An Expectant Julia Roberts Arriving At A Party In Long Beach

Julia Roberts

An expectant Julia Roberts (she’s in her 9th month!) was snapped yesterday arriving at a party in Long Beach.

Best wishes to Julia!



  1. says

    The whole family always looks scruffy
    another wierd apporpiation of a husband …hmmm

    Seems the only way to happiness in hollywierd it to do the dirty on the wife with the other woman,.no wonder she hides out afraid she might just get shafted like the ex…but mr jr is defintely going to stick with the money

    Her beauty is not really physical..its more in the way she lets go and enjoys her laughter..very open

  2. oriana says

    She’s a good actress but a Lady, don’t think so! Husband Stealer is more like it!

    I did like Mystic Pizza, amazing how she turned out to be the big STAR and her brother didn’t, I heard he helped get her started but don’t know if it is true or not. I think he is a good actor himself. His nose looks like it has been broken and Zbella is right, her lips do look funny, they always have to me, she looks like a duck!

    She has pretty eyes, pretty hair, but dresses like a Bag Lady in NY City!! Danny always looks scruffy too but I do think they are happy.

  3. Jordyn says

    Hey Fifi…good for you for developing patience, we’re proud of you. I had my kids early (started at age 24), and now Im a 45 mom of college kids and loving it! Im not in a wheel chair burdening them with my ailments…. So, sorry to say, I have to disagree with ya! My kids arent embarrassed to have me around. Many of their friends have older parents that just choose not to get involved because they’re “too tired”. Regardless, enjoy your kids if you choose to have them!

  4. Zbella says

    I just love kids and think any age is great as long as you want them and cherish them once they are here! My niece had her first at 14, second at 18 (she’s 19 now). Then there’s my grandma who had her first at 24 and last at 47 and 10 in between. One of my best friends just had her third at 40 (her first at 36). It’s all good. I think it’s great that you know what works for you, fifi trooper. That’s what counts.

    I really liked Julia in MYSTIC PIZZA, DYING YOUNG, PRETTY WOMAN & ELLEN BROCKOVICH. Recently I have not been wowed by her work – and her lips look odd. But I wish her the best with her upcoming birth.

  5. Sandra says

    I love Julia!! Congrats she is almost there, cannot wait to see what she is having! Her twins and I share the same birthday!

    I got married when I was 20 and had my first at 21 that doesn’t make me any worse of a parent. I don’t beat or neglect my kid and I have all the patients in the world for him. There is one thing said for waiting until your older like Julia and other known actresses, you don’t really know how they go about to get pregnant because when you try late in life you often need fertility help.

  6. Tia says

    I love Julia!

    meh…i had my daughter a few months before my 24th birthday..i wouldnt have had it any other way….but my Aunt didnt have her 2 kids until she was 36 and 38,. Everyone is different i guess….because i know she wouldnt have had them any earlier.

  7. Essie says

    I think it’s great that Julia is not having to be on bed rest like she did with the twins. She looks really healthy . . . and ready to POP!!!!

  8. says

    My God!!!! She looks like she’s going to have twins again! lol. Her kids and husband were there as well. I dont like Danny, he always looks scruffy, and JR was never one of my favourites, I never saw the great beauty that everyone else did…. Oh well, congrats to her and I love how her son is a redhead and her daughter is blonde

  9. Lauren says

    Wow, I didn’t realize she’s that far along. She looks great! I wonder if she’s having one baby or another set of twins.

  10. fifi trooper says

    I say that because I think that older people have more patience with children, if they have them older! I’m not speaking for everybody, but I know that it made a difference in my life! My father, was older, while my mother was very younger than him! We, use to do outings everyday, and I just think that it’s pays to have children when you are older! When you’re young, your’re fiestier, and make snap decisions without thinking it really through, but as a older person, you’re more apt to think thing through, and take you’re time!

  11. Zbella says

    That’s fine that you want to wait, fifi trooper. But why do you say it pays to have kids later? I had my first at 27, next at 29 and last at 32 and it’s been perfect for me!

    Congrats to Julia, I wish her a safe delivery & healthy baby.

  12. She's so Glitzy says

    I’ve always loved Julia Roberts! She’s a wonderful actress and lady. Congrat s to you Julia. You’re a fab mother.

  13. fifi trooper says

    First! I promise you, that I didn’t know that she was that far along! Congrats to her, and her family! I guess, it does pay to have you’re kids later on in life! I’m 29, and I have no attentions on having any kids before i’m 35!!!!! CONGRATS TO HER!

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