1. JJ says

    Isla has been quoted as saying that Sasha “makes her laugh”…maybe his sense of humour is more important to her than a Hollywood fakester…I find him hilarious and super smart and those two qualities far outdo any Hollywood star with the personality of a flea.

  2. Princess says

    didn’t they announce a week or two ago they are pregnant? funny how some of these celebrities go from flat to huge bellies so quickly after they announce…..

  3. Kelsie says

    wow high difference?But thats fine w/ me,and why are people on here so judgemental.Do any of you know Sacha personally??????????NO,so shut-up!If they are happy,leave them alone!She knows him better than any of us!!

  4. Kelsey says

    I would say that Isla knows Sacha MUCH better than we do, so who are we to judge why they are together? I think they are lovely together and Isla looks beautiful pregnant.

  5. Diva says

    LMAO… oh give me a BREAK, there’s nothing disgusting about him. He plays a character you don’t like so HE’S disgusting??? He’s a GOOD MAN and is VERY excited about becoming a father with the woman he loves…. yeah, that’s so disgusting.

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