Sugar & Spice For Katie Price!

Katie Price

Katie Price (Jordan) and Peter Andre are expecting their third child in four weeks – and it will be a girl! Katie revealed the exciting news at the launch of her novel ‘Crystal’ in London, yesterday. Her glorious crown has Crystal written on it!

“It’s a girl. It’s been such a s**t year and Pete’s been wanting to know the sex the whole way through so I thought, you know what, let’s find out. I’m really looking forward to going out and buying all pink stuff and making her room all pink and girlie.”

After having two boys, Harvey, 5 and Junior, 23 months, a girl will be a change for Katie:

“For me the best bit is still to come – seeing her vagina. When she’s born, I’ll be like, ‘Show me her bits.’ Because that will prove it to me. At the moment I’m only used to willies.”

Katie has already picked out her favorite name:

“I’d love to call her Crystal. I’m so worried that because I’ve always wanted a girl, something is going to happen and she will be taken away from me. I feel it’s too good to be true.”

Best wishes to Katie! I am so happy for her…she wanted a daughter so much!


  1. Megan says

    hi Katie…
    Your the best in the world im your best fan!!
    Your so nice, i would love to get to no you..!!!!

  2. Rochelle says


  3. nikki says

    oh my god!listen to you judgemental hypocrytes slagging off katie price. how dare you. she is an amazing woman and id like to see how you cope being under the constant watch of the public. she has a son with disabilities a toddler a full time job cameras following her personally she deserves woman of the year aswell as mother, you never get it wrong, your children never hurt themselves, you are happy with the wqay you look, all this spitefulness is pure jealousy get over yourselves.i say go katie x

  4. Jennie says

    ‘Brona’ I see spelling is not your strong point, get a grip of yourself woman, you sound like a right tw*t!

  5. Jennie says

    I am outraged! How can you say such unkind things about someone who you admit you dont even know anything about???! What a bunch of bitches. She is worth 10 of any of you – I love Katie Price, shes my world.

  6. Laura says

    I think she is great. She is a devoted mam and anyone can see she loves her kids. I watch jordan and peter on telly and can’t beleive people call them fakes. They are as normal as you get. So what if she has got her boobs done or fake hair that doesn’t mean she is a slut,whore or whatever other horrible names. she is a lovely person. If she is so awful how did she win mum of the year award. I think its awful that people judge her just by her looks. And i wish her,Peter and the 3 kids all the luck in the world.

  7. Jenny says

    Everyone who has written on this wall is so full of shit. Katie is not an unfit mother and it is compleatly insensitive and anyone who thinks that is obviously uneducated, and jealous. To say she is not pretty makes you sound so pathetic, she is a fantastic mother, a fantastic wife, a fantastic model and has had a lot of sadness in her life. Despite this, she gets through it every time, she deserves to be happy and i wish her all the luck in the world.

  8. belldawg says

    jealous bastards!! everyone entiled to their opinion but u couldnt say she’s not attractive. if u’s looked that gud naked wouldnt u lap it up? get a life. u act like u know her personally.. how th hell would u know if she’s a gud mother or not?? she’s raising a special needs child along with junior and has another on the way u idiots!

  9. Jade says

    I think she is a realy nice person, and so down to earth! I don’t even understand how you can say she is a bad Mother! You try raising a child with special needs and partially sighted and a jerk of a father Dwight Yorke the Tw*t! She has so much ahead of her and i think she has done really well for herself. Good on you Katie! xx

  10. Joanne says

    You lot are so harsh, Katie and Peter have been through so so much, a lot more than any of us have or ever will go through.

    Don’t judge Kate if you know nothing about her, she is an amazing woman, it has took the UK a long time to come to that conclusion as everyone judged her by her younger years but she is so strong and her career is going so well. Pete has been so ill and Kate was a rock for the family.

    Think before you talk about people you don’t even know

  11. heather says

    i think katie price is a genuine lovely person and if any one has watched her tv programme they will see how down to earth she really is and its not true about her calling her unborn baby crystal as she quashed the rumours on the paul ogrady show. good luck to her and pete with the new arrivial xx

  12. brona says

    u sado i mean how is katie cool shes a hjore slut and a b***h if u get mi drithf how can u say dat is is sooooooooooooo cool u must b a hore as well

  13. ciara says

    katie is soooooooooooooooo cool i mean she is personally my role model and dat is da sme wif mi class

  14. kay says

    u all need to get a life. u must be all that sad to talk about katie that way how would u all cope if u had a disabiled son like harvey to look after and a two year old as well has being heaveily pregnant. she doing a good job most of u that are slagging her of have not got kids or a job. u just prob sit at home cliaming of the dole least she working. u all would love to be like her that y u are slagging her off i hate people like that. good on u katie u are the best mother in the world u think of your kids first just like me.xxxx

  15. Kayla says

    Omg ! Why are people so nasty towards Katie, i think she is a very nice person and i’m so happy for her, after all the heartache shes endured, don’t you think she deserves to be happy ?

  16. N says

    Just googled her… the books she wrote were autobiographies and an advice column.Her singing was compared to Paris Hilton and Brooke Hoogan. She did pose in the British version of Playboy……. I have one question…. isnt playboy considered porn?

  17. N says

    So….. What is her occupation then. She did not become famous from being Harveys mom. How does she make a living. I have never read anything about her writing books or singing. But I have seen her in some very racy pictures.

  18. Emma says

    I think you all need to chill out and remember that we all use this site to have what should be friendly chats. There has been some horrible post ‘s lately and very personal.

  19. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Great Observation #52

    I am sure the lady will like to ignore the fact that there are British ,Austrialian , Americans and other who dont find her attractive and have no evidence other than multiple incidents to her son to proove she is a good mother…

    Try reading all the comments and stop the nationalism on this site…she is a fucking shithead..look at her she need help….she may have gotten away with this crap on the isle but if she want to get in with the big time she needs to upgrade, next to posh she looks like the maid who is getting cast offs from the bin…

    #51 – Is it necessary for you to make your comments and criticizing Americans at the same time? No one said anything about the U.K. If you read other posts, Britney and other Americans are criticized in the same manner.

  20. fifi trooper says

    I wish that she pop already! I think that she’s milking this preganancy! GO AHEAD AND POP, PLEASE!

  21. the REAL DMITZ says

    #51 – Is it necessary for you to make your comments and criticizing Americans at the same time? No one said anything about the U.K. If you read other posts, Britney and other Americans are criticized in the same manner.

  22. katieP(J) says

    typical american’s blurting things out when they have no clue what or who they are on about. you can be so crule some times you lot.. yes the boobs are fake and not a whore either. when you have the same amount of money then can you open your gobs. You are all so self obsorbed and so obstreperous that you pick on people that you dont even know HOW PATHETIC CAN YOU GET

    Katie is a great mom she has had so much trauma in her life.
    so you AMERICAns get of your high horse

  23. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Does she have a mirror in her home………..

    she needs a new STYLIST bad!!!

    Glad Peter loves her but hehr needs to help her find a sytlist who will bring out her best features and stop emphazing her ridiculous looks

  24. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    1: those who defend her , dont know her

    2: those who hate her dont know her either

    3: No need to bash on someone for voicing their opinions..neither camp can be totally right…she pays people to do her publicity not those who feel the need to defend her

    4: When it comes to media..I will choose Posh and Beckham anyday…they look better and they sound alot more decent than this reality hungry family with atrocious looking features who tried her hardest to trap the useless fucking human such as Dwight Yorke. She is better off with her present family and she and Posh both need to shut up about each other!!!!

  25. the REAL DMITZ says

    Congrats, but is it necessary to talk like that? A simple “I’m hoping I really get my baby girl but won’t get my hopes up until the baby comes” would suffice.

  26. Jenny says

    I can’t believe how nasty people can be towards her. She is a lovely girl and a great mum, all she is doing is making a living for her and to give her family the best and you know what she is good at it, everyone is jealous. As for the comment about harvey being in hospital several times, you quite clearly don’t have a clue about bringing up a kid with special needs my girl has prader willi syndrome, doent make anyone a bad mum , angry fan.

  27. emimencegrise says

    Just reading the comments on this page, I’m so glad I don’t live in the US anymore – although I am American.

    What a bunch of narrow-minded, judgemental harpies you lot are!

    Harvey has LOTS of disabilities – he was born with growth hormone disorder, global developmental delay, mental retardation, blindness and possibly severely autistic as well.

    Katie Price is NOT and never was a porn star.

    Get a grip, you lot.

    Yeah, like anyone believes David Beckham. And Posh.
    Oh, yes, she’s a real model of stability.

  28. Vix UK says

    Yet again you nasty bitches who post on here have amazed me!! You never have a good word to say about anyone!! most of you don’t even know who Katie is!! Katie is an excellent mother, she blatantly worships both her sons and is totally devoted to Harvey who has had difficulties since birth, she has taken a lot of criticism. His father Dwight Yorke is the one who should be crtisicised, he’s losing out tho, Pete (Katie’s husband) adores Harvey and is an excellent father to him. I’m so glad Katie is getting a little girl this time round, Crystal is Pete’s mothers name, they are naming the new baby after her. As for Katie breaking up the Beckhams marriage, what are you on about?!!! She gave details of a smalll incident in her book, a mild flirtation was all it was, I don’t think Becks needs any assistance with that, do you? He needs to learn to keep his trousers firmly up and they’d probably do a lot better!!

  29. Cece says

    Stop all this bitching about Katie. She is a wonderful mother and a good wife.I think people who say nasty things about her are just jealous.

  30. claire says

    i cant believe all you guys hate her!!! what is wrong with u all. when she did al that page 3 stuff yes i disliked her then, but since shes met Peter and settled down she really has made something of herself and if you watch her show ull see what a great woman she is and parent, i love the show, and thinks shes great!! not a role model, but a great mother, junior is absolutely gorgeous!!! her daughter will be teh same!! they look after Harvey very well, and she is extremely pretty!!! especially without makeup so why is everyone ahting her, for goodness sake forget her past, shes now a great mother and wife, i think she is great!

  31. Mary-Kate says


  32. Elaine says

    Gareth Gates has been trying to resurrect his career lately, and seems happy enough to get some publicity by speaking about his time with Jordan, and no doubt being paid for it. I think he has actually apologised for making her out to be a liar.
    About her elder son, apparently its a rare genetic or congenital condition. If she was really a total addict who damaged her son through drug abuse I am certain he would have been taken into care.

  33. Emma says

    She has done nothing to the Beckhams but make a few comments just like you all do on here, its just she is famous and her comments get splashed on the front pages.(thats the price you pay for the fame). In the uk lots of people like Katie, she works very hard looking after her sons and has a successful job, which she has her boobs to thank for that. On the suject of Gareth Gates she never wrecked his career , it was short lived just like most one hit wonders. She doesnt have four weeks to go she is due any day now .She was on a local radio station here in the uk talking about her two week book tour. Brave girl i didnt wont to leave the house when i got to the end of my pregnancy and my son was 2 weeks early. AHHHHHHH!

  34. gina says

    she said that she was in a club one night when david beckham put his hand on her bum…posh called her a liar. but if im right in remembering posh warned dwight yorke off her (father to harvey) so now she and posh are constantly in a slanging match

  35. Miapocca says

    SHe is famous for bearing ‘her” body…or rather the low rate surgeons work…an atrocity!!

    I am not diagnosing anything…but genetic birth defects can be like a light swich, the right set of circumstances or chemicals can switch the light on!!! eg…horminal inbalance in pregnant women has been noted to affect sexuality or sex of a child :)…The research is not conclusive and one is free tothink whatev er they want without anyone jumping down thier throats for stating thier opinions!!

    Some of you give away too much personal information especailly regarding your children..protect them and stop splattering their names all over the internet!!!

  36. Miapocca says

    1: She creates an image of a skanky woman, people are going to judge her based on her image

    2: When you go to all the trouble to hire a publicist and create this image, the pepole you are trying to convince to buy that image, may ir may not like you and they are entitled to their opinions

    3: The incidents with the child seem suspicious, the nanny should be investigated, he probaly needs 24/7 care or differnt nannies on shifts to figure out his needs and address then appropriately. If the parents are both working

    4: There is no evidence that she is a bad mother and since parenting is one of the most difficult jobs on earth, I reserve judgement , but the incidents are piling up and the child protection or the equivvalent in the UK needs to pay attention to whats going on. Having said that even non special needs children do get into accidents …so this one is up in the air

    Finally she just looks BAD with the botched surgeries if you are going to go under knife at least strive for something flattering!!! She and nemesis BECKham BOTH NEED TO REDO THEIR BOOBS

  37. Mary says

    I just read that she actually does not pen her books and she is just a gost writer. I don’t like her and because she is always trying to break Posh’s marriage, I find her a mean woman. No one deserves what she has gone through this year. But could she try and get some class and censor her words? We don’t need to know the gory parts of her life like surgery on her privates etc.

  38. stacey says

    and might i just add that she has been told by harveys doctors that his defects were there from the moment he was concieved. so get to no your facts first number 19 you stupid idiot.

  39. stacey says

    for all you stupid people, Katie Price is a wonderful person and a fantastic mum to harvey and junior. she has wrote books, she is a singer, a model, has her own page in a leading womans mag, has her own swim wear range and under wear range, she is a faithful wife and a brilliant mum. she has gone through alot this year let her enjoy the last few weeks in her pregnacy without any stress. i look up to her and i find that she is my role model. i cant belive that she is having a girl. leave her alone!!!

  40. gina says

    ELLEBELLE. She is not a horrible mother!! How dare you even call a mother that. I too live in the UK, and always read about her. I think she is lovely and will go to the end of the worlds to do anythin for her 2 boys. Harvey is disabled which in its self is a full time job. And you seem ignorant to that fact. And K i don’t have time for people like you.

    At least 9/10 always with her boys and family at home and she makes people aware of Harveys condition which I think is Brill

  41. K says

    Elaine, not only did she admit it, she also sold the sordid details to the news of the world when she had promised him it was only between the two of them and will not get out. I remember her being asked whether she regretted her actions since they ruined gates and she said she didn’t. Lets not forget that she continued taking all sorts of illicit drugs during her pregnancy with Harvey despite advice from doctors and that is why he is like that. I don’t know why you all seem to think she is an angel but she is not and like it or not she is paying for being such a bad person.

  42. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Carleigh, actually, Harvey was hospitalised over the new year for turning on the taps in a bath,climbing in and scalding himself in the boiling hot water. Whoever found him made his burns worse by ripping his clothes off (which is exactly what i would have instinctively done aswell until I heard this). Last week he was hospitalised again after falling into a mirror and getting pieces of glass embedded in his face.

    I know it is a bit suspicious, but harvey is blind and autistic so bound to get into scrapes. He was in the care of his nanny during the second incident.

  43. Elaine says

    No 10, about Gareth Gates, I don’t think she ruined his career. As I recall it, rumours were going round that she and Gates had a fling, she confirmed it and he denied it. She was upset that he made her out to be a liar, but he has since admitted they did have a fling.

    I think her US equivalent would be Pamela Anderson rather than a porn actress.

  44. Lovethebabies says

    Carleigh – good on you!! Yes, she makes it so obvious that she has a persona of Jordon and a real life of Katie Price! That’s how she makes her money and she seems to handle the distinction really well! Good on her and all the best luck to her!!

    Also, I wasn’t so sure about the career ruining bit?

  45. says

    Beth, my middle name is Crystal, and I am definately not a stripper or a hooker….my God, the things u people will say…

    She is not a horrible mother at all….yes she may be fake and some of the other stuff that u guys said, but she is a very good mother 2 her boys.

    Ellebelle, are u trying to say that her son being in the hospital is her fault?? Because it certainly is not. Like #12 said, he has some serious medical problems, and she always seems to be doing the damn best for him that she can.

    Good 4 them that they are having a girl!

  46. says

    kimmy, I didn’t put pound signs on the word ####, the webperson did, which is surprising, since almost everyone else after me used that word among others!!

  47. carleigh says

    ElleBelle……….DO you even know WHY Harvey has been in the hospital??????????? He has serious birth defects and has ongoing medical issues! Read and get informed before you make statements that just make you look ignorant!

  48. carleigh says

    I didn’t like her before, I thought pretty much what everyone else thought about her until I read things about her. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, she has made her image of being fake, trashy, risque, sexy, whatever, but she is still a person and not the PERSONA that people see in the tabloids. I think people tend to forget that just because someone makes their living from appearing a certain way that it excuses them to make all kinds of rude, crude, wicked comments about them. Just because this woman has both a public/private and the public image doesn’t mean that her public persona matches what she is in reality. There is a societal double standard that we expect female glamour stars to be somewhat slutty, so we expect they must be that way in actuality….something that could be very inaccurate and far from reality. We sometimes go along the lines of thinking “Oh she looks like a skank, slut, or whatever”, we generalize and profile these women into that ideal, that’s not exactly fair and it’s prejuding. (Nobody bring up Britney here because as far as I can see Jordan spends all her free time with her family and she is PAID to be scantily clad and whatnot, that’s her stock and trade) Society encourages women like Katie Price to be kinky but that’s not acceptable at the same time. It’s high time that people are valued for what is inside and that the outer appearances are forgotten. She’s a very loving mother and maybe just maybe she’s not truly as bad as people think. Check out the information about her beyond her glamour model career and you will see that there is more “real” things about this woman that always seem to be overlooked when someone wants to throw around the labels like slut, bitch, trashy, tacky, etc., etc.

  49. K says

    I hate her but she has been through too much this year that I have started feeling sorry for her. I am a strong believer that bad things happen to bad people and that is why all this is happening to her. She wrecked a young boy’s (Gates) career and has done everything in her power to destroy the Beckam marriage. Unless she changes and stops being such a nasty person, she is going to have all this bad luck. Just saying.

  50. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I don’t think she’s a horrible mother. She has two little kids, one with special needs and another on the way. It is obvious how much she loves them. She is always photographed out and about with them and she’s done a lot for her disabled son Harvey.

    I don’t like her as a person though, I think she’s a skank.

  51. ElleBelle says

    i live in england. shes soo full of her self and shes a horrible mother!!!! her child havery has been in the hospital multiple times over the last 6 months.

  52. Beth says

    I think that Crystal is a name for strippers and hookers…although I guess if the baby wants to be like mom, it fits….:)

  53. says

    Who is this crazy woman and why does she look like that?? I’ve heard of her before (only on this site) but why is she famous again? Isn’t it because she’s a #### star or something?! Anyway, she looks like a drag queen.

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