1. eve says

    she look’s beautiful to be pregant and look that good is a sin the other woman i can’t say her name look’s like a dude i bet she has a boy it ‘s to bad that tom is missing all that is happening i feel sorry for him cause he is so stupid

  2. says

    I dont think hers or Katies bellies looked weird at all! Both were very huge bellies. And not all are perfectly round. I was pointy when i was pregnant. My tummy looked very odd and i felt like i never really got THAT big. But who cares, cuz once the baby is here it doesn’t even matter. Every pregnant woman just blossoms!

  3. says

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I cant believe that she is 36!!! She looks about 26 for the most to me!!! I loveeee her dress? I’m not sure if it is or a top lol. Anyway, very pretty and girlie..She looks amazing. Pregnacy really suits her well. Who cares about that loser ex of hers. Gisell is pretty, but no comparision whatsoeva to Bridget. And I am ready to believe that Bridget has a much better personality than Gisell too. She’ll make a wonderful mum.I cant wait to see her baby. Best wishes to her 🙂

  4. Sophie says

    She got huge quick, and also has the same belly shape as Katie Holmes. And Katie was ridicule, and put through hell. I am glad for her she does not have the same treatment

  5. Lauren says

    Wow, Bridget looks gorgeous. She looks even more beautiful pregnant. I wonder what she is having.

  6. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    I hope she keeps the weight ..because she looks smashing like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You go Bridgette…….who is tom brady again???

  7. fifi trooper says

    Well, I think that you should be kicking yourself in the ass for thinking that he’s not kicking his self in the ass! I did forget that, Giraffe, ass isn’t a V.S. model anymore, but still I think that Bridget, should line up for that job! BYE-BYE!

  8. Sophie says

    I remember Katie Holmes had that kind of stomach shape, and people were commenting and saying how weird it was. There is double standard in everything in this life. I am glad for her people are not saying it is a fake one.

  9. Essie says

    Fifi, I doubt Tom is kicking himself and Giselle isn’t with Victoria’s Secret anymore!!!

    I really love that white dress. Very pretty and girly!!

  10. be happy says

    Absolutely adorable! She clearly loves her baby already. And her maternity wardrobe rocks! That white top is amazing on her – sweet and sexy at the same time.

    Best of everything Bridget!.

  11. says

    WOW Bridget got big really quick! But she is so lovely!! I think every woman looks lovely when they are pregnant. Her tummy looks pointy, so my guess is shes having a boy! Cant wait to see what her baby will look like…for sure he/she will look super cute!

  12. fifi trooper says

    first! i would like to say that she is beautiful! i know, that Tom Brady, would like to kick his self in his ass! forbreaking up with her! because i don’t think that Giselle,. is that hot! Bridget, could take her Victoria Secret’s job from her in a heartbeat!

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