Denise Richards & Daughters Enjoy Some Princess Fun!

Denise Richards

Denise Richards was snapped with Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, enjoying princess makeovers during the Kidada for Disney Couture Collection event on Thursday. What fun!



  1. Aloha says

    OMG!…PLZ people get a life!!….Denise is a very good Mother to both of her daughters!….Isn’t it weird how Charlie Sheen all drug out!….Meets a whatever you want to call it, after what is is 4 months and wants to marry the other blonde?

    Just a Hint:…They live in Malibu…da…who wouldn’t be down the beach?

    You go girl!!…Never mind all the wannabee…brb

  2. Kate says

    I really don’t get the concern over the blankie and thumb-sucking….It is very normal for a young child to do both of these things.

  3. kimmy says

    Isn’t the little girl on the right a little too old to be sucking her thumb and having a bankey?

  4. Libraesque says

    she’s smiling because she’s getting her picture taken.

    I agree 150% with #34, this whore was crying wahwah,Charlie did this Charlie did that, I’m just trying to protect my children blahblah, then a week later she did all those things #34 mentioned

    I totally believe the stories that she calls the paps to let them know her every move
    she aint nobody!!! why is her picture in every rag every week

  5. Mum says

    She’s raising them to be such girly girls. First the Barbie/Princess party, now this. Prissy prissy prissy. That’s not the girls’ fault though. They are adorable.

  6. Zbella says

    Flash cards? LOL. I guess we all have our own idea of quality time. I don’t have anything against Denise. She seems shallow and definitely not smart to get involved with Charlie Sheen – but they have 2 healthy little girls, so at least something good came out of it.

  7. Ricky says

    I cannot believe how many of you are saying she is a good mother! Wow – I hate to think how you are as a mother if that’s your idea of good. A “good mother” (especially to girls) doesn’t spend her time making out with a man her children only know as their mommies friends husband, on balconies as to get photopraphed. Or lying on top of him (with barely any clothes on) on a beach kissing and fondling him with his hands on her bum. She KNOWS her every move was being captured by the paprazzi! Her girls for sure saw those photos while standing in line at the market with their nanny. GROSS! She needs to act a little more lady like. Her girls were no where to be found on those vacations with Richie – that was a time of need for those girls (in the midst of their parents divorce). She is so gross. She needs to stay behind closed doors and spend time playing dollies and flash cards with those girls – not shopping and walking around the streets of LA trying to get photopraphed.

  8. Miranda says

    What about Angelina and Zahara’s clothes? I think she’s dressed very stylish! jeans are absolutely what I would prefer if I had a little girl, along with cute dresses and all. I think you should mix it a bit, girls don’t have to look like little princesses all the time. And I totallly ADORE Zahara’s little Nike shoes.

  9. says

    sam and lola are not beatiful girls to me have you seen both girls as baby not pretty at all sean astin girls alexsandra elizabeth isbella brooke shild daugther rowan and leni all are beatuful girls not sam nor lola is cute to me sorry

  10. oriana says

    I’ve never thought Sam was pretty. She seems very serious and solemn to me most of the time, but the last few pictures I did see her smiling and she is cuter as she gets older. Lola looks just like Denise’s mom, she is adorable!!!!!

  11. Kelsie says

    #2 has a point,Sam is very smart for her age,shes seen alot and understands it.Denise said in an interview that Sam walked in her room and saw her crying,and she walked up to her and wiped her face.I know shes trying hard,and i respect her for that.

  12. Kelsie says

    #2 has a point,Sam is very smart for her age,shes seen alot and understands it.Denise said in an interview that Sam walked in her room and saw her crying,and she walked up to her and wiped her face.I know shes trying hard,and i respect her for that.

  13. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    The girls look pooped..probably had a long day. Lola always looks so precious…Sam always seems unaffected

  14. oriana says

    If a person didn’t know Shiloh was a little girl they would think she was a boy by looking at her.

  15. fifi trooper says

    I don’t think that Angelina, have to dress her kids like nobody! If, she chooses to dress her kids like that, then that’s her! Denise Richardson, is getting her girls ready for a goldigging marathon! in the future! Zahara, isn’t always just like this! I can’t wait until I see Shiloh, walking! The question is? Why? isn’t she never carrying Shiloh? I never seen her carry Shiloh, only Brad! I think in the future they may have a problem with that! Is it that Angelina’s jealous of Shiloh’s attention that she get from Brad! I wish that I was a fly on their walls!

  16. JJ says

    That may be so, but I have friends that are divorced and their kids were young when it happened and over the years with visiting the father only part-time and not having him be home with mom, really created behavioural problems in the kids. The kids may not remember details but they can definitely sense when their mom is unhappy. And that has a direct effect on a child. I have read oodles of books on child psychology and so I’m not pulling stuff out of my imagination. My statement earlier rings true to many…maybe just not the commentators on this board.

  17. Karen says

    Very cute girls. I love their clothes. Angelina should take a lesson from Denise. She dresses Zahara and Shiloh like boys.

  18. Molly says

    Maybe Angelina should dress Zahara more like Sam and Lola. They always look adorable!! Poor Zahara – she is dressed in dark colors made to look like a boy.

  19. Miranda says

    They seem fine to me, I don’t think it has anything to do about their parents broke up. They’re too young to be depressed by it. My parents broke up when I was 9, and it was really hard on me. I think it’s worse in that age.

  20. oriana says

    Sam is Charlie Sheen made over! Looks just like him! I think Lola is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. I do think Denise is a good mom, must be nice not to have to worry about going to a job, rushing home to fix dinner, give kids a bath and have to do laundry! They have a good life of play time, shopping, going for lunch and being with Mommy a lot of quality time.

    How many mothers don’t have that luxury!

  21. jen says

    “Chances are they are shy little girls who don’t like cameras being stuck in their faces. ”

    I completely agree. So maybe Mommy should stop dragging them around to every photo op that pops up to spare the girls the trauma. Oh wait. But then Mommy wouldn’t be seen either. And Mommy needs to be seen being Super Fantastic “I am not a home wrecker” Mommy things.

  22. Xenafan96 says

    I have always thought that Sam is a dead ringer for Charlie Sheen. She is always looking so serious in most pics of her, and I really do feel badly for both girls as they get older and start finding out how everything was when the divorce first started. I only hope that they do not end up in the same situation as poor Ireland Baldwin, with Mom and Dad acting petty just because they can. Lola looks so much like her Mom, and I love the little chubby cheeks she has, too cute!

  23. says

    Sam was 14 months old when Lola was born and her parents had already split. There is no way that Sam can remember the details about their spilt!!!! Sam is not having a hard time to be happy, and she is in no way emotionally scarred.You people are unbelievable…honestly. Just because children are not smiling, doesnt mean that they are not happy. Maybe they were just tired, or bored,or didnt like the cameras, or sleepy, or fussy…and the list goes on. There are loads of pictures with these girls smiling and laughing.As much as I dont like their mother, I think she is a wonderful mum and she is always with her daughters.

  24. Lauren says

    Sam & Lola are adorable little girls. You can’t blame Denise for wanting her daughters to be happy. They are still young.

  25. Zbella says

    Sam looks tired. Not unhappy. She’s 3 – I have a 3 year old and he is not smiling all the time. Lola looks fine – totally happy, just not beaming. True that Denise looks like she’s having the best time!

  26. Cat says

    Sam was a year old when the parents split. If she remembers that, she must be extra special. Chances are they are shy little girls who don’t like cameras being stuck in their faces. Lets give them a few years before we attribute all of their problems to their parents’ breakup.

  27. Aditi says

    I dont want to fight or anything, I hate those blog fights!
    Thing is, i think shes doing the best she can for her kids, shes always with them!!
    They’re really young, 2 and 3..
    They’ll be fine, from the looks of it shes going to bring them up really well!

  28. Aditi says

    HEY.. why cant you guys just appreciate the fact that denise is trying hard to keep her kids happy!
    She couldn’t have just been with the guy for her kids!
    Lots of people i know come from broken families and you know what, happiness comes from within , really..
    the kids were probably tired after a long long day..
    sam is just wiping her nose and lola is daydreaming!!!

  29. JJ says

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong. The oldest daughter went through her parents break-up and is now emotionally scarred. She seems to be having a hard time being “happy”. The young one was too young to remember details of the split so she’ll probably be fine once she gets older. So sad though. The parents screwed up their life and you can see the harm it has done to the kids. Cute little girls though. Only time will tell. Hope they don’t turn into “LiLo’s” when older – wild child out of control.

  30. Carole Danielle says

    Yes, Beth this is true.
    You always see Denise happy but the two little girls
    never seems to be , you never see them smiling
    or enjoying themselves.
    They always have their fingers in their mouth with the
    I dont know what’s wrong.

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