1. Zbella says

    JJ – I’m curious, who is the dad? I have not seen him. BTW, I lived in sin, as my parents put it!
    Romy’s head is fine – she’s a baby – she’ll grow into it.

  2. Zbella says

    SO cute. What a chubby, adorable baby. Is Sophia married? My daughter has the same little Mary Jane socks.

    Get over yourselves and the bottle/breast already.

  3. MD says

    Good God!

    She is feeding the baby A BOTTLE?! Poor “Un-breastfed” child…she will have no connection with her mother, be obese and stupid! Shame on you, Sofia Coppola, Shame!



  4. JJ says

    Well looky here…Sophia feeding her babe in public…with a bottle…hmmm, where are all the anti-bottle feeders and pro- breast feeders hiding? Is Sophia going to get blasted for using a bottle in public? and not flashing a boob ?
    I’m pro-bottle in case anyone wants to pick on me…:D

  5. Sandra says

    Who is she? And why does everyone have to call a baby fat? Why not say she looks healthy, as that is what she looks! She is a baby for crying out loud!

  6. obnoxious spice says

    my second child went through that ‘fat’ stage at about that age..he got so fat i thought his skin would explode!!
    he is now such a long tall skinny thing it makes me laugh to remember those days…
    i don’t know if that is normal or not…
    but perhaps the transition from milk only to milk and solids/more solids contributes…not sure..

  7. Essie says

    What a fat little baby. She’s adorable!! Sofia is so tiny I’m surprised her baby is so big.

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