Baby Joy For Christina Aguilera?

Christina Aguilera
Rumor has it that Christina Aguilera is pregnant! The young songstress visited a maternity doctor on Thursday.

Christina and husband Jordan Bratman had their driver drop them off at New York’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Association – a practice known for their expertise in high-risk pregnancies and state-of-the-art ultrasounds. She seems way to young to NEED that kind of medical attention, but I can totally understand why an expectant mother would choose that if they could afford it!

After leaving the doctor’s office, Christina and Jordan stopped at Capitale on the Lower East Side for a meal.

A rep for Christina has refused to comment.
Her silver ballet flats are adorable! She is a girl who was always beautiful, but has aged REALLY well. I know she is only 26, but she keeps looking better! I don’t actually follow her musical career closely or anything, but I am aware that she is an AMAZING vocal artist. It doesn’t hurt that she is amazingly beautiful to boot!



  1. says

    Actually when people say Christina Aguilera is just doing Lady Gaga thing I think they are wrong. She did that way before Lady Gaga. If you look at her video for “Fighter”, Christina did the whole eccentric look before Gaga even started it.

  2. says

    Christina Aguilera is so pretty.I love the way she turned out somehow she is not a screw up like Brittany.She is such a good ideal model.

  3. Deenah says

    Chrisina and Britney are great friends even though they kissed each other in public congrats Xtina.

  4. deborah says

    wow! isnt christina looking more beautiful everyday.
    i do so hope that she is expecting a little one as she and jordan are more than ready for a baby. she has had her career. now she can settle down and be a mommy. i hope that she will have a healthy baby. at least she is taking care of herself unlike some mothers who smoke drink and dont give a damn about their unborn. i love u xtina. good luck. x x x x

  5. Analise says

    Webmistress once again strikes gold “She seems way to young to NEED that kind of medical attention”. Only older women have pregnancy complications, right?. That comment totally pisses me off. Maybe if you had a high risk pregnancy you would THINK before you type.

    How many miscarriages have you had WM? How many babies have you buried? How much bedrest and hospitalization? How many trips to the NICU? I’ve done them all. It isn’t about age. Try educating yourself.

  6. Laura says

    I agree about the high risk comment!!!! The webmistress sometimes just makes assumptions and little comments that make me crazy. I am expecting my first baby, am 28 and I was born with a heart condition so even though my baby probably won’t have a problem, I go to the same kind of high risk doctors. Better safe than sorry!! It’s not a matter of age, some people can have real concerns!

  7. the REAL DMITZ says

    Maybe Christina is ready to slow it down. Plus when Brit got pregnant, she and Christina weren’t on the best of terms. It was afterwards when Christina sent a baby gift to Britney did they make ammends.

    Anyway, if they are preg, congrats to the happy couple. They look so happy together.

  8. Andrea says

    Hmm. She’s the same one who said Brittney’s career was just about over when she became pregnant with Sean Preston. Maybe she owes someone an apology if this pregnancy rumor is true….

  9. Mary says

    After her song dirty, I thought sh ehad lost the plot, but thanks to Jordan, she is back on track. She is a great girl with a great voice and does not need to flash her privates to get an audience. I wish her all the best and if she is pregnant, all the better. If Britney had married a more grounded character, amy be she would not have ended up lose like she is now.

  10. stacey says

    congrats!! she has changed alot in the past few years. prefer britney!! and number 10 learn to f**kin spell

  11. gweny says

    Christina will make a great mom, she has been with jordan for a long time and she is very secussful with her singing curior. she should setal down nad have a baby

  12. flower girl says

    I too was a little surprised by the comment that she is too young to need extra attention. I had my son when I was 27, was on bed rest for weeks and he was still born 6 weeks early. Age is not the only factor in pregnancy complications.
    Anyway, congrats to CA if she is expecting!

  13. zoe says

    She has blossomed into a beautiful women.
    If she is pregnant, huge congratualtions.
    And to say she seems to young to “need that kind of medical attention” is a bit naive. I’m 27 and just had my 2nd son who was born with a heart defect, thus my pregnancy required a lot of attention and was classed as high risk. Things happen in pregnancy web mistress, not all pregnancies are plain sailing, and even celebs can have problems!

  14. Lauren says

    I hope she is pregnant. Christina and Jordan would make good parents. I admire Christina for re-inventing her look and sound and not taking the route of Britney. 🙂

  15. JJ says

    I’m glad that X-tina is no longer sporting the trashy look from a few years ago. So very glad! She looks pretty good these days. Although her make-up is applied with a heavy hand. When I see her with minimal make-up she looks really pretty. She’s still young though so she can do the heavy make-up look and not appear aged. She’s so tiny though, I can’t picture her pregnant.

  16. H says

    It’s amazing to think that she and Britney started out so similar, and Christina has become such a classy and beautiful lady… and B has… well, not. Who would’ve guessed? But if she is pregnant, all the best to her. I think she would make a terrific mother.

  17. carleigh says

    I hope she is pregnant, she has really blossomed into a beautiful woman more so in the past two years since she got married. I know that she is very in love w/ her husband and that a baby would make their life complete! Go Christina……you are beautiful!

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