Britney & Her Beautiful Babies In Hawaii

Britney Spears

A bodacious Britney was snapped on family vacation in Hawaii on Wednesday with 20-month-old Sean Preston and 8-month-old Jayden James. The family enjoyed lounging by the pool. So great to be seeing more of Jayden James!



  1. Taylor M says

    You are the biggest loser of all Libraesque. I see you are back to your old habit of cursing again. You seem like a very Irate person. IMO it is silly to get so angry with someone posting on a baby blog. There are more important things to be angry and upset about in this world. Such as violence, racism, and hunger. Just to name a few.

  2. Taylor M says

    I am honored that you find me so intriguing Libraesque, that you have to count how many posts I have written.

    And again I am IMPRESSED! no cursing in this post either. You should give yourself a pat on the back today. Very good.

  3. LIBRAESQUE says

    uh, 49 and counting

    what is WRONG with you?

    comment about Britney OR SHUT UP

  4. Taylor M says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Libraesque,
    you we’re finally able to write a post without CURSING.
    I am very proud of you today.

  5. LIBRAESQUE says

    Taylor, you don’t belong here
    You’ve NEVER made one single comment that’s on topic
    Other than your racist rants, posting with other peoples user names, then coming back and LYING about it, you posted 20 some odd comments about other peoples language on the Suri post

    get over it
    move on

    NO ONE wants to hear what you have to say and you’ve stunk up this site enough

    stay on topic or GET OUT

  6. LIBRAESQUE says

    BLURB, I suggest you be able to follow a simple post and be able to read and comprehend the simpilist of things before making a comment to someone….NOWHERE in my post am I quoted as saying it’s anyones fault for being bi-racial

    please read and be able to follow before asking questions

  7. fiona says

    i think its good that britney is out with her kids with all the trouble she has with the magazines and with kevin F

  8. Jodie says

    i don’t think you know me, do you?? so how can you possibly judge? and for your information, I already have kids!!

    the woman is as trashy as they come. she is vile. she’s had a breakdown and she parties til all hours. she does drugs, what else does she do? god only knows. i’d be surprised if those kids even know who their mother is.

  9. oriana says

    Xena, my DEAAR!!!, hope things are good with you and the family! I love the picture of the boys, they are both very cute to me and the little one is so precious with his fat little legs!!

    I don’t get why she wears the wig swimming, it looks awful to me, I loved Bald Britney! I thought she looked great.

    Xena, when you fix hair, do you wash and style it also? Is it hard to do? Do the families tell you how they want it, do they show you pictures or do you just go ahead and do the best you can do? I have been wondering about that. How many years have you been doing this type of work? It would be so difficult for too many people, it takes special people to do this type of work!!!!!!!!!

  10. Xenafan96 says

    Hiya Miss Oriana! Loved the email with the mommy dog in it 🙂
    Sean P. is growing like a weed, and in IMO, Jayden looks alot like Sean did at that age. I think someone else noticed they were looking like twins also?-totally agree!

  11. Taylor M says

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being bi-racial. Every child is beautiful and deserves to be accepted and loved.

  12. gweny says

    her babies are beasts! they r huge, but i still think sean is cute, hen needs to cut his hair

  13. blurb says

    Thank you to whoever stood up for Libraesque’s reputation; I apoligize for attributing any type of racist comment to Libraesque.

    Sometimes I think that people who don’t consider themselves racist don’t realize just how racist they are when they says things like “it’s not their FAULT” that they’re bi-racial as if being bi-racial is a handicap or defect or any type of inferiority!

  14. comment to blurb says

    if you read her post again, you will see that it WASN’T libraesque who used that word, or even posted that comment…
    ‘TAYLOR M’ posted it…
    libraesque was showing us what two other posters had written about/to her
    oh, and no, what the hell COULD be wrong with being bi-racial??? i think that was a STUPID and THINLY VEILED racist remark myself..but from the comments i have read today, i think it is obvious that this taylor poster is a trouble maker and has some kind of vendetta on other posters, which is a shame and rather silly on a baby site

  15. blurb says

    Dear Libraesque – What do you mean “fault”? (In you #49 post). Is there something wrong with being bi-racial??

  16. myrna says

    Let’s be honest please! Her babies are adorable and very handsome. I have seen black babies that are so adorable, handsome, and beautiful as well. But come on!! Z Angelina’s daughter and Heidi’s son Leni, are far from been pretty and handsome…Yikes!!!

  17. N says

    OK…. I know exactly what is going on. A few days ago some racists people…colonel sanders, nigles up north, amyy (i think)….and some others were doing their usual racist talk on the Heidi threads. Then all of a sudden they began to use your handle to post negative comments. Since I have been posting to this site for a while now… I knew when they were using Lib and Fifi’s, it was a few others I forget, handles that it wasnt really you guys. But Happy Girl and Taylor N are new names to me so they might not recognize your “real” post.

  18. Taylor M says

    Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself Libraesque. I see your language has still not improved. You must believe a lot of low-lifes such as yourself occupy this site.

  19. LIBRAESQUE says

    FACT-Here is my post:
    AAAWWW, so good to see britney back with her babies.

    here is happy girls psychotic response:
    Yeah and since they are white, you having nothing cruel to say about them right lib? White babies are the only ones worthy of praise according to lib and her racist friends. Black babies dont stand a chance here at baby razzi

    then on the Suri thread OUT OF NOWHERE “Taylor N” says this to me:
    You my dear are absolutely insane. And for the record I don’t have any children vermin. My wish is for racists idiots like you to not be prejudiced but ,I don’t believe that will ever happen so instead I wish all of you would just vanish off the face of the earth, I never wished death to anyone! You come here and insult little innocent children, because they are bi-racial. (as if it is their fault)….then you expect people to tolerate that kind of behavior. Well it’s unacceptable to me and many others.

    SO I asked both of these liars to produce any evidence to back up such a henious accusation. Neither one of these COWARDS responded.
    So I produced this proof that I am not a racist:
    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

    to which these COWARDS have never acknowledged that they are bizarre, hateful lying douchebags

  20. obnoxious spice says

    wow N – what a mature attitude to have regarding other posters…
    the fact is we will ALL have differing opinions about celebs on this site…just as we will all have differing opinions on music, food, clothes etc..THAT IS JUST LIFE
    to accuse someone of something so significant as racism is something which should be backed up by proof, such as links to comments made etc, which is something someone would happily do if they HAD that kind of proof…
    unfortunately, today, there has been someone posting under two different names who has been behaving in such a manner she has made me swear online for the first time EVER.. i despise lying…..differing opinions ‘annoy’ me at times, but i still respect them, but lying, well, that is what cowards and trouble makers do..

  21. N says

    Well…I dont know why they called Lib a racist.
    I was just saying that if someone calls someone else a racist that is an opinion. Just like calling someone a bad mom is an opinion. Although you may know or believe it to be a false statement……it is still an opinion.

  22. obnoxious spice says

    the real DMITZ –
    i feel sorry for you…your name has been used a lot over the past few days on various threads….
    it’s pathetic..i believe people should have the courage of their convictions and be able to comment under their OWN name consistantly…
    otherwise they are cowards

  23. LIBRAESQUE says

    here you demented PIG “happy girl”

    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

    go ahead call me racist again you FREAK

  24. LIBRAESQUE says

    I honestly don’t get these psychopaths that come here and try to start trouble by lying about something as serious as racism. People disagree with other peoples views and THAT is what people resort to?
    It’s SICK
    you’re so demented and pathetic that you have to lie……on a baby blog site
    jesus christ

    And are you SO idiotic that you don’t think the people you’re accusing of being racist aren’t going to turn around and say “oh really….PROVE IT…where are the racist comments”

    I’m actually embarassed for these people….or should I say THIS PERSON who posts as “happy girl” and “Taylor M”

  25. obnoxious spice says

    N – i personally find it vulgar as there is no truth to this particular comment.

    i find it vulgar as it is an outright lie

    racism is a serious issue and today someone has been going around from thread to thread saying this comment,

    then conveniently leaving when asked to provide links to where any racist comments where made

    one definition of the word vulgar is something that is “lewdly or profanely indecent’ which is how i found that accusation

  26. libby says

    its about time. but i love to see her with her babies. jayden looks exactle like sean did when he was that age.

  27. N says

    Accusing someone of racism is not vulgar..its an opinion of that person and what they say/type. Just like saying someone is a bad mom is an opinion.

    “either back your shit up or shut the fuck up ” is vulgar language. To some…… not all.

  28. obnoxious spice says

    well what about vulgar comments?

    accusing people of something as serious as racism is BEYOND vulgar to me!!

  29. the REAL DMITZ says

    I suggest that people should mind the type of language they use on this blog.Vulgar language will no longer be tolerated.

  30. Meanie Spice says

    and yea, why don’t you do what #19 suggested and reference what thread these racist comments are you

    either back your shit up or shut the fuck up with your idiotic ramblings

  31. Meanie Spice says

    “happy girl” WHAT the fuck are you going on and on about. Someone posts something about britneys kids and you call them racist?
    are you NUTS????
    do yourself a favor honey, get to your local Walgreens ASAP and get that prescription refilled

  32. N says

    Her children are beautiful to me. I also think that Britney is pretty. I think she will make a comeback when shes ready.

  33. obnoxious spice says

    minksymom –

    i only posted what i did above, in response to the comments from ‘happygirl’ further above mine..

    i actually found them insulting and inaccurate…and felt i needed to address the inaccuracies in her claims about ‘lib and her friends’ – of which i am included in that group…

    i agree with you though, i too, find it annoying and irrelevent when people drag in other threads, celebs etc on blogs where it isn’t necessary and generally endeavour to stick to the topic at hand, this occasion being an exception due to the personal attacks at hand..

  34. minkysmom says

    heidi and her family and dumb things said about zahara have nothing to do with the picture on here at all. comments should be about the topic at hand.

  35. the REAL DMITZ says

    It is nice to see Britney out w/both of her kids. I prefer these pics of her w/her children then all the other pics shown on here (about Britney). Hope she is getting back on track.

  36. Brenda says

    It is about time that we got to see Jayden. He looks just his brother. They are both very cute kids. I also think that if the poparazzi would leave Brittany alone that she can be a Great mom to her two boys. But take it from someone that has two boys she does have her hands full. I hope she keeps up the good work that she is doing. There is not one person on earth that has not had a promble in there life and I think Brittany is doing a great job of trying to put her life back together. Keep up the Great Work Brittany and all the Best.

  37. Tia says

    Cute kids!

    I agree with #20….everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. Why do people feel the need to start crap on here?? leave things be for christ sakes.

  38. says

    I dont think that these kids are that cute…
    I also think that those bikinis look ridiculus on both of them….
    In addition, just because Lib does not think that Henery is cute, does not make her a racist….

  39. obnoxious spice says

    Happy Girl – I am one of lib’s ‘friends’ and i take great offence that you are accusing us of being racists!!
    would you kindly post the dates where lib has made these alleged ‘racist’ comments…

    as for one of heidi’s son’s looking like a troll – have you not seen a troll doll – the hair is exactly the same !! and i happen to find that rather cute…that in no way means myself or any others who see the resemblence are racists!!

    as a matter of a fact – when all the nasty racist comments were posted by some sicko on the last heidi pic thread – the majority of us posted IMMEDIATELY in disgust at the comments that were being written…

    ok, lib might not have the same opinions on some of the ‘celebs’ that are pictured here as others, not everyone IS going to think/feel the same way about people..that is the real world…but one thing you CANNOT accuse her, or her friends, of being is ‘closed minded’ or racists…

    please, if you are going to post such significant character assasinations about others, please be entirely sure of what you are posting and also be able to provide proof of what you say…

    i agree, it appears you are very bitter towards here, obviously she has put you in your place in the past hence the unprovoked aggro at her and people associated with her….get over it …

  40. Miapocca says

    Happy girl is seriously projecting… you seriously have such terrible thought about Black Children that you have to project on someone else….\

    Another low grade thinker….have to make jabs and accusations to make herself feel good about being a certain way

  41. pamela says

    Well i think britany spears boys are so handsom. and britany is a good mom and if the poparazzi and other people would let her be she will do just fine. raising her boys.she is better now and she is concetrating on raising her sons and her carreer. let her be.

  42. pamela says

    Well i think britany spears boys are so handsom. and britany is a good mom and if the poparazzi and other people would let her be she will do just fine. raising her boys.she is better now and she is concetrating on raising her sons and her carreer. let her be.

  43. Lauren says

    How cute. Sean and Jayden are adorable. Who knew that K-Fed makes such beautiful kids? It’s nice to see Brit having a family vacation with her beautiful boys. Jayden and Sean are going to be heartbreakers for sure! 🙂

  44. JJ says

    SP looks a whole lot cuter now than he did when he was younger…never did find him cute as a baby – but now as a toddler he is quite cute – I prefer toddlers over babies…babies are boring – can’t even have a conversation with them.

  45. Keni says

    U remember when she had SP, he was everywhere with her? All the time? She released his pic to PPL mag… I wonder what changed with this son?

    Its good to see doin better than she was a few short months ago…

    I think these pics are a lil invasive of her privacy though…

  46. telling like it is says

    it’s not that, they think he’s just looks like a troll Amy Y, they say stupid, ignorent stuff about this little adorable innocent child! Now, I have seen alot of babies, and at first that baby might look a little funny, but then develop into a beautiful swan! They(rednecks) say stupid stuff about some 1960 Alabama crap, and try to spread hate, and stupity around the world, this is a baby blog, not a racist site

  47. Turkish Delight says

    First of all….someone needs to pull that major wedgie out of SP’s arse!

    Second….just because they make bikini’s in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear one!

    Third…..Has cousin Alli been surgically attached to Britney’s hip?

    Fourth….damn paparrazzi! The price of Jaydens head just went down a few thousand with the release of this “first” picture!

  48. happy girl says

    I’m not bitter at all Kimmy, just stating facts. I believe lib and her close minded, racists friends would like nothing more than to have an all “white race” society like Hitler tried to create. And we all know what became of him.

  49. AmyY says

    Still not a clear face on shot of Jayden. Its hard to really tell what he looks like. And #2, just because everyone thinks Heidi Klums first son looks like a troll doesnt mean they are racist. They say her second son is cute.. just not the 1st so get over it already

  50. phnxgirl says

    #5 – I read in a magazine that she actually had enough hair, like 2 inches, to get extensions put in.

  51. dumb rednecks says

    I do agree with that statement partially! It is nice to see her out with her family! Now, all the nagging housewifes can stop crying in their beer, about how they don’t never see Jayden James………WELL, There he is! I think Heidi’d family is cute, as hell! All of her kids is going to be heartbreakers, and if the racist jackasses don’t like it, who cares, we don’t have to live through them! their opinion is soooooooooo small, so I don’t care about what they think!

  52. happy girl says

    Yeah and since they are white, you having nothing cruel to say about them right lib? White babies are the only ones worthy of praise according to lib and her racist friends. Black babies dont stand a chance here at baby razzi

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