Ben Affleck & Violet At The Park

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Violet were snapped spending some time together at a park in Brentwood.



  1. JJ says

    BG – Ahhh! a West Coast Canadian. I have been to your lovely province before and hope to make it out there again one day.

    While in Vancouver I did visit the Vancouver Aquarium. Although it does sadden me to see these astounding creatures outside of their natural habitat, I did enjoy seeing them up close and learning more about them. That being said, I would have loved to go on a whalewatching excursion while on Vancouver Isle., however, my budget at the time did not allow me the pleasure. BTW, I don’t care for zoos or the circus.

    As I do not watch television, the option to learn about wildlife on shows such as the Discovery Channel, et al. does not apply to me. Although I do watch wildlife documentaries on DVD – “March of the Penguins” and “Winged Migration” are just two that come to mind.

    My little “Lula” – enjoys her walks very much. In our city of Copenhagen, parks are primarily where dog owners take their pets. The parks are equipped with special receptacles for dog waste and special dog-accessible water fountains. I take her to the park as it is convenient both for her and for me.

    As a former resident of Atlantic Canada, I am well acquainted with temperatures plunging below zero. Denmark’s winter climate is also reminiscent of these temperature extremes and as such, I feel quite “at home” in my newfound city.

    I do, however try to make it back to Canada at least once a year to see family – and “yes” Lula does accompany me on my trip.

    The Annual Seal Hunt = Canada’s shame!!

    Speaking of violence…

    “Pulp Fiction” – a wonderfully violent film. One of John Travolta’s better performances. I have to admit though, that his current hair plugs, are hideous!

    And so, I’ve come full circle and I’m back to discussing celebrities…

    Violet is precious, isn’t she? Her father – Ben, on the other hand is a lousy actor. I haven’t seen him in anything worth praising.

  2. BG says

    I wouldn’t know, JJ, it’s against my principles to visit zoos. I was profoundly thankful when they finally closed the miserable small zoo in the city I live in (after years of public outcry). Sadly, they have retained the cash cow, the Aquarium, where magnificent creatures like Orcas are made to ‘entertain’ the compassionless people who pay to see them perform for a few herring. Probably the same kind of people who take their children to the circus, to watch imprisoned and abused animals perform stupid tricks for their entertainment.

    If they want to teach their children something about these creatures and their ocean habitats, they should take them on a whale watching excursion, if they can, and also watch educational documentary programs on PBS, Discovery Channel or Animal Planet.

    It is more comfortable for people to persuade themselves that animals imprisoned in zoos are ‘happy’, because the alternative would force them to face the truth. Truth and knowledge can be painful.
    I can understand that. It’s only natural to wish to avoid such distressing and disturbing knowledge.

    If you wish to know the unvarnished truth about zoos, read the article titled “Zoos: Pitiful Prisons”, which starts with the following paragraphs:
    Despite their professed concern for animals, zoos can more accurately be described as “collections” of interesting “specimens” than actual havens or simulated habitats (real homes). Zoos teach people that it is acceptable to interfere with animals and keep them locked up in captivity where they are bored, cramped, lonely, deprived of all control over their lives, and far from their natural homes.

    Virginia McKenna, who starred in the classic movie Born Free and received an Order of the British Empire in 2003 for her work in behalf of captive animals, says that her participation in Born Free made her realize that “wild animals belonged in the wild, not imprisoned in zoos. … Freedom is a precious concept, and wild animals suffer physically and mentally from the lack of freedom captivity imposes.”(1)

    If you wish to read the rest of it, here is the URL:

    Your dog is either Jewish or is channeling Samuel L Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction.

    Just so you know, I adore dogs. I just don’t care to see these complex, intelligent and altogether extraordinary beings dumbed down “she doesn’t know any better”. From many years of observing my own, I can tell you they definitely do appreciate variety in their lives and love to go to parks , the beach, around the neighborhood, for an outing in the country or just come along for a ride in the car with you. Why? Because they love you and are most content when they are close to you, whether at a park or curled up with you on the sofa on a rainy day.

    I am sure you know all that, since you have a dog. I’m not telling you how to care for your dog, just feel that she does know that there are more places than just the park to go with you.

    Since I live on the Pacific side of the country and enjoy mild, though wet, winters I’m not too tempted to explore eastward in the winter. I have panic attacks just hearing what kind of temperatures they have when listening to the national weather report. In our quadrant of the province we pretty much have to declare a state of emergency if the temperature drops below zero…

    The annual seal ‘hunt’ is Canada’s shame. It’s not really much of a hunt. The baby seals lie there, helplessly watching, while the brave ‘hunter’ walks up to it and clubs it on its little head, then skins it alive.

    I will be scolded for digressing…I will continue to enjoy seeing photos of this delightful dimpled little girl and her charming parents at the park but , hopefully, not at a zoo.

  3. JJ says

    #26: Thankfully, you didn’t catch my typo but instead elevated my status to ye olde English scholar. I’m tickled.

    Are you telling me that the zoos in Canada are miserable? And that the animals are unhappy? You should probably research the statistics on that before you make this assumption. It’s always important to back up your claims with evidence. Especially because you are so good at it.

    Oops, I didn’t realize that you had never been to “Carnaval de Quebec.” It is by far the most enjoyable winter experience for tourists and locals alike. I highly recommend that you attend it this winter. Unless of course, you are occupied with other pressing issues “de jour,” like saving the seals during the annual seal hunt.

    My dog likes going to the park. She also likes being scratched behind the ears. But for some strange reason she just doesn’t like bacon. Do you think she might be Jewish? Should I take her to the vet? I really value your “opinion” BG, especially when it comes to caring for my dog.

    It’s also great to see some intelligent diatribe being passed around on this comments board. I was getting quite bored with all the incessant juvenile chatter lately.

  4. JJ says

    Thanks for the book reference…I’ll add it to my book list and I’ll take the book with me to the beach to read as I find the park too boring to visit.

  5. BG says

    Dr Grammar (JJ):
    “I applaude parents that encourage their child’s development by teaching them about various cultures (museums) and animals (the zoo) and fine art (art gallery) and take them to the public library and to local carnivals, etc”
    You commented on AmyY’s spelling (it was obvious to the rest of us that it was simply a typo). Is “applaude” derived from Middle English “applauden”? Just wondering…I am only familiar with the modern English spelling “applaud”.

    I “applaud” Ben and Jennifer not taking Violet to a zoo to teach her that it is acceptable to keep wild animals captive (often in miserable living conditions) for people to gawk at, instead of working on establishing sanctuaries and preserving their natural habitats.

    I feel my education has not been complete. My life has been sadly lacking in visits to the local carnivals, whatever those may be.

    I pity your dog. That was a condescending remark to make about an intelligent and loyal companion.

  6. Zbella says

    My husband and I both teach in the inner city and we also have children of our own – whom we take to the park more often than the beach (considering we’re in a landlocked state).

    Have you read “Freakonomics”? It’s a really great book and one section is on parenting. Although most educated parents (such as myself) take their kids to museums, the zoo and classes – it actually makes no proven difference in their intelligence.

    The theory is it’s all predetermined by several factors such as age (over 30 with first child), education level (Bachelor’s or higher) to name a couple. I thought that was pretty interesting.

    I still take my kids to the zoo and Children’s Museum and let them take piano lessons, pottery, art, gymnastics and stuff because they love it and it’s FUN. But for an 18 month old, really the park is fine. Thank you for the A+ by the way!

  7. JJ says

    There is no shortage of teachers in MY city…I would love to teach children how to use grammar properly and not make simple spelling errors…the way you do….”fabolous” Miapocca.

  8. JJ says

    What can I say? I’m a speed typist…and hitting my laptop keys is what I do best…shit happens when I respond to a comment by YOU!

    You’re too kind – I’m blushing. Please no more compliments…I’m so humbled by your tact and diplomacy.

  9. Miapocca says

    1: JJ , there is a shortage of teachers in innner city schools. maybe you can donate your charitable services to these folks rather than nitpicking on others….any fool could comnprehend what the original blogger wrote..

    2: I second the strip joint idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!totally fabolous….Maybe it will be a daddy and me time…such memories looking at women working the pool with a jack daniel in her bottle ahahhahahah

  10. AmyY says

    First of all JJ have you ever heard of hitting a computer key too many times? Second of all get a damn life… maybe they do take the kid there and there just arent any pics of it. You are a narrow minded pain in the ass bitch

  11. kitty says

    OMG how amazingly cuuuute is this pic?

    its so nice to see Ben being such a great dad. i’m so happy for Ben and Jen- they always look so happy together without looking tacky like Brad & Angelina!

  12. eve says

    that kid look’s like an elf or alien look at those damn ear’s poor kid she got’s those and her whole look’s from her mom yeck…..

  13. jj says

    hey Ken! – whatever rocks your world -I’m entitled to my opinion – there’s so many places to take a child – why limit their fun and entertainment to a “park” – I applaude parents that encourage their child’s development by teaching them about various cultures (museums) and animals (the zoo) and fine art (art gallery) and take them to the public library and to local carnivals, etc…there is so much these days…I take my dog to the park for a walk because she doesn’t know any better – a walk is a walk – but with a toddler it’s different – in my opinion!

  14. kendra says

    lol I LOVE how people nitpick about the celebs here and act as if they know them… Jennifer spends too much time in the park with Violet, maybe she should take her baby to a strip club instead just to spice it up a little!

  15. JJ says

    # 11 – the word is “ogling” not “oogling” – did you get your grammar education from a cereal box?

    #10 – great reading comprehension – that’s correct – you get an A+

    #9 – *yawn*

  16. says

    such a cute child 🙂 She looks like both of them. If you are fed up with pics at her at the park, just dont look at them. Msst kids love the park more than anywhere else. I dont care where Violet is, as long as we get to see more cute pics of her 🙂

  17. Lauren says

    How cute. Vi is walking a lot now. It’s nice to see Ben with his little girl. I wonder if they’re planning on having more kids. Happy Father’s Day, Ben!

  18. AmyY says

    yeah JJ, how about Ben and Jen revolve where they spend their time around what is entertaining to you? If youre so bored, dont look at them.. Im sure theyd prefer you werent oogling their kid anyway!!

  19. Zbella says

    LOL. You’re bored of seeing her at the park, so her parents should take her somewhere else! 🙂 That’s funny.

    GREAT picture. Loving daddy and adorable baby girl.

  20. says

    More kids? There must be more kids at the park! She must like it there or they wouldnt keep taking her there… I have to admit, my kids would rather go to the park than the beach anyday! Its lovely to see them together!

  21. fifi trooper says

    #5, honey, if you would have kept reading, like a good girl, then you would have known that I was 2nd also! I’m just stating the facts! I don’t see as many pictures of him with V. as much as I see Jennifer with her! Please, just look in the archives, and have a nice day@! LOL!

  22. JJ says

    she’s cute – I’d like to see Violet do something other than go to the park all the time – The parents should take her to the beach or to a location with more children…so she can play with other kids too – it just seems sad that we keep seeing her at the park with either her mom or her dad…she seems quite happy at the park – but i’m getting bored of seeing her at the park all the time.

  23. Lauralin says

    Who cares if you’re first if you have nothing to add to the conversation? And who are we to judge how much time he spends with her based on a couple of park outings?

  24. the REAL DMITZ says

    Adorable! She looks just like her mommy! Nothing like seeing a daddy and baby together 🙂 Happy (pre) Father’s Day Ben!

  25. fifi trooper says

    I think that it’s about time, you see him finally with this precious baby! I think that she is a good baby! I think that they( Jennifer, and Ben} So much at ease, not all high fuction like J-Lo!

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