Kate Hudson & Ryder In Santa Monica

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson was snapped with Ryder, 3, following lunch in Santa Monica on Tuesday. Kate recently split from boyfriend Owen Wilson.



  1. says

    i agree with the latter on this board. he is a cutie but i personally never liked long hair on guys/little boys. his long hair does make him look a bit messy. and with the tattoo, again my opinion but i dont agree with it. and it certainly does not favor the style she has for him already. he would look a lot more put together with a short cut n no tats. slam me if u like, but i am entitled to my opinion about him. other than that, he has a very cute face and i’ve always loved kate hudson.

  2. Michelle says

    Now I’m not a long-haired-boy hater like 50% of the people who patronize this website are; but if it’ll make you feel any better: when the parents let their pre-teen kids have long hair, they’ll nearly-always get it all cut off when they hit their teens. Alternately, most all long-haired teens had short hair when they were youngsters; 90% of either way is just a form of teenage rebellion, while 10% actually look at it fashionably. But my point is, for all you “boys must be short; girls must be long” pedants, take heart in the fact that, when you’re viewing this site in 2017, his hair will be nice and short for you! As for Ryder’s, i’m not a fan of wild-weed long hair on boys, but now that Kate’s gotten it cut and styled, it’s boffo.

  3. Mary says

    Glad she split from Owen, he is a douche, her husband was no better. She must reasses her choice in men. Ryder is a doll but he needs a hair cut.

  4. kimmy says

    The kid looks like a homely hippie- sorry just being honest. Now remember all you people that slam on opinions-this is a blog.

  5. Peige says

    ali is so right Kate is always photographed with her little man and seems a very sweet girl and extremely caring mum. When some celebs aren’t seen much with their kids (some) people critise and say they are bad mothers and when other celebs are seen with their kids people say they are to clingy. What do you people want??? As for Ryders hair it is long but I don’t agree with it being unclean it always looks washed to me its just that its long. And so what if it is maybe he likes it that way its not harming him. If everyone had the same style the world would be a very boring place!!

  6. mommy says

    I didn’t know she split with Owen, hmm….. I have seen MANY pictures of Ryder walking. It’s probably MUCH SAFER for her to carry him anyways.

  7. ali says

    A) Her carrying him all the time is no BFD…actually it speaks volumes for her fitness, she’s got to be what 95 lbs. soaking wet…he’s half her size!
    B) His hair is great…obviously taken care of (cut and clean)
    C) Many many first children (and first time moms) are clingy, my oldest was four before he let me get more than four feet away from him.
    I like Kate, she’s beautiful, seems so sweet and really seems like a hands on mom…I hope she finds happiness in her personal life…seems like she’s mirroring mom a bit in that category, maybe she’ll get lucky like mom did.

  8. Miranda says

    Please you all, give it up. He’s hair will look like that all the time, and you better start deal with it. I love it the way it is.

  9. JJ says

    Celine Dion is wacked – I would not take an iota of fashion advice from that nimrod – she’s made some major fashion mistakes with regard to herself- its no wonder she’s encouraging her boy to look like a girl…

  10. Jacquie says

    What is with the long hair on boys?? Look at Celine Dion’s son? His hair seriously makes him look like a girl.

  11. JJ says

    something about this kid bugs me! I think he might be too attached to his mother…I read about that on a celebrity blog — he has to be held a lot and he’s too clingy – that might have been a factor in Owen and Kate’s break-up…I agree with Julie…he def. needs a hair cut

  12. says

    Not that I dont understand the fact that its much safer too carry your kids when your constantly being followed around, but i have never seen a picture of this kid walking… He looks nothing like his dad, only the long hair. I think he looks like his mum a lot.. Never was one of my favourites or anything like that… He’s ok

  13. Julie says

    Ok, I have to say this even though I’ll get slammed for it. Every time we see this little boy, he looks like a scrub. With the long hair, faux tattoo on his arm, weird cowboy boots…all he needs now is a beer in his hand and he’ll look like he’s straight out of the trailer park. Maybe I’m being mean, but you can’t deny that he always looks in need of a good clean-up.

  14. Lauren says

    Kate is such a beautiful and loving mother. I never see Ryder pictured with Chris though. I wonder if Kate has primary custody. Ryder looks a lot like his dad now.

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