Heidi Klum & Family Enjoy Sunday Brunch

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Here model mom Heidi, 34, was snapped with her mother Erna, daughter Leni, 3, son Henry, 1, and 6-month-old son, Johan enjoying a Sunday brunch. What a beautiful family!


  1. Peace&love says

    Let me first say that Diversity is a wonderful thing! We should all do what we can to preserve it. Heidi has participated in destroying it. From a religeous viewpoint, God made all of the different human subspecies. So by destroying ANY of them through miscegenation, one would be acting directly AGAINST GOD!

    Comment Let me first say that Diversity is a wonderful thing! We should all do what we can to preserve it. Heidi has participated in destroying it. From a religeous viewpoint, God made all of the different human subspecies. So by destroying ANY of them through miscegenation, one would be acting directly AGAINST GOD!

    Comment Let me first say that Diversity is a wonderful thing! We should all do what we can to preserve it. Heidi has participated in destroying it. From a religeous viewpoint, God made all of the different human subspecies. So by destroying ANY of them through miscegenation, one would be acting directly AGAINST GOD! Beside that, Why would anyone want their children to NOT resemble them WHATSOEVER?!?!

  2. White is beautiful says

    That poor white baby.What did she ever do wrong to deserve such a horrible mother?
    Sooner or later she is going to regret the day she was born.
    Even now she looks a bit confused…Imagine how confused she’s gonna be when she gets older.
    What went wrong in your head,Heidi?Too much cocaine?
    I’m a White Woman and I find it very hard to understand why black males think that we are attracted to them,when they are absolutely repulsive and hideous.
    Everywhere I go,there’s a black man flaunting his white girlfriend around as if she’s some kind of trophey.
    But I understand,if I was you I wouldn’t want to touch those hideous nappy-headed freaks called black women either.
    Those women who are white and who date you disgust me…especially women like Heidi.What a waste of genes she is.
    Does she not understand that her little white baby girl is going to feel alienated in her own “family”?In fact,that poor little girl has NO FAMILY AT ALL.How sad.

  3. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    I’m sorry “mom2amixedboy”, my comment #247 obviously does not apply to you, and the stares you recieve are probably because you make an attractive family

  4. frank parker says

    Are you guys OK? Are you looking at the same photos I am?

    The little girl looks like her mother, those other two don’t look even remotely like her, they look like little negro babies- not that negro babies aren’t cute to negros, but to compare the two is like making pygmies play basketball with the NBA .

    I just can’t fathom what’s happened to us to get to the point where race mixing is acceptable. It’s sui-genocidal.

  5. says

    Thank you. Yes my son is gorgeous(of course he is to me cuz i’m his mother). Click on my link, its his own page with pix. 🙂
    Mildred–you are right, whites are less hostile to asian men. But i’m just appalled to see such hostility at all between any races. I hadn’t really noticed how much people stare at my husband and I when we are out together with our son. They are not offending, but the looks are disconcerting. I find it pretty funny though how people still get surprised at interracial couples and their kids.

  6. human being says

    White people who are attracted to Negroes have bestial leanings. Just as Jeffrey Dahmer used mannequins and unconcious people prior to becoming a full-blown necrophile, the person attracted to Negro usually has sexual feelings toward animals. They choose Negroes because they’re by far the most primitive race on earth. The greatest philosopher since the ancient greeks, Immanuel Kant, did not even consider Negroes human. That is why the closet zoophile settles for the Negro, because it is a socially acceptible form of bestiality.

  7. Mildred Wogbash says

    Hmm, Im sure your son is beautiful and smart, but you must know that whites are less hostile towards asian men because they are not as intimidated by them.

  8. says

    Ummmm mixing races doesn’t have to be black and white. They are not the only races. My son is mixed Spanish and Thai and i love him just the way he is. If everyone was mixed then no one would have anything to say or be racist against anyone. We’d all be mixed with different races and just be!! We are all one race………HUMAN!! Once u get that thru ur heads, u can move on and stop living a bitter life.

  9. Mildred Wogbash says

    LOL that is so true WOW, if it wasnt so sick and twisted it would be funny…these white men growl at the black men because they are totally intimidated by them. Nubian males embody white males’ insecurities and that is at the root of their hatred for them.

    No wonder the Klum/Seasl pairing infuriates them so! I hope they stay together forever and have many more kids!

  10. WOW says

    White males have got to be the most effiminate, insecure queers on the face of the earth. How repulsive. What kind of dude raids gossip blog?? And you wonder why anyone would find you appealing?

  11. Mildred Wogbash says

    No sir, only racists focus on the sexual angle of interracial relationships. Women see the whole package, black men are more openminded, more accepting of a real woman as opposed to an anorexic airbrushed fantasy most white men want. Black men are also free of the rampant insecure bigotry and racism whicjh is epidemic among white men.

    Black mens’ sexual and physical superiority is just sweet icing on the cake.

  12. Emilie's Nubian says

    Mildred, the White sluts who are only interested in muh dik are no better than the beasts they rut with. Are you one of them?

  13. Mildred Wogbash says

    Im sorry sister, but white women are getting wise to what real good black men are all about. Theyre more rounded and openminded mentally and spiritually, are physically more able and capable, theyre not as prejudiced and bigoted as white men, and MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL they appreciate true women with hips and curves unlike the skinny anorexic boney women thaty white men insist on all women living up to.

  14. Mildred Wogbash says

    The truth hurts, doesnt it? Penis envy is at the root of white mens’ racism against blacks, ladies judge for yourselves who the better man is – an insecure white racist with a peanut in his pants or a tall dark and handsome Nubian warrior with a “spear” to match.

    Heidi has been with many white men, yet she married her first black lover. You do the math.

  15. birdman says

    the first large prisons in america were built AFTER 1865.
    would you walk alone, at 2 a.m. , in the inner city?
    i doubt it

  16. Samantha H. says

    You are right Birdman, if every baby born today was 50/50 b/w, and they bred, after 4 or 5 generations, the 6th generation would be all negro, all white traits would have been bred out, and you might as well be living in african poverty. and the funny thing is, you would still have racism because the negro discrimnates based on their own skin shades and hair quality!
    How anyone could examine the history of africa and africans, the oldest race, yet the most primative race and think it’s a good idea to breed with them is beyond comprehension.

  17. Mildred Wogbash says

    Whatever. Statistics can be manipulated to say whatever anyone wants. No one can convince me that blacks are more violent than whites. Who were the slaveowners? Who invades other countries? Its not the black victims of white oppression I assure you. And I am a Caucasian woman, and it liberates me to openly admit that we as a race have a lot of atoning to do, and Ms. Klum has got the right idea.

    I am past the age of marrying and having children, but if I could do it over I would marry and procreate with a black man, which is what more white girls ought to be doing. Its called walking the walk ladies. If you truly feel the races are equal and that we need to make peace with the people we once exploited, the only way to LIVE it is to follow Ms Klum’s brave example.

    And you know she is having the best sex any woman can get. What can you middle aged potbellied balding workaholic white husband do for you that is better than what Heidi has? Wake up ladies, and go out there and find yourself a real man like Heidi did. You wont regret it.

  18. birdman says

    some race mixing mommy said “the world would be more ineresting with all mixed children. NO
    everyone would have turd-brown skin, nasty hair, and an average I.Q. of 80.
    somebody else mentioned “GOD”. WELL, if God didn’t want us seperated, he wouldn’t have done it in the first place. thou shalt not commit adultery ACTUALLY means, don’t mix races, but you gabby cackle hens wouldn’t know that. — govnn.com for more answers to your filthy questions

  19. Mildred Wogbash says

    I have heard rumours regarding the size of seal’s “club”, and I assure you by even the most conservative estimates, and even on a very cold day, Seal is hung like an elephant, and Heidi is having the time of her life with it.

    I hope that makes you vulgar racist trolls green with envy as you picture scene after painful and humiliating scene, Seal taking Heidi through a hundred exotic positions with his enormous and hard Nubian ebony cock.

  20. Sad says


    Do white males think that acting like faggots makes them any more appealing to women who don’t want them?

  21. Mildred Wogbash says

    Cletus said: “for the year 2005, there were 645,000 violent crimes committed between blks and whites, of that total, 90% were blk on white”

    Thats because whites are a majority and the blacks are a minority you inbred racist idiot! Off course theres going to be more white victims than black ones. But when you take into account proportion and statistics (which is beyond the grasp of the average racists intelect) then the racist disparity of oppression becomes obvious.

  22. Ann Frank says

    Its sad to think that there are people out there that feed there desires on racism on a computer since they know in the “real” world they would get put into a hospital for what they are saying.

    So what you are saying is that the truth is so powerful that we should be physically attacked for revealing it. Yeah, your side has a lot of credibility.

  23. Mildred Wogbash says

    Those made up statistics are not convincing, diversity-traitor. The day of the rope will come, but it will be biggots and hate peddlers whp will be swinging from lampposts.

  24. birdman says

    we “rednecks” fear negro culture because they are 14% of the U.S. culture, YET commit 60% of the crime.
    of course, you wouldn’t know that, following around heidi klum, and her shameful abominations.
    why does she make him wear monkey t-shirts? guilty?

  25. Mildred Wogbash says

    You people are being played for a fool by a bunch of organized trolls. I cant explicitly tell you which site they come from, just that its “something awful”. They like to do what they call “forum raids” where they post nonsense and effectively kill and pillage their target,

  26. fifi trooper says

    I cannot belive that people is stll commenting on this issue! We already know that dumb ass racist is going to say their ignorent quotes, and that’s that! You, can’t change a leopard! I think that the babies are cute, and that’s that! I don’t understand, and will never understand a grown ass person picking at innocent kids, I quess that, that make them feel bigger, and badder, because their already pussy’s! Just pray, for their sanity, and keep it moving!

  27. LIBRAESQUE says

    you know who this LOSER Taylor N, Dark Jedi, etc..etc..is?
    It’s the same type of kid who spends their entire backwards existence on Craigslist.
    They post a REALLY foul racist comment and then get off on the commotion it stirs up.
    I guarantee this is a deranged outcast teenager.

    I would suggest that people not “leave” babyrazzi
    what drives these fools crazy is if you totally ignore them

  28. obnoxious spice says

    comment #179 was NOT me….

    whomever is using other’s names to post such hateful comments should surely realise that many see right through it,

    WHY would I, or other poster’s on here, previously post many many ANTI-racist comments directed towards the idiots who have written such hateful and evil comments, then proceed to do so myself…it makes as much sense as your warped views life…

    keep me out, or in, your little games, we have no control over what you post and who you post under, that much is apparent…..

    i just hope people bear in mind the silly name stealing games which are occuring on this site, before they jump in to attack the ‘poster’..as it is turning out a lot of people are being falsely accused over the comments one or two sick individual’s are making on here…

  29. oriana says

    Xena, 99.9% of the people on this site admire and respect you so don’t worry about any of this nonsense!

  30. Xenafan96 says

    THIS is the real, original Xenafan96-it is so much easier and I suppose, funnier, to use an established posters’ name than to actually think for 5 seconds and come up with another one. I can guarantee you, if it sounds racist, sexist, etc. it is NOT me. I’ll take the extra time to explain why I say what I say and make sure it makes sense too.
    I know why I get hit, and that is fine, I suppose all of us can’t be spending our time with our family, our business we own, and all the other things that matter. I admitted way back in another thread that I used to run with the racist crowd back when I was a teen and I left it FAR behind. (A lady doesn’t reveal her age, but suffice to say it was at least 15-20 years ago). So now, I guess, I get targeted because I ‘betrayed the cause’ and I speak my mind. Again, fine and lovely with me. I enjoy the frustration that gets thrown my way, because I am usually reading posts in between embalmings and services and it generates a hearty laugh. Every mortician can use those!
    “Now with new and improved sluttiness!”

  31. blurb says

    Ok – so I don’t understand this site…… what’s the point of taking on new identities just to spew filthy racist garbage? If all these jackasses want to do is talk double-talk to themselves, why don’t they just commit themselves to a psychiatric ward & stop bothering decent people?

  32. comment to blurb says

    blurb –
    haha, this is starting to become a habit!!
    yeah i agree that the comment posted under the xenafan name is disgusting, i PROMISE you it wasn’t her, if you flick through any old heidi photographs, you will see she always is one of the first to come to the defense of anyone insulted by the racists who seem to love to frequent these sites.
    What has happened is that these idiots have been posting under a whole bunch of other posters names over the past two or three days, they think it is funny, I think it shows us all their mental age.
    If you have a quick read through some of the comments above you will see regular posters complaining of their names being stolen and comments like that written ‘on their behalf’.
    I agree with you, they are vermin who cowardly use a venue such as a baby blog site to spew out their vile comments.

  33. blurb says

    To #104 Cutesy Kids, #128 Nigless up North, Dark #129Jedi, #144. Col. Sanders, ret. —- I can’t believe what you people posted. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised. No one can see you so you can write all this hateful stuff festering in your twisted little brains and not worry about getting beaten to a pulp by the people who are disgusted by you – like the rest of normal, intelligent society. Why don’t you all just crawl back under the rocks with the rest of the vermin – or perhaps down into the sewers with the rats? It’s where you four belong!

  34. says

    I think both of Heidi’s sons are soo adorable!! I just LOVE it when i see mixed babies everywhere. I think the world would be a more interesting place if everyone was mixed. I think lil Leni is also very adorable!! I have a 15 month old little boy who is half Thai and half Spanish/American. I am Spanish/American. And i cant help but get over what a mix he is and how he looks! Every child is beautiful in every way possible!! Way to go Heidi and Seal!

  35. Taylor M says

    Now how could I have forgotten you Dark Jedi? Your foul language just proves who you are. Libraesque and her alter egos.

  36. Dark Jedi says

    Will you whiny bitches shut the fuck up already?
    And I’m just wondering has anyone else bought any of these monkeys yet? and do they ship them to Europe?

  37. Charise says

    It has become racistrazzi. I don’t think there should be a comment section until it has stopped. I don’t plan to return untill all this nonsense evaporates.

  38. Jude says

    This WHOLE site is sad. The website owner should just get rid of it. Or like what others have said…I’m sure she/he is enjoying the racist remarks made by her sites bloggers. Its unfortunate that a baby site has come to this! I wont be back. I hope that others take my lead and DONT come back to this site…leave it for the racists.

    BOYCOTT BABYRAZZI !!!!! or should I say RACISTSrazzi !!!!!!

  39. Charise says

    ass holes who say terrible things about these kids should have the living daylights beat out of them.

  40. obnoxious spice says

    you are twisted, sick and demented…i don’t want to play your games….
    you hate the irish, italians, english, single mothers, gays, immigrants, poor people and the ‘lower class’…
    YOUR words NOT mine
    don’t try to act all sweet on THIS thread taylor…you have been caught on MANY MANY others today, some VERY old, doing the OPPOSITE
    what makes me sick the most is how gutless you are…

  41. Taylor M says

    The only one here who is posting filth is you. with all of your disgusting words, it’s not fit for any of us to read .And I happen to love children, no matter what color they are. STOP spreading your vicious lies. RACIST! RACIST !RACIST.

  42. obnoxious spice says

    Taylor M
    LUCKILY – we have been able to get the majority of the FILTH you have posted today, REMOVED from this thread..for some reason a lot of your other rants remain, though in a way i am glad as they can stay as proof of what i have accused you of…
    you are a racist, homophobic, class obsessed, anti single mother, anti immigration, child smacking (for a childless person that is just OFF AND WRONG) idiot!!….
    and YEP – a lot of your comments regarding my above accusations ARE STILL SAVED ONLINE FOR ALL TO SEE what a horrid bitch you are
    thank GOD the disgusting racist ones today have been removed…
    you sick sad individual…

  43. obnoxious spice says

    TAYLOR – go peddle ‘crazy’ elsewhere..we ain’t buying…

    no wonder you are single and all alone, your views on the world are sick and wrong and in some countries – actually ILLEGAL…

    racist homophobic class-worshipping nobody



  44. Taylor M says

    Well if you are not childless, my heart truly goes out to your innocent children No child deserves to have a mother such as you with your potty mouth and bad manners…. Libraesque/obnoxiousspice, and probably Colonel crazy as well. LOL.

  45. obnoxious spice says

    cursing isn’t half as bad as the outright HATEFUL comments you have made on various threads against MANY minorities this afternoon taylor…
    i won’t waste anymore time with such a hateful person as you
    enjoy your lonely hateful existance
    thank GOD you are childless

  46. Taylor M says

    Libraesque/obnoxious spice, you truly are a piece of work.
    You are the epitomy of hate! You can tell that by the language you use. You have so much bitterness in your heart.. Is cursing the only way you are capable of expressing yourself????

  47. LIBRAESQUE says

    you need to take your backwards thinking, cowardly, lying self up on outta here immediately and quit stinking up this site with your hateful comments and your blatant lies that other people are racist

  48. obnoxious spice says

    are you DENYING the filth you posted today???
    wow, you must have balls of steel taylor…
    how can you lie so blatantly and outright!!??
    your posts are there for ALL to see….
    you are one sick individual..
    I GIVE UP…
    lonely yet again

  49. obnoxious spice says

    yes, but as you YOURSELF said on the other thread earlier, according to you, only married, white, educated and financially secure women should be allowed to ‘reproduce’…
    what does that say about YOUR integrity and morals?????

  50. obnoxious spice says

    tell me, and anyone else reading
    WHERE have I EVER shown ANY hatred of anyone born ‘bi-racial’….
    i am still in shock that you would be so stupid and/or arrogant to believe you could get away with such a blatant lie like that…
    scroll above…go to archives…ANYTHING
    i GUARANTEE you will NEVER find anything like that from me, not now nor EVER..
    you are a sick and twisted creep…

  51. obnoxious spice says


    YOU are the one who has been:-
    against single mothers
    said ALL children should be smacked regularly, JUST TO TEACH THEM WHO IS BOSS




    go and check, i have only been posting here for a day and a half and there are already MANY MANY sites where i have left lovely, complimentary and glowing comments about the babies pictured there…


    i am NOT a racist (you have no idea what colour i even AM) and am NOT a baby hater (again, you have no idea how many children i have)



    you are a nasty nasty piece of work
    is there ANY group of people you approve of????
    oh, apart from married, wealthy, white women???
    you are SICK!!

  52. Taylor M says

    You should be blocked from this site as well. NO one should be allowed to express thier hatred of little innocent children, who could not help being born bi-racial.

    You are a disgusting, low life, racist, bottom feeder. And no one like YOU should be allowed to be on this earth, spreading your hate. You should be locked in a dungeon with the key properly disposed of.

  53. diddlysquat says

    Look – we have ALL seen the disgusting comments you posted above ‘Taylor M’ BEFORE the webmistress had the decency to delete them.
    Your sort of poster is not welcome here at a baby site. Go and peddle your brand of crazy elsewhere ok?!
    Some of the comments you are making at the moment are truly disgusting, I don’t agree with the inappropriate language by any means, but I also strongly don’t agree with the comments you are posting lately and am sure some of them are actually ILLEGAL.
    Why don’t you go to your KKK site and chat to your friends.
    To the others, try to contain your language, I understand this type of person brings out the worst in people, but don’t lower to their level ok.

  54. obnoxious spice says

    why don’t YOU stop your RACIST comments
    i am SICKENED by them
    in the past few hours you have been disgusting about

    YOU are sick
    and should be BLOCKED from this site

    I stand by the comments i write, i am not ashamed of my beliefs, and YOU go against nearly EVERY ONE
    i never EVER thought people like you existed in the real world..
    you need HELP
    and you need it NOW

  55. Taylor M says

    Mind your manners POTTY MOUTH. I am so very tired of reading your filth! Why don’t you stop it already,

  56. obnoxious spice says

    so, people can pose as YOU, on this thread, but they can’t pose as anyone else???
    READ THROUGH THE THREAD AND YOU WILL SEE, THIS HAS HAPPENED TO MANY MANY OTHERS!! many of those are decent posters, such as xenafan…
    taylor m
    you are a homophobic, anti-immigration, racist, self confessed child-beating lying son of a bitch
    how DARE you accuse people of being racists, when you yourself appear as one online here RIGHT NOW
    please provide PROOF that either myself or libraesque are racists!!

  57. Taylor M says

    LOL WHATEVER!!!!!!! I didn’t write that garbage. Libraesque/obnoxious spice. is posing as myself to start trouble. I detest racism of any kind. Have fun playing your childish games “miss potty mouth”.

    Matter of fact I believe Col. Sanders, ret is the same person as well. What a disgrace LOL. Some people.

  58. obnoxious spice says

    i have just read on another thread, a poster telling everyone about people posting racist comments…

    surely by now it is OBVIOUS that a LOT OF PEOPLE had their usernames stolen and were used to post these horrible comments…

    there was probably only one stupid immature idiot doing the whole lot under a dozen different names, so i suggest before anyone begins bad mouthing people for what was written on this thread, they make sure that it was ACTUALLY WRITTEN BY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE…
    even though a hell of a lot of the foul comments have now been deleted you can still read people above complaining about their names being used to post this rubbish…it’s what idiots do…
    happy girl – i am directing this to YOU as some of the things you are writing at the moment are just ridiculous and untrue…

  59. kitty says

    Lisa H and fellow racists, you might as well give up. Black people are beautiful, as well as white, brown etc. You can hate all you want but you got to live with it. They are also intelligent ,having invented a number of things that are useful today.

    You sit behind your computers, hiding and hating.

    I’m so sorry, sorry for you pea brains, you selfish inhumane creatures, who try to hurt with your senseless remarks, when really and truly it’s you that’s hurting.Poor things.

  60. kitty says

    stranger than that Paul, the webmistress allows them through. Hmmmmm, i wonder about the Webmistress!

  61. Aubrey says

    I agree with you as well Kitty. It really makes you wonder whar kind of people are living on this earth. Devoid of human emotions it seems.

  62. Aubrey says

    Superb post Braydie, well said, I commend you. Congratulations are in order for your baby girl.

  63. lisa H. says

    Attn. DarkJedi, you can use the portable dog kennels to store your niglet, till they get to about 50lbs. I keep mine in one all night, because even at 5y.o. they still tend to foul themselves, in the morning I just hose off the niglet and kennel at the same time. have you been able to train your chimp to do any useful tasks?

  64. Who knows? says

    Anyone who says her black children are as beautiful as her white child are lying. There can be no doubt about that.

  65. kitty says

    what the morons should do is look back at the holes they came through at birth and see where everything went wrong! racist freaks!

  66. Aubrey says

    There are a lot of animals here alright ! and it’s neither Henry or Johan. You morons should be ashamed ! talking about innocent children that way.

  67. Stop Stereotyping says

    I am from the South, and I AM NOT RACIST. You guys are stereotyping that ALL RACISTS must be Southern people.. You guys are just as ignorant as the people who are saying it’s wrong to have biracial children.

    There are PLENTY of prejudiced people all over the world, and IN THE NORTH ALSO! Stop saying all Southern people are rednecks and they must be racists. That is ridiculous. It’s sad that people are still against interracial relationships in the 21st century, and it’s sad that people think all southern people are ignorant rednecks! Jeez.

  68. Minä says

    Ensimmäinen lapsi on oikein sievä. Mutta sitten jotakin kauheaa tapahtui ja kaikki meni päin helvettiä.

  69. Xenafan96 says

    Thank you for calling a woman who is married an ignorant slut:)
    I haven’t ever been called one before, but always wanted to. You have fufilled my dream!
    I think I might use that as a signature now:
    “Now with new and improved slutiness!”
    As far as data goes, I went to the source that compilies that data for population measurement, a friendly little thing we call the US Governement.
    I don’t split hairs. Facts are facts. And liberal? Sweetie, hardly.
    2004-voted John Kerry
    2000-voted George W. Bush
    1996-wrote in Superman. No one else seemed like a good choice.
    1992-voted Bill Clinton, and was endlessly amused thereafter at every word and action that came from him.
    2008-Rudy Guiliani. The man impressed the hell out of me running into Ground Zero on 9/11. He should have run in 2004.
    If we are-were-still are-playing a game, set, point , match, then we seriously owe a refund to all the folks who have posted here. Believe as you do and I will believe as I do and it will not change.

    “Now with new and improved slutiness!”

  70. the REAL DMITZ says

    Dori – I don’t think Xenafan96 posted that comment. If you read above some bored child is posing as a lot of us on here with ignorant racist comments.

  71. Dori says


    Even in 1970, 10 years later, the White population was 87.4%. Extrapolation of the data would indicate that it was approximately 90% in 1960. It certainly would’ve exceeded 90%, except that Hawaii became a state in 1959.

    I suppose you will find data that say that it was 89% and say you won the debate. What a joke! Did you ever hear of rounding? Liberals think they win if they can split hairs on a minor point, even when they are totally wrong about the substance of the argument.

    And how about the billions and billion of U.S. Mongrels comment? I didn’t hear a peep from you on that one.

    Oh, for the mud sharks out there, the total U.S. population just passed 300 million.

    Game – Point – Match: BH

  72. Dori says

    Xena, you ignorant slut. Again, you prove yourself to be a true brainwashed liberal moron. 😀


    In 1960, whites were approximately 90 percent of a population of 178.5 million. By 2000, they were only 69.1 percent of a population of 281.4 million, and if current immigration trends continue, by 2050 or 2060 they will be a minority of a population of 430 million or more.

  73. lisa H. says

    Heidi always has a pained expression about her, all the photogs must make her feel like the ringmaster at a freak show!

  74. TruthSpeaker says

    Absolutely disgusting photos. It’s disturbing that throwing away heritage is so commonly accepted in society.

  75. kitty says

    oh come on, she has a right to eat, what if he’s fussing let him fuss a little. He’s not unattended.

  76. Emma says

    The lilltle boy looks like he is teething with his fingers in his mouth and is being cuddled by someone else so the mother can eat. There is no crime in that ,give the woman a break . A very sweet family …..

  77. Joanna says

    Also something else that I just noticed it sure looks like the top picture that the baby is fussing… and mom what is she doing??? no attention nothing but hummm eating my lunch! poor baby.

  78. Joanna says

    If you are refering to me being a racist I would beg to differ! I am simply stating a opinion I do not think Seal is good looking and therefore looking at his children do not think they are good looking children either due to the older boys clothing NOT matching and his hair all about… he looks nothing more then like a welfare child and the baby well the baby is wearing a white onsie and chewing on his fingers big deal looks like all the other babies out there… I think the little girl is cute as she is wearing a little dress with her own special jewlrey.

  79. the REAL DMITZ says

    People – plain and simple: DON’T respond to the ingnorant, racist, bored, child posting under every name in the book. This no-life is trying to get a rise out of you. Every racist comment you read is from the SAME child! Before this child found this website to post to, we never had comments like this. This child will not go away if you keep responding to them.

    If this child posts a comment under YOUR name simply note “I did not post comment# xxx” and then post your own adult comment.

    On another note, whoever this person is will know karma very well. When (or if) this person has children) they will marry a person of color and know what it feels like when others make racist comments and hurt their feelings. OR maybe this person is married or has a boyfriend/girlfriend that left them for a person of color and that’s why they are so bitter. Or maybe they got beat out on a promotion to a person of color or whatever the reason is this person is just not worth responding to anymore. Don’t stoop to their level. Anyone who would make those 1950 racist comments obviously has no intelligence and isn’t worthy of real adult conversation.

    I SAY WE STRIKE and just not reply to this dumba$$. This site was so tasteful until this child began posting.

  80. Joanna says

    I personally think that momma cares so much about what she looks like in public that it is time to take a check on what the kids look like. Fix that boys hair! The little girl is the most beautiful! The other 2 came from Seal… nuff said

  81. Joanna says

    I personally think that momma cares so much about what she looks like in public that it is time to take a check on what the kids look like. Fix that boys hair! The little girl is the most beautiful! The other 2 came from Seal… nuff said

  82. Anzhelika says

    cmon people leave her alone…you are just jealous that you will never have those money…

  83. Emma says

    I think any child is a blessing. My son looks more like his daddy then me but in no way am i dissapointed. He’s beautiful,healthy and very wanted. Some people cannot have children so i feel blessed. Heidi’s family im sure will love those little boys no matter what. It saddens me to hear such horrid comments about children on this site.

  84. Émilie says

    Seal is on tour. He’s a singer. A very good singer actually. He makes a lot of money, he fucks a supermodel every night and has 3-4 Grammy in his house.

    What about you and you wonderful life?

  85. Mommyto2beautifulblondbabies says

    Leni is beautiful. I hope that my little girl is just as beautiful as her.


    I think that you are really stupid! I feel sorry for you’re mother for not raising you the proper way! Once, a REDNECK always a REDNECK! I think that you fear The Black culture! How? can you hate, what you don’t know? When it all come’s down to it, we are the same in body, and sprit! Once, we die, we all go to the same place! God, Did not have different group in his mind when he made us, We’re all the same! Our culture’s might be a little different, but We all bleed the same! I don’t understand what you REDNECKS are afraid of, I think that you’re afraid that you might actually enjoy us!

  87. strong black woman says

    don’t worry girls, just ignore the kids (baby goats). They seem to have a lot of pleasure being racists. God is their judge though, don’t worry about it.

  88. Émilie says

    Wow, wow, so mature to steal other members’ nicknames and to make racist comments on the Internet in a celebrity baby site, so mature. And very virile. You just prove that you’re a complete moron. What a waste of time.

  89. Xenafan96 says

    Hey Amy!
    I am always busy whenever there is a holiday. Last week, with Memorial Day, of course we had the usual drunk drivers vs. assorted trees, signs, etc.(had to check, the total was 4), 1 massive coronary, 1 accidental drowning, and the worst one that took me over a day to get into any kind of shape at all was the poor gentleman that stopped to help a lady change her tire on the highway and was hit at an estimated 80mph by another car and drug over 300 feet. I had to call my buddy in on that one for help since I can do reconstruction, but he is a master at the worst case scenarios and it took us a long long time to get him fixed up just to embalm him. Definately closed casket but the family wanted some alone viewing time with him so we did our best.
    LOL-Mama Oriana is so sweet, she sent me an email telling me to get some sleep, three all-nighters were too much for me!
    Glad the clams story made you laugh! She is too much sometimes! One thing my husband and I agreed on, now that she can read, the whole spelling words around her that we don’t want her to hear is officially over!

  90. amy says

    sorry Georgie???
    you have a problem with me on this thread??
    i can assure you i post here under the name amy only…why would you presume this to not be the case?
    nice to see you here taking the side of such a blatant RACIST…
    good to see the sort of person you are…now i know to ignore you also…

  91. Georgie says

    Speak for yourself Libam you seem to be doing an excellent job of having different user names. Take some advice and GROWUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. amy says

    mmm….still HIDING behind other people’s names…
    are you ashamed?
    or are you scared?
    or are you guilty due to the pointless though nasty comments you make here?
    whichever way…hiding behind other’s names is gutless and cowardly…hahaha…you are pathetic…

  93. says

    Excuse me #68, the number #67 comment was not from me!!!!! Anyone who visits this site regularly should know that I absolutely LOVE this family because I make it very clear in my comments!!!!!!!! The #54 comment is the only one that I myself posted!!!OMG Webmistress, this is getting a little out of hand. Can’t u do something about these disgusting racists , who keep using other people’s names

  94. amy says

    hey xena – i’ve just been really busy, read the story about your daughter and the ‘clams’ – hilarious!!

    also read you have been pulling a lot of allnighters..not good news to hear someone in your profession is so busy is it??!!

    the way i see it with the comments above is that this person has crossed any broad line of decency on this site…

    i am the first to admit i don’t say the nicest things about tom cruise whenever there is a posting about him..but a lot of other posters also have their favourites and least favourites they comment about, that’s just life..we don’t like everyone we come across offline do we??

    but the comments above are waaay beyond that kind of thing…it’s obviously some bored child trying to get a reaction, or else some sick and twisted creep who has lost touch with reality…either way..they are obviously only after a reaction…i am beyond offended..now just bored…

  95. Xenafan96 says

    Hiya Amy, long time no talk to! I wondered where you went! Nice to see you posting here again. Thanks for the confirmation that 110 was not me. Sad, isnt’t it? Must be my super cool name I use 🙂
    So how have you been?

  96. amy says

    that comment above was NOT from xenafan (#110)

    look, if you haven’t got the belief in your convictions to post under a CONSISTANT name on this site, you really aren’t worth bothering about….not that your attempts to outrage us all with your over the top racism is working..

    i haven’t commented here for the past few weeks, though i have been on and off catching up…i know that not only myself, but any other regular poster picks up instantly when someone pulls an immature stunt like that…so give up..

    yeah ok, we get it, you are an inbred, narrow minded, red necked racist….

    you are beyond boring now…as well as extremely gutless…so keep posting and we shall keep ignoring you…

  97. Kitty says

    i don’t think she is phoney, she has three kids, they have to know the outside world, paparazzi or not.

  98. Cindy says

    Why has no one asked where Seal is? His tour ended May 30th he hasnt been seen with the family at all. Maybe he doesnt want all the attention his wife seems to seek. If you want privacy you dont go to Bar Pitti in Manhattan for brunch. Every paparazzi in the world stakes that place out 24-7. I think shes a bit of a phoney. Everything seems contrived to get positive PR.

  99. Diana Mac Donald says

    She has 3 Nannies, but the Blonde Woman sitting next to Heidi with the Sunglasses, is Heidis Mum ” Erna Klum”
    I dont think Heidis a ” Supermom”, well if you have enough Money and all , you can be Miss Super Woman! I live in Germany and I have to Handicapped Twinboys, they both sit in Wheelchairs and cant Talk jet either! And i love them so much and i do everything to help them so they can learn much more in their lives! Now we started a Donation Project, so they can do a ” Dolphin Therapy”.
    I hope People think I am a ” Supermom”. I want to see Heidi, smiling all the Time if she had a sick Kid!!!

  100. Libbie says

    I have 3 kids under 5 and need all the help I can get, and although I don’t have nannies, my sister is a nanny and she & my mum give me as much help as any professional nanny!

    And as for Leni looking embarrassed – my three year old HATES being put in his buggy so I can imagine that she must be feeling kinda the same – do I really HAVE to go in here?!!

  101. jo says

    I thought it was agreed that the haters should be ignored and nobody should comment on them.The more they are replied,the more thrash they write,which unfortunately helps to boost their ego.I personally expect these views any time heidi’s family is on and i have learned to try and ignore them.Would have loved to tell the webmistress to stop showing pictures of heidi’s family but that would be to my detriment because i love the family.PLEASE TRY TO IGNORE THE HATERS AND WITH TIME,THEY MIGHT GO AWAY.

  102. Zbella says

    So, so, so cute! All 3 babies, especially little Johan. He doesn’t look like he’s screaming his head off in the first pic, just fussing a little. Heidi is blessed to have so much support from her parents and a nanny or two doesn’t hurt. 😉 I think it’s great that she can eat a meal – or at least a few bites – in peace. My sister does that for me sometimes. Funny how babies always get fussy when mama sits down to eat.

  103. Xenafan96 says

    Knock Knock…….
    Who’s There?
    Boo Who
    Boo Who Who?
    Boo Who likes to pull random numbers from their ass!


    See Page 3-Complete table of the US Census courtesy of the US Census for none other than 1960. If you have a few extra minutes, read the tables underneath from previous decades. Not ONE single catergory for any race, sex, or color that stood at 90%.

    Any other utterly fantastic numbers you care to fabricate and/or elaborate on #94? Or, as all self-righteous narrow minded racists prefer, will you resort to a pathetic scathing insult sent my way? Really, that’s all your kind can do, provide verbal diarrhea and then pity party yourselves and bemoan how the face of the nation is changing.

  104. Kitty says

    you all have no one but God to answer to for those racist comments. You speak of how different you are but you are not, black people bleed just like you, they cry just like you, they have feelings as well. You hide behind your user names and spit your nasty racists comments, but what else to expect from ignorant people?

  105. Georgie says

    People who say horrific things about babies should be tied to the whipping post. (courtesy of the Allman Brothers).

  106. GO COW TIPPING says

    this isn’t 1960! It’s 2007! And if the census was right, that would be wouldn’t be correct !

  107. Molly says

    Hey Nigless Up North – why don’t you fess up and tell us all about yourself. How old are you; where do you live; did you graduate from high school? I doubt it! Do you have any kids of your own? If you do I feel so sorry for your kids to have you as a mother.


    I think that it’s unfair to talk about these babies like that! ONLY a dumb ass would actually think that, that baby would have a problem sittin gnext to her brother! I really don’t understand why heidi bothers you, REDNECKS at all! It’s billions, and billions of mutiracial americans out there! You, are cowards! You are the type of people that coward behind a computer desk, and steal people name, because you are a coward! You would think that you had something else to do with your time, but I forgot the local Wal-mart ran out of supplies, you know being that you’re probably from EAST REDNECK VILLE! COWARDS!

  109. Tia says

    You know, its bullshit like this that makes me NOT want to post on this website anymore. This is bullshit! If you dont like that Heidi has Bi-racial children IGNORE IT!!

    You want to talk about low IQ’s #87? you have got to be the most worthless, excuse for a human being i have ever come across. Grow up and move on…welcome to the year 2007.

  110. says

    Nigless up north you have serious racist problems I really dont know how you can live in a multiracial country and have that kind of thaugths these days

  111. Beth says

    Why even dignify the racial comments with any more attention? That’s obviously what they’re doing it for. Don’t give it to them.

  112. Amy says

    Boo Who – why are you so unhappy? You need to see a shrink! Don’t you live in a housing project?

  113. Boo Who says

    Kinsie, don’t flatter yourself. I doubt that many people find pleasure in meeting you, Your Highness.

  114. Kinsie says

    Boo-Hoo, You will never have the pleasure of knowing who I am, either will any of the other peasants who insult innocent children.

  115. Boo Who says

    I think it’s truly sad when supposed adults put down little children. There are some really pathetic people who post here. I wish the web-misstress would not put pics here of Heidi and her children, it just brings out all the peasants.

    Well, la-dee-freakin’-da, Kinsie, do you think you’re royalty?

  116. Pickaninny says

    Why does Leni look so sad?

    She always seems as if she will bust into tears at any moment…

  117. Janie says

    I can tell from the responses that there are a lot of uneducated lower class people who post here. Most of them probably never even graduated from high school.

  118. oriana says

    Monica, do you not see that NIcki did not write #61? Don’t fall into that trap! The goons and loons are still at it as they have been all weekend, ignore the rantings and ravings as the rest of us are.

  119. Kinsie says

    I think it’s truly sad when supposed adults put down little children. There are some really pathetic people who post here. I wish the web-misstress would not put pics here of Heidi and her children, it just brings out all the peasants.

  120. Monica says

    62. Col. Sanders and friends – aren’t you the same person who is always make ignorant, racial comments?

  121. Monica says

    .61 Nicki – you must be a HUGE disappointment to your parents. Your mother should have had an abortion when she was pregnant with you!!!

  122. Boo Who says

    62, just remember that if you impersonate us and make “nice” comments, our names will remain on the board.

  123. Janie says

    Heidi is a gorgeous, classy woman!! All of you ignorant racists morons are just jealous!! You are so miserable!

  124. Kelly says

    58. Nicky, My son is mentally challenged and I’m offended that you chose to use his disability as an insult.

  125. Heidi's Dad Is So Proud says

    OMG, you’re right Dori, Henry has beautiful blue eyes!! It’s so cute! They’re such beautiful kids!

  126. Nicki says

    .56 Karen. I bet your have a disguting, nasty, retard face. You are definitely no Heidi Klum!!!

  127. Amy says

    .52 Heidi’s Dad is So Proud – you are a dumbass bigot! You need to check yourself into a mental ward!!

  128. says

    I’m just going to ignore all of the mean, hateful,disgusting comments here……

    Leni is the splitting image of her mum. They look really alike.She’s very pretty. Henry is getting a lot cuter. He looks really sweet when he smiles.If they cut his hair he would look so much cuter, but it doesnt matter, he still looks cute. OMG and Johan is simply adorable. He’s such a cutie!!!!!!!!!!He’s one of my favourites now. I love his cheeks. Heidi looks great, nothing new there.Awwwww I love this family. More pics of them in the future please!!!!!!! 🙂

  129. Karen says

    Heidi’s Dad Is So Proud – I bet your dad is NOT proud of you. You are also an uneducated racist redneck moron.

  130. maria hernandez says

    actually, amanda IS right: leni DOES looks embarrassed or sad in that stoller next to henry, nothing racist in pointing that out…

    nigless up north sure is bigtime racist though

  131. Kinsie says

    #44 and #45 The two of you are sad and ridiculous!! Crawl back under the rock from which you came.

  132. dori says

    Henry has green eyes or blue eyes…I never noticed that beofre! The baby is very cute. Henry doesn’t always photograph well, but here he looks cute.

  133. Nicki says

    Nigless Up North – are you really that ignorant? You have emotional problems. Please stop posting on this website. You are insane!

  134. Cindy says

    Anytime she is out with the kids ,be it one or all three there is at least one nany. Many pictures are just not showing them. I know someone like that with 3 under 3 with 3 nannies. It is utter Chaos. Each kid wants Mommy’s attention and just dont get enough of it. Does this really build a happy home? I’d rather have lesss kids and pay them the attention they need than hire somebody to do it for me.

  135. Émilie says

    OMG yes, a beautiful family. Johan is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen, Leni has intense beautiful blue eyes, Henry is really cute on the fourth pic and with a nice haircut he would be even cuter.

    I think Heidi is a good mom, even with nannies, at least she is always with the kids! But I don’t think they’re all nannies, maybe they’re Heidi’s friends?

  136. says

    and I love henrry’s hair, you know that is very difficult to comb a hair like that, he looks fine to me the way it is, it makes him looks cuter

  137. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Most parents will get nannies if they could afford it ..besides its not like she i snever around and we only see the nanny wiht the kids….theay are all young and 3 of them must be a handful…

    I think the family like Henrys hair..it mus tbe difficult to mange…they either have to shave it off , tie it up or braid it…but he is too young to be bothering about hair styles…I say leave the kid to enjoy his hair anyway he like…

  138. says

    agreed that johan is really cute and henrry too hes getting cuter everyday I love his face on the forth pic. And leni is not so cute anymore, well at least on the second pic, but the boys are just adorable

  139. carleigh says

    Now to comment about the babies……Leni is completely adorable, love her sweet little face. Henry is a BIG boy and I love his little expressions!!! Chubby cheeks are just too cute and I wanna just pinch em’! Johan is a wonderful combination of Heidi and Seal and just falls right in with the beautiful children they already have together! I can’t wait to see what their daughters will look like as well….just beautiful family!

  140. ? says

    kitty kat…with comments like that, i think it’s time for you to be put down….

    bad kitty!! go away!!!


  141. Call Me Kat, Kitty Kat says

    Fifi, please learn proper grammar (it’s “you’re,” not “your”) and STOP SHOUTING. Yelling doen’t make your ignorance any more palatable.

  142. sammi says

    omg there all soo gorgeous!
    leni is a beauty, future supermodel right there she could be prettier than heidi herself!
    johan is soo cute with the dark hair and dark eyes.
    and henry is beautiful too with that brown hair and lips
    those kids are going to be some real heartbreakers when they get older!
    cant wait to see how johans going to look like when he’s henrys age! they looked identical as babies but not so much anymore.
    heidi says she wants 3 more babies, cant wait to see what their daughter will look like!

  143. fifi trooper says

    her kids are going to be heartbreakers! Oh my, that little Leni, is adorable! Henry, is soooo cute, but I had to save the best for last, Johan, is sooooooooo cute! I love pretty children, they’re a wonder to look at! (all children are, but pretty anything outdoes me! Let’s face it!, If I had her kind of money, and I had 3 kids under the age of 3, I would defintely have nannies!

  144. Tia says

    I agree with #20…i may have not had nannys, but my mom helps me out when needed…everyone needs a little help every now and then.

  145. MommaE says

    I don’t think that all three adults are her nannies, i believe only one of them are. As a former nanny myself even the best of moms need a bit of help, at least she is photographed with her children and it’s not just her on her own and the kids with the nanny. I think they are a beautiful family~

  146. Kitty says

    whether or not she has nannies around she is always there with her kids. If they are in the park with a nanny when they look around mum is there.

  147. Lola says

    Beautiful beautiful family. The kids are so beautiful and nannies or no nannies, Heidi is a very good mother. At least Mother hood agrees with her. She makes it look soooo easy!

  148. Jamie67 says

    its easy to be a”supermom” if you have THREE nannies at hand!
    give me a break will ya!!!
    The baby is screaming and she’s eating her salad!!
    I don’t see anything super about her!!

  149. donna says

    my mom raised three kids in Africa together with her job in the hospital, when my dad was working night shifts and she was off she used to take us down to the city, a 2 hour drive. When the season was bad and it started raining when we where in the city she waited for 2 days with us sleeping in a hotel before we went home again.
    she did not need a nanny, why does “supermom”Heidi need 3?

  150. Lauren says

    Goodness, Heidi’s children are beautiful. Leni and Henry are getting so big. Henry looks like Seal so much now. Johan is just adorable!

    I agree with you Flower Girl, how come Seal is never pictured with his family?

  151. flower girl says

    It is possible to have a 1 year old and 6 month old. Pregnancy only lasts 9 months. Also a 1 year old does not have to be 12 months old; they can be anywhere from 12-23 months old. So it is very possible to have a 1 year old and a 6 month old.

    Why is Seal never pictured with the family lately?

  152. Beth says

    Geez, everyone says what an amazing mother Heidi Klum is….i guess everyone would be amazing if they had nannies to help them every step of the way.

    If she’s too busy to handle her own children…maybe she shouldn’t have had them…or at least so many…..just my opinion….

    She has cute kids though.

  153. oriana says

    Johan is beautiful, just beautiful!!! And this is the first picture of Henry that I think is cute of him, without his tongue stuck out he looks cute to me. If they would brush his hair it would look better, and Leni is pretty! I used to not think so but she does have a pretty face. Very nice picture of Heidi and her together. Nice family pictures!

  154. Reeny says

    What a cute little baby Johan is – love the name too. Heidi needs to take a comb to Henry’s hair. Leni looks like her mom.

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