1. isa says

    If a have to choose bettwin shiloh, violet or Suri. I thing that Suri win the first prize,then on second shiloh and the last violet. suri is the princes of the u.s.a.

  2. Are you kidding says

    #17 what are you smoking today. Violet has nothing unique about her..I would love to see what you think is so unique about her? You mentioned all the cookie cutter babies, I would love to see what babies your talking about.

  3. Kate says

    How could anyone look at this picture and not see a touching moment between a loving mother and a BEAUTIFUL child? The truth is that the only ugliness around here comes from those who speak crudely about a sweet and innocent baby. Jennifer, by the way is also very attractive, the comment about her looking like a horse is ridiculous! Those of you who spoke rudely above ought to be ashamed and embarassed.

  4. oriana says

    I really don’t think these pictures are staged, I think they are a genuine family enjoying themeselves at the Park, must be close to their house.

  5. gweny says

    I luv them, Jen is so mother and Ben is a great dad. they are great parents. i luv violet she is such an angel!

  6. gweny says

    I luv them, Jen is so mother and Ben is a great dad. they are great parents. i luv violet she is such an angel!

  7. H says

    I think Violet looks so cute and unique from all the other cookie cutter babies.

    She is such a happy and bright child thanks to a fabulous and wonderfully interactive mother.

    Jen Garner seems so in her element as a mother.

  8. Jen says

    Gorgeous baby! That smile just makes you happy.
    She is a very content little baby and a lucky one too.

  9. says

    I love that smile! that smile, is worth a hundred words! I love, how she(jennifer) is so into tune with her baby! It’s like, to her that nothing better in this world could have happen to her, and honestly their pictures..make me seriously think about having a baby soon! LOVE

  10. Peige says

    No baby is uncute, every child is cute in their own way. However I do agree that some babies/children can be more prettier than others but I’d never agree a baby wasn’t cute. I think Violet is a cute with her little dimples but I wouldn’t say she was the prettiest baby I’d seen but shes definately a cutie pie!!

  11. KellyMay says

    Huh, Violet is ugly?!? Wow, my heart aches for your children or future children, not all are blessed with being physically beautiful, but what is inside radiates to the outside. There is no amount of beauty that makes up for your ugliness!

    Violet IMO is beautiful as is her mommy! That child is always smiling, something every mother should only hope to see in their own children an obvious sign of a happy life! If that isn’t beautiful then your surely missing out!

  12. Mork says

    I dont see how anyone could think Vi is cute! She really isnt. Lets just hope she grows into her looks. Maybe a boy baby would look like Ben and be spared Jens horse features

  13. anna says

    that is the ugliest kid i have ever seen. she did not get anything pretty from her mom. i hope she and ben don’t have another baby. for the sake of the baby.

  14. Lauren says

    How adorable! Violet’s dimples are just 2 cute. Jen and Violet are a beautiful mother-daughter pair.

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