Leah Remini & Family At Disneyland

Leah Remini

Leah Remini, 36, husband Angelo Pagan and their daughter Sofia Bella, 2, (she will celebrate her third birthday on June 16th!) were also snapped at the Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage re-opening ceremonies at Disneyland on Sunday.



  1. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I loved that show that followed her around when she was preggo. She cracks me up!! I don’t know what kind of a guy could live with such a headstrong woman but one look at Angelo & I can figure it out!! LOL
    I thought I read somewhere that in a silent birth the mother can make all the noise she ants but everyone else has to be silent….???
    She looks like Jessica Alba to me in this pic.

  2. fifi trooper says

    well, honey, someone used fifi, i know that i’m not the only fifi, so………..i’m glad that my name is Fifi Trooper@!

  3. Fifi says

    #22, just because he has his own web site doesn’t mean hes a narcisist! jeez, how many people out there have a website, hes and actor, of course he has a website

  4. Karen says

    The little girl is cute but the parents are not good looking at all. Leah looks and acts like a guy and the husband looks like a girl!!

  5. fifi trooper says

    pink shirts on some men sucks! he, is one of them! are those slide in mandels? those are shoes that you suppose to wear around the house! Right now, it look like she can kick his ass, and anybody that come their way!

  6. oriana says

    Nice looking family, I love the pink shirt!

    She is a toughie and good for her, I miss the show, was one of my favorites. He is a good dancer too.

    I would just DIE if that kid walked up and slapped Suri across the face! And so would Tom! She looks like she is tough like her Mom. Don’t think Leah is that pretty but has a cute figure, she seems very street wise to me.

    I wish them happiness and a good life, but with her being big shot Scientologist, she is screwed up too!

  7. DMITZ says

    Cute family, I love Leah, she’s so funny. I don’t think there’s anything wrong w/a man wearing a pink shirt, as long as he can look good wearing it. Both my husband and my son wear sandals (but not this kind), but when they wear khaki shorts and a polo shirt or t-shirt. I LOVE that look since it was my idea they get matching sandals. I think he is going for a cuban type look or something with this outfit, but he can pull it off. Now if it were Kevin James trying to wear this outfit, that would be a different story! LOL.

  8. Pinky Tuscadero says

    fifi it was a “young” handsome Elvis who wore pink. There should be some photographs floating around out there on the web with him wearing a pink shirt.

  9. fifi trooper says

    not this man! Sweetheart, what elvis are you talking about? The handsome Elvis, or the Bloated Elvis? I think young Elvis, was hot, but then again he could make about anything look good, when he was younger! PINK ISN’T A MAN COLOR!

  10. fifi trooper says

    #21, MANDELS ARE NOT FOR MEN! especially these mandels, and now that I really look at their pictures on his web page, he really is corny! Latin. culture my ass, he is just palin gay looking, with his just got my pedicure look!

  11. Zbella says

    Oh, who cares??? My husband wears sandals and I think they look nice. The ‘bracelet’ is probably a watch. And I guess in hot weather and Latin culture it’s OK to wear pastel?? But I agree he looks cheesy!

  12. fifi trooper says

    You know what guys, I swear, i just notice that pink shirt! Oh My, a pink shirt, and mandels, He does look like a sissy!

  13. Karen says

    That guy looks so sleazy and high maintenance!!! Slicked back hair, pink shirt, white pants and sandals – YUCK!!!

    Leah definitely wears the pants in that family!!!

  14. Molly says

    My husband wears sandals and I hate that look. He has HUGE feet. I think they looks ridiculous on men!

  15. fifi trooper says

    #9, got it! how can he protect you? Say there out, and about, and a guy really was really disrespectful to her!, What? can he do, with those MANDELS on? nothing, they’re just not manly enough for me!

  16. fifi trooper says

    yes, it seem like she is fun to hang out with! seriously, a silent birth! that’s crazy, i’ll be screaming for dear life!

  17. phnxgirl says

    She had a reality show or something when she was pregnant. She was hell on wheels. They always showed the behind the scenes of how she was so mean to the camera man who was put there to film it. They showed her silent birth and at the time I had no idea that it was linked to Scientology and thought that it was odd, but now with all the Tom Cruise hoopla, I understand what they were doing. She seems like she would make a really cool friend.

  18. kimmy says

    If her personality is anything like it is on the show, I would be afraid of her if I was her daughter.

  19. LIBRAESQUE says

    I read in a mag that she and Suri can’t have play dates because she’s in a “slapping” phase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. says

    I love LR. She always strikes me as “I dont take s**t from anyone”. lol. I agree, she looks like she definately runs things lol. Sofia is so cute. Check out the pic at the celebrity baby blog, she looks way cuter in that one and its a closer shot. I never saw her husband before. This family looks great together 🙂

  21. fifi trooper says

    First again! well, I think that they are a cute family! You, can tell that she runs it! I think that little Sofia B. is cute as hell! Can anyone tell me why? Does he have on those Mandels! i truly, don’t think that’s sexy at all! it’s nice, that he take’s care of his feet, but show casing them is a different matter!

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