Soleil Moon Frye Talks About Dancing To Elmo & The Joys Of Motherhood

Soleil Moon Frye

OMG! I loved Punky Brewster soooo much! Does anyone else remember her super special treehouse!? Her daughter will LOVE getting to watch all the Punky Brewster episodes!

Soleil, 30, opened up about her life with her daughter, Poet Sienna Rose, 1. (Poet will celebrate her second birthday on August 24th!)

The most surprising thing about motherhood? “That I’m learning so much about myself through her,” Soleil told People magazine Saturday at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, a benefit for the homeless in Brentwood, Calif.

“Every day I look in her eyes, and I realize that she’s teaching me. I thought I’d be able to pass on so many lessons, but I think it’s mutual in that we’re teaching each other, and she teaches me about love and life every day. I have to remind myself, she’s a baby! Because she seems so much bigger than life.”

Soleil and Jason, 36, a producer of MTV’s Punk’d, met in 1996 when Soleil pitched him a film script while she was studying film at New York City’s New School University. They were married in Los Angeles in 1998.

Since giving birth to Poet, Soleil says she’s been staying in shape by “constantly running after her! And we do dance parties in the bedroom, so a lot of our exercises are about putting on Elmo and dancing to Elmo’s World on Sesame Street.”

As a former child star who survived early fame with her sanity intact, what would she do if Poet wanted to be an actress? “I don’t know if I’ll have a choice,” she said, “but whatever she wants to do, I’m going to try and support. If she’s anything like I was, my god.”



  1. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    i loved her too..i also watched the Punky Brewster cartoon. Poet looks nothing like mommy does she?? I thought she was a boy at first cuz of the outfit. oops…still cute though- big, beautiful eyes!
    #17- I agree….i “run around” after 4 kids and it’s not how i stay in shape…it’s a celeb cop out so they don’t have to tell their special little Hollywood secrets. there’s plenty of mommas that have 7, 8 kids and run around like CRAZY and actually gain weight so it has nothing to do w/ it. it’s called eating right and REAL exercise, not dancing to Elmo…lol silly rabbit!! lmao

  2. Just me says

    I know it takes a lot of work to be a mom, but, I’m sorry, I get so sick of celeb moms who say they stay in shape by running after 1.5 year old kids. You have to break a sweat during a workout and kids that age just aren’t that fast!

  3. Sandra says

    Wow I would really want to look like I was 15! Jeesh so I could be treated like a teenager everywhere I went. Yup I would be so proud!

    She doesn’t look like she tans, if you look closely at the picture all of those brown spots are freckles! Usually people with freckles tend not to go tanning, why because we burn!

    And Shelly way to use you’re grown up words! Sounds like school is out for the summer where you’re from! Grrrrrreat!

  4. kimmy says

    fan of punky brewster- yeah i’m sure you know her personally huh? I’m also 30 and Iook about half her age. It sounds like you’re the one trying to start. Not everyone is going to agree with you, so shut your piehole.


    i used to watch, and love punky brewster growing up, and I wish that she came back out on a new show! I think her baby is adorable!

  6. Fan of Punky Brewster says

    Kimmy…# 8 Why do you have to get on here and cause shit??? Don’t you have anything better to do in your life? There is nothing wrong with the way Soleil looks, hmmmmm that’s what happens when you get older…As soon as you grow up you will understand what it’s like to get older…And as for tanning beds, she does not use them, so before you mouth out crap that is not true, maybe you should get your facts straight.

    Way to go Punky…You daughter is very beautiful just like you.

  7. Analise says

    How cute. Soleil is always interesting to me to see interviewed. Poet is pretty just like Mommy.

  8. peige says

    How cute!! Is Soleli a fan of Sienna Miller of something as her full name is Sienna Rose Miller and Soleli’s baby is called Poet Sienna Rose!! 🙂

  9. the REAL DMITZ says

    How cute… 🙂 Seems like motherhood is doing her good. I love to hear mothers gush like that about their children. Soleil looks very thin in this picture.

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