Sarah Jessica Parker & James

Sarah Jessica Parker

Below is an excerpt from Sarah’s interview with People magazine:

James Wilkie is 4 now. Has he begun asking tough questions?

He goes to school with a lot of kids who have different families from his, so he’ll be like, “Jen has two mommas” or “Charlie has two poppas.” And so we’ve been talking about what it is to be gay; I want him to understand it in terms that aren’t overwhelming to him. But he asks about everything. Death is a very big conversation piece.

Do you have trouble explaining these things to him?

Actually, the things that are far more complicatedfor me to answer are any kind of science questions. He has a really keen interest in science. I have basic fundamental knowledge – but I don’t know what he’s going to do about homework! I’m glad my husband’s smart about that sort of thing.

Star magazine


  1. oriana says

    He is cute, looks just like his Dad, she dresses him really cute too, have seen several pictures and she is a proud and happy mother to him.

  2. says

    I saw this pic about a week ago. I think her eyes are amazing. James never looks the same in any pics to me… I saw a pic of colin farrell’s son 2day(his name is also James) and I have to say, he is absolutely adorable!!!!! He is one cute child! But I have only seen about 3 pics of him before, and they were all when he was much younger, I didnt even know that he was 3! But honestly he is such a cutie 🙂 Anyone else seen pics of him?

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