Charlotte Church & Myleene Klass Exhibit Their Expectant Glow At The Glamour Awards

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

An expectant Charlotte Church, 21, looked beautiful at this year’s Glamour Awards.

The Welsh singer received the award for TV Personality of the Year.

Last year a tipsy Charlotte Church made a foul mouthed acceptance speech but this year she was six months pregnant and sober as she accepted her award for TV Personality of the Year.

Charlotte still raised a laugh this year, telling the audience: “I am really f***ing sober.

“I want you all to get drunk and have a few drinks for me, you bastards.”

Fellow chat show host Paul O’Grady presented her award and had guests in stitches when he said: “She’s pretending she’s heavily pregnant. She isn’t – she’s been shoplifting. She’s got an oven ready chicken and a spin dryer up her frock.”

An expectant Myleene Klass, model and former bandmember of Hear’Say, also attended.

Myleene Klass
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  1. fiona says

    i think myleene klass and charlotte church will make good mummys. and i hope the best for them but gavin does not look like the nappy changing kind.

  2. Zbella says

    JJ Does that stand for Judgemental Jerk? That’s ALL you do. 21 is not too young. She’ll do just fine. Now, if you’re worried about divorce, that happens to people of all ages – and more so for celebrities… I also don’t have a problem with older mothers. I would like to see mothers of all ages support each other rather than judge each other.

  3. obnoxious spice says

    oh come on minksymom….

    if you were a newborn, you would take one look at those massive hooters and think all your christmases have come at once!!

    bet her fiance isn’t complaining either!!

    i missed my massive boobies when i stopped breastfeeding!! oh ok, they weren’t THAT massive, but they were to me….

  4. obnoxious spice says

    classing 19 as ‘too young to have a baby’ is only a modern thing…

    around thirty years ago it had been the standard age for a very very long time, and the majority of people who had their children then at that age are still with their partners in happy and loving families now..but the world changes doesn’t it…

    there is a big difference between a persons mental age and their physical age if you ask me…

    there are some people out there who are thirty five having babies who aren’t mentally ready or in a stable enough relationship or one that will ‘last’…

    good luck to her i say, i wish them all the best…
    it would be a waste if she didn’t breastfeed!!

  5. nioami - uk says

    As i’m from uk i’ve seem charl in mags an on tv alot and with her loving boyfriend and supportive family she’ll do a brill job at being a mam! I agree with #9 being young doesnt mean she’ll be a bad mam and pein young parent doesnt always end in a break-up! So stop being so judgmental of charl an gavin’s choice!

  6. CherryPeaPod says

    I’m expecting our first child due around the same time as Charlotte, I’ll be 22 then. I suppose it is quite a young age but I’m fairly mature, I’ll be a proud young mum and raise my child well, hopefully! – being young does not mean you’ll be a terrible mum and have no clue how to care for/raise a child.
    I have an issue with OLDer mothers.

    The comment about Charlotte being shy and quiet made me laugh! She is the complete opposite, sometimes a little OTT but I think she’s fabulous and certain to be a brilliant mum. She’s obviously taking things seriously – She gave up drinking!! haha She was a total ‘piss head’ prior to becoming pregnant.
    She looks gorgeous but those boobs are just scary!

  7. JJ says

    yup! I agree, 21 is way too young to be having a child…look what happened to Britney, Reese, and a whole slew of other young celebrity moms…d-i-v-o-r-c-e!

  8. Andrea says

    I thought she would be more classy, too. That’s the impression I got when I listened to her sing. I guess she’s not.
    Love that song she did with Josh Groban, “The Prayer”.

  9. Lauren says

    Charlotte looks beautiful. 21 is still young to be starting a family but Best Wishes to her and Gavin!

  10. Peige says

    Believe me Charlotte is anything but shy!!! LOL she was when she was younger but then when she hit 16 she turned into a real party girl and was known in the British press for falling out of clubs drunk, smoking heavily and having really unsuitable boyfriends and was generally a bit wild. However since she ditched her scum bag boyfriends and started dating Welsh Rugby star Gavin Henson he seems to have been a calming and mature influence on her. Saying that the language she uses is still very colourful (and thats putting it politely LOL) on her tv talk show she is constantly swearing using very bad language. So she still a long way from her VOICE OF AN ANGEL reputation which she once had. Perhaps this new baby will calm her down further. Galvin is still a very good influence in her life and I hope they stay together and bring up a cute little family. Shes only just turned 21 so is quite young to be a mum but Gavin is about 25!

  11. phnxgirl says

    I feel unbelievably flat chested as I look at these pictures. 😉 I have never really heard of Charlotte, but she is a cutie.

  12. Just me says

    I never listened to her music, but I always thought Charlotte was kind of a shy, quiet, classy girl. Guess not.

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