An Expectant Salma Hayek At The Celebration For Children's Rights

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

An expectant Salma Hayek was snapped at the Celebration for Children’s Rights event. She is so gorgeous! Salma was also snapped looking glamorous at the ALMA awards in California last Friday. Salma Hayek


  1. N says

    You know … I wasnt going to comment on the hippy remark… But I was thinking the same thing. I thought hippies were all about love, sex, drugs, freedom, no war, no judgement etc; ….. Lots of sexual freedom during those times….orgies and everythang.

    Was there another kind of hippy?

  2. LIBRAESQUE says

    dori, didn’t you hear the news flash, hatin’ on the gays is SO 5 minutes ago
    and what kind of “hippy” were you…..a Catholic church going “hippy” because hatin’ on the gays is NOT “hippy” mentality, twit

  3. diddlysquat says

    aah…dori..but do men like YOU???
    don’t worry sweetcheeks…i’ll wait for you to get up the courage to come outta the closet..
    I bet you are HOT!!

  4. Meanie Spice says

    dori, do yourself a favor…….go do a little bit of research and see how many degenerate rapists and murderers were raised in same s e x homes

  5. diddlysquat says

    You sound like an intelligent, self-confident woman,
    Just my type.
    Fancy hooking up for a drink sometime – I’ll wear something pretty, might forget my panties if you are extra sweet

  6. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    What did she win an award for??
    She looks better in these pics than the past few i’ve seen but she also was at a function where she had to get her hair and makeup done and probably a stylist that dressed her!! They get too much credit!! LOL We’ve seen what she looks like when she dresses herself!
    Look how swollen her little fingers are…i hated that part!

  7. dori says

    These children today growing up in homes with confused sexual preferences are going to have psychological problems. The generation is new we have yet to see the results of these children as adults. It’s not going to be pretty I’ll tell you that. I’d like to see how many of them turn out gay or bisexual because unlike their parents they didn’t really have a choice their world is all mixed yup. Two moms or two dads. A child needs the influence of a mother and a father. Male and female The way god intended. Children need the proper exposure and balance and be able to make their own choices. I’m glad I was a hippy and from the generation who still thinks this behaviour is obnxious. We tolerate it but we don’t neccessarliy like it.

  8. dori says

    I feel sorry for your children growing up in all that confusion they will have problems when they grow up mark my words you should back in the closet and stay there!!!!

  9. dori says

    ooops I can spot them a mile away I know what i know and I believe what I believe too bad if you don’t like it. I like my generation and the a world which has scrupples. Not women having sex with women and men having sex with men. GROSS GROSS GROSS
    you of the younger generation are way too accepting of things ….it’s you who allows this to be a world of hedonism .

  10. dori says

    see what I mean I can em a mile away I told you that was a not a hetero sexual comment Just to prove my point…..celine is bisexual… weirdo…

  11. celine says

    get over that era. i’m sure yours kids know better than that! i’m not gross, i’m not gay, i’m bisexual. and there are many worthy ppl who are such, with wonderful children of their own too. enough is never enough dori, u’ve got more to see!

  12. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    dori is just a littl ebit in the closet herself..



    …thats hot!!

    amy ,,you are soooo HOT!!!

  13. amy says


    i am SO grateful that the world has progressed from that ‘era’ you were raised in…it sounds so suppressive, judgemental, well, so many horrible things!!

    there IS a reason WHY the world has progressed from that era you know…

    why don’t YOU go and lock YOURSELF in a dark place and stop exposing the rest of us to your hateful comments..

    as a mother of two children, i feel it is my RESPONSIBILITY to raise them to accept EVERYONE, regardless of color, race, sexual preference, etc…god, it’s not like we are talking about pics of salma going at it with a female blogger on this page are we????!!

    can’t you accept or even acknowledge an attractive person the same sex as you ? are you bitter and/or jealous??

    salma looks HOT HOT HOT!! and my hubby agrees…!!!

  14. Nisrine. says

    poor Salma,,she msut be feeling really heavy..its amazing how me and her have very similar physical appearance and pregnancies,,i think my boobs are even bogger than hers(naturally) and my neck is killing me and my back too..i due in august! and it seems for ever,,im a small woman like Salma too and its really hard to put on too much weight on a small size person,,,the last 2month in pregnancy are really awful,,i envy every woman who enjoys her pregnancy,,cos i never did….:'(

  15. Xenafan96 says

    Dori- I am a mother and suffice to say, my children are raised to know hate is not a virtue or value. To quote you:

    29. dori | June 5th, 2007 at 8:39 am
    I think gay people should stay in the closet where they belong and not expose us and our children to your warped sexual prefrences.

    Saying “our children” implies you speak for all the mothers on here, and rest assured, you do not speak for me. I won’t even begin to debate with you on gay rights, as your posts clearly tell me that you wouldn’t even consider an alternative viewpoint. That’s sad. You miss out on alot when you close your mind.

    I am happily heterosexual with a wonderful husband that I love dearly. “Women calling other women hot is not hetero sexual language”. Salma is hot, always has been and always will be simply because she exudes self confidence. There you have it. A married heterosexual woman caling another woman hot.

  16. dori says

    I come from an era where people with weird sexual tendencies hid and didn’t show the world who or what they were and I am disgusted with a generation who accepts these perverts. If we said we don’t approve of your behaviour they would go back into hiding where they belong. I don’t want to see men kissing men and women kissing women Go lock yourselves away in a dark place and don’t expose the rest of us to your perversions. Women calling other women hot is not hetero sexual language.

  17. dori says

    I think gay people should stay in the closet where they belong and not expose us and our children to your warped sexual prefrences.

  18. dori says

    how many days in a row do we have to look at the same articles? This one is now 3 days old. Webmistress you aren’t keeping up with the news….this website is boring not updated enough. day after day same old stuff you only update every few days not much of a news baby blog…

  19. celine says

    i love those tits! she’s really hot! longer skirts go better with her body parts at this stage…

  20. H says

    ~*Miapocca*~ I don’t think the before pic of her in that link is really her. Those boobs look loose, saggy and stretch-marked-doesn’t look like her body at all. Those are boob of someone who has been pregnant and probably breastfed and gained/lost a substantial amount of weight. I think that was some photoshopping. But that’s just my opinion.

  21. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Not totally sure its spetmeber..heard it somewhere, Hopefull its before then..
    word is she is planning a winter wedding , however I I wont be suprised if she is already married.

  22. phnxgirl says

    I think Salma is very pretty and she seems very kind from the interviews I have seen her in, but oh my goodness do I feel for her. If she truly is only about 6 months along she is going to be HUGE by the time she delivers. You gain the most weight in the last trimester, and her last trimester is going to be thru the summer so she will be so miserable. Is September really her due date?

  23. kendra says

    I still don’t think she looks that good pregnant… but well she’s still beautiful and her baby will be as well!

  24. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Andrea..srry to dissapoint you those are nto her boobs..they changed way before she got pregnant.///people didnt notice because she wasnt as famous…

    The after picture was not taken this year…she just got pregnant this year and then she started splling out so everyone started talking…but she did the nose and boob jsut before she exploded to her current status, so ppl never really took notice of her before…with the surgery she quickly became more recognixzable to a lot of folks in the industry…

  25. Andrea says

    This was mentioned before on another picture of her — that she did have a breat job. Those are hers, really, although they did get bigger with the pregnancy.

  26. Lauren says

    She looks gorgeous here. The last pic of her didn’t do her justice. Can’t wait to hear what she has!

  27. AmyY says

    The reason her bump doesnt look very big is because her boobs are so ginormous. If you picture a smaller set of boobs over that stomach it would be big!

  28. stop the madness! says

    OK, this is a good look for her! That t-shirt that she had on last week was killing me! This is Great!

  29. onatear says

    Maybe the baby has “dropped”, which would explain the less bump in the bump! I hope she has a safe and wonderful delivery soon.

  30. jo says

    This is her best picture so far.She really looks nice and her wear really fits her.Funny enough,her bump doesnot look so big.

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