Suri Cruise Has Amazing Manners!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Suri is a very well mannered little girl! After visiting a Shreveport, La., children’s store recently, the 1-year-old (with a little help from her mom) sent the owners a thank-you note – on her very own embossed stationery.

Melissa Dixon, 23, co-owner of the Ladies in Waiting children’s store, told People magazine that Katie, Suri and two bodyguards visited the shop after Katie’s assistant called ahead to say she’d be in.

With advance notice, Melissa Dixon and co-owner Pam Baker, an artist, got busy and created a special pink picture frame decorated with a princess, butterflies – and Suri’s name across the bottom.

“She was really excited,” says Melissa Dixon said of Katie’s reaction.

Melissa Dixon says both Katie and Suri were outgoing: “Katie was really friendly. When she came in she walked up and introduced herself and Suri. We probably had three other kids in here. She complimented everybody else’s children and said how cute they were. She was really sweet.

“Katie let Suri walk around,” Melissa Dixon adds. “One customer had a two-week-old baby and Suri wanted to pick her up. She would wave at the other children and want to play with them.”

During their hour-long stay, Katie bought Suri a pink dress with white rickrack by Princess Linens, three pairs of rain boots, a blanket, some stuffed bunnies and several games. A few days later, Melissa Dixon and Pam Baker received a thank-you note.

“The stationery is cream-colored with ‘Suri Cruise’ embossed across the top,” says Melissa Dixon. Read the note: “Dear Melissa and Pam, Thank you so much for the beautiful frame for Suri. It is so sweet and reminds us of our wonderful visit to your store and our time in Shreveport. It was a pleasure meeting you, and we thank you again for this unexpected treasure. Warmly, Katie and Suri.”




  1. Anne says

    Suri is a beautiful child but looks older than 1 year!!!!
    Katie is trying to mature in looks too quickly and should back off from the Spice girl and make her own identity.
    Since she married Tom, she looks much older and appears to have lost that innocence that I believe Tom saw in her.

  2. Taylor M says

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  3. Taylor M says

    Libraesque can we call a truce and just be very very very close friends?? Snicker Snicker….I know you like me but just to afraid of your feelings for me. You like carpet just as much as I do……..mmmm mmmm good

  4. Taylor M says

    hey my baby suri is beautiful,she has dark brown hair with blue eyes and a nice olive complexion skin, and so what if she has a plastic face and a fabric body she still is a human being and has feelings. Don’t make fun of her or you will have me to answer to. And as for you Leslie your just jealous because I get free rent at the nut house and you don’t.

  5. Leslie says

    I can see Taylor is finally coming out of her shell and is admitting she is a carpetmunching tramp with a weiner and a pussy who loves to hump furs and fruit, and thinks she’s the mother of a plastic doll she calls Suri. I heard from Taylors mother that they are admitting her back into the nut house and putting her on high doses of lithium, but this time she’s lucky enough to get the white padded room……I thought about going to the store and stocking up on bibs for Taylor, she will need them….You see she drools alot on this current medication, and I would hate for her to stain her nice white suit, the nut house only provides her with one suit per week.
    Good luck Taylor

  6. Libraesque says

    I visit “Gay” bars at night. I figure if my man doesn’t want my big butt someone will. i’m bi. Wooh it’s such a relief to be OUT OF THE CLOSET.

  7. Taylor M says

    OH MY GOD, I’m so flattered, but I’ve seen Libraesques picture….she’s WAY too hot for me, I’m totally intimidated by her!
    I’m really flattered though!!
    I wish my face didn’t look like a pizza!
    I wish I wasn’t a herm
    I wish my tits didn’t sag like this


  8. Taylor M says

    oh i wish i had a little bar of soap bar of soap. oh i wish i had a little bar of soap bar of soap.

  9. Taylor M says

    Today I woke up not feeling to good and I have this horrible itchy rash in my carpet area. I just got back to the doctors and it’s confirmed that I have chlamydia. It itches and itches and I keep scratch+in and scratchin. Does anybody out there have any advice for me?????

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  10. Shadow Girl says


    This is too great! Psycho he/she going all out bananas in public!

    Likes to fuck anything fur, eh? When she sees a great big moose or grizzly bear will she get a hard on? Think the he/she will take ‘riding’ lessons for horses and fuck herself silly?

    Quit playing with your dick, Taylor…actually keep playing with it and go blind so we won’t have you here anymore. Keep jerkin’ it to gay porn and put your hands out of commission.

  11. Leslie says

    I just want all of you to know that Taylor M is a panty sniffer, she loves to sniff dirty panties. She also has a fascination with long yellow banannas. It’s not that uncommon to see her in the produce isle loading up on the yellow fruit..If you see her you can’t help but snicker because she has this unusual constant tic in her body, she also sways back and forth and mumbles to herself. I do feel bad for her because they declared her unfit for society. The otherday she was walking through the store pushing a baby stroller which is common in this world but it’s not common to be pushing a doll in that stroller and talking to it like she was a real baby..There were some little kids staring at her and they looked puzzled, Taylor walked up to them and asked if they wanted to see her baby, she told the kids it was her daughter and her name was Suri, the kids looked even more puzzled and then ran away.Taylor please stop calling me I have nothing to say to you.

  12. Libraesque says

    well well well…..look who joined the swearing club. I thought up a cute new screen name for you taylor……….Hermie

  13. Taylor M says

    obnoxious spice you know you want me and don’t try and deny it. You are a racist pig and I think you are white trash. kiss my ass babe

  14. Alison says

    Suri is so adorable, she was alot cuter when she was younger, but she still is very cute. She is way cuter then baby shiloh.

  15. Leslie says

    I can not believe Taylor and her weirdness today. She has acted weird ,but today takes the cake. If anybody is interested Taylor takes a few prescription drugs she takes prozac, lithium and she also takes ritalin. When she was staying in the loonie bin she was so drugged out she was drooling all over her white straight jacket. She has had so many electric shock therapy’s it has even put an attractive looking curl in her hair. As for her fur fetish it has gotten so bad that she even took 5 of my stuffed animals that my husband has gotten me over the years. I caught her one day humping my big red bear that my hubby got me for valentines day, I threw it in the garbage can.She is a racist and it makes me sick. She has so many problems mentally and physically it’s pathetic. If you really want to get Taylor going just call her a SHEMALE or a CARPETMUNCHER that will get her going nutso. So Taylor quit stalking me or I will tell the world more of your secrets. Got It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. obnoxious spice says

    taylor taylor taylor….

    calm down ladyboy,

    I have never tried ‘donkey’s dick’, is it something you recommend then? how kind of you to share…

    now, I suggest you go and pluck your nipples, shave your chin, put on your prettiest dress and get out of the house and away from the computer for a few hours…

    perhaps a trip to get your prescription filled??

    or your fur dry-cleaned?

    Holly – i don’t know if she has a dick or not, one of her friends has come online telling us to be nicer to taylor as she is very confused at the moment due to the fact that she is a haemaphrodite you see…

    though this doesn’t excuse the vile and disgraceful racist rants she has been posting all over the site in other posters names…

    I hope they put her straightjacket straight back on it when it comes back from laundry!!

  17. Taylor M says

    obnoxious spice you are a BIATCH who needs to mind her own business. You are a trailer trash hoe who loves donkey dick.
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  18. holly says

    obnoxious spice you said she has a dick???? What the heck is she transgender or what? I really feel bad for her she really needs some help. I hope she is getting it.

  19. holly says

    obnoxious spice what’s up with this girl? Yes I think she’s off her meds, she’s off her rocker as well. What’s with the post above mine that has all those letters and does not spell anything?Is she crazy ? Is she a friend of yours?I wish there was something I could do to help her.

  20. obnoxious spice says

    no holly, but from the sounds of it, she DEFINATELY has some kind of BIG ‘space’….ick!!

    she seems to have lost it a bit today though, hasn’t she the poor dear…do you think she is off her meds??

  21. Taylor M says

    LIBRAESQUE / SHADOW GIRL / OBNOXIOUS SPICE / JILL / HOLLY / TO FUNNY…You can all fuck off, why are you all making fun of me? I can’t help who I am, everybody is different in there own way. Leslie you can fuck off to I am not giving you back your mink fur it’s mine. You need to give me bo bo back shes mine not yours. dkjhgvnkjdhklfgvhrkjcgvnjvghkjhfgkjchrdsnbgkbjhfgjhdfjkghdkfjhgkdhgkjhsujripotueoirghvndkljhfguhgjdhnlkjw;funcnjdhfuhhe;lobkjsdbdjkdhknhellodfnncjchfiudjdjhuaalalalowmcbfhtu,,qnagdhfujkjkcdl984r647chbbnxcjkuyfi8yr66666666666666666666666666666gfffhjcgxbkiuyftkuytkjsuglkuyfiduyiuhwdouy984sbflkjoidfpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppfgduhniu y7dsyuhkftytgduygd

  22. obnoxious spice says

    don’t expect mr/ms taylor to reply, she is far to busy posting racist crap under libraesques name on the mel b threads to come here…
    think she got upset we found out about her ‘bits’

  23. JILL says


  24. holly says

    OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I came on this board to say how cute little suri is and i get more then i bargined for. Who is taylor? she sure is a piece of work. I cant believe she actually humps furs and i read that she was born with both man and woman parts, so is she a man or a woman. Is taylor sporting a dick these days or a pussy?

  25. LIBRAESQUE says


    this is better than any sitcom
    please….keep it rollin’ girls/heshes

  26. Leslie says

    I just told Taylor that I do not want to see her anymore or have nothing to do with her anymore.She flipped out just like I predicted she would. I don’t know what I even seen in her. Out of all these people in the world she has to be the weirdest one. All her habits are strange too, i’m mad that she took my mink fur coat and then she went and ruined it. I’m pissed.I did take her little doggie bo bo because I did not want her to get hurt anymore. I moved back in with my husband and my baby girl. I can’t believe this shit. Taylor is calling me as we speak and harassing me.She’s a stalker now oh dear dear that’s the last thing I need. Taylor needs alot of help.

  27. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, this is too priceless for words. I can see the fucker shoving a dildo up there and fucking the drywall just for a little tickle.

  28. to funny says

    Taylor is a fur humping tramp, she humps all day she humps all night, and I keep thinking somethings not right.If anyone can please reach out and help Taylor that would be in Taylors best interest. I have known her for years and I really feel her pain. I’m sorry Taylor hunny. If you ever need anything please call upon me, you know I will always be here for you. I know what you have been going through and i’m so sorry the doctor wont help you. It’s just not fair. I just plead with you to stop the fur fetish it’s just not a natural thing to do. And as for Bo Bo, you really should not result to animals. Bo Bo is just to sweet for that, Just hug her she will understand. I do feel for you.

  29. obnoxious spice says

    YOU were the RACIST..let’s correct that little one immediately…then you did a BIG OLD U-TURN when you received backlash from it…how embarrassing for you!!

    if it is so shameful and disgraceful – why do you keep coming back for more, again and again and AGAIN…

    i think you secretly are enjoying this and are getting of on it…how SICK!!

    have you not noticed how you are the one in the centre of all this nastiness…???

    you should just let it drop now ‘taylor’,

    you tried to be clever by posting ridiculous, nasty and totally unfounded accusations against others,

    when we asked for you to show us where the comments you were referring to where, you REFUSED, again and again and again, showing us, and others, that you were a big fat liar!!

    so to save face you are dragging it all out into a petty and childish argument…trying to have the last word…it won’t work so give it up now…accept defeat…

    oh, and let me guess, you are homophobic as well as racist i take it?? dear me….

  30. Taylor M says

    You people have such sick, tormented minds. This sort of thing should NOT be on babyrazzi. First it was bashing harmless children (Heidi Klums) and now it is homosexuality. It is a shame and a disgrace.

  31. obnoxious spice says

    ok taylor, you may or may be a ‘carpet munching ladyboy’
    but one thing we all KNOW is that you

    ARE MOST DEFINATELY a RACIST who posted several horrible comments on here, some we have had removed and some, for some reason, are still available for all to see AS PROOF of the kind of horrible person you are.

    it is obvious from your post above that you have serious issues if you consider sex as disgusting and sick, no wonder you have no children, and at your age, you never will (though from the sounds of your posts, that is a blessing)
    i doubt your ‘boyfriend’ will stick around for too long if you aren’t putting out for him sweetheart…so, you will be lonely again, giving you even more time to come to sites like this, spewing out your hateful comments and harrassing others…

    it is very obvious you have come here with an agenda against libraesque, as your only contributions to the site are aimed directly at her, even at times when she HASN’T been on a particular thread……unfortunately for you, as much as lib has pissed some people off on this site, she has also made some very loyal friends who won’t sit back and see her accused of lies as you have done…

    you are an amateur if you thought posting that she was a racist was going to work,
    we ALL know by now she is the last person to be accused of something like that…
    even the people who don’t agree with her came to her defence on some of the threads…you, you racist slut, are ALL ALONE even here…

    if these comments disgust you (comments of which YOU set the tone for in the first place) why why WHY do you persist in coming back to read them? are you THAT lonely?

    leslie – if i were you i would wait till taylor went to the toilet (does she sit down or stand up?), then i would take my baby and my furs, get them cleaned, and then run!!

  32. Taylor M says

    Hello Libraesque, I hope your having a ball imitating me. What I just read is completely sick and moral -less. I have a boyfriend and would never, ever participate in anything so sick and disgusting.

    to funny ~ you are not funny at all, you just have a sick demented mind.

  33. to funny says

    #267 a carpetmuncher means that Taylor likes pussy.Taylor is a lezbo, lezzy, gay, it means that Taylor loves to eat poo tang..omfg i’m about to toss my cookies thinking of two woman eating eachothers carpet….LOL

  34. Taylor M says

    Ok the cats out of the bag i’m a hermaphodite who cares, at least I have both parts unlike you losers on here. And who cares that i’m a carpetmuncher and who cares if I hump on furs that’s just who I am. If you don’t like it get off this board especially you shadow girl. I know you want me but i’m taken. Geez find someone else to bug you trailer tramp.

  35. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, GET A LIFE! I don’t care if Taylor M is a he/she, they do not have the right to accuse of being bigots when s/he themselves are one! I don’t give a flying fuck about hermaphrodites, nor should that influence the posting here. You’re bringing in irrelevance and I’m tired of it.

    Taking the high road and ignoring.. yeah, TC is a $cien weirdo with a fucked up head. Suri is not biologically his, he’s an arrogant douchebag.

  36. Taylor M says

    You just did acknowledge me Libraesque, you cannot seem to help yourself. It is obvious that you love putting me down, and enjoy confrontation it seems. Hello Bethany, Leslie.
    It is good to see you girlfriends.

  37. bethany says

    Leave Taylor M alone I know what it’s like being born a hermaphadite it’s awful because i was born as one. I met Taylor M at a sessions group for people born with that condition. It’s awful you don’t know if your truely a female or a male. If you met Taylor you would like her she is so sweet and loving and just like me has a love and fetish for furs. Taylor thank you for the other night, and when you are done using my fur please return it i need it for this weekend.
    xoxo bethany

  38. Leslie says

    You know I don’t know why she curses, she does it to me all the time, at work, at home, in bed. I am getting sick of it. I know when she was living in the mental hospital for 3 years that is when it really started, so i’m assuming she got the habit from there.They treated her so bad in there, the other girls would make fun of her because of her problem, they called her a SHEMALE alot, and whenever they said that to her she would freak out so bad that they would have to put a straight jacket on her, they even went as far as doing electric shock therapy on her. After her 5th electric shock therapy she really started using the words..Last week she got fired from her job because she started a physical fight with a female because the other girl called her a carpetmuncher. I really don’t know what to do with her anymore, i’m at the point where I don’t want to be with her anymore. She’s lousy company, she treats me like crap, she’s lousy in bed and she really scares me.I’m thinking about getting back with my husband but fear that she right go crazy on me and hurt me and my baby girl..I just gave birth 3 months ago and i’m scared if I leave her she might try and steal my baby.Do any of you have any advice on what I should do? Taylor if you read this please get help, you really need it and please leave all the girls on this board alone. They are getting tired of all the cursing.If it’s attention you are looking for just go back to bo bo.
    best wishes,

  39. Taylor M says

    I could ask you the same question Libraesque. Just what is YOUR fascination with curse words? Since you use them in nearly every post.

  40. LIBRAESQUE says

    my bad….sorry!!
    No judgment here, that’s cool
    but can you just share….what’s the fascination with curse words???
    It’s too much….why comment 50 times on language, just go away, or ignore

  41. Kourtney says

    Suri Cruise is such a beautiful baby girl. Katie is so lucky to have her as a daughter. I do think Katie should find a differend husband. I don’t think Tom is right for her.

  42. Be nice to her says

    Hey Libraesque…Please try and be nice to Taylor M. she is going through a rough patch in her life….You see when this poor young child was born, the doctors told her mom that poor Taylor was born as a HERMAPHRODITE(born with both sexual organs)..Taylors mom was so devistated she didn’t know what to do, so they raised Taylor as a girl. Now years later Taylor is starting to come out of her shell and said she can’t be a girl anymore, she feels like she is a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Her mom has been seeing the specialist doctor who does reasigned gender surgery but was deviastated when the doctor said he refuses to make Taylor a boy due to her age…Taylor has been in constant therapy for her problem, she is a total mess. So you see i’m asking you to be nice to her because she is going through some mental issues lately..I mean you can understand the pain she is in wanting to be a boy and the doctors wont allow her too.As Taylors girlfriend I plead for you to stop and be nice to her and understand her feelings.
    Thanx much,

  43. Taylor M says

    Me uncultured Ha! That is a laugh! Speak for yourself. I also might add that I am certain that many people find you boring as well. You always have to use pathetic “curse ” words to prove a point. Practically every post you have written is the same “F” this and “F” that…… among many other NASTY words.

  44. LIBRAESQUE says

    fuck off you douche, hows that. You aren’t even smart enough to know that people have on-screen personas that have NOTHING to do with “who” they are in real life

    you’re an idiot, very naive, very un-cultured.

    And none of us cares if YOU point out anything
    Your opinion DOES NOT matter to anyone
    You don’t count, nothing you say is relevant, you’re un-interesting, and more importantly

    you can dispense with the BORING multi-poster thing

    like someone said before, go to Ihatetomcruise

    we’re all different, from different parts of the world


  45. Taylor M says

    Get over it Libraesque/Shadow Girl, you are just angry because I pointed out how classless and trashy you are! Only low-lifes speak the way you do.

    But I must say that I am surprised by your language today. I am beginning to wonder if it is really YOU.

  46. LIBRAESQUE says

    and how boring and idiotic you are to have nothing more interesting to do but spend FOUR DAYS commenting on peoples language.

    you posted FORTY EIGHT comments on peoples language
    WHAT A LOSER!!!!!

    not ONE comment that was on topic

    Stick to the topic or GET OUT, no one wants you here

  47. Taylor M says

    Hello Anne/Shadow Girl, how are you today? Is cursing just a normal part of your day? How sad and angry you must be in your life.

  48. Shadow Girl says

    If U want to see a racist, then get a fucking mirror. How is it you can be so blind to your own racism? CUNT

  49. Taylor M says

    Anne, I truly do not care what your opinion of is me. Because your language is just as offensive as Libraesque/Shadow Girl/ and obnoxious spice. It truly shows that you have no class. I do not why you people have to use filthy words to make a point. And FYI I do NOT approve of the KKK! They are just as sickening as the racist idiots here at “babyrazzi”.

  50. Jodie says

    that child gets plainer and plainer in every picture i see of her. she’s definately lost that individual look that she had as a newborn (or so called newborn – lol)

  51. Anne says

    Taylor M – you sound like a stupid racist cunt.
    Bad grammar is one thing, but I read just now the comments you posted, the racist ones, and I think you are a very sick and twisted bitch!! I agree with the comment above, go to a KKK site darling, you aren’t’ welcome here, this is about babies, not colour.

  52. Taylor M says

    What on earth are you so angry about Shadow Girl? You really must get control of it. I see the language has still not changed…. It’s really pathetic to have to read that sort of grammar on a baby site OR any site I might add.

  53. Shadow Girl says

    if that’s what you want to think, PUSSY, then go ahead and believe it. Be careful or we could slap your fat ass with a lawsuit over those racist comments already.

    Go fornicate already.

  54. where are all the decent people these days? says

    #240, You tell another poster to stop exposing people to her filthy language yet you yourself expose people to your filthy racist comments.
    I would prefer the filthy language to some of the disgraceful things I have read in this past half hour that you have been posting over the last few days, shame on you.
    From what I have read, I feel you would be far better suited to a KKK site #240, instead of a baby site.

  55. Taylor M says

    I will visit this site or any other site if i wish to. Stop trying to tell people what they can or can not do. And please stop exposing people to your filthy language. It’s gross.

  56. Shadow Girl says

    you’re antagonizing, BIATCH. Fuck off and go find a man so you can get laid and stop coming here. PUSSY

  57. ManitouBeach says

    Katie come back to Devils Lake in MI sometime. Remember the cottage your family used to own up there? well its still there. Paul Newmans place too. We are right down the street and see the big tree you used to play on. The lake is as beautiful as ever.

  58. Taylor M says

    You are truly sickening and classless!!! And I would not want to be friends with your kind. Do grow up and stop this endless bickering. It has become quite tiresome already.

  59. Shadow Girl says

    Sorry, I don’t swing that way, BIATCH.

    U can think we’re all the same person if you like, the only one who thinks it’s true is you, honey.

    Now, go use your vibrator. It’s gathering dust. Sick how you have so much spare time doing something that’s so pointless… C, I have friends here and with every word you say, you’re making more enemies.

    Fuck off, bite me, you’re only worthy enough to smell my nice paint peeling colon coughs, or as I call them FARTS.

  60. Taylor M says

    Gosh, how many screennames do you have girl friend???

    2- obnoxious spice
    3- Colonel Sanders
    4-Shadow girl.

    That is a least 4 to date. I wonder how many more? Hmmm.

  61. Shadow Girl says

    All righty, time for the almighty me to interject on my buddies’ behalfs.

    So, without knowing us, you deliberately point the racism finger at us? You know nothing of us off the boards, no hint of our social lives, work ethics, anything, and you still do that? REAL SMART….

    Smacking children in my opinion is child abuse. Ever watch Supernanny? I was raised just like that and despite what you may think(TAYLOR/JACKIE), I turned out to be a well adjusted lady.

    When you are asked to provide proof to back up these audacious claims, you immediately just revert back to watch your mouth bullcrap. Big fuckin’ deal, I’m an adult and I can say what I want. So can everyone else here.

    You are a broken record and we will not cry wolf when you eventually will disappear.

    When we make no racist claims, and you make one regarding Heidi Klum’s adorable little Henry along with that Col Sanders freak, I have to say you are the bigot amongst us. I think you really do need psychiatric help.

    Mm hmm, you cling to stereotypes and bigotry that this world would be better off without, CLAM.

    Now everyone, we would be better off not exacerbating this bigoted miscreant’s feeble little cortex, and talk about something more pleasant. Where’s Xena? I like talking to her about the ghost stories.

    Taylor/Jackie: I repeat: How do you like me now, bitch? I think I hear your fake pussy calling, it’s lonely.

    All in all, you ARE a pussy.

    C, hardly a swear there! I don’t mince words when I’m PO’D.

  62. obnoxious spice says

    I am offline now for a bit…PLEASE DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY TAYLOR….her gross, vile and evil comments are plastered ALL OVER old files..and new…
    i will HAPPILY provide proof ….
    she is EVIL….
    Have a lovely weekend with your children, husbands, family whatever it may be…to all…EXCEPT …kkk taylor m….evil incarnate

  63. obnoxious spice says

    you have NO idea how either of us were raised…and anyways..we were both raised to respect OTHERS REGARDLESS OF COLOUR, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, FINANCIAL POSITION OR WHO IS REMAINDING IN THE RELATIONSHIP

    YOU on the other hand, openly judge people by where they come from, how much money they have, whether they had an active mother or father and worst of all, the colour of their skin

    you are one sick puppy…
    get help NOW

  64. Taylor M says

    Please do not apologize for you bad language Libraesque/ obnoxious spice. We all know that is just the way you were raised and I am certain that not a day goes by without you quoting that despicable “F” word. You can’t take the trailer park out of the girl so they say………

  65. obnoxious spice says


    you have been CAUGHT OUT on this and the other threads today as the truly evil spiteful racist homophic bigot you are….

    its ALL there online for anyone to see…as PROOF…

    you are a hateful, spiteful, evil, racist, anti-minority bitch!!

    to all other posters
    i sincerely apologise for the downright disgusting language that has been provoked out of me today, it is extremely out of character – i was just so furious that someone would accuse me EIGHT hours ago of being a racist, and despite me again and again and again, pleading and begging for proof was denied it…
    i lost my temper and yes it was wrong…
    but i still stand by my disgust and revoltion at what this taylor m has been posting on the different threads,even going as far as archived pics…she has been evil about everything and anything you can think of…
    we have been able to get some of the worst comments removed but some (still very bad ones) remain..
    this woman is sick, evil and demented…
    and will no doubt change her screen name tomorrow after today’s embarrassment…

  66. Taylor M says

    And you my dear are the biggest “LIAR”of all. And no I am not twelve. But with your mannerisms and mouth you appear very much to be a pre-teen. You are extremely immature. You need therapy hunny.

    Ciao “POTTY MOUTH”.

  67. LIBRAESQUE says

    yea, no, I don’t need to do that, I’m under the firm impression that given the opportunity, foul people will always show their true colors, they don’t need any help from me

    and seriously “LOL”……..what are you, like, 12?

    FYI, God may love you but eveyone else thinks you’re a fucking asshole!!

    see ya LOSER

  68. Taylor M says

    LOL very funny Libraesque, that was your racist, fool self posing as me. You are such a hypocrite. Have a drink on me. trailer trash. LOL.

  69. LIBRAESQUE says

    okay girl, I’m gonna jump on over to yahoo real quick, I’m done wasting my time here with this dumbass liar

  70. LIBRAESQUE says

    btw shit sack, it was YOU who said they were going away SIXTY COMMENTS AGO

    you can’t stop projecting can you


  71. obnoxious spice says

    HAHAHAH…lib…you have such a GIFT with words..have a great weekend…i’ll email you later..!! x

  72. LIBRAESQUE says

    care to explain this???

    144. Col. Sanders, ret. | June 8th, 2007 at 12:36 pm
    the only thing uglier than the 2 negro babies is the white woman who produced them

    145. Taylor M | June 8th, 2007 at 4:36 pm
    I agree with Col.Sanders above

    I’m not wasting any more of my precious time on a douchebag like you.
    It’s Friday, it’s happy hour and Paris is back in jail and I’m giddy

    do the world a favor and kill yourself taylor, right after a great big steaming plate of fuck you

  73. Taylor M says

    That is the best news I have heard from you all day, even though I doubt very much that you will be able to follow through. ‘Loving confrontation the way you do’. And I am quite fulfilled in my life thank you very much.

  74. obnoxious spice says

    I know i said i would try my best to ignore you but i just read your comment to lib about what she is supposed to of said about heidi’s kids…


    IT WAS DISGUSTING!!! we ALL saw it, some of it is STILL on there from a DAY ago before we started arguing so you can’t even use that as an excuse ‘oh you are posting in my name’… are SO CAUGHT OUT YOU RACIST BITCH!”!!!


  75. obnoxious spice says

    OH MY GOD!!!
    Taylor – you are fucking TWISTED!!

    i have read for MYSELF the sick shit you have been posting all afternoon…

    it is obvious that if it were up to you, it would be an america full of middle class, MARRIED, WHITE women ONLY….
    some of your comments where truly fucking DISGUSTING!!

    Who the hell are you to say that a single mother is scum?????
    as i reminded you, a widow is also a single mother…you NEVER know who will be a single mother tomorrow when you wake up..FACT
    as for your thoughts on immigrants….well it is half laughable and half sickening!!
    i won’t even BEGIN to comment about your views on that thread where you mocked lower income earners!! how fucking arrogant!! people aren’t poor by choice you know…
    GO AWAY…

  76. LIBRAESQUE says

    WRONG douchebag, only people who vent their anger and frustration are healthy
    lying sacks of shit such as yourself, who PRETEND to be something they’re not are the ones who die of heart attacks and strokes

  77. Taylor M says

    I have as much right to be here as anyone. Why don’t you just admit that you are a RACIST posting under select user names. Act as an adult for once.

  78. obnoxious spice says

    actually, i am nice and calm see, from your comments on various threads today, you have shown yourself to be playing a game…
    you are racist, homophobic, against immigrants, single mothers etc..
    and when we called you out on it, you tried to deflect it onto us..and even though SEVEN HOURS have are UNABLE AND REFUSE to provide proof to back your accusations against me and my friend…
    you are sick, and have problems…
    please get help and leave us alone…
    more than i can say for you..
    YES – i have been very very foul mouthed for the past few hours, uncharacteristically so, but i was INCENSED that someone would so BLATANTLY LIE about me..but now…i have seen how sick and twisted you are, so hey, i don’t care…
    again, and again and again…
    get help taylor, you are so SO full of hate…

  79. LIBRAESQUE says

    I’ll stop taking the lords name in vain when you quit being a lying sack of shit douchebag that belongs to the KKK

    Listen up you COWARD, why don’t you do what you promised in #162 and get the hell off this board, that is right after you acknowledge my proof that you’re a degenerate liar
    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

  80. Taylor M says

    Why are you so hostile? You should be aware that becoming irate is very bad for your health. And my oh my such language…… Can’t you attack me without using curse words in every sentence?

  81. obnoxious spice says

    i guess she will stop taking the lords name in vain, when YOU stop breaking some of his commandments..

    your comments on the other thread about slavery are actually ILLEGAL these days you sick bitch!!

  82. obnoxious spice says

    firstly taylor…there must be a REASON you don’t have children…thank god for small mercies I say…
    and YET sprout off an accusation and avoid the question of providing proof…
    i think it is disgusting thaty you are anti immigrants, anti gay’s and anti single parents…you are revolting…
    no wonder you are all single and will die all alone…
    without immigrants, where would america be now, what is the problem with gays, and you NEVER know who could end up being a single parent tomorrow…you are very VERY arrogant…and naive…
    a widow is a single parent…are they ‘trash’ as well, as you said in another thread??
    you bore me, and also scare me slightly with your inbred redneck mentality..
    go away..

  83. LIBRAESQUE says


    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

  84. Taylor M says

    I don’t have any children, and if I did I would never use one improper word around them. Only people who qualify as trailer trash speak that way around others.

  85. LIBRAESQUE says


  86. LIBRAESQUE says


    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

  87. Taylor M says

    Honestly…. you are so immature with your potty mouth tsk tsk. You obviously have not grown up as of yet. What a shame. Answer me this, do you speak so horribly in the presence of your children?

  88. LIBRAESQUE says


    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

    O.S., which thread is that on, I want to have a go at IT

  89. obnoxious spice says

    mmmm….i bet she ‘disappears’ (ie, gets a new name) now lib…
    did you see the shit she wrote on other threads???
    she is :
    anti immigration
    anti multi racial families
    anti gay
    believes children should be smacked regularly
    and also is against single mothers

    she is DEMENTED…
    truly truly EVIL…and SICK

  90. Taylor M says

    The only one lying here is “YOU” I am so digusted reading this filth, it’s so incredibly boring and shallow “YAWN”

  91. LIBRAESQUE says


    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

  92. obnoxious spice says

    fuck off you slut faced cunt!!

    you call me a racist

    yet – when i ask you to provide proof…

    you beat around the bush for six hours avoiding the issue…

    what i DO know of you is that you are a LIAR

  93. Taylor M says

    And you know nothing of me. I strongly suggest that you clean up your foul mouth so that you can have a life.
    Sticks and stones……….

  94. obnoxious spice says

    oh, and take my word for it, even the most classiest and well mannered people swear


    it might not be done in an everyday situation, granted, but it IS done, even if just for the amusement of the shock value..

    though i have no doubts an aged spinster like you, lacking in social skills, and obviously education, would believe anything i say, out of principle…

  95. obnoxious spice says

    and what EXACTLY can you tell about me taylor???
    can you tell me what COLOUR I am??
    no…you can’t can you….can you even tell which part of the world I am in at the moment?? no- you can’t…
    and as for IQ, financial security, relationship, education, employment, or even favourite colour…come on…you are really scraping the barrel miss racist scientologist…
    please, go away before you make an even bigger fool of yourself…you have FAILED here BIG TIME..did you not think your accusations would require accountability???

    NO proof…
    liar liar
    big fat mamma pants on fire!!

    now, seriously, go and get a life, even a lonely one…

  96. Taylor M says

    You wouldn’t know “class and manners” if it hit you upside your arse. You seem very much like trailer trash to me with the words you convey. You can certainlty tell you didn’t attend finishing school LOL.

  97. obnoxious spice says

    taylor m
    accept it
    you have made a big FAT fool of yourself (though i suspect this isn’t the first time this week, yet alone your life, that this has happened)
    you are beyond boring now
    either provide your ‘proof’
    or fuck off
    oh, and as for racist
    i read YOUR comment from about four hours earlier on a heidi thread..
    it is YOU who is the racist
    you are obviously guilty and trying to project that onto us
    get a life
    am bored now

  98. LIBRAESQUE says

    shit sack, would you like to acknowledge that you’re a lying piece of filth since I provided this proof that you are ignoring??
    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

    now call me a racist again you pathetic loser

  99. LIBRAESQUE says

    class and manners???
    last time I checked lying sacks of shit who falsely accuse people of something as henious as racism didn’t fall under the class and manners category, douchebag

    now, isn’t it time for you to report back to the COS that your attempt at slander was a BIG FAT FAILURE

    go on shit sack

  100. Taylor M says

    Are we having fun yet children? Oh and I have plenty of friends “WITH CLASS AND MANNERS”. You should learn some , you may very well benefit from it one day.

  101. obnoxious spice says

    you have had THREE separate people ask you to provide PROOF over the past five hours or so, yet YOU CAN’T


    you are nothing but a lying piece of lonely assed scum

    go home to your empty pissy ‘home’

    get out your meds, swallow ’em down with a litre of gin, pass out, and then wake up tomorrow and get a life



    why don’t you do YOURSELF a favour and learn to conduct yourself as a HUMAN BEING…

  102. obnoxious spice says

    by the way ‘taylor’
    you wonder why we are on at the same time.???
    we are friends
    we talk to each other and thats why we both know to come here,
    and YES, we have OTHER friends, who not only know the kinds of people we are, but will stick up for us…
    YOU, well, you are all alone aren’t you…

  103. Taylor M says

    My heart bears no lonliness. There are no words to describe how low and pathetic you are. Do yourself and ALL of us a favor…. learn how to speak and conduct yourself as a lady.

  104. diddlysquat says

    this thread is all about the gay midget, his contract beard/wife and their bastard child taylor…
    not you and your personal vendetta against others…
    any NORMAL person would HAPPILY AND WILLINGLY provide proof of what they accuse others of…if only to have the pleasure in embarrassing and be-littling them…
    the fact that you REFUSE to do this
    now, i am not surprised you are a liar, you already have told others on this thread you WISH THEM DEAD and want to kill them by shoving socks down their throats, you also BOAST about smacking children, EVEN when you are not angry…what, is that a habit you picked up when you attempted to give up smoking or something??
    sounds sick to me..

  105. diddlysquat says

    oh ‘taylor’
    ALL of this can be concluded by you simply providing PROOF of your accusations….
    but NO you have NONE so you can’t…
    don’t you dare bring up children…god/xenu saw fit to not bestow any on you so lets just leave that there ok…
    as for it being a ‘turn off’
    no one is trying to proposition you, you lonely fucking bitch..
    i suggest you try
    you never might find the alien of your dreams..
    oh, and according to YOUR theory…me, lib and YOU are all the same person as we are all here at the same time..

  106. Taylor M says

    You are indeed the same person, don’t even try and fool anyone. It seems very convenient for Libraesque/obnoxious spice to be here at once don’t you think. Yes they are the same racist, ridiculous person.

    HA HA HA HA.

  107. LIBRAESQUE says

    a turn off???


  108. LIBRAESQUE says

    O.S. , IT isn’t even smart enough to realize it’s impossible to post a minute apart as two different users



  109. Taylor M says

    You are such a bottom feeder. Have you always spoken this way? It’s really quite a turn-off. I certainly hope children aren’t reading this

  110. LIBRAESQUE says

    IT’S projecting again
    just because you post as happy girl doesn’t mean other people are so sick and WEAK that they have to try to start trouble under two different names

  111. LIBRAESQUE says

    what..idiot, you’re here at the same time too….what’s your point
    jesus christ….not too bright are ya?

    hey cunt….ever heard of psychiatric help for that psychotic behavior of yours???

  112. LIBRAESQUE says

    yea, but this dumbass didn’t even have the brains to choose something they couldn’t get immediately blown out of the water on!!


    Those clams keep proving again and again that it doesn’t pay to follow in the footsteps of that no talent high school dropout tom cruise

  113. Taylor M says

    Libraesque/obnoxious spice…. ever heard of anger managment classes before? It’s amazing how you two happen to be at the same place at the same time LOL.

  114. LIBRAESQUE says

    hey O.S., I bet this sicko is the kkk member on all those threads and IT’S just trying to drag people down to IT’S level by lying about people being racists


  115. obnoxious spice says

    how the fuck can that cunt give proof lib./?????
    there IS NONE!!
    any regular, even on this suri thread, will no doubt know that YOU regularly post gorgeous comments praising angelina’s elder daughter, who ISN’T white…
    as for ME….i have only been posting for the past day or so, so where the fuck she pulled that one out is beyond me…
    i HATE scientologists…this is part of their ‘fairgame’ fucking agenda…!! defame and destroy opposers by any means…

  116. LIBRAESQUE says

    I wouldn’t be worried about someones language you pussy, when you’ve just been exposed as a sick demented LIAR who is such a complete loser that they make up lies about people on a baby site

    I am SO embarassed for you

  117. obnoxious spice says

    yes you DID strike a nerve….and you did bring out FILTH from me…because you are a LIAR
    i am VERY VERY anti racism and am disgusted that anyone would throw an accusation like that randomly out their about myself OR my friends
    THAT is where I struck a nerve with YOU
    isn’t it..
    because you have NONE
    and you say lib is ‘confrontational’????
    you are enjoying the reaction your lying has caused..
    you should be deeply ashamed of your actions you pathetic old slut
    go back to your lonely empty life and leave me alone

  118. LIBRAESQUE says

    what taylor/happy girl
    no response to my PROOF that you’re a god damn LIAR?
    no response to #170’s PROOF that you’re a god damn LIAR?

  119. Taylor M says

    My I certainly struck a nerve LOL. You are definitely showing your ignorance and clean up that “FILTH” that you call words.

  120. obnoxious spice says

    you are grasping at straws now taylor clam!!

    MANY MANY MANY people on the heidi threads had their id’s/usernames stolen you thick fucking bitch!!

    i even posted about EIGHT HOURS AGO a comment stating how it was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that many MANY people had their names used to post that shit!!
    as i stated previously

    you are merely using THIS as your only arrow against us so much for your ‘concern’ about this kind of thing, you fake fucking whore faced slut!!

    i hate HATE liars and YOU, you scientologist clam..ARE ONE…

    WHERE are the comments then?? not only from US, but also from poor little concerned and anti racist YOU??

    I have NEVER EVER been reduced to this kind of language in all my time blogging on many various sites on the web…congratulations…you stupid fucking child beating dog…you pushed me to it…

    i think the reason you are so bitter and pissed off is because no one WANTED you and therefore you are childless….which is a blessing, as you yourself admit, you would beat them if you did…
    now FUCK OFF and get a life

  121. obnoxious spice says

    you are grasping at straws now taylor clam!!

    MANY MANY MANY people on the heidi threads had their id’s/usernames stolen you thick fucking bitch!!

    i even posted about EIGHT HOURS AGO a comment stating how it was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that many MANY people had their names used to post that shit!!
    as i stated previously

    you are merely using THIS as your only arrow against us so much for your ‘concern’ about this kind of thing, you fake fucking whore faced slut!!

    i hate HATE liars and YOU, you scientologist clam..ARE ONE…

    WHERE are the comments then?? not only from US, but also from poor little concerned and anti racist YOU??

    I have NEVER EVER been reduced to this kind of language in all my time blogging on many various sites on the web…congratulations…you stupid fucking child beating dog…you pushed me to it…

    i think the reason you are so bitter and pissed off is because no one WANTED you and therefore you are childless….which is a blessing, as you yourself admit, you would beat them if you did…
    now FUCK OFF and get a life

  122. obnoxious spice says

    you are grasping at straws now taylor clam!!

    MANY MANY MANY people on the heidi threads had their id’s/usernames stolen you thick fucking bitch!!

    i even posted about EIGHT HOURS AGO a comment stating how it was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that many MANY people had their names used to post that shit!!
    as i stated previously

    you are merely using THIS as your only arrow against us so much for your ‘concern’ about this kind of thing, you fake fucking whore faced slut!!

    i hate HATE liars and YOU, you scientologist clam..ARE ONE…

    WHERE are the comments then?? not only from US, but also from poor little concerned and anti racist YOU??

    I have NEVER EVER been reduced to this kind of language in all my time blogging on many various sites on the web…congratulations…you stupid fucking child beating dog…you pushed me to it…

    i think the reason you are so bitter and pissed off is because no one WANTED you and therefore you are childless….which is a blessing, as you yourself admit, you would beat them if you did…

  123. Taylor M says

    I’ll accuse you of whatever I want to “miss potty mouth”.
    Truly… there are many of us here who have class! Do you ever get tired of hearing and reading your filthy grammar?

  124. LIBRAESQUE says

    hey you demented PIG………’s my proof that you’re SICK

    50. Libraesque | May 16th, 2007 at 1:39 pm
    priceless!!!! what a face on that kid, absolutely precious

  125. obnoxious spice says





    by the way…i just went and checked…for someone SO CONCERNED about racist posts…i noticed there wasn’t a SINGLE post from you in response to the disgusting comments posted on the heidi klum pics…

    you are FULL OF SHIT!!
    and now you are EXPOSED AS A LIAR AND A BULLY
    go hold your tin cans and get yourself audited clam..snap snap

    if it were ME and i accused someone of something so serious as being a racist i would HAPPILY provide proof the INSTANT i was asked to give it…
    you had NO proof to supply
    so you ran…

    you stupid fucking slut!! don’t you EVER accuse me of shit like that again!!

  126. Taylor M says

    I would not be so sure of that dearest, a woman can change her mind. Racist fool. Everyone who has read the comments on heidis thread KNOWS you are full of hatred towards her children. How very clever of you to use different names to express that hatred,

  127. Taylor M says

    WHATEVER!!! all you like to do is BICKER and it’s getting us nowhere. Find someone else to harass. I am finished talking to the likes of you GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDANCE.

  128. LIBRAESQUE says

    where the hell did all this racist shit come from

    you’re a pathetic dirtbag who can’t even back up your false claims
    I’m laughing at you, because you’re a joke and you’re projecting , as you’ve just proven without a doubt that you are posting as “taylor” and as “happy girl” on the Britney thread….who out of NOWHERE started in on me about being a racist
    you’re SICK!!!

    unless you provide comments by us that prove we’re racists, then you’ve completely dis-credited yourself, and proven to anyone reading this that you’re DEMENTED

    give it up psycho, go somewhere else and make false claims

  129. obnoxious spice says

    oh AND AGAIN

    i do NOT care what you think, but i DO care when you accuse myself or my friends of complete and utter BULLSHIT AND RUBBISH simply to try to deflect the heat from the fact that you are a child beating bully…

    AGAIN – where is your proof…
    and where is your apology

  130. obnoxious spice says

    where is your PROOF that either myself or even libraesque have posted ANYTHING REMOTELY racist…

    typical of you aggressive child beating bullies…

    you lie and lie and try to deflect when pushed for proof
    ok, don’t provide links..please though, at least write WHICH THREAD these comments have been written…
    as i said, i have only been posting for the past two days, lib is a friend of mine and i guarantee she wouldn’t of done what you accuse her of…

    of COURSE i defend my friends when such BULLSHIT is written about them, and OF COURSE i will defend myself..


  131. Taylor M says

    I hope you don’t have children as well, because you are a “racist” piece of vermin full of ‘hatred’, and thats not good for any child to be exposed to.

  132. Taylor M says

    I need not come up with the posts regarding all the racists comments here, we all remember what was written. And why are you so quick to come to Libraesques defense? Oh I know why because you are Libraesque. Please seek some help for your foul mouth and wicked mind before it’s to late. You just thrive on confrontation do you not? It seems that it’s the highlight of your day. Again I ask one more time…. WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT I THINK???? Just go about your business like I don’t even exist. Leave this alone already.

  133. obnoxious spice says

    what the HELL are you talking about taylor????

    how can lib be a racist when – if you take the time to check your FACTS – you will see she has REGULARLY and CONSISTANTLY posted glowing adoring comments on angelina’s elder daughter!! amoung many other non-white babies…

    i have no idea how you came to the conclusion that I am a racist as i have only been posting here for a few days now…
    thank GOD you don’t have children!! you sound
    seriously unstable…

    NOW – if you insist on calling people racists PLEASE PROVIDE PROOF OF RACIST COMMENTS MADE BY MYSELF OR LIBRAESQUE !!!#

    even if it is just a link to a page where one of us have made a racist comment..

    i have NO DOUBT that you will be UNABLE to do this as i guarantee that i have never posted ANYTHING racist about anyone, child, mother or father. and i know libraesque well enough to know that she HAS NEVER DONE THAT EITHER!!


    and then a nice big fat APOLOGY from you!!

  134. Taylor M says

    You my dear are absolutely insane. And for the record I don’t have any children vermin. My wish is for racists idiots like you to not be prejudiced but ,I don’t believe that will ever happen so instead I wish all of you would just vanish off the face of the earth, I never wished death to anyone! You come here and insult little innocent children, because they are bi-racial. (as if it is their fault)….then you expect people to tolerate that kind of behavior. Well it’s unacceptable to me and many others.

  135. LIBRAESQUE says

    you’re obviously a master of time management and productivity…..since you’ve been coming back for two days with the same nonsensical dribble

    and you’ll keep on coming back wasting your time telling other people to get a life…because you’re a loser

  136. obnoxious spice says

    haha!! –
    you are really showing your true colours here taylor..
    ok you might not swear – BUT
    you admit you smack your children EXCEPT when you are angry with them (what, you give them a slap as they walk past you for the sake of it? – in some countries in the world smacking IS considered as a form of child abuse

    you wish other posters DEAD
    you call them names such as ‘vermin, demented and so on’
    and you keep coming back again and again to reply to people who you say are a waste of your time..GO THEN…
    we are not begging or forcing you to keep coming back to say these childish and nasty things to us…

  137. Taylor M says

    Again I ask you…. why do you care who I am or what my opinions are? Do something useful with your day!!! I really do not know why I am discussing issues with vermin like you anyway. It’s clearly a waste of valuable time.

  138. Meanie Spice says

    spanking is alright if it’s not done in anger???????

    are you saying you spank children when you’re not upset at them for doing something they need to be punished for?
    which means you spank children for pleasure????

  139. Meanie Spice says

    “this is getting tiresome”
    why the hell are you here dumbass????

    only a complete idiot would come to a gossip site, and 97 comments into it start blahblahblahing over peoples language, which you have NO control over, and then complain that it’s tiresome AND THEN ask the person if they have anything better to do



  140. obnoxious spice says

    sorry taylor – unfortunately for you, we are three different people.
    so i guess that is THREE people you hope don’t live for long – can’t believe you would post something that evil just because of some swear words and a differing opinion on a celebrity who doesn’t even know any of us are even alive
    you need to put this all into perspective taylor
    it is just a blog site

  141. Taylor M says

    Alright. I know you are the same person with “different” user names so I can’t address you as one, seriously though, why do you care so much about what I think? Don’t you have anything important to do today? This is becoming very tiresome.

  142. obnoxious spice says

    ok – tom might not have a ‘potty’ mouth…
    but according to the gay gossip that has persisted around him for over twenty years..he sure as hell has a ‘dick sucking’ mouth…
    how do you figure he is a ‘lot more decent’ than ANYONE on this site…you don’t know the real him – or us..!!
    if we are judging from posts on this thread alone, you come across as a judgemental, violent, living in the dark ages, control freak…

    ok, swearing might offend you and many others, true enough…but did shadow girl or libra wish YOU dead as you did to them in your comment…

    Taylor wrote above :-“You may just be a granny one day yourself if you live long enough. You’re obviously a detriment to society so hopefully you do not.”

    that to me, is far FAR worse than colourful language!!

    you sound like a very nasty piece of work placing comments like that online directly to others…

  143. Taylor M says

    You work in a hospital? Now thats a scary thought. And spanking is not child abuse if it’s handled correctly and not done in anger.
    Please stop making up phony user names! I know you’re all the same demented person.
    I don’t believe that junk about Tom Cruise either. He’s a heck of a lot more decent than you. At least he doesn’t have a potty mouth.

  144. obnoxious spice says

    who is to say suri hasn’t already seen that kind of action from her step-daddy tom shadow girl??

  145. Meanie Spice says

    DAMN shadow, you’re gonna make nancy cry!!!!
    It may just release the parking break from it’s house and sail off a cliff if you keep cussing at it

  146. Shadow Girl says

    Uh yeah, me getting a spanking. You would like that wouldn’t you? Just sitting around and getting hot at the idea, eh?

    Learn how to spell, honey, and I’m older than U think I am. I choose to cuss and swear because it’s free speech, bitch, learn to accept that. And you’re what, 100 years old?

    I speak my mind and it’s obvious that you don’t have one, since all you do is try to beat on us for being ourselves. I work in a hospital and all I can say is that the mental ward would love to have Tom there! He’s a dirtyass rotten piece of dog shit who would benefit from intense psychotherapy.

    As for Suri, when she sees her ‘daddy’ spankin’ it with a gay pornstar, she’s literally fucked.

    How do you like me now, bitch? Go fuck yourself.

  147. obnoxious spice says

    Taylor – what are you going on about ‘spanking’ – that is classed as child abuse in these modern days!!
    if you don’t like the comments from certain people – scroll down past their names before you begin to read comments – it is THAT simple
    i have seen children as young as the age of five who could figure that no-brainer out for themselves!!
    why do you want them to go to the ‘mental ward’ on their way home – do you need them to bring you something?

  148. Taylor M says

    You are a very sick indiviual Shadow, you and Libraesque need a good old fashioned spanking. How old are you two anyhow? ten, eleven, twelve. I have seen children as young as the age of five who act more mature.

  149. Taylor M says

    Remember to check into the mental ward on the way home from cocktails. I think your mind is gone.

  150. Shadow Girl says

    Yay, martini time!

    Oooh, Taylor! Just bitch me out to your heart’s content. I can endure it.. c’mon bitch, want a verbal piece of me?

  151. Libraesque says

    hahahahahahahahahahaha, yea, I can see that.

    Okay it’s happy hour, I’m out
    Seriously Nel, have a little drinkie, relax, and maybe check into having that personality bypass reversed

  152. Libraesque says

    yea, I know
    soooooooo, are you ever going to say anything that doesn’t sound like you have a pole up your………….heiny??????????

  153. Libraesque says

    btw, are you a boy or a girl? I’m getting a guy vibe from you……..which is interesting……………because this is a site dedicated to cackling hens……….but that’s o.k…….nancy

  154. Libraesque says

    taylor, you seriously need to get over it
    what’s wrong with you?
    I’ve never seen you post on BR before, and now all of a sudden you come to a thread with 97 comments and proceed to go ON AND ON about people cussing???

    why don’t you say something interesting…I dare you!!!

    go ahead…..make a comment about Suri, or Katie, or Tom

    go ahead….DAZZLE ME!!!

  155. amy says

    i think it’s lovely that suri sent the thank you note…she might be a bastard child, but at least she is a polite little bastart!!

  156. Taylor M says

    I may be boring, but you’re a pathetic excuse for a human being. Only low-lifes curse and say filthy words.

  157. Libraesque says

    blah blah blah
    heard it all before
    why are you such a cry baby?
    you’re boring….and you sound really depressed!!!!!
    get a grip!!!!

  158. bebet says

    116. kelly, ok, if what you see in baby suri not cute baby at all, what features in a baby that would wow you. Baby Suri has all the features that a baby would be called a cute baby, though the above picture is not her best, have you seen her picture at LAX with her grandmother? She is the cutest baby in hollywood. There would no cute baby if we will base on yuor standard. I think your have a very poor taste when it comes to baby beauty

  159. Libraesque says

    okay, let me get this straight… consider a long winded post bitching at someone and telling them to get a life as being a “grown ups” comment ?????

    WOW…you’re a bigger dumbass than I thought

    I have a suggestion, have a cocktail, loosen up a little, maybe go for a walk, take a deep breath of fresh air and LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP…… seriously sound suicidal

  160. Shadow Girl says

    I bet Taylor M is Georgie.

    Sad and pathetic how people bitch about being exposed to bad language here. Whine and bitch all you want, but U can’t stop us. If you don’t want to read posts with swearing, then get the fuck out.

    Blow it out your ass, Taylor/Georgie…when it’s not busy with your head. Tell Cruise all the action he can get now is with a strap on and a gay teamster on that movie. Little Suri will walk in on it one day and be fucked up for life.

  161. Taylor M says

    Thats real smart making fun of old people. You may just be a granny one day yourself if you live long enough. You’re obviously a detriment to society so hopefully you do not.

    Kelly, excellent post. It’s so nice to read a “grown ups” comment on this site for once.

  162. oriana says

    kelly, I am smiling from ear to ear!!!!! It is not always feasible for people to send in donations especially in today’s society with the price of everything going sky high, but the fact that you have been willing to adopt two animals is a miracle in itself! Thank You and I know you will get much joy from them. Don’t get fleas! Ha!

  163. Libraesque says

    let me tell you something you little troll…on the Shiloh thread this was my comment

    WHAT excatly are you people going on about?
    WHAT is photoshopped?????
    her eyes????? no
    her mouth…….no
    her bumper guards? …no

    THIS is the reaction it got

    • LIB-LES, what ever your name is
    You need to get a new life! You sound like your a freak.
    Stop bitching at everybody here, get your ass out of here before i get across you.
    • Lib, you are too sad for words. I can bet Angelina sanctioned this picture to be on the cover after approving its airbrushing. Shiloh will never be beautiful so get used to it. She is cute as every baby is but beautiful, Nuh!

    • Geez Lib, could you get a life. Just because you scream it will not make Shiloh beautiful. Abusing Suri will not make Shiloh beautiful either. She is a plain cute child and if she needed phtoshopping to be on the cover of a magazine, she is not the first nor the last. After 15 or so years, she will be all over the place and looking at her she will be over weight and judging from her parents, with a drug problem. So quit shoving her down our throats.

    • Libraesque , your are a liar freak, blind

    so troll, you’re a little mis-directed with your rantings. why don’t you get over to that thread and bitch at those people??????

  164. Libraesque says

    I LOVE IT!!!
    another douchebag writing a short novel on how I need to get a life and stick to the subject of Suri/Katie

    you do realize that you’ve just contradicted yourself………and it only took 2,000 words for you to do it


    tell me something….what is “moraleas” ??????????? I think you need to take your own advice on the diploma thing sweetheart

  165. kelly says

    i have to start out telling libraesque to get a life, this is a comment on katie and suri. and stop bashing everyone. know one want’s you on here. you just put everyone down. and stick with the subject. not putting your 2 sense in on everyone’s comment’s. and no it is not a rash librasque, it is a birthmark. do you have children? no, i forgot you are to young to have kid’s….oriana my hat is off to you for lending a helping hand. i just adopted 2 kat’s and send in donation’s when i can. please don’t let negative people who are ignorant put you down for helping out where help is needed. we all know what l——que would of done, spent on herself. it amazes me how everyone talk’s and get’s along just fine. and there is one person in the crowd that has to bring on bad karma and tries to ruin everything. there has been several complaint’s and soon you will no longer see her anywhere on the comment area. she can’t get booted off fast enough. i don’t know one lady that has such a trash mouth.. and stop being rude. i bet that if this would be an open forum for comment’s you would not have the ball’s to say this shit , we would all beat your ass. i know you will be posting a comment anytime now in regard’s to this comment. you need to give your opion an the subject and stop bashing everyone. who are you dr. phil wannabe?????? get a job or go back to school, get your diploma and let us adult’s talk amongst ourselves. it amazes me all the free time you have is slamming everyone’s comments and opionon’s. i wish you luck on other site’s. but, your day’s here are numbered. we will get the last laugh, libraesque….. back to the story at hand. no, this is just my opion, i don’t think suri is cute at all. and it was a good jesture on katie’s part to have her daughter be respectful of other people and to appreciate other people and have moraleas. we can send libraesque katie’s maybe she will be able to help her out. i think she is way out of control on her language and for talking shit to everyone. when did this be a bitchfest with you, libraesque???? you are suppose to be leaving a comment on katie/suri. not your comment on everyone else’s comment’s. grow up. have a great day everyone….

  166. Libraesque says


    it’s 1950 in here

    tell ya what Mrs Cleaver, why don’t you join the jello eating granny who told SG to wash her mouth out with soap


  167. Taylor M says

    I hope the webmistress removes the comment section soon, so we don’t have to be exposed to this filthy language any longer. Foul mouthed hooligans.

  168. Shadow Girl says

    Then get the FUCK outta here, you fuckin’ pig! Don’t let the door hit your asshole on the way out, or would you like it up there? It’d have to get past your head first.

  169. oriana says

    Lib, I think M must stand for Moses in #108! It certainly sounds like the Old Testament!

    WE are not in Covered Wagons and rubbing two sticks together to make Fire! Times have changed!

    But you get in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans! And look like a Model while you are doing it! Don’t forget to have the paper, the beer, and the slippers ready just in case Mr. Wonderful might drop by!!!!! Ha!

  170. Taylor M says

    That is right “Men are to work by the sweat of their brow”. Just because I believe that doesn’t make me a hick but, whatever you choose to think is fine by me. For a woman you are a sad excuse. I wouldn’t want you to be my mother.

  171. Libraesque says


    if I’m a man I should be working????????????


    jesus christ you backwoods hick, are you kidding…or what???

    I’m really a woman…..should I kick off my shoes and git in that thar kitchen and rustle up some vittles?????

  172. Taylor M says

    Oh and if you’re a man shouldn’t you be working? Stop sitting in front of the computer creating chaos. Make yourself useful.

  173. Taylor M says

    Would you like to know what really disgusts me? low life, classless, foul mouthed fools who “curse” and use “dirty” words to get their point across. It’s completely uncalled for.

  174. Libraesque says

    you know what really disgusts me???? Ignorant douchebags who say things like “cause” instead of “because”

  175. Libraesque says

    Lola, like I’ve said before, you’re a cunt….an ignorant ridiculous cunt who has nothing better to do than bash a humanitarian like AJ, and worship a gay midget cult leader

    Hey, hows that petition coming along????

  176. Libraesque says

    I love how PUSSIES come here, on a thread with 97 comments JUST to have a go at people and comment about things they aren’t even involved with

    and quit being f^cking pussies

  177. Shadow Girl says

    This is just too entertaining!

    We have several pro Tom douchebags whining about how ‘great’ he is, one doddering old fool who sounds suspiciously like ‘Anne’ from TKC, and my pals fielding this ignorant drabble.

    Georgie, you spend about 100 years on this planet and you still don’t know how to spell? Real nice. Maybe you should exercise your constitutional rights and get the fuck outta here. All U do it bitch me out for using language you don’t like.

    I can attest that Lib and amy are not the same person, nor am I an incarnation of any of them. Now that I know you hate foulmouthed girls, I’m gonna use more bad language. See the mistake was letting us know what your pet peeve is. >:)

    Go fire on me some more, think whatever you want. Whatever helps you sleep at night, bitch.

  178. amy says

    skip past my name then raquel…i don’t ASK you to read my comments…

    you have freedom of choice with your scrolling you know…

    as matter of a fact…your only contribution to this thread is to have a go at me…

    so you are either posting under multiple names, or you are just out for an argument…
    which is it?

  179. Raquel says

    The only one here who is boring and needs medication Is you “Amy “and your split personalities. You have totally polluted this board.

  180. amy says

    well if Elvis IS alive living on an island..tell suri to give him his hair back, he’ll need it to stop his head getting sunburnt!!
    Jorinda – whatever…boring…
    Georgie…medication time love….

  181. Lola says

    Someone still thinks Suri looks like Klein, how lame and deranged, isn’t Elvis still alive living on an Island? LOL

    Libra, do you have a life outside hating Tom Cruise on every blog? Please find yourself a job.

  182. carleigh says

    Suri is totally adorable…don’t like Tom..but can’t help but just loves me some little cutie pie Suri..she’s completely impish and just precious!

  183. Fan of Katie Holmes/Cruise says

    I’m just curious why this picture is titled Suri has amazing manners? When we all know that Suri did not send that note..Katie did. I still think Suri looks like Chris Klein and not weirdo Tom….I think it was very sweet of Katie to send that thank you note, I wish there were more people like her in this world..She deserves so much better then Tom Cruise, he treats her like a trophy. Someday she will come to her senses and dump him.

  184. Libraesque says

    I’m glad you posted that now all the do^chebags can realize that all of us are different people

  185. Jorinda says

    Libraesque – amy – Boo who. Go get your yourselves checked out a.s.a.p ! you’re in need of some serious therapy.

  186. Libraesque says

    Shay, say something interesting or shut up.

    go ahead say something riveting and adult-ish.
    come on, get an interesting adult conversation going here…please

  187. Shay says

    All you children go back to your playpens!! this site is strictly for adults. We’re all sick to death of this nonsense.

  188. Libraesque says

    AAWWW georganne, that’s real sweet of you

    NO, I don’t have anything better to do but slam “all of the juveniles posting ignorant, mindless, drivel. “……..OH wait I’m having de’javu!!!!!

    see you back at tkc!!!

  189. Georgie says

    Umm no thank you…… I will not be posting with the likes of you anymore Libam. You are simply too immature for words. Have you nothing better to do with your day than slam people. Have you ever looked into a pond to see your reflection? try it…… you might see the ugliness in your heart. However there is still hope for you. I will say a prayer for you this evening

  190. Libraesque says

    georgie, elders earn respect just like everyone else, it’s not by default just because you’ve been polluting this planet for 150 years or however old you are

    Lola as usual you’re making NO SENSE in your post, so really just shut up already

    Um, amy, I have an observation to make…… know how anne is the queen of projecting??? you know how I was the one to combine her name and Helens when it was discovered she was one in the same (although mine was much more clever than libam….wtf!!!)

    I think anne has joined us!!!!!!!!
    welcome to babyrazzi georganne!!!!

  191. Georgie says

    I could care less whether anyone agrees with me or not Libam. It is a free country and we all have a right to our opinions.

    Did you ditch School today only to post immature comments here? I dread Summer coming up because then we will have to put up with all of the juveniles posting ignorant, mindless, drivel.

  192. amy says

    oh ok, if that helps you sleep tonight then may think i am whoever you chose…

    you sure are touchy that others don’t agree with you…to quote you yourself…’you really are pathetic’

    for the record…i know it’s gonna kill you, but i am NOT lib…oh dear, TWO people who don’t agree with you…boo hoo…

    your comment to shadowgirl was over the top…end of…it’s just a blog site..not the meaning of the universe…put it into perspective then get back to your jello…

  193. Georgie says

    Libraesque and miss amy are one and the same. Tell us how many names are you using on this board Libam?

  194. Lola says

    In the defence of Cruise, I don’t think he is the kind to be freaked out by anything on his child. Besides, I don’t think it was anything parmanent. I have not seen it since, even at the wedding in the pictures after the pr-wedding party, she does not have it. She is a beauty that one.

    And Libra it is funny that you think they can photoshop Cruise to look taller when we all know his height and unlike you, it does not bother any of us.

  195. amy says

    ever heard of respecting others opinions Georgie?

    i don’t know where you get off presuming that just because shadow girl uses language you might not chose to use, that that then means she has no manners?? get real…

    as for lib being ‘prejudiced against senior citizens’…i thought her comments show she was simply prejudiced against ignorance…

  196. Georgie says

    So…you are prejudiced against senior citizens Libraesque? You really are pathetic! ever heard of respecting your elders?

  197. Libraesque says

    scraped a bone…WTF!!!!
    that is SO wrong, it’s CRAZY how people in the medical profession can give out such false information

  198. the REAL DMITZ says

    Libraesque – it is scary… I thought it was a bruise at first because a nurse told me it happened when my daughter came thru the birth canal (that she scraped a bone or something). Imagine how a 1st time mother would feel? The actual nursery nurses told me what it was.

  199. Libraesque says

    Georgie, quit getting your granny panties in a bunch….telling someone to wash their mouth out?????

    get real

    did they serve cherry jello at the nursing home last night????

  200. Libraesque says

    kitty, cute name for it, stork bite!!!
    and it does look like suri doesn’t have it anymore, must be scary at first, to see that on your baby

  201. the REAL DMITZ says

    Suri’s does appear to have a bit more of a purple tint and seems more noticable (unless she just got done crying). But if that’s what TomKat is covering up w/Suri’s bangs I don’t think that’s right. Suri is a cute little girl and with all the other disabilities in this world that little stork bite is nothing to be ashamed of. Not too crazy about Tom and I agree w/Oriana that he probably freaked out when he saw it, but I do love me some Suri!! Katie is okay, I think she’s a good mom.

  202. the REAL DMITZ says

    @ CyberKitten38. My daughter was born w/that too. That’s cute – stork bite. The hospital referred to it as a “strawberry kiss”. It did show up when she cried only. It would get really bright red and then fade when she calmed down. She just turned 1 in May and I can hardly notice it anymore, in fact I had actually forgotten about it until reading this post.

  203. oriana says

    Yes, that mark is very noticeable on Suri’s forehead! I hope it does fade in time. She is cute and it would be a shame if she carried that with her all her life. I bet Tom was very upset when he saw that on that sweet baby!

  204. Shadow Girl says

    OK fake DMITZ, why would you even give a rat’s asshole whether I have kids or not? That’s personal info and I don’t go there online, thank you very much. Do us all a favor and put your head back up your ass for the warmth.

    OH, I could be a LOT more foulmouthed like ‘cumguzzler’, ‘dicksucker’, etc. Keep on my back and I’ll let ya have it.

  205. Xenafan96 says

    My apologies to the real DMITZ. You have always had meaningful posts, funny ones too, so I’m sorry that I questioned you on anything. LOL-I just found posts under my name and the time on them is crazy, since I can say, ok that was when I was embalming Mrs.J and doing intake on Mr. R. Must have grown an extra pair of hands and have not realized it yet!!

  206. CyberKitten38 says


    That *weird* rash appears to be a *stork bite* My daughter was born with one in the exact same’s basically a birth mark that fades over time. It took well over a year before it was entirely gone. For the most part u couldn’t see it..but if she was excited, crying or anything like that it would turn bright red for a while, then fade again. She’s now 13 and has no sign of it. She also has this *stork bite* on one of her eye lids. It’s not uncommon at all 🙂

  207. amy says

    oops, sorry for my double posting, it didn’t seem to go through the first time so i had to modify it slightly then they both posted…oh well, double lots of abuse now i expect!

  208. amy says

    “Suri Cruise has amazing manners” – NO

    “Suri Cruise has got parents with a fab PR team working for them”…

    While YES – of course i do most definately agree that good manners are an important item to educate children on

    i do NOT for one moment believe this to be much more than an image enhancing exercise…

    i think katie merely notes names of shops/people etc then gets someone lowly to do the rest…so whilst it IS polite, it’s probably not very sincere….they aren’t stupid, they know things like this get out into the public arena…come on….

  209. amy says

    “suri cruise has amazing manners” – NO

    “suri cruise has got parents with a fab PR team working for them”…

    while YES i do most definately agree that good manners are an important item to educate children on, i do NOT for one moment believe this to be much more than an image enhancing exercise…

    i think katie merely notes names of shops/people etc then gets someone lowly to do the rest…so whilst it IS polite, it’s probably not very sincere….they aren’t stupid, they know things like this get out into the public arena…come on….

  210. the REAL DMITZ says

    Thank you Oriana. I come on here hoping to have adult conversations and for the most part usually do. There’s always some child that comes on trying to stir things up! I can guarantee that when I log on in the morning again the DMITZ and ORIANA wannabees will post more crap under our names. I meant what I said too – I enjoy the things you share w/us and even if I don’t always comment, I probably know a lot about you already 🙂

    So if you get any more mean CHILDISH posts after 5pm CST it’s not me, K? The DMITZ wannabe can talk all the crap she wants, but let’s hope tonight her mommy and daddy take away her Internet rights! This child may have a bedtime to tend to. Looks like she snuck on late last night so she could be cool and tell her friends that she can do whatever she wants.

  211. oriana says

    To the real DMITZ, no worries on my end my Dear, you are one of my faves and if you read what the fools posted and signed my name too, yours is a RED ROSE compared to what they wrote about me, actually, I thought they would have done much worse, guess they couldn’t put that much thought into it! You have a peaceful day!!!!!!!

  212. Libraesque says

    what I find interesting is it is rumored that People Mag is on Cruises payroll.
    They are the ONLY magazine that photoshop pictures of TC to look taller!!!!! It’s pathetic.
    And it’s also curious that this story even got out.
    You NEVER read about people sending thank you notes to stores, IT’S NOT NEWS but I’m sure it happens ALL the time, I highly doubt this is an isolated incident.
    Also People was the only mag that ran a story saying Suri had a birthday party……………..that there were no photos of…..and no guests.

    This is all PR bullshit. This couple is in damage control overdrive, big time
    Mark my words….in the next few months People will run a story about TC yet again saving someones life

  213. Jo says

    To the DMITZ imposter, get a life. What kind of loser is on here all day/night? Poor poor you…

    To the REAL DMITZ don’t even sweat it. Someone was posting as me last week and the best thing to do is just ignore the.

  214. DMITZ says

    Shadow Girl,I have so much pity for you and your foulmouth.Try and be more like a lady.I hope you donot have children?

  215. Shadow Girl says

    Well well well…

    OK, pardon me if some asshole was using your name and I went off on them. But the real DMITZ should know I was firing off on the imposter which doesn’t mean I was yelling at the real one. OMG, use your common sense!

    Stick to one user name, all right? Of course I’m foul mouthed! I come from the east where I say shit and fuck several times a day!

    I use one user name only, belay what any pro Tom shithead thinks.

    Imposter DMITZ-kiss my hairy asshole. It’s the only thing in the world you would recognize. (assholes in general).

  216. *the REAL DMITZ* says

    Shadow Girl – if you had been reading other posts you would see that I’m all for people speaking their minds on this blog. I don’t like the ones that try to shut people’s opinions down. And for the record, I’ve always enjoyed reading Oriana’s posts. I admire her for being open about her life.

    I think Oriana knows that and that’s why she actually apologized for offending DMITZ (even though it wasn’t me).

  217. *the REAL DMITZ* says

    Xenafan96 and Oriana and Shadow Girl – I did NOT post the #36 or #50 comment.

    Whoever is posting as me if flatters me that you are that obsessed w/me that you want to be me. It scares me to think you are that pathetic you have to hide under another name and get off on sh!t like that. You probably have no life, no kids, and man. This website keeps you warm at night doesn’t it?! Poor baby…

    Thank you Orianna for not going off on “DMITZ”. It shows class.

    Shadow Girl an apology would be nice. I understand you thought it was me posting but let me let you in on a little something something… I don’t have time to blog/post/chat on the weekends. Much as I would love to, I don’t have time.

  218. kayleigh says

    Shadow Girl, maybe you should change your name to ‘immature girl’? The language you are speaking says everything about you!

  219. Shadow Girl says

    DMITZ-when did I ever insinuate that I called Oriana Ms or Miss, or even Mrs? I think you fucked up your head reading so many posts.

    Hehe, your head is fucked up anyway.

    At any rate, If this is the first time you’ve ever heard a mean comment about Suri, I think you need to visit our hangout

    Also, anyone can come to these boards of their own free will, so you always have a choice to come here or not. I don’t wanna hear any bitching about being ‘forced’ to read one nasty thing or another. Shove it.

    On another note, yes it is rare to see manners in action these days as assholes like DMITZ, Anne, and the Jackie clam represent.

  220. CyberKitten38 says

    At least she’s raising her daughter to have manners, to be respectful and appreciative of what she has and is given. I think that’s awesome and probably something that ALOT of celeb moms don’t bother to do. Seems to me like she’s raising this little girl RIGHT. Kudos to u Katie!

  221. faci says

    More pictures of baby suri please. This baby is so adorable, plus well mannered, so amazing, katie is really a wonderful and excellent mother. Katie, congrats for the excellent upbringing of baby suri.

  222. oriana says

    Xena, hope you are having a restful weekend! I think you work too hard sometimes!!!!! To this very day when I go home, I always address the ladies at my church as Miss Martha, Miss Susan, it is not disrespectful at all!!! Even here in Ca., one of my friends, her daughter is 14, and she always addresses all the women by Miss and then their first name. She is from Baltimore originally and I was so impressed when she had done that since she was 2 years old!!!!

    I am sorry if anyone got offended, especially DMITZ!

    Tia, had a great time at the Greek Festival, I thought of you!!! Had some yummy food! Loved the little pastry (they looked like mini turnovers) with cheese and spinach inside. Had something with delish meat inside with eggplant, mousaka? Prob spelling it wrong!

    Have fun Ladieeees!!!!!!!!!

  223. Xenafan96 says

    DMITZ-I call Oriana ‘Miss Oriana’ due to a joke she and I have between us. She doesn’t mind, why do you? I know she is married, we talk outside this board. Since she has southern roots, I started calling her ‘Miss Oriana’ as a tribute to her roots(my family is Southern and that is how we refer to any female adult older than us as a sign of respect), much like saying ‘M’am’ to a strange lady so as not to insult them.
    As far as tales go, what is the harm in sharing things we do as a way to connect and communicate? Oriana does alot in her ‘real’ life that I highly commend her for and love hearing about them. I am not alone in this either. We ladies like to chatter about things as a way of being friendly. I apologize if you have ever felt that I slighted you in any way, that is not something I like to do. I know this site is about celeb babies, and there are tons of posts on those babies. Alot of us have built up a comraderie and like to chit chat. Also, since the racists have hit this board recently(sp?), we try to interject positive commentary to bring the focus back to that fun chatting.
    I nicknamed ShadowGirl ShadowG-so she can be gansta style if she wants 🙂
    Miapocca-ok, I’m lazy. I address her as Mia.
    Libraesque-Sometime I use Lib, other times Libra. Again, just being lazy. Oh well, that’s just IMO to share stories of things we do. I wish you enjoyed it more, it can get to be fun!:)

  224. Mary says

    I think Suri is a beautiful and very unique name for a unique baby. I like Tom alot but I know he has a huge ego and his daughter was not about to have a name common to all. It has a nice ring to it and when you look at her, she is just…Suri Lol.

    I can’t wait for Katie’s movie. It will be very nice I guess. I love the co-stars they chose too.

  225. Ren says

    Folks, Suri is a ridiculous name, just as many of the Hollywood baby names are absurd, like Apple Martin. Where’s Pear, Banana, Peach, Orange, etc? Could someone PLEASE pick a normal name???

  226. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I don’t care what anybody says about TC or Scientology or how Katie is a puppet…momma and baby are adorable. She seems like someone you’d meet at the park while your kids play and you could totally get along with her. I never watched Dawson’s Creek and I thought she was pretty over-rated in most of the movies I saw with her in it, but she has matured alot and seems like a genuine, kind person.
    Suri is too precious…but I don’t think she gives a flip about sending thank-you cards or the frame

  227. Lola says

    Guys, Katie has an interview on ET on monday. I have seen the preview and she looks so beautiful. It seems like those must see interviews. I am definitely not missing it for the world. Love her, Tom and little Suri. Cutest baby ever.

  228. DMITZ says

    Shadowgirl,i am beginning to believe that YOU gave birth to suri,because this is the first time i am reading such a mean statement.Please try and make truthful statements.
    Xena,i think Oriana should be a Mrs and not a Miss,you are always making that mistake.
    Oriana,please,this is a celebrity baby blog,I am getting tired of your personalised comments and tales.THANKYOU.

  229. fee says

    Oriana, I know exactly what you mean about being in the south. I wasn’t born down south, but i have lived here for most of my life. Good manners are not expected, but REQUIRED.

    I think it is really cute that Suri sent a thank-you. Yes, we all know Katie did it, but so what? It was cute and thoughtful.

  230. Gina says

    What a sweet story. I have no doubt Katie is a very sweet girl. All those people can’t be wrong. Come to think of it, I don’t remember any one who has said any bad thing about her. Suri is a lucky girl.

  231. Shadow Girl says

    Oriana! I volunteer at an animal shelter and a gift like that is most def tax deductible!

    The cats will thank you.

    Suri only has good manners because she’s OLDER than they CLAIM she is!

  232. oriana says

    Xena, well he is all puffed up but he is still going with me to the Festival tomorrow for we have made a commitment to take the Special O group and he knows we need his help and supervision.

    Here is the thing, when I lost my leg, I was in shock, we always think maybe we might have a heart attack, or a stroke, even a car crash, but we never contemplate ever losing our legs! So when I got my little dog from the Animal shelter, and he was sick, and is still sick, he has to have allergy shots and take meds, he gave me so much comfort, that I not only saved an animal, he helped me so much! So when I saw those sick little kittens and a few dogs, all I could think of, was maybe someone else could be comforted like I was and the sick animals would not suffer. So I can always get carpet, I can save up for that, and I feel good, I did think that maybe I should have given $500.00 but I felt led to do it, so he has his computer, and I didn’t blink an eye when he bought what he wanted.

    He will calm down in a few days for it is a done deal now! I have three Cats, adopted two more, one died, and my son took one with him, so I did what I felt needed to be done. If I could walk, I would have a couple of more dogs, but it isn’t fair for me to expect others to walk my animals for me.

    Now you have got to rest!!!! 3 all nighters is too much for you, take a night off if possible!!!!

  233. Zbella says

    Turkish Delight – it’s a celebrity baby blog – that’s why it’s on the internet. 🙂

    I’m getting over thank you cards. I was raised and taught to send them and did so diligently with my first 2 children. Oops – got a little busy/distracted with my last.

  234. Lauren says

    Aww, how cute. Suri is just adorable. Kudos to Katie for bringing up her daughter with manners! I wish we had new pics of Suri. Love seeing that adorable little girl.

  235. Turkish Delight says

    so..if I called up the “Ladies in Waiting” store and told them that me and my kid were coming to shop, would my child receive a handmade decorative frame also? Hmmm…….I’m guessing NOT!

    I have sent “thank you” cards from my children since “In utero” (baby shower gifts) and yet my story is not plastered all over the internet? Why? Because it is NOTHING SPECIAL! You people are acting like Katie and Suri cured cancer or parted the red sea! My goodness! Get a life!

  236. Xenafan96 says

    then you go goril-should be then you go girl.
    Pulling 3 all nighters in a row has fried my brain!! 🙂

  237. Xenafan96 says

    OOOH Miss Oriana! I think you are awesome for donating $1000 to help animals. That is the most well spent money I can think of. I say ‘Carpet,schmarpet’. You can always get carpeting, but a starving animal does not get that chance hardly at all to grow and live healthy. Sure Hubby is pissed, but did you get mad when he got computer stuff? If you didn’t, then you go goril!!
    Libra-LOL, it may just be in my family, all the kids as soon as they can walk head for the nearest baby. Normally at the age of walking, a child is just now coming to terms with their surroundings so other kids their age usually hold no fascination for them. But a baby-wowee! It’s like having a doll to play with. And babies gets lots of attention since they depend utterly on everyone to care for them and I think sometimes a ‘walker’ gets a bit jealous and wants attention. What better way than to beeline to a baby and fuss around with it?

  238. Granny says

    Oriana. Know what you mean. My husband is always rolling his eyes becuase I cannot turn a kid away from the door. I have bought more useless overpriced stuff from kid school fundraisers. And don’t even think I can enter Wal Mart without buying from the kids and their booths.

  239. Libraesque says

    xena, REALLY? I guess it’s been WAY too long since I’ve been around babies!!!!!
    I agree about the location

  240. Isabella says

    I had doubts about them for a while, but they are just the classy family. Suri is very cute! I don’t believe this was a publicity stunt, I think it was just a sweet gesture. I hope other people learn to do this more. Me included!

  241. Kalista Brat says

    Awww so cute I wish I could hear Suri talk she is such a pretty baby I must add and I wish they would have taken some secret pictures of them on a camera phone or something! i want to see what the embossed frame looks like too!

  242. oriana says

    Thank you for the kind words. He is mad, though, and I mean very pissed! Said he could see it if it was a $100.00 but not the whole amount I had left. So guess he will be in a mood now all weekend!!

  243. kt says

    oriana, it was so generous of you to donate that money for the animals….you should feel proud of yourself and happy that you were able to contribute to their well being. i am sure your husband will see that if he was able to see wisely enough to split the income tax return w/ you. it was your half and you saw fit to spend it well. good for you! bravo, kt

  244. oriana says

    Well my hubby highly upset with me tonight!!!! We got our income tax money, split it, almost $3,000., he got tires,and some computer stuff.

    I sent $500. to my son and his partner in PA. Today, went to the Animal Shelter with a friend, just to look around with her, made the mistake of going into the area for the sick little kittens were kept, whipped out my checkbook, moment of temporary insanity, wrote them a check for $1,000.00!!!!!! All I could think of is how it would help buy meds for the sick cats and dogs! My husband is in a state of shock! Guess will have to get new carpet on down the road!!!!!!

  245. Xenafan96 says

    Finally, the REAL Ohio born and bred Katie Holmes showed up! I grew up in the Midwest, and it is a HUGE thing that we were taught manners and sending thank you notes were and still the right thing to do. I find it cute that Suri has her own stationary(sp?) and that was a very sweet thing for the business owners to do a frame for her. I’m the kind of Mommy that makes copies of anything my daughter send to people so that she can look back at them and maybe show them off to her child someday/
    Libra-We all know what I think about TC and his lifestyle, and I am certainly not about to cheer him on when I say this. I have seen many babies when they toddle around try to pick up other babies. I think they see them as toy babydolls to play with. Good thing they weren’t in LaLa land, the mom of the 2 week old would probably insist Suri did pick up her baby so that she could sell her story to InTouch or People lolololol.

  246. Libraesque says

    Janice, I’m curious why you’re lumping a world renowned humanitarian in with two failed rehab patients who flash their crotches all over hollywood???????

  247. oriana says

    Janice my Dear, I can’t tell you the spankings I got from not just using manners as I mentioned, but also if there was an elderly person, we BETTER hold the door open for them and help them with their chair! Ha!

    I would think that Brit being from LA would have more manners about herself than she has exhibited! And don’t even think about sassing your parents back, I think her mother let some of the teachings go by the way side for fame and money, too bad!!!!!

  248. Janice says

    Oriana, you are from the south! I know what you are talking about, being well mannered is a big issue there and unfortunately people are raising kids these days without any manners or decency. I find it strange for Lohan and Britney’s parents to blast them for things they did not teach them. Katie has always seemed to me like a very polite person and I don’t know any one who has met her who has said she is not sweet. All those people cannot be wrong. I am glad she is raising Suri this way.

    Yes the personalised stationery is rather cute. I guess that lady will never forget and people will not question how genuine the note is.

    Tom is one lucky dude getting a girl like Katie after two divorces. He should have got Jolie, of Lohan or even Britney. LOL

  249. oriana says

    Being from the South, we were taught to say Yes Mam and No Mam, Yes Sir, No Sir, even when old enough to talk, and Thank you and You are welcome would get a good spanking if it wasn’t adhered too. Thank you notes was a way of life, just like getting every kid in the class a Valentine. That is why I think this is so sweet. I can see Katie’s mom teaching her the same set of manners.

  250. oriana says

    I personally think that Katie and Tom have taught all the kids good manners. I think that is too sweet having her own stationary, I love that idea!!!!!

  251. Libraesque says

    Linda you’re acting like the kid wrote the note.

    I do find it QUITE extraordinary that a kid BARELY a year old was running around trying to pick up other babies

  252. DMITZ says

    Awww 🙂 this brought a tear to my eye. How adorable is that? Regardless of what people think of Tom, you have to hand it to Katie – she has class. And kudos for her teaching Suri to have manners.

  253. Malayka says

    That a sweet gesture. The whole story is so cute. I wish we could see her more often. She is such a little Angel.

  254. Linda says

    Awwwwwwwww that is so cute, I love Suri too, she is just the best baby if you ask me. I am glad she is learning manners, I too try to write thank you notes and tell people that they were a great service especially if they were.

    Oriana, am with you, I wish we had a pic to follow the story. Love seeing Suri.

  255. Julie says

    I love Suri! All 3 of them look fabulous, and I think it’s so sweet that Katie and little Suri wrote a thank-you note. She’s still my favorite celebrity baby! Tom looks HOT!!!!!!!!!

  256. Sassy says

    It’s a shame more people don’t write thank you notes, I always try to do this when someone does something for me or buys me a gift…Good Job Kate, you are bringing Suri up manners…

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