Jon Heder Talks Diaper Duty!

Jon Heder

Jon Heder sounds like he an awesome, involved and very enthusiastic father!

“I think I was basically prepared for everything,” Jon, 29, told People magazine at the Surf’s Up premiere in Westwood, Calif., on Saturday when asked if fatherhood had offered any surprises.

“I didn’t realize changing diapers was going to be as fun. That was actually the thing I was most apprehensive about, but now it’s like, Let’s change a diaper! I hope she’s made a doodoo, so I can just change it.”

Jon (star of Napoleon Dynamite) and his wife, Kirsten, welcomed their first child, daughter Evan Jane, in May.

And apparently, Evan Jane enjoys her diaper changes as much as Dad: “She’s always awake and happy and playful when she gets a diaper change,” Jon said.




  1. Fan of Jon Heder says

    Sandra…# 12….I have seen that on several sites also ,and I can’t figure out why they have the 6th as her birthdate, when she was born on the 3rd….All I can come up with is they just don’t want the public to know her actual birthdate, they are very private people when it comes to the media, they like there privacy…I did talk to a family member the day after Evan was born…I have seen several pictures of her and she is a very beautiful baby.

  2. Sandra says

    Thats weird, because a lot of websites say the 6th, but since you “know” the family I will try and believe you.

  3. Fan of Jon Heder says

    # 9…..Evan Heder was not born on April 9,2007……She was born on April 3,2007…They made a typo and I know that because I know the family .

  4. Sandra says

    Some of my fondest memories come from changing my son. Something about putting an infant on the changing table, their little faces just light up with such joy! How I miss that stage!!!!

  5. Fan of Jon Heder says

    Does anybody know who runs this site and where they get there info? Jon Heder and his wife Kirsten did not have there baby girl in May they had her April 3,2007. I don’t know were they get there info but it’s wrong and I think they should not post info that is false.

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