Eddie Murphy To Finally Submit DNA To Court

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

Us magazine reports:

The world may soon know whether or not Eddie Murphy is the father of former Spice Girl Melanie Brown’s baby, Angel Iris.

Murphy, who Brown, 32, has always insisted is her child’s father, is due to appear in an L.A. court on Monday to submit to a paternity test, the British newspaper The Sun reports.

“Mel knows the baby is Eddie’s and can’t believe it has got to this point where she has to force him to acknowledge there is a chance he could be the father,” a source tells The Sun.

The comedian has so far refused to admit paternity of 2-month-old Angel Iris, born in April.

During an appearance last December on the Dutch talk show RTL Boulevard, Murphy, 46, was asked if he was happy with Mel “since she’s pregnant with your child.”

“You’re being presumptuous because we’re not together anymore,” Murphy responded. “And I don’t know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

Murphy is reportedly supposed to be in London promoting Shrek The Third with costars Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers, but insiders doubt that he would skip out on the DNA test.

“If he tries to duck out of this test there will be all hell to pay,” says the source.

Mel B (aka Scary Spice) is also scheduled to attend the hearing. If Murphy shows up, it will be the first time the former couple has come face to face since the Dreamgirls star dumped Brown for film producer Tracey Edmonds last year.

The source adds: “At least this way they will know officially whether Eddie is the daddy or not and move on from there. This isn’t about the money, it’s about Angel knowing for sure who her dad is.”

Ha! I can’t believe Eddie managed to avoid this for so long!



  1. COLE says

    IT’s innocent till proven guilty THE REAL DMITZ and no one will know till DNA sample is done and if it is his then hahaha his a daddy and if not then whose baby girl is it!!!

  2. Fitzren says

    the problem with pre-marital sex is THIS! when u got pregnant, boys never wanna admit. they dare to be a man during sex, but they’re not man enough to own up. thats GAY or GAY-ish! i would never wanna give birth to a child who’s father is … LIKE THAT! virginity is the only solution. it keeps u pure and fresh, and sex would be SPECIAL on our first night as husband and wife.

  3. Fitzren says

    but still people… the baby needs to know who her daddy was. i would wanna know who my daddy is.

  4. obnoxious spice says

    just to warn other posters..
    there is a person on here…’taylor m’ who is going onto threads like this and posting horrible racist comments under other posters names…such as mine or libraesque..if one should appear here, please pay it no attention

  5. oriana says

    I don’t know if she needs the money or not but doubt it, but that isn’t the point. If he is the father then he should be accountable, pure and simple! She has not made good choices in men, and she may be lacking in judgement, but he is not exactly Prince Charming, so he may be lacking in some morals too. He does have some cute kids with his first wife and I think he may very well want to have a role in this baby’s life later on. Hope so!!!

  6. fifi trooper says

    No, I don’t think that she’s hungry for media attention, I think that she wants him to know, that he has babygirl! i think that all kids need to know, who their father is! I think that she’s hurt as hell! So, I don’t know, but if it was me, I think I’ll go crazy on his ass, and stick it to him! This new chick, Tracey Edmonds, that he is with! I feel sorry for her, she is probably falling for his lies! This, does not look good for Eddie, he really needs to step up, and be a good role models for his children! especailly, his teenage sons!

  7. Lauren says

    If Angel really is Eddie’s daughter, then he needs to step up and take care of his child. But, Melanie needs to grow up. She’s obviously so desperate for media attention. Just go away and raise your kids!

  8. Zbella says

    Hunh? Wow, some of you have interesting ideas.

    Of course he should step up and be a father (if he is her father, which I’m 99% sure he is!) Nope, we women do not have to carry and raise the child alone. She didn’t make the child alone!

  9. Canada eh... says

    Why should a “man” be forced to take responsibility for a child? To women, I say have a child if you and you alone will accept and carry the responsibilities that being a parent entails. Do not expect a guy to “man” up because he fathered your child. There’ll be resentment, and the child will feel it.
    In a perfect world it would be wonderful if all men made good fathers and all women were good mothers. In my view, Eddie Murphy’s past and present behavior doesn’t make him father material.
    Melanie is a beautiful women, she should probably work on her self-esteem so she could be a positive for her two children. Perhaps one day you will meet a decent man you will cherish you and be a father to your children.

    Biology alone doesn’t make a man a father. I don’t care how much money he is suppose to have, Eddie is a loser.

    Revenge isn’t so sweet. So you were embarassed. You’re a grown woman, grow up, let go and move on.

  10. says

    Why should she be disgusted? She did nothing wrong… He started it with the denial that the baby may not be his… If she denied it, It would have looked like she wasnt sure either! Good on her for standing up for herself and her daughter… Why should the low lifed so and so escape with nothing to do with anything? He should play his part!

  11. Jacquie says

    Do we really think she is hard up for cash?

    I think she was really embarassed by the whole thing one minute they were together and the next it was “And I don’t know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

    I guess that saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is kinda playing a role here? But can ya blame her? he made her look like a fool IMO that is.

  12. fifi trooper says

    YES, she should be happy that she has an beautiful baby!, but what is right is right! If, it is his baby, he needs to man up! regardless, of her doing whatever she did! I would want him to know, who his child is, and what he’s missing out on! Regardless, of his sexuality, he needs to know that his has a daughter! I would defintely get his money! I don’t think she’s hard up for cash, but maybe she wants to hurt him, as much as he did her!

  13. Canada eh... says

    Seriously Melanie,

    Are you that hard up for cash? Why would you want a loser like Eddie “Norbitt” Murphy to be your baby daddy?
    You should be thankful that you were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and just move on. Eddie Murphy is a loser.
    Have some pride in yourself woman. Take your baby and count yourself that Eddie “the transvestite loving good samaritan” is out of your life. Eddie strikes me an insecure man who’s ego requires a lot of stroking; you have children to raise you don’t have time to be putting any man on a pedastal.

    Move on Melanie. Say good riddance to Norbitt.

  14. the REAL DMITZ says

    Thank goodness for justice! Like they say, “guily until proven innocent!” I like Eddie Murphy and I just think that if he is the father he should own up. If he isn’t the father, then Melanie should just move on, apologize to Eddie (publicly) and that’s that. If Eddie is the father, he should not have been so adament about denying paternity.

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