Jennifer Garner & Violet

Back from Boston, Jennifer Garner was snapped with Violet, 18 months, after a stop at a Pacific Palisades, CA park on Thursday.

And they played at a park in Brentwood, CA!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

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  1. Kate says

    These pics are adorable! They don’t look at all staged to me…Just looks like they were bonding in public and the paparazzi took some pictures. Why is everything so
    over-analyzed nowadays?

  2. hooooooooo says

    to all the people who keeo complaining that Jen looks too plain and that she spends too much time in the park– she likes being with her kid, what is wrong with that? And why does she need to be dressed to the nines playing with her kid? She actually looks like a REAL mother.

  3. Zbella says

    They are plain – that is where their beauty lies… They are clean, normal and not all caked in make-up and expensive clothes.

  4. Jodie says

    the two are a plain looking mother and child.i can’t see anything even remotely attractive about either of them…..

  5. JJ says

    I totally agre with MizLiz’s comment:

    “I’d hate to see her turn into another Gwen Stefani, always with the thick makeup, weird hair and look-at-me clothes. The overly-dressed baby is worn as a fashion accessory, nothing more.”

    Another reason why the Stephani clan don’t excite and impress me = not her, not her kid and not her husband.

    They always look staged to me!

  6. MizLiz says

    Why in the world should Jen wear showy high-fashion clothes when she’s just out with her little girl? I’d hate to see her turn into another Gwen Stefani, always with the thick makeup, weird hair and look-at-me clothes. The overly-dressed baby is worn as a fashion accessory, nothing more.

    Jen and Ben are real people, and would like nothing more than to just live their lives without all the paps bugging them. That’s why Ben usually has a sour look on his face. He HATES those miserable pests.

  7. Zbella says

    And why should she build a park in her yard? We have a playset in our yard and I still take my kids to the park, museum, zoo or pool every day. It’s a social thing and it’s fun.

  8. Zbella says

    If she has another child, sure is news to me! She’s a wonderful mom and these pictures are NOT staged. You can see her and Vi connecting – laughing – playing. That is not something you can turn on and off for a camera.

    But to each their own. I think they are adorable and always will! I love seeing their pictures. More, more..,

  9. violet fan says

    AWWW Violet is so cute. You can tell she loves to spend time with her mommy. I hope Jennifer Garner has another baby soon. Violet needs a little brother or sister. These pictures are too cute,. Keep posting more,

  10. Jen says

    We see so many pics of Jennifer and Violet, everyone is always talking about how cute they are and what a great mom she is. I just have one question where is her son? I have never seen a picture of her with her son that she had from her first marriage. Just curious!

  11. weird says

    All the pictures I see on Jen and baby Violet looked staged, she probablly has a photographer by her side 24/7..Wonder how much that photographer get’s paid?

  12. weird says

    Damn this lady lives at the park, it’s like she’s there 24/7………She has so much money why don’t she just build one in her backyard?

  13. Ruby Jackson says

    I wish I were her.

    I also wish Jen would wear something nicer than frumpy jeans all the time.

  14. says

    It’s too bad that everyone who loves to see these two together has to find something wrong with them now…STAGED photos?! Jen is out with her kid almost every day, just like she was a year ago. Just because she’s making a tv show she’s suddenly insincere and attention-loving?? Come on, people, she’s just a mom enjoying being a mom, stop trying to put a negative spin on everything.

  15. Lauren says

    Awww, how cute. Jen and Vi are so cute together. I wonder why we never see Ben with his family anymore. The second pic doesn’t look staged. It looks like Jen is trying to bond with her daughter and the papparazzi are intruding. 🙁

  16. says

    I think that jen could no be natural but how can violet be fake in front of the paps, shes just a baby and she looks like a happy and natural little girl who likes to play with her mommy.

  17. telling like it is says

    Ok, maybe These photo’s are staged, but overall she seem to be a good mom, and you can tell that through her pictures, at least their not like Denise Richardson pictures, where her babies are always frowning, and I honetly think that she stop them from sucking on their thumbs to, It interferes with how the teeth grows!

  18. Essie says

    My feelings exactly, Meg. All these “Jen and Violet” pics seem to be a bit “staged” and not natural and spontaneous at all.

    But, they are cute together.

  19. obnoxious spice says

    i know you can’t tell much about people’s private lives from random pap snaps…but gee, jen always comes across as such a natural mother to me…

  20. says

    I just loveeeee seeing these two together!!!! Too sweet. Awwww Violet seems to be growing out off her baby looks and she’s getting very pretty! 🙂

  21. Mary-Kate says


    i love seeing pics of jen and vi they are a great mother daurghter duo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i wish there were more pics of jen vi and ben

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