Denise Richards & Sam At Disneyland

Denise Richards
Denise Richards and Sam were snapped at the Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage re-opening ceremonies at Disneyland on Sunday. Poor Sam looks a little overwhelmed by all the commotion!


  1. Kate says

    If you go to there are TONS of pictures of Sam smiling. Or if you just do a google image search of “Sam Sheen”, there really are plenty of smiley ones. I actually tend to think that Sam is cuter than Lola. Although they are both friggin gorgeous!!! Sam is my favorite celeb baby, despite all the bashing she recieves.

  2. maggie says

    # 20 debrorah your right, I mean shes at disneland, being there is a dream for every kid, whats uip with sam, this girl has no emotions

  3. Deborah says

    I don’t hink she’s overwhelmed. This is how her face looks in every photo ever taken of her. SHE MUST BE THE MOST PISSED OFF LITTLE GIRL WHO EVER LIVED!!

  4. maggie says

    I think sam is cute and she dosnt seem to have a problem shes just a serious girl like zahara.
    And those shoes looks really big for her and nothing girly like she always is

  5. LIBRAESQUE says

    GOD, what a media whore
    why is she even photographed?
    what has she done in the recent past except make an ass of herself with her crazy accusations towards Charlie, then turning around and making out for the cameras with her best friends husband??????

  6. Lauren says

    If I was Sam, I would be unhappy too. Mom is always dragging me in front of cameras. She and Lola are both beautiful girls, though.

  7. fifi trooper says

    YES! because, in every photo, she isn’t smiling! I have a million of my baby pictures, and maybe in a third of those pictures, i’m not smiling, but in most of them, I am! so…..I think there is a problem!

  8. says

    People, if u sooo badly want to see Sam smiling and looking happy, go 2 the celebrity baby blog. There is one of Sam where she looks very happy indeed. Stop bashing her mother. Just because she’s not the best person because she did some awful things, doesnt not make her a bad mother. #6 is right. I’ve said a milllion times that kids ,just because they are not smiling, especially in photos, does not mean that they are unhappy.

    Sam is getting a lot prettier…I like this pic:)

  9. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Maybe she hates the camera…ahhaha..or she just wants to get away from the HOmum of hers

  10. Andrea says

    It may just be the kid’s temperament. Some kids are just born seeing the glass as half empty. Anyway, we shouldn’t be so quick to pass judgment without knowing the whole story.

  11. fifi trooper says

    I promise you, that I was about to say the same thing! Oh My, here we go again, with the pap pictures! I hate to say it!, but she sucks ass! this little girl, never ever looks happy! She, looks like” damn, mom, i’m tired of you dragging me, yo another one of your photo shoots” She needs to give it up! CAN’t HOLD ON RICHIES’S ASS CHEEKS ANY LONGER!

  12. says

    here we go again…Denise Richards making an ass out of herself, and her daughter not cooperating with the photo op for mom. It’s getting so old seeing the same images over and over.

  13. kimmy says

    There’s that little girl again- looking scowly as always. I wonder where her banky and binky are. Maybe she finally outgrew them. It’s about time.

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