Denise Richards Takes Daughters To A Princess Pampering Party!

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise Richards took Sam and Lola to the “princess pampering party” at the launch of Kidada for Disney Couture collection featuring jewellery and loungewear designed by Kidada Jones in LA on May 31st. Kidada is the daughter of music composer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton.

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  1. Cassandra says

    Hey guys maybe Sam is just tired or spoiled rotten and didn’t get something wanted being a celebrity, with two kids, and a divorce can be very had and she is doing the best she can, and i thought it was inappropriate to say Sam might grow up with serious mental problems but so could your children Lots of kids go through divorces that screw there lives up but that doesn’t mean they will be psychotic. And why can’t a three year old suck there thumb? Children develop in different stages, sometimes it takes longer for others than other plus there was a lot of cameras and unfamiliar faces around Sam she could just be anxious and suck her thumb in habit or as a comfort to her insecurity. If your family was under a microscope practically 24/7 they’d call you physco too.

  2. Kate says

    It’s pretty repulsive how crossly people will speak of little children. Lola and Sam are adorable little girls. I have seen many pictures of them smiling before. However, some children are just easily irritable. I wouldn’t want to be stalked by the paparazzi every time I went out either. Think about it, that’s a pretty big invasion of these little girls’ space. It might be scary for them to have a bunch of people with bright flashy cameras in their faces which distracts their mothers attention away from them. As for the thumb-sucking, me and all 4 of my siblings sucked our thumbs until we were at least 5 or 6 and our teeth are straight as can be. It’s also not necessarally an indicator of any stress or mental problems as some have suggested. It’s a comforting behavior that many children do.

  3. oriana says

    I think the Call girl thing is a rumor. I only know of two movies that I ever saw her in, one she was in A Bond movie, and then one with Neve Campbell, had some pretty hot love scenes kissing her too, other than that, don’t know that much, other than very close to her Mom who has cancer, supposed to be a wholesome person, no drugs, party type, like Miss Paris trash Hilton!!!

    I do think the little one is very cute, Sam always looks sullen most of the time, prob tired and also doesn’t like the paps in her face.

  4. obnoxious spice says

    i know NOTHING of this mother really, other than she was married to charlie then hooked up with her ex best friends ex…
    is she REALLY as bad as people CONTINUALLY post???
    WOW….what did she do???
    it DOES seem strange that she is always in these ‘candid’ photo ops with her kids (who always look a bit miserable)
    I am dying to know some background if anyone doesn’t mind obliging me….

  5. says

    I really dont like girls who are extremely girly and pinkys, and lola and sam are too much of that, I hope when they grow up they change

  6. EmilyInLA says

    Yes, she was a call girl. It’s pretty well know within LA and the industry. I also think it’s disgusting she posed in Playboy shortly after giving birth, just to show off her body. I mean really, is that the exapmle she wants to set for her girls?

  7. Essie says

    I think that call girl thing is just a rumor. I’ve never believed it. Denise is from a good family. However, I do agree that Denise always seems to be having more fun than her girls!!!

  8. Ricky says

    Hmmm… 1 in 15 have a positive comment. Denise Richards is so repulsive. No, children don’t always have to be smiling but these kids look completely miseralbe. She is a terrible mother – especially to girls! A leopard CANNOT change it’s spots. A former call girl??!!??!! Stands on balconies making out with a guy that was your friends husband?? GROSS. If she had to have kids it would have been (slightly) better if they were boys. Those girls are screwed! Anyone who disputes this is gross too and souldn’t be a mother either. And if your argument is that “we all make mistakes”… we aren’t famous and knowingly being sleazy where paps can take our photo for all the world to see. It would be a different story if she was doing and didn’t have two children at home.

  9. JJ says

    thumb-sucking, blanky-toting, grumpy faced kid – why even bother posting stories about this family – same old story!!

  10. alimommy says

    Her kids, especially the older one, always look miserable in photos. Makes me sick that she’s always parading them around. She’s known for nothing more than marrying Charlie Sheen, who met her when she was a callgirl for Heidi Fleiss.

  11. says

    She always looks more excited than the kids. lol. Get real people, everyone has bad days, and I’ve seen these kids looking very happy before. They are happy kids and she’s a great mum regardless of what.

  12. fifi trooper says

    Another photo op for Denise Richardson HMMMM! I bet you that when she goes home, the first thing she do is hand her kids off to the nannie, and then she goes, and cry to Richie S. trying, and crying for him to come back to her! She really isn’t talented at all! The only 2 things that she is good for is: taking somebody else’s man, and trying to ruin careers!

  13. kelly says

    i have to agree, her kid’s are going to have serious problem’s. i think denise is the only one that has fun, she has seriuos problem’s to, let your kid’s be kid’s and out of the limelight. denise call’s the paparazzi everytime they go out of the house. she is pushing all her issue’s on to her 2 daughter’s. they alway’s look so mean and pouty. denise is so self centered. she need’s to grow up and stop using her daughter’s for her own selfishness. your not all that. and you have no self worth, you need to stop all of this and just let them be kid’s and have fun. i would be pissed off to if my mom called out the camera’s everytime we went somewhere. i think denise think’s she will be discovered and get a big break. let’s face it, the producer’s are not knocking down her door with script’s. so, she feel’s the need to get any stardom she can by living thru her kid’s. grow up, you need more help then charlie. at least he knew he needed help and got it before he lost anymore time away from his daughter’s. well your not helping matter’s by having camera’s in there face 24/7. let’s face it, they are not that cute and neither are you denise.

  14. sofia says

    yes her kids are stressed out. they never look happy. i wonder why charlie is never photographed with them?

  15. says

    Wow, look at that! She takes her kids out for the day and there just happens to be a photographer sitting there and she just happens to be ok with posing! Give me a sick bucket please!

  16. Essie says

    Perhaps Denise should consider NOT calling the photographers to let them know when she is out with the girls or with a new boyfriend. She will go to the opening of an envelope if it means she will be photographed. The rumor is she loves being photographed to keep her face in the gossip columns and on internet blogs. Otherwise, who would care? The woman doesn’t have a movie or anything else going for her at the moment.

    I personally don’t think thumb sucking is a big deal at age 3 but it does need to be stopped soon.

  17. clara says

    You’d suck your thumb too if your parents were these people and they already splt & introduced you to new partners & split again.

  18. oriana says

    I think Sam is going to have some serious emotional problems when she gets older, and a Child Psychologist would be a good idea right now. She doesn’t look like a happy child to me, have seen only one or two pictures of her with a half way happy look about her.

  19. Karina says


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