  78. fifi trooper says


  79. says

    How is it that when I make an assumption about Britney’s motives, I’m claiming to “know her personally” but when other people like Sandra and stop hating do, they are actually RIGHT about her motives?!! It’s ridiculous! You people are obviously fans of this trashy girl, and there will be no convincing you that her indiscretions about her activities are actually on purpose! I don’t care if you’ve had sex in your car Sandra, the point is WOULD you if you KNEW there were cameras everwhere?! WOULD you exit a car that way if you KNEW it would be splashed all over the place?! You guys give her too much credit! She LOVES the attention, it’s keeping her in the limelight, and her little boys are going to grow up with these images to remind them of what an idiot their mother is! Too bad for her that the paps are everywhere, she knows they will be. Everyone’s done things they might not want their kids to see, so if you KNOW your kids will see it one day. MOVE AWAY, stop partying at the most popular places in town, make an EFFORT to conduct yourself with a little grace! What would be so hard about that?

  80. fifi trooper says


  81. maggie says


  82. fifi trooper says

    #53, like I said before, these are the photo’s that the pap want you to see! Damn, the girl can’t even get in her car without the pap up her ass! from the looks of it, it looks like she was either getting out the car, or getting in, and she also has on a skirt, so what did did you expect? i’m pretty sure that you’re underwear showed to, before! when you were getting out of a car! You know… should work for the pestarazzi, becasue……you’re good at it!@

  83. says

    I really hope Britney is getting back on track. I don’t exactly think these photos look bad, I know we all get wedgies from swimming, LOL. JJ looks so cute!

  84. carleigh says

    Jayden is a total cutie pie, just as cute as Sean P. Hope Britney stays out of the bars and home w/ her babies and sober!

  85. says

    I still dont like BS, but I dont believe that she is a horrible mother….
    I definately dont look at her as a role model…
    Dont like her bikini or the hair…
    Jayden is kinda cute, looks like SP….

  86. Sandra says

    Honey..Nope I don’t know her personally but given the fact any mother who has had children and knows what PPD is you can generally see the signs of it. She CLEARLY showed the signs for it in all of her public partying displays. I believe it was also mentioned by her family. Even Brooke Shields offered her help with the PPD.

    I don’t make excuses for what she has done; you are putting your words into my mouth on that. I am clearly thinking as a defense attorney, giving another option to what might actually be going on than what the paps want you to believe.

    And yes I have exited my car that way; I have even had sex in my car too! Good Night ;o)

    Point being, if you have that many people following you around just to get a picture of something you do wrong or is negative it is bound to happen she isn’t nor is anyone else in this world a perfect person, as there is no such thing.

  87. Miapocca says

    Your expectations of Britneys sense of style is certainly high.she never claimed to have any..she has always made the worst choices in wardrope…it funny to see folks are now noticing….*big yawn*

    Oh well I didnt even see Britney at first, was looking at the baby…

  88. Miapocca says

    Tht baby is cute..those arms and legs are just adorable..h ecoudl make a good commercial baby…

  89. stop hating! says

    Honey, you act like you know Britney personally!!!!! I mean, what if she didn’t feel like getting out, of the car! I’ve done that before, i’ve climbed over seats before! i actually agree with Sandra, it makes sense! I think that you need to stop being so uptight, and judemental, about her, and what she does with her children! It’s alot of celebrities that wear bikini’s, and tight dresses, and you don’t hear grief about them in the media! Pam Anderson, matter of a fact her boyfriend/husband Tommy lee, He used to do all type of drugs, and he abused his wife, but do you see pictures, that’s bad in the media, NO, all you see is him, and his family on the beach, looking wholesome, those are the pictures that the pap want you to see! Remind yourself, he did abuse his wife, and use to do hardcore drugs! All Britney, do is have a marry, have two precious kids, get divorced, had a nervous break down, and she went to rehab to deal with that! She get grief, talking about her career is over, What it is, is that people are dying to be in her shoes(famous)they want to bring her down! It’s sad, because her dad isn’t any better than the next gold digger, Family suppose to stay together! I’m just rooting for her to come full circle! Sorry, that all of the people that’s against her rising above her troubles, and worries…….are lame, and shallow!

  90. Lauren says

    Oh my god, get over it. If I had Britney’s body, especially after having 2 babies in a year, I’d be showing it off too. Jayden is adorable! I wonder why she kept him hidden for so long. But, Sean P. and Jayden J. are cuties. 🙂

  91. says

    Well, this seems like a losing battle. You appear to know her personally, considering how many excuses you will make for her behavior. How do you know she was depressed and falling apart and not a drug addict drunk? You don’t, do you, just like I don’t. I don’t like to judge people without knowing them, but when they put it in your face like that, KNOWING the paps will be there, it’s hard to find an excuse for the behavior. By the way, have you looked on There is a photo there I was referring to about exiting a car. Take a look! Panties or no panties, seems an odd way to get out of a car, knowing the paps are there!!!

  92. Sandra says

    Honey, not at all. She is followed by at least a dozen paps and that is just when she goes pee. I can see stuff like that happening because it does when you’re not fully paying attention to you boobs, when you are paying attention where to walk to avoid a picture.

    Yes I would wear some clothes like what she has. Sure I would wear a bikini; sure I would wear a top that shows off how good my body looks. How would I exit the car? Without panties? I already said I would have undies so not sure where that one was going? Yes I have a kid; YES I have driven with him on my lap. On MY street, in MY driveway at a very low speed. Your parents never did that for you? I can understand why she did it, if it was to get away from the paps, but sure that doesn’t make it right.

    Do I party for weeks? No I have never been the partying type. I was pregnant with my son when I turned 21, so I didn’t get to go out drinking. Sure I go out every once in awhile. I can see WHY she did go out partying: To escape her life. The life of feeling sad depressed and overwhelmed with having a 2nd kid and a failing divorce. For the same reason people become alcoholics, because they cannot properly deal with the situation. Shaving her head also to me falls under the same as drinking. She did it as a cry for help; people do that all in different ways.

    I know she has done a lot wrong in many people’s eyes. I acknowledge that, but I won’t make negative judgments against her or anyone else just because she has done things wrong and because I don’t know her personally.

  93. says

    Sandra, don’t you find it a BIT convenient that her boob falls out regularly? Or that we get to see up her skirt a few more times than the average person? And – before you go and say she’s not an average person – you did say you’d be wearing the same clothing as her if you felt you could – would you exit a car that way?? If you have kids, have you ever driven with them on your lap? Did you ever party straight for weeks on end and wind up shaving your head? Just because the paps caught her doing it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!!! I too, am a person who tends to give others the benefit of the doubt. I am still shocked, though, by all the people who are in support of her.

  94. Sandra says

    I don’t think people are saying the paps made her breakdown. Her marriage and her postpartum depression made her breakdown and act out. Though I do agree that her parents didn’t show her a good way to act out, instead of what she has done.

  95. Sandra says

    Stop hating, I agree with your post # 34!!!!

    Admire is a strong word, I am one for giving the person the benefit of doubt. I don’t live at her house; we don’t get to see what is going on there. I can’t trash talk people just like that, I guess I was raised to treat others like you would like to be treated.

    You won’t find my boob flopping out because I don’t have the body like Brit does. I don’t wear those types of clothes that would jeopardize my private parts. I have had my underwear showing on accidents and even my bra, so does that make me a horrible mother? In my eyes, No merely an accident. Trust me if I looked as good as Brit’s body I would wear majority of the stuff she does, well I would always add underwear though! hehe

  96. says

    Well, I guess it really comes down to a matter of opinion, as to whether the photos the paps want us to see are intentional or not. I think they are, personally, considering every young “star” in Hollywood (Ie-Lindsay Lohan, Paris, ect.) has a shot of them like that.
    I have to admit that I do have a bit of sympathy for her, in that the paps are relentless, so that every move she makes to get better or whatever is followed. And I also think her parents have done her a great disservice by not raising her to cope with things a bit better. You can’t blame her breakdown on the paps, though, sorry!! I don’t actually feel sorry for her at all, considering stars these days know what they’re in for in that industry, and practically beg for the attention. You’d have to be pretty attention-hungry to get involved, and REALLY make an effort to stay out of the way if you wanted privacy. I’m not convinced she does.

  97. stop hating! says

    What i’m saying is that, if the pap was up you’re ass 24/7, you would have nervous break down to! You never know what went on with her behind closed doors, with her marriage, and especailly if she really thought that this guy really love her! It probably freaked her out of her mind! I’ve been there, but not marriage! That’s deeper! The pap probably take alot of pictures of her, the bad part about that is that, they don’t care about the normal pictures, they care about the one’s where she might walk, and it’s windy outside, and her dress flies up, so you can see her ass, or her dress maybe to big, and her breast might show a little, those are the pictures they want you to see! It’s the media that scrutinize people careers! America, falls right into that trap, and trash her, saying stupid S%$%! that’ crazy! I don’t look up to nobody, but my mom, and the good lord! I sympathize with her! It’s bad when you have a millions, and millions of people talking crap that they have no real clue about!

  98. says

    I agree that teenagers are not out there wanting to have 2 babies or anything like that. It’s just that she is living a very reckless lifestyle by partying all the time, etc. and showing off her body in ridiculous stunts (a few too many times to be considered accidents). I agree she had to grow up…so then why is she just out of rehab with 2 babies at home after shaving her head and exposing herself to everyone? That’s NOT what I call grown up. I’m all for giving people a second chance, but she blew it in my opinion, with this latest “slip” of her clothing. Be honest – how often does this kind of thing happen to you?!! Maybe you’re right, that I don’t give teenagers enough credit. Can you please tell me why you admire her?

  99. stop hating! says

    I didn’t mean anything harsh, about A.F. handicapp, what I meant was( all I remember her do, is Beach Movies, and the Mickey Mouse club) she didn’t venture out enough to me! that’s all I’m saying about her!

  100. Sandra says

    honey…please tell me how she really is and then I will make judgments against her. Just what the pictures show, doesn’t mean how she is. So until then I will keep my bashing because I am a grown woman and I don’t act like I am 13.

    I have yet to see a picture of her unhealthy, dirty and since when can a picture prove if one is unintelligent or not? Kind of like the immature negative comments made? There are lots of stars that “Act” unintelligent and for that is how they get their attention, i.e. Paris!

  101. stop hating! says

    #28 she’s human! you are human! i’m pretty damn sure that you have made mistakes in you’re life!, and probably is going to make some more! You know what it is! It’s called growing up! Yes, she was on MIckey Mouse Club, Yes, she did have a couple of songs out that teenage girls loved to listened to, but she had to grow up, she had to get out of that teenage shell that they marketed her into! She, got married, so do you think that it’s wrong that she got married! What? did you want her to be like (ANNETTE FUNCELLO?) NO LIFE AT ALL! She had children, So since she had/have kids do you think that’s wrong to? Teenagers grow up! I’m pretty sure she didn’t set out to be a idol forever! YOU NEED TO FACE REALITY! I don’t think I hear, or see teenage girls out there saying ” well, Britney has two babies, I want two babies! I think they’re smarter than you give them credit for! BYE-BYE!

  102. says

    HOW on earth can you people (stop hating! Ashleynh. etc.) possibly look up to this woman? Are you thirteen or something?! That is really every mother’s nightmare, including my own, that their young daughter (whatever her age) would find something attractive about the way Britney Spears conducts herself! I don’t really care if her body looks good in a bathing suit or not, if that’s all you look up to, great. But what about the kind of person she is?? She’s ruining her life right in front of you and you look up to her?! You really need to find some other role models, who are healthy, clean, intelligent and promote a good lifestyle!!
    If by chance you people are not young girls, GIVE YOUR HEADS A SHAKE!!!

  103. Ashleynh says

    i love britney ive always looked up to her!!!!!! and no one should say anthing bad about her! let her live her life and you live yours

  104. stop hating! says

    #22, SO……what’s your point? who died, and made you Queen? HMMMMMMMMM, NOBODY! get over it! I’ll bet you’re mad, because you wasn’t first! #22, how many times have you went out and went toppless? and if the pap was up your ass 24/7, I’ll garentee, you that they would get a shot of you’re ass too! I’m pretty sure she didn’t do that on purpose! DAMN, can she breathe? I guess it would make you happy if she was dead! Damn, shallow prudes everywhere!

  105. Debs says

    I personally have absolutely no problem with her wearing that teeny bikini. It’s a cultural thing, we’re not used to seeing that. In Brazil, where I’m from, people think you’re crazy if you DON’T wear things like that. I would never wear something so teeny because I think my butt looks horrible (I have stretch marks), but if you have a great butt, then flaunt it!

    Come on, when else can you wear things like that, if not in your twenties?????


  106. Debs says

    I think she looks fab, toned and healthier than ever. However, those extensions are probably going to make her poor newly-grown hair fall out!

    It seems like she’s ignoring Sean Preston. I haven’t seen her holding him in pictures since last year or longer. It’s always her cousin holding him, he’s going to think that’s his mom! I feel maybe she’s really attached to baby Jayden because she was so crazy and stressed when SP was a baby that she didn’t get to enjoy that time with him…. It’s real sad. I hope she gives equal attention and affection to her kids.


  107. Turkish Delight says

    That bikini is disgusting! Why wear a Walmart bikini 2 sizes to small to play with your infant child!?

  108. stop hating! says

    #14, sorry no disrespect, for you, and you’re family! My mom didn’t quite grow up on a farm, but in the country! sorry!

  109. libby says

    look honey, your name does not fit u. u have to give britney a second chance. everyone deserves 1. and plus how do u know she is as bad as u explain her? do u know her? give her another chance. she is a good person.

  110. Sandra says

    I think her hair would blend better if she went with her natural shade instead of putting in blonde extensions.

  111. Zbella says

    fifi trooper (aka stop hating!) – that was not a nice comment. My husband was raised on a farm – why are you raggin’ on country folks?

    Anyway, Britney’s looking healthy. The hair, however, is not looking good. Jayden James is so cute. Am I the only one who has to look for a few seconds to figure out if it’ts JJ or SP?

  112. stop hating! says

    honey, stop hating on Britney! I wish that the pap take pictures of you, and you’re children, What there they go………on the farm again, miking cows barefooted!

  113. says

    Interesting, webmistress, that you neglected to include the photos of her boob popping out of that dress, and her derriere splashed out in full view for paps to see (WITH panties this time) while exiting a car!!
    Hate to disappoint all you Britney-lovers, but she’s NO different than pre-rehab…still trampy and gross. Just because the paps caught her a few times with her kids DOES NOT make her a good mother!! Check out the justjared website!

  114. stop hating! says

    get out of here with that non sense! Fat, where! Does she have rolls hanging over that bikini? NO! does she has cottage cheese on that ass? NO last, Does she have big rolls of back fat? NO, so……it seems like someone is really shallow! damn, don’t be afraid, it’s okay to get in the deep, once in a while!

  115. Denise says

    I still don’t like Britney Spears but am glad she’s spending more time with her babies. She has gained weight. Look out Brit, looks like you have a tendency to be fat.

  116. phnxgirl says

    Jayden is so cute. It seems that there are more pics of him lately. I wonder why all of the sudden she decided to bring him out. He is very sweet looking. Looks like his big brother.

  117. fifi trooper says

    I think that her body looks good, as hell! Some people kind of just let them self go! Rich, or not! She’s got the package!

  118. fifi trooper says

    FIRST! I’m happy to see these pictures, except that 2nd to the last one! I think that, that happens when most people wear bikini’s! So i’m not going to judge her on that! Besides, I love Britney Spears! I think that the public, has been hard on her! yeah, she had some mishaps, but who doesn’t! I’m happy to see her with this precious baby! I’m pretty sure that sean p. was near by! So, please commenters find something good to say!

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