Angelina Jolie Brings Zahara & Pax Thien To School

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie was snapped bringing Zahara, 2, and Pax Thien, 3, to school in Prague on Thursday. Brad Pitt is in Montreal.



  1. Lisa says

    you have never seen them carry Maddox. I have never seen nothing like this in my life. Worry about your own kids make sure they are smiling make sure you carry yours. Iam quite sure Angie gives a shit about what people think about her and their kids. Someone on here saying why would she adopt a African (ish) what does that mean or something is wrong with Pax how do you know you are seeing pictures not their everyday life. How can someone tell someone who to adopt. If you are so interested in how may white kids are abused or in foster care than you adopt them but until than mind your business why carry any of them they all can walk.

  2. Nicki says

    lauren- Jen and Vince broke up a LONG time ago. Remember the college co-ed he was with, a long time ago??? Brad didn’t cheat, according to Jen herself and her best friend, Courtney.

  3. Nicki says

    261. kriddell- You are right about the thousands of children here…………….But Angie has been to 20 or so places where there are over a million children need help………..Who cares where she wants to help ANY child. She has done way more than most of the people complaining about it.
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitt’s!!

  4. lauren says

    I dont have much to say about Angelina but i can say i hope jennifer aniston all the best with vince and i dont think it was her fault that her and brad broke up he shouldnt have cheated. xxx

  5. says

    why cant you adopt a baby of your own race because there are thousands of children here in the usa starving for a loving family to take them and give them are place to call home.

  6. oriana says

    There is a strong resemblance to Brad. I can see it happening but just a fling, but good for her, he is cute!

    Kate, I don’t think she is a bad mother, never said that, I just think she shows favortism to her adopted kids.

    And I think she is depressing, among other things.

  7. LIBRAESQUE says

    Jen is dating a 36 year old model? Yea, right……..they’re girlfriends more like it…not boyfriend and girlfriend

  8. Kate says

    My, aren’t we all just a little bit critical? Angelina and Brad seem to have a very loving and happy family. Their children are beautiful and strike me as very happy and well-adjusted. Just because a parent chooses to dress her child in black-ensembles does not make that parent or child depressed or depressing. And to those who keep claiming that Angelina is such a bad mother…..What exactly is your evidence? I mean are you qualified to make such a statement? Do you KNOW the Jolie-Pitt family? Because, if you’ve never even MET them, doesn’t it seem a little unfair to label them as such? What if Angelina were to say, ” I think that ORIANA (or whomever, it’s just an example….insert your own name) is a terrible mother.” Wouldn’t you be outraged, considering she DOESN”T EVEN KNOW YOU?

  9. Fly On The Wall says

    This is what happened….

    (Jen hangs up the phone, turns to Paul)

    Jen – Alright, it’s time.

    Paul – Huh? Time for what?

    Jen (To self) – God, he’s dumber than brick. (To paul) That was Stephen on the phone. The photographers are here. Time for you to leave.

    Paul – I have a photoshoot? Nobody told me….

    Jen – The Paparazzis Paul, the Paparazzis.

    Paul – Oh…huh?

    Jen – (to self) effing Moron. (To Paul) Paul, what did Stephen tell you about this arrangement.

    Paul – huh…he said I’m just gonna take a few pictures and tell people I’m your boyfriend.

    Jen – Okay then.

    Paul – he didn’t say anything about sleeping together though. That’s gonna cost another couple of thousand.

    Jen (To self) – Yeah, like I’m gonna sleep with Mr. Nobody here when I didn’t even let Vince see me naked. (To Paul) We’re not sleeping together.

    Paul (relieved) – Oh Good.

    Jen – What does that mean?

    Paul – Nothing…I mean I’m sure if it calls for I can do it but…

    Jen – But what? BUT WHAT?!! I’ll have you know I’m still a desirable woman. I was married to Brad Pitt. BRAD PITT!!

    Paul – Yeah Brad Pitt, I love that guy. He’s so cool. I love to copy his style. See my sweater here, it’s like his from that movie he did with his new wife Angie.. I love that movie, the action and the romance…..


    Paul – huh?

    Jen – Just get out. Go right now.

    Paul – Uh… okay

    Jen – and take a bottle of water with you.

    Paul – why? I’m not thirsty..

    Jen – I don’t care, I’m paying you and you’ll do as I say.

    Paul – uh… okay. (Grabs a bottle of water, reads the label) Hey, does this like make you really smart?

    Jen – Of course, how do you think I came up with the idea of hiring you?

    Paul – Cool. Maybe if I drink this, I’ll remember where I left my sunglasses. I love those glasses, it’s like the one Brad wore in that movie with Ang…

    Jen – Get out…NOW.

    Paul – Jeez, okay, okay. I’m going. (To self) so high strung.

    Jen – (To self) If this backfires, I’m so gonna fire Stephen. (To Paul) Drive around the block a couple of time,s then come back here, we’ll go out.

    Paul – Can we go see a movie?

    Jen – Yeah, sure, whatever.

    Paul – Cool. I want to see Ocean’s 13.

    (He walks out the door. Jen, red from anger, runs to the bathroom, turns on the faucet and as the water runs she let’s out a big scream)

    Jen – Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    (Outside, Paul looks over his shoulder at the front door)

    Paul – Weirdo. There she goes again screaming at her pretend ocean. I can’t wait until this gig is over.

    (Photgraphers take pictures)

    Paul (Smiling) – At least I get some exposure.

  10. Photo Op 101 says

    OMG I can hardly type this for laughing…. JustJared is running a photo of the gigolo coming out of Jennifer’s house supposedly the morning after, carrying a bottle of — you guessed it — SMARTWATER!!

  11. Nikki Dai says

    Why are people coming here to complain about the Jolie-Pitt’s? It defeats the purpose coming here to specifically look at pics about this family only to complain. Get it together weirdos.

  12. oriana says

    Jenna, I appreciate you being diplomatic and not trashing me with “N” and her pals. We have disagreed but who on here hasn’t? That doesn’t mean I have a bad opinion of you as a person and I hope you know that.

    As far as them saying Lib is my Mentor, that girl has told me to go F myself more than once! But I still enjoy her comments, yes, she does get “down and low” but so what? A lot of people do, I enjoy her and sometimes laugh when I can’t help myself! Both her and Mia are very intelligent to me. Xena is easy going and is eloquent in the way she phrases herself, I am too blunt and outspoken. I hope that we can all see this is a place to voice our opinions and enjoy it, and meet some new friends along the way.

    I can’t stop laughing this weekend over PARIS for I think that is the funniest thing that has happened in a long time with the celebrities!!!

    Between Paris and My TONY on the Sopranoes, I can’t worry or fret over people like “N” and Mary, wherever she came from, so everyone, have a nice Sunday and enjoy your day!!!!!!!!

  13. oriana says

    I do have to say it is probably true that Jennifer is lonely and she wants her name Out There in the press. Her movies have not been that successful and I would like to see her happy. I think it is her fault the marriage didn’t work, she knew that Brad desperately wanted kids, and she wanted a career, they drifted apart and she has to live with her choices and move forward. I think he is happy and will make it work with Angelina. I don’t think this new boyfriend will be a long term thing, if not over with by even NOW!

    As far as the Water goes, it is a popular drinking water and the stars love it, so good for her and her five million, I think very smart move on her part, and I hope she gets as much of the water free that she can get!!!!!!

  14. Pilar says

    “maybe she is and keeping it quiet, but doubtful”

    Not bloody likely. That woman never saw a camera or a PR opportunity she didn’t like.

  15. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #226″N”, I have nothing against Oriana, I have nothing bad to say about her, we simply disagreed about something in a democratic way. Please do not drag me into any of your grievances with her.

    #230 “Mary”,where on earth do you get those ideas from? Seek help – you have some serious delusions.#

    By the way, if someone offered me 5 million quid to advertise water I’d damn well do it in an instance!

  16. Pilar says

    Oriana, she can shill for whatever product she wants to and do whatever she pleases with the money, it’s her prerogative; but the timing, as well as the timing of this “mystery man”, is pathetic. Anything to get her name back in the tabloids. Negative attention can be worse than no attention at all but I guess she hasn’t learned that yet.

  17. Pilar says

    “she got a man a class higher than Brad ”

    ROTFLMBAO!! OMFG!! The only thing “high” about this guy is his cocaine bill, roughly £450 a day according to the British newspapers. I’m no fan of Jen’s, but damn, she deserves better than this. If she has any sense she will run like a split streak. You can read all about it here:

  18. oriana says

    ??????? As I said, PITIFUL!!!!

    And I made myself clear about “N” long before you ever made your comments so once again, Pitiful!

  19. ???? says

    Now Miss Oriana,

    Pitiful? This is because I criticized you. Jenna didn’t criticize you as harshly and she’s decent person, a nice lady, and N agreed with some of my points therefore she’s a nuisance, a nothing. Dear God, your values are nicely selective to suit yourself. Sensibility of those who don’t strike up a banal friendship with you is not to be respected, is it? Just as Buddhists are not to be respected because they are merely statue worshipers.

    I really like to borrow the language of your friend Mia and use it toward you this minute. But if I do, I’m no better than her or you bigot.

  20. oriana says

    Pilar, I am sure you know by now I am not a big fan of Brad, Angie or Jennifer’s, but if I got five million dollars for promoting the water, I would also, and Brad has done promotions too for money, but overseas where they would not be shown in the U.S., how many so called Stars as well as the VIP ones are doing these promotions now? Plenty!!! Easy Five million smackers for her, I just wish she would donate some of it to a charity, animal shelter, etc. And who knows, maybe she is and keeping it quiet, but doubtful.

  21. oriana says

    Mary, please don’t confuse me with someone else!!! I have NEVER said I thought she was adopting for publicity! I have always said I thought she loved the adopted kids more than she did her own biological child and that I thought her heart was definately with the adopted ones! So get you facts straight before popping off about me!

    And I have said many times I think Angelina has some emotional problems and I stand by that! But I don’t now, and never have, or ever said, think that these kids won’t be loved and are only for “show”, NOPE, get your shit straight!!!!!!

    Mentors Mia and Lib!!!!! YOU stupid ass!!! Lib is a big fan of this family, I am not and have never claimed to be! And both of them have more sense in their little toe than you do in your Brain! Don’t start up with me, especially over crap you have wrong!!!!!!

  22. Mary says

    Yeah, it may not be you, this does not soudn like you

    ‘N, does that stand for Nuisance or Nothing? Because that is what you are to me! I have made that clear to you more than once. So say what you want too about me, doesn’t matter’

    That said, if I saw a woman who run off with my husband looking haggard and veined like that, I would whistle my way down the road and do a little jig while at it.

  23. Mary says

    Oriana, I will remind you of posts you wrote saying that you thought that Angelin had a problem and she was adopting for publicity. But that was some time back, you have since morphed into your mentors Libraesque and Miapocca which is a pity. You made more sense back then. But even then you used to be an ass licker if I remember correectly, again I may be insulting you when Pilar or Libra is writing those posts.

  24. Mary says

    Pilar what are you? Their spokesperson? James Haven? Get a life and stop living through Angelina and Brad Pitt. You think people are vicious without reading back your posts on Aniston, now that is what I call vicious. You decide her new man is a PR move and they have nothing in common when you had never even heard of him before now. My guess is like all other Brangeloonies, you are miffed that she got a man a class higher than Brad and you all did not see this coming.LOL. I wish they go on to have beautiful babies and marry in a beautiful ceremony while you saintly heros buckle under the pressure of the fraudulent facade of life they have built.

    I can’t wait to compare the two families, one, young, beautiful and healthy, the other old haggard,with protruding veins and leathery skins and stick thin. What goes around comes around and mark my words, Jen is having the last laugh.

  25. oriana says

    I don’t think for one minute these kids were adopted “for show”. I think they will be loved and cherished, that has already been proven. I think Jennifer is feeling pretty low, her movie career, has flopped, she sacraficed her marriage for it, and where has it gone? NOT to the top like she thought it would!!!!!

    N, does that stand for Nuisance or Nothing? Because that is what you are to me! I have made that clear to you more than once. So say what you want too about me, doesn’t matter.

    As for ????, pitiful is the only word that first comes to mind!

    As for Jenna, I happen to think she is a decent person and so what if we disagree? THAT doesn’t mean she isn’t a nice lady. And she can speak for herself about me.

    Mary, who and what are you?

  26. Paloma says

    Angelina in the council of foreign relations. This country has become a joke. Next up president.

  27. Pilar says

    Aida, have you ever tried adopting an American kid? If you want to adopt a healthy white infant, be prepared for a five-year wait. And when you get one, there’s no guarantee the birth parents won’t show up on your doorstep demanding the kid back. The deck is stacked in favor of the birth parents in this country; it’s just the way it is.

    Foster children in this country have it a hell of a lot better than children in orphanages overseas. Zahara was a desperately ill baby who would probably have died before her first birthday if Angelina and Brad hadn’t adopted her. Can you fault them for that?

    Seeing Angie and Brad with their adopted children, I very much doubt it is “all for show”. They love their adopted kids as much as they love their natural child.

  28. aida says

    I think those kids are lucky to be adopted by someone like angie, but why can’t she adopt american kids? There have been so many cases with mothers abusing kids here that there is no need to go out of the country to help children out. Is it all for show?

  29. Pilar says

    K, Angie and Brad have their work, their humanitarian activities, and their children in common. What do Jen and this guy have in common except that maybe they share the same hairdresser and the same tanning salon? What does Jen do all day anyway besides blow-dry her hair, shop out Rodeo Drive and walk the dog? Empty-headed cow needs a life.

    Mary, you are absolutely vicious. You can hate on Angelina all you want, she’s an adult; but why take out your spite and bitterness on her children?

    Blurb, if you want to see pictures of Angelina holding Shiloh, just google “Angelina + Shiloh” and see what comes up. You can manage that, can’t you?

    As for you, N, you crack me the hell up. If you met Oriana in person, what would you do? Stick youir tongue out at her and go “Nyah-nyah”?

    You evil bitches need to find a Jen blog to spew all your spite on. But this is a blog about parents and babies and that barren old cow will never be a mother. Hell, she never even talks to her own.

    I realize, though, it’s been a bad week for you poor hags. Angelina and Brad wowing Cannes, “A Mighty Heart” getting good reviews in Cannes and people talking about Angelina possibly copping an Oscar nomination, celebrating Shiloh’s birthday, O13’s successful premiere, and Angelina being accepted into the Council on Foreign Relations. Not to mention that every time you pass a newsstand this month, there is Angie’s face leaping out at you from the covers of both Marie Claire and Esquire, with great articles inside. Meanwhile, poor Jen is so desperate for somebody — anybody — to remember she still exists that she is reduced to shilling for Smartwater and hooking up with some wannabe model. Life just ain’t fair, is it?

  30. blurb says

    Jennifer Aniston’s new guy doesn’t look anything like Brad. He’s only 2 years younger than she is. She’s a health nut so I doubt very much she’s stoned all day. You people are mean.

  31. Mary says

    Pax doesn’t look like he has any affection for mummy dearest. It is his book that am waiting for in 15 years’ time and Shiloh’s. Shiloh will probably be a sicko and on war path like Angelina so she will have interesting things to say. Pax will most likey hate Brad and Angelina with a passion, so he will have an interesting tale. Zahara will be an overweight angry woman and I don’t want anything to do with her. Maddox will be quiet and loyal to his sick mother so no interesting tales from that one.

    N, I can’t stand that Oriana bitch either, she just morphs into people and has no original ideas other than what people tell her on on the site and then she repeats it on another thread. She must have missed something while growing up in the areas of self esteem. She always likes pleasing. Pity those who know her personally.

  32. blurb says

    Dear Pink Poodle – I couldn’t agree with you more! There are pics of Angelina holding every child but Shiloh. What IS it with that woman?

  33. Aviva says

    I love reading about Brangelina; I think they do great work, both on screen and in the world and they really love the children.
    I do think Brad is the softer one; and I’d love to hear that they have more time for each other. It always seems like that relationship is on the brink or verge of a brake up. But that does not make me question their love for the children, or make me criticize them in any way.
    Relationships are not easy and relationships under the microscope of a camera and public opinion are much harder. I think many of the posters here sound very angry and it baffles me because you guys DO NOT know these people personally and you have no right to assume that you do. You are a nasty bunch for the most part.

  34. K says

    Pilar, are those your wishes or your dreams? You mean like the silence between Brad and Angelina where she only talks in the bathroom?

  35. N says

    Its funny that everything Jenna (uk) and ??? said about your ass is the same way most of the posters on this f’ing site feels about you. Oh except for Lib, Mia, Amy, and the other Anti-Sci crew members. You are a hypocritica judgemental “I am holier than though” christian that most people dislike. That is my opinion….

  36. N says

    For one Oriana….. Bitch you dont know me. I agreed with some things she said not all. She had 3 long ass posts and I am not about to point out which things I do and dont agree with …..SInce the majority of it I agreed with I said I agreed with her. I am sick and tired of your smart ass making comments like you know me. I wish I could meet your ass outside of this internet bullshit so you could really get to know me.

  37. Pilar says

    K, how old are you? 15?

    The guy was “hot” in that photo, sure. But that photo is something like ten years old!

    Even if he is still drop-dead gorgeous, sooner or later they have to get out of bed sometime. And then what are they going to find to talk about, after they trade beauty secrets?

    The silence between them at the table must be deafening.

  38. K says

    Pilar and Miapocca, if you chant that a number of times, it may starting being true. I like this new guy better definitely but then again, I have never been a huge fan of leathery skin. If you know what I mean.

    Brangeloonies are in a huff over Jen’s new man and that only shows how hot he is.

    I wonder why some one who is not jealous of another would feel the need to call them names. Baffles me.

  39. Pilar says

    “Men only get better with age.. its like taking sips of well aged brandy”

    And the same goes for some women. Did you see Lena Horne when she turned 60? She made every woman half her age look like a bag lady.

  40. Miapocca says

    Men only get better with age..if its the right noraml man …its like taking sips of well aged brandy………

    I dont think all comments are borne out of jealous…peopel have thier opinions , however they arrived at them is thier own bussiness, you should be able to disagree wihtout calling names, making accusations..its downright lowering the qulaity of the site ….if this is how some of you enjoy life outside of the internet, then you must really have some dysfunctional families

  41. Pilar says

    Lola, why in the world would I be jealous of a superannuated Barbie doll who can’t hold a man and who just got made a fool of in front of the whole world, thanks to her idiot publicist? Do you have any idea how many people are laughing at that poor woman? $110 million or not, she’s become a pathetic joke.

    On a totally different note, congratulations to Angelina on joining the Council on Foreign Relations. People magazine just made the announcement this evening.

  42. Lola says

    Pilar you sound like a woman hit by the green eyed monster. Jealous? Find your own cassanova and stop spending all your time on strangers, of course unless you are James Haven posting as Pilar. Any way, thought people here would love this.

    check this out, I found this on Justjared

    Clooney: …muddled, right. So you have to pick your fights and go after them, and then it seems like you can help get things done, like the $9 million we’re raising [for Darfur refugees] tonight. [Pitt waves to someone, who turns out to be Angelina Jolie with their 5-year-old son, Maddox. Pitt smiles. Clooney waves and gets no response.] Niiice. Very nice. What am I? No wave for me?

    Ha ha ha, I knew there was no love lost between Clooney and Jolie, she must have come onto him and he turned her down. I think Clooney despises her and she knows it. I wish I was a fly on the wall when those two are in the same room. Ever noticed Jolie avoids Pitt’s friends like a plague? I think she sh@gged all of them now she can’t look them straight in the eye. Hollywood is an interesting place!

  43. gg says

    YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL NUTS!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha….ALL THESE COMMENTS ARE RIDICULOUS!! hahahahaahahahaha

  44. Pilar says

    Wassamatta K, did I hit a nerve? My bad…

    Seriously, though, Jen needs to fire that idiot publicist. Now he’s pulled the classic”feed the story to one mag, wait for the sh*t to hit the fan, then deny the story to a second mag” stunt, thereby making the first magazine look stupid. He fed this BS about the model to People, and now he’s gone to US Weekly and complained that People was way too premature in printing it. But I think he messed with the wrong magazine this time. People is no tabloid. Time will tell.

  45. Pilar says

    Forgot to add…

    After calling “People” with the exclusive, Huvane is now calling US Weekly with a denial.

    Jen needs to fire this dumbass before what’s left of her credibility and her reputation is shot to hell.

  46. Pilar says

    Lola, Clare, K, Mary, Malayka and the rest of you poor Jen fans…

    …. I hate to bust your bubble, but I’ve got it on good authority from a friend of mine in advertising that that Levis commercial is ten years old!

    So he was hotter ‘n hell at age 26, but maybe at 36 he’s not so hot any more…??

    God, you little twerps are so damn gullible….
    *hits the floor laughing*

  47. From "The JenHen Diaries".... says

    I wake up

    I cry for 10 minutes because at some point I have to look in the mirror

    Blow-Dry My Hair

    Meet Huvane

    Blow Dry My Hair

    Sell Water

    Call my Ya-Ya’s

    Blow Dry My Hair

    Cry because Courtney won’t talk to me.

    Drink Smart Water. I think I feel smarter coz now I take less time to blow dry my hair when I’m driving

    Arrange date with Huvane’s X-Boyfriend

    Blow Dry My Hair

    Google Angelina Jolie

    Cry because even I know NO rhinoplasties can get me halfway there

    Blow Dry My Hair. Angelina never won a beautiful hair contest. I’m Better!!!

    Practise shopping for kids I will never have. I cannot believe Huvane forgot to tip the media about where I don’t want to be seen right now! I just blow-dried my hair!!

    Blow Dry My Hair

    Eat my dog’s food to grow my hair.

    Go out on date with Huvane’s xboyfriend. He so does not look like my husband. This is a sign. He is going to see I am meant for him because we both have golden hair and we are the golden couple.

    Complete my photo album of Shiloh and the other kids. I need to learn all their names before they move back in… Court thinks I’m delusional but I don’t care. I mean no offence, but David isn’t exactly Brad girl…!

  48. K says

    By the way, this new Jen guys is a step up from Brad. Not in stardom but at least he seems like a gentleman. Geez most men are a step up from Brad Pitt if you ask me. But am happy Jen is moving on and though you think he looks like Pitt, I think he looks better than Pitt so I see no problem. If you call it PR, what do you call all Jolie’s recent interviews and Photo ops?

  49. Pilar says

    Malayka, for heaven’s sake, grow up. If Brad wanted to be with Jen, he’d be with Jen. Please don’t give me that tired argument that he’s only staying with Angelina for the sake of the kids. When a man wants to go, he’s GONE.

    Lola, you’re immaturity is matched only by your stupidity, and I honestly don’t know which is worse. You say this guy is hot. So what??? Is Jen so desperate she’s supposed to grab any hot guy off the street? He’s a 36 year old struggling model who’s never had recognition and he’s using her fame to do it. Is this what you want for Jen? A user and a loser? I don’t care how hot he is, do you really think she doesn’t deserve anyone better than that? A guy with a pretty face and a built and nothing else going for him? She deserves better than that, even if you don’t think so.

    Look, honey, don’t kid yourself. The “Brangeloonies”, as you call us, don’t give a damn what you think about us, or about Brad, or about Angie. But some of us obviously care more about Jen than you do, and we think it’s disgusting and embarrassing to her, that her asshole publicist resorted to a cheap publicity stunt to get her face back on the tabloids.

    Now, about this “relationship”: Huvane is backpedaling at 70 miles a hour saying “it’s not really a relationship, they’ve only dated twice, etc. etc.” So what is that all about? If they really have a relationship going, where are the pics of them together? The whole thing reeks, and you’re so desperate to see her with a man, any man, that you think this “relationship” is the love of her life.

    You obviously don’t think Jen is worth squat if you think this has-been model is good enough for her. Sure he’s a hunk. So are a million other guys out there. But she deserves better.

  50. K says

    These days Angie looks like Jen’s mom. She is trying too hard to convince us that she is happy and that she is a humantarian. whenever am trying to like her, she puts her foot in her mouth. Now she just said she is doing everything so that people remember her as a great humantarian when she is dead-duh! Angelina, how about doing it to help others. She does not know what she says tells a lot about her. For he it is about me me me. Shut up woman!

  51. Mary says

    I quite like this guys too and I agree Brad would have Jen back if she could take all the kids. I am happy for her and if she could marry Brad with his gay rumours and his being a prefessional gay hooker stories plus his drug addictions, then I guess this guy can’t be that bad. I fing people like Pilar hypocrites in their wishes for Jen because they are attacking her with one hand and patting her with another and it is sad that they think any one buys their ..’I hope the gay rumours are not true…’

    I glad Jen found some one like him. Iam still wondering why the Brangeloonies are in such a huff. I mean aren’t your saintly stars happy looking haggard, beaten and leathery while helping the world?

    Give Jen a break and concetrate on what is your business. The man is hot and all Jen needs is to keep him away from Angelina since she cannot find her own man and is always stealing taken men.

  52. Malayka says

    Oriana, I think Brad too has lingering regrets and I think deep inside him he would rather switch what he has with Angelina and put Jen in her place especially the kids but life is never perfect.

    For the record, on closer scrutiny, I don’t think this guys is like Brad, he is clean and his manners appear different. Lets say if I had to choose, I would choose him over Brad. Brad (bless him) looks too old and too unclean.

  53. Malayka says

    I saw him on the people magazine cover and boy is he steaming hot! I hear he also has manners and after Brad, Jen could use a man with those. I could hit him any day. He got me staring and running around the internet looking for him and I can see he got Libra commenting every two seconds. Life just got more interesting!

    Check him out on the people magazine cover!!! Phewwwwww hotness or hotness???

  54. Lola says

    I don’t care what any one says, he is young, and hot and sexy not leathery skinned and hot hot hot. And guess what, the brangeloonies are up in arms- he is that GOOOOOD!

    Brad who?

  55. Libraesque says

    she is a stoner, BIG TIME
    a friend of mines kid brother worked at a sandwhich shop in L.A. and she bought her weed from him

  56. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Jennifer Anniston’s a stoner? I didn’t know that.

    Ha! Jen’s new man is from Essex! Does that make Jen an “Essex girl” then? (only the Brits are going to know what an Essex girl is lol).

    Pilar, is that the UK issue of Maire Claire or the US one?

  57. Libraesque says

    Jen looks good because her life consists of getting stoned all day and going to the beach
    she’s a loser with no responsibilities, NOT a humanitarian, mother of 4, WORKING ACTRESS in a relationship with a hot piece of man meat

  58. Pilar says

    Just checked photos on JustJared. He does look like Brad around the eyes.

    I’m still trying to figure out why an established Hollywood name has found her “dream man” in a model who is still struggling to get noticed at the age of 36. Who’s using whom?

    Now Huvane is backpedaling like a bicycle gone berserk, saying “it’s too early to call it a relationship, they’ve only gone out twice, yadda yadda” — after he managed to get it splashed all over the tabs.

    The whole thing reeks of PR. It’s beyond pathetic. Is Jen so desperate she has to resort to this to get noticed again?

    There are already rumblings on Just Jared that this guy was involved in gay porn. For Jen’s sake, I hope to God it isn’t true. She may be an airhead, but she doesn’t deserve the headlines THAT story would bring.

    She’d better fire Huvane before he does her any more damage. He’s making her look worse and worse.

  59. Pilar says

    The whole thing is sad. She really needs to do herself a favor and fire that nitwit publicist. All his frantic efforts to get her back on the cover of the tabs is making her look pathetic. She needs a total makeover, inside and out. Get OVER Brad, find a new interest that totally consumes her free time, get involved with a project (NOT shilling for Smartwater, for God’s sake), and stop being so focused on ME, ME, ME. She will never be a major movie star, her range is too limited for that, but maybe she can play to her strengths and get another TV show. And finally, she needs to lose that tired hairdo! She looks like she’s stuck in a time warp. It’s too 1995 for words.

    Check out the new Marie Claire. Great interview with Angelina; she’s obviously a devoted mom. I had to crack up while I was reading about her singing “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” to Z every night as she tucks her into bed!

  60. oriana says

    It is painfully obvious that she is NOT over Brad and this guy could easily pass for Brad’s brother, he looks more like him than Doug does!!!! Sad! And without a doubt her BFF Courtney has noticed the lookalike!!!!!!!

  61. oriana says

    Pilar, he doesn’t look exactly like him but I have seen some of his modeling pictures and there is a very strong resemblance, keep looking and see what you think after you see all the pictures. Have a good evening!

  62. Pilar says

    #192, that is the most sensible assessment I’ve read to date. Good for you!

    (I don’t think he looks like Brad, though, but that’s just me.)

  63. Pilar says

    #192, that is the most sensible assessment I’ve read to date. Good for you!

    (I don’t think he looks like Brad, though, but that’s just me.)

  64. oriana says

    I just saw his picture, I definately think he looks a lot like Brad.

    Brad is happy, I hope she can be. It is over, he wanted kids, she wanted a career, life goes on, the marriage fell apart, I think they are on civil terms with one another, I hope so, I do think she was hurt, as well she should be, even knowing it was over, any woman would feel hurt with Angie rubbed in her face barely one second after the split, but it was what it was, time to move on, wish everyone the best and get over it. They probably all have, but I do think Jen has some lingering regrets.

  65. Pilar says

    ROFLMAO!! Younger than Brad? He’s a helluva lot younger than JEN!! That guy is going to take her for the ride of her life and then split. No fool like an old fool!

  66. oriana says

    Jenna, the fact that you are Wiccan tells me that you have many good ideals and qualities about yourself.

    The more I have read up on this subject, the more interesting it becomes to me.

    I have been very enlightened to the fact that Wiccans don’t believe in hurting anyone, man, animal, the earth, etc. I think that is a wonderful thing.

    I do believe in one God, I have also seen many Christian people, go out and kill helpless animals and have no qualms about it, and abuse their children and have no qualms about it, we each have to be accountable for ourselves and our own actions, and I myself have a lot to answer for, so hope you have a good day and move forward from all of this.

  67. oriana says

    To ?????? IN answer to some of your questions, NO, I am not certain my son had a girlfriend over when I wasn’t at home having sex, all I am saying is, I would not allow him to do it with my permission especially at 14 years old! Now, when he was older, he was working, living with me, and yes, he did have his girlfriend over and I didn’t mind.

    They were together for 9 years, broke up,and I still consider her part of my family, went to her wedding last year, his loss!

    Yes, he has smoked Pot, not around me, not in my presence, and he knows how I feel about drugs. I didn’t condone it, overlook it or accept it. I think it destroys brain cells and I am still encouraging him to this very day to stop smoking cigarettes. He cannot smoke in my house, can’t stand the smell of it and it lingers in his clothes, he has to go outside, and don’t EVEN throw a butt down on the ground, it looks trashy.

    As for Brad, I do think he has some good qualities, I have said that many times, I just don’t think he has strong morals, his parents are churchgoing people and I think are good people.

    I have never stated that I thought Brad and Angie were evil or mean spirited, that is why even comparing them in the same sentence with terrorists and perverted child molesters was crazy to me. I don’t like them, I do think that Angie has some mental problems, and I don’t think he has any strong standards about himself to stand up to her, or any strong woman for that matter.

    I have said I admire him as a good Dad, for loving and taking care of his kids, I do however feel that he has had to notice the difference in her demeanor towards Shiloh and the adopted kids, I have seen it in her expressions and actions in the pictures of her with them. It is not my imagination, I have seen the pictures.

    Insulting his parents? Stupid! There are millions of good parents in this world that have done their best and worked hard, and the kids turn out drug addicts, bank robbers, desert their families, and the parents have been heartbroken. It is a cold world out there and it is getting worse daily with lack of morals and values.

    Sorry to everyone for this post being so long!

  68. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Lola you are extremely stupid..let me bother with your skank arse for a minute

    The fact that you dont agree with someones choices does nto mean you cannot see when they look good or when they have done something you approve.. Even the devil will get approval from me when s/he makes you life a living hell

    noW go break your neck or something. AA

  69. Libraesque says

    okay….I just saw a pic of him at Dlisted…..he’s a Brad clone
    how embarassing for her!!!

  70. Libraesque says

    jens new man….what a laugh………I’m guessing he’s not gonna make the Sexiest Man Alive….twice

  71. Pilar says

    Hello Clare, how nice for Jen. I’m glad she finally found someone. Whether or not she can keep him is another question. She has the worst luck that way, have you noticed? Pathetic cow couldn’t even keep Vince around for a year. Maybe if she could hold up her end of a conversation and show some interest in something other than herself, they might stick around longer. Hell, she has to get out of bed sometime, know what I’m saying?

    Anyway, I wish the poor woman luck. I see she’s shilling for Smartwater now. Who knows, maybe somebody will take pity on her and put her in a movie. In the meantime she can walk the dog and blow her residuals from “Friends” on Rodeo Drive.

    Hey, did you see the July issues of Marie Claire and Esquire? Great cover stories on Angelina in both magazines. Lovely covers, too.

    Just thought I’d make your day. Yours too, Lola.

  72. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Uh, Clare, Lola, you are the loonies. Seriously, READ over your posts and see how loony you come across.

    What’s that? Oh the men in white coats, coming to take you both away to a nice, secure padded room.

  73. Lola says

    I have seen him on people magazine site and he is such a dish and way younger than Brad too. Funny that you mention Angie ho stealing him because as soon as she sees him she will starting plotting and planning. He is soooo fine.

  74. Clare says

    Lola, the loonies will probably commit suicide, they have invested too much feelings in this. Of course this Miapocca thing has been a loonie all along. But have you seen Jen’s new man? I bet Jolie is going to start plotting to steal him as well. I guess he has more brains that her loser pitt.

  75. Lola says

    Ha ha ha, Miapocca, since when did you become a Jolie fan? Interesting, never thought of you as a Brangeloonie but I can see you are. I wonder who gets custody of the loonies when these two fakes split?!!!!

  76. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I am on my way to NOLA and I will make some cute dolls for LOLA AND DORI..the pins are extra long thick and sharp…dont scream too much in the mall when you feel that pain. ppl might think you are going bonkers ..ahhahah

    I might even be generous enough and indulge in an extra doll for kaiter holme in an effort to help with her posture..ahahhaha

  77. Lola says

    Kaz, feel free to idolise your sick Ho but not all of us are loonies. I keep up to date because I cannot wait for the big split of these two fakes. If you don’t like it, leave the site, last I checked, it was a free world, may not in Canada.

  78. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Thank Kaz..thsi bit was from XENAFAN:

    Saying “our children” implies you speak for all the mothers on here, and rest assured, you do not speak for me. I won’t even begin to debate with you on gay rights, as your posts clearly tell me that you wouldn’t even consider an alternative viewpoint. That’s sad. You miss out on alot when you close your mind.

    I am happily heterosexual with a wonderful husband that I love dearly. “Women calling other women hot is not hetero sexual language”. Salma is hot, always has been and always will be simply because she exudes self confidence. There you have it. A married heterosexual woman caling another woman hot.

    She is a lot more tolerant in her language than myself…I dont particulary care to be polite to any of the arse shitters on here…they obvuiously need to feed on negative energy so they create one…Usually is teh poorly educated fools who cant listen and simply disagree bu thtey have to start of with personally attacks..SIMPLY because they disagree with your opinion about a celeb

    Now why is that those who spend tim eon a board enough to notice how long I hav ebeen here feel the need to point out that I am squatting the board..ahahhahaha

    It took me al of seconds to type this and I dont bother with spell check if I actually spent all day here, can you imagine how long the thread will be…not that I wouldn wish to spend all day on the site..its very entertaining and relaxing with the right people…definetely not the Lola and Doris of this world…hav eyou checked the legislature lately or how about MTV..your mind was squashed by a pimped ride a while back….Can we just have Eugenics and prevent the like sof LOLA AND DORI from ever inhabiting this planet..Waster of air and space…I vote for kids from africa and asia instead of these too foolish women…I hope your kids get chance to interact with better people outside of your sick home environment…or else ppl like you should be neutered to pre vent more hate from perpetuating your hatred

    enjoy my assumptins about your life..fact is thats what you sound like hahahah

  79. Clare says

    Pilar, just a little secret, Jen has a new man who is way hotter than that shitty Pitt who morphes into his girl friends. Now he is a Jolie clone, I think he is now Brad Jolie. LOL

  80. ~*Miapocca*~ says


    Once again ..get it through your thick head..I dont knwo you and dont care for you..I dont see why you insist on latching on my post…you get the fuck off my back..I dont adore any movie star..they make for a good dose of of daily public

    Since I never read your posts unles syou are mentioneing my name I can esaliy conclude you talk trash most of the time…now write whatevetr you wish but do us a favour and ignore me …if you came here to start bickering ..I really dont have the time for your nonsense…Go harass your family and leave posters alone…if they cant put up with you then I suggest you go fix yourself in the red ight district


  81. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh Pilar, I definitely agree with your summation of LadyOne, made me laugh my ass off!

  82. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Hi Oriana, I know you aren’t going to reply to me again but I just wanted to clarify, I do actually believe in a higher power than us here on earth, very strongly so. Just not in the form of one God. You said you have read up on Wicca a little bit, well I am a Wiccan, so I believe in many different Gods and Goddesses.

    I agree with you about Voodoo being scary too, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it either, I was just pointing out thatVoodoo is a religion and therefore people who follow it would have ‘religious morals’ (albeit not ones I think you or I would approve of)!

  83. ???? says

    Mattress on the back—how fitting it is to describe a lady. Like it very much, Pilar,


    Get summer school and focus on reading and critical thinking skill. It is you who worship movie stars because you’ve been every where, posting all day long like your friend Oriana, despite the fact that you are saying shit about almost every one of them. You (and all those who call other women who are not prostitutes) must be a whore too because it takes one to spot one. It’s just too bad you couldn’t get the same fame. Hence you are jealous, aren’t you?

    Don’t bother to say I don’t give a **** about her, have no jealousy, blah, blah, blah? It is so typical a response from jealous women, I need not to read again.


    I read some old posts of yours. At one point you were chiming in with another poster agreeing with her that Brad is a nice man. My, my, how can a nice man have no moral? And by saying that he has no moral, you are insulting his parents. How would you feel if someone does that to you?

    Your boys couldn’t bring girls (or boys) home to shack up with for months but are you certain that they never shacked up with any one there? Same goes with drug. Can you tell if they did drug? If so, was it by experience? Ever heard of functional alcoholics or functional drug users? Teenagers, when being harshly restricted, are much more resourceful than you give them credit for.

    Having said all the above, I however did not doubt that you were a morally upright mother and a good one. I just wanted to point out the same thing Jenna and some others here have pointed out that moral values are not religious based. I believe religions were created to keep people conform to a set of moral values, to keep societies in order and live in harmony which is a must. There are basic moral values that all of us human beings share and then there are some variations, depending on social developments (as you wrote that the edict of lady-likeness of the South has changed therefore exposing your husband’s flaw to the public is no longer considered trashing him) and/or religions. We should respect the differences and refrain from judging others based on our own values.

    And this has nothing to do with whether we idolize the person or not.

  84. Pilar says

    Forgot to add, LadyOne: I hope the webmistress leaves your post up so everybody and his mother can see for themselves what a despicable, racist sack of shit you are.

    No wonder poor Jennifer’s such a loser. With fans like you, how could she be anything else?

    Go burn a cross or something. You’ll feel better.


  85. Pilar says

    “Miss Pilar I can tell from your stupid name that you are a bean eatin-orange sellin-prom dress wearin everyday of the week-wetback spic.”

    LadyOne, I can tell by your post that you are fourth-generation inbred trailer trash who was probably the result of your alcoholic daddy sleeping with your syphilitic older sister. You probably carry a mattress on your back for curbside service and give cut rates to groups of more than three. And BTW, although my name is Hispanic, I am not. Sorry to disappoint you.

  86. Kaz says

    Display at cannes, now this is interesting they shared a kiss of passion and the paparazzi took a video. Who is in the wrong here? Who infinged on their privacy to throw it all over the media. WHAT is WRONG with loving someone. And god forbid they show it, because from what ive read its a sin. Its a sin to be gay, or lesbian, or not married, or showing affection in privacy, probably to have sex is a sin to these people to. Well now I understand why they are so damn miserable. Silly me

  87. Kaz says

    Lola, I must say after reading over and over your insightful dribblings about angelina, I think you know more about her movements than even the paparozzi!!! I should just come and look on here once a week to see what you can tell us about the women you love to hate. Seems like someone has a crush to be that up to date and so informed of her past actions. Just my opinion of course from what you have written.

  88. lio says


  89. Kaz says

    miapocca, woohoooooooooo a woman with intelligence, opinions, and an open mind. Thank you thank you lol.

  90. Kaz says

    Oh and loala, why are you on this site if you dont like angelina or brad? Is it to set us all straight? Oh and the comments about lesbians and Gays on here, come on ladies Im a lesbian and have straight friends what a concept. Am I sick,,, I get a cold sometimes other than that I work, im educated, I have children, and own property hmmm sound like the rest of the middle class out there. Like our Prime minister once said, The public has no buisness in the bedrooms of the nation. And yes this is a Canadian Gov’t.

  91. Kaz says

    Lola im sorry but I just don’t agree with your frame of thought. Your judgements are just that judgements and if you think you know better then more power to you. I personally find you offensive and ignorant.

  92. Kaz says

    OMG women women women, we do not need to be treated badly or be abused by men. We are treating each other like that on this site. What a sad thing to read some of the trash that you have to say about people you dont even know. What does it take for women in our society to be respectful of each other? Is it necessary to say some of the insulting comments that have been posted on here? What is your goal with what you are saying? To get attention? Feel empowered and better than??? Im shocked at the lack of education you all show obviously im speaking to the ones who trash with language that even a pig could say better. Be careful of what you do ladies, because what you say can never be taken back. What you think about and then say might come out a little cleaner wether its negative or not. If anyone should be judged on this site its not angelina and brad and their family, its the people who think they can do better!! Go ahead try… oh yah your not in a position to do what they do. Hmmmmmmmm

  93. Lola says

    Dori, LOL, agree gay people should stay in the closet and stop bothering the srest of us.

    Jenna, am sure her mother would have like her to stay near during her last days especially at Christmas where she was off to panama.

    Why is she all over magazines telling us what she does in the bath tab with Brad?

    Me thinks she is scared people no longer see her as sexy thus the esquire cover and all these bedroom and bathtab stories and the little display in the back of the car at Cannes.

    Cheap ho, now pimping herself out. ‘look at me, I was weird now I pick children, where would they be without me? I don’t know any one who pimps out her kids like her. I guess cheap is as cheap does…..

  94. Kaz says

    Wow Lola, I think you have some issues of your own. Ever hear the saying clean out your own back yard first. And the language is something to be desired I must say!!!! Are those things you have experience with, you seem to understand what your saying very well.

  95. Kaz says

    I think Brad and Angelina are two of the most courageous people I have seen in the highlights of the public eye. Their childen are beautiful, and I think it would be nice if they could walk the streets in peace without being blinded by flashes and bombarded by people. That however is not going to happen so I have to say good luck and keep doing what your are doing. Im a huge Fan.

  96. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Poor wonder you cant tolerate LIB and Oriann..I htink Rush the druggie lembaugh ahs a site just for you ..oh and that intolerant preacher who just passed away..ahaha

    29. dori | June 5th, 2007 at 8:39 am
    I think gay people should stay in the closet where they belong and not expose us and our children to your warped sexual prefrences.

    Saying “our children” implies you speak for all the mothers on here, and rest assured, you do not speak for me. I won’t even begin to debate with you on gay rights, as your posts clearly tell me that you wouldn’t even consider an alternative viewpoint. That’s sad. You miss out on alot when you close your mind.

    I am happily heterosexual with a wonderful husband that I love dearly. “Women calling other women hot is not hetero sexual language”. Salma is hot, always has been and always will be simply because she exudes self confidence. There you have it. A married heterosexual woman caling another woman hot.

  97. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Too bad ,.,if you dont like my dribbbling shit…just scroll over…no one on here can tell anyone what to do …do UP YOURS MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont particulary give a effing crap about your nonsense..the point is everyone has an opinion so they should feel free and comfortable to express it without some arse limited brainless fools thinking they own the site..
    Last I checked we still had freedom of expression ..if you wnat everyone to agree with you go terrorize your poor famlies hw have to pjut up with a narrow minded shit like yourselves….


  98. Granny says

    Adopted children can be taken back. Our cousin lost one at under six weeks and one at six months due to mother changing her mind. Cousin went out of the country to adopt her two children after that. And just recently some local people had a birth father claim not to know an adopted child was his until now and is petitioning to get the four year old from her adoptive parents. They have already got a court date.

  99. DGCAZ says

    Why does everyone keep paying attention to this? She’s a beautiful woman who is addicted to adopting and he is a gorgeous guy who is going through a midlife crisis. Love them or hate them, AJ knew how to snag her man. “Jennifer doesn’t want to have your baby, Brad? I will!!!!” It’s just sad that, even though all of these “collected” kids will have a fabulous life because of the monetary benefits to being children of these two, they will definitely have to learn how kids of divorced/separated parents live. These two will most definitely not be together in ten years. The odds against them are just too great.

  100. DGCAZ says

    Why does everyone keep paying attention to this? She’s a beautiful woman who is addicted to adopting and he is a gorgeous guy who is going through a midlife crisis. Love them or hate them, AJ knew how to snag her man. “Jennifer doesn’t want to have your baby, Brad? I will!!!!” It’s just sad that, even though all of these “collected” kids will have a fabulous life because of the monetary benefits to being children of these two, they will definitely have to learn how kids of divorced/separated parents live. These two will most definitely not be together in ten years. The odds against them are just too great.

  101. Libraesque says

    jenna, you can’t talk sense to this dipshit re: AJ
    she’s a hateful foul-mouthed ugly person.

  102. oriana says

    Jenna, this is my last post on this subject to you. I absolutely 200% agree with you that people do not have to be Christians to have morals and be good people. I have read up a little bit about Wiccans, they are the Old Religion that goes back for many years, they have ethics they live by and believe in doing good and not hurting anyone or anything.

    Voodoo scares me, to me, and I may be wrong, it is about curses and black magic, which I don’t want any part of.

    I don’t think Brad has a lot of morals, I don’t really think he believes in anything, and again I may be wrong, I think he loves kids.

    Angie said she didn’t need God in her life, I think we all need God in our lives,and that is just my belief, and I do feel sorry for you for not believing in a higher Power than us here on this earth. That is all. Just MY opinions, they don’t have to be right or for everyone.

    And I am not going to spell it out for you, I hope you undestand and I am thru with it.

  103. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Lola, her mother was dying for nearly 10 years, how could Angelina possibly have been with her the whole time? And she said that she didn’t trust anyone, even her mother, implying that her mother was the person she should be able to trust. Its pretty sick of you to twist her mother’s death into something for you to bitch about.

  104. Lola says

    Does she say she changed in the video? Besides, after seeing her making out in the back of cars, her recent cover naked on esquire and her tatoo of Brad in a secret place tells me Angelina will be Angelina- Slut…. Skunk.

  105. Lola says

    Dori have you noticed that even back then she was a sicko? I wonder if Brad knows about her ideal life of 3 men at a time. Besides, she run around and was every where but near her dying mother when she was bedridden, I remember seeing her in panama. She even had said earlier that she did not trust her mother.

    Besides she started looking horrible back in India. After Shiloh’s birth, I noticed the smile vanished from her face and she started wasting away. I guess adultery is not fun after all.

  106. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Lola,things change, people change, Angelina changed, so what? Have your never changed your mind about anything in your life?

  107. Lola says

    Lib, it makes her look like that then am sorry, how come you are silent on the liar she is in that video now that we see her true colors? Mmmm, 3 men at a time? Adult affairs? No man is good enough for her? No bilogical children? What a pathological liar this woman is.

  108. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, I wasn’t trying to get into a religious debate with you. All I tried to do was say that morals do not have to be religious. I did not disrespect your religion in any way.

    I do not need nor appreciate your pity. Don’t feel sorry for me for not being a Christian, I am happy and free from religious opression.

    Also, Buddhism and Voodoo are just as valid as Christianity, whether you believe in them or not. And come to think of it, how many wars have been fought for Buddhism or Voodoo?

    There was also no need for to spell it out for me like a child, as you condescendingly put it. I understood where you were coming from and was merely pointing out that your initial statement – that religious people are more moral than atheists just because they are religious – was contradictory.

  109. Libraesque says

    Lola, you are a cunt
    you mean she looked better a few years ago, like before the tragedy of losing her mother, giving birth, adopting a child, working and doing humanitarian work?????

    dumb bitch

  110. Lola says

    Forgot to add that she really looks aged and no way near 32. Karma. She looked better a couple of years ago, and happier should I add.

  111. Lola says

    I agree Dori, those two and Lib can really get irrelevant.

    Back to the topic at hand, this video was just before she hooked up with Brad. I guess she has always been a pathological liar. Note all the things she said then that she has broken now. Strange woman1

  112. dori says

    Miapocca oriana why don’t you 2 just email each other so the rest of us don’t have to read your nonsense?

  113. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    If any birth mother showed up at my doorstep after a year of adoption. I will rather give them a bullet than MY child back….I am sure they may have sob story about why they gave up the child but I also will never ever hand over a child I have bonded with for that long..or elese follow me to the mooon.

    What they shoud do is have teh birth parent sgo through counselling and guidance a month the last trimester so they are sound and clear on thier choice….and once you sign that paper, thats it

  114. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    When a celeb plaster her face everywhere in order to sell her movie and hire pucbliscist sto create an image speicfically to appeal to the public to increase ticket sales..they open a pandoras box where paps chase you around 24/ and everyone scrutinizes your actions non stop…so yes ppl are free to make conclusions based on what ever it is the celbe herself has given away to the media over time

    Whorelina in on the cover of GQ ot wahtever all 100lbs of her pimping her June release!!!

  115. kamineko says

    Has anyone ever seen a photo of any of these kids (including Shiloh) SMILING? I haven’t. It makes me feel badly to see them glowering and looking so glum all the time! Especially Zahara. She always looks so angry and out of sorts. Poor baby. If you look at pics of Jennifer Garner with her daughter Violet, both of them are just glowing with smiles.
    I’m a bit worried about Angelina’s kids, do you think they’re happy and well adjusted?

  116. Zbella says

    #137 – WHAT are you babbling on about? If you’re reading so much into a name, you should change yours do B*tchOne.

  117. LadyOne says

    Miss Pilar I can tell from your stupid name that you are a bean eatin-orange sellin-prom dress wearin everyday of the week-wetback spic. And I’ll thank you in advance for not addressing me.

  118. Zbella says

    It is true that children can be taken from adopted parents. This happened to my friend. Probably varies from state to state, so don’t bash each other over ‘false information’. In our state, the adoption was not finalized – the birth mother had a year to ‘reclaim’ her daughter. She did so when her baby was 7 months old. Broke my friend’s heart. 🙁 Last I knew, they were looking into foreign adoption.

  119. oriana says

    Mia, my dear Mia, and yes I can say that folks without being brainwashed!!!! Absolutely right there have been horrendous acts done in the name of religion! Has anybody ever heard of the Crusades? Or the Spanish Inquisition?

    I think ANY Terrorist is misguided, crazy, insane to think their actions will create peace in the world and are fanatics! I don’t like Brad and Angie, this is not news! But don’t think they are mean people, out to deliberately destroy and kill or hurt anyone, there is NO comparison, again as far as the sicko perverts whoever they are, that harm children, should not only be kicked out of the church regardless of what denomination, everyone knows my stand on that or should by now. So Clint Eastwood, Hang Em High!!!!! Let me tighten the noose, and No, I don’t feel one bit guilty or ashamed for having that attitude!!!!!!!

  120. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Hiedi kids have well maintained hair,.they may nto be contained but if it wasnt well maintained it will be dreadlooks..also Heidi kids have way thicker hair than Zaharas…I cant see I even noticed or care what any of these psyhos do to any kids hair…

    I feel sorry for anyone who has the task of making a kid sit in order to maintain thier hair, especially difficult for black kids since it will require braiding to keep the style longer or brushing every single morning…..Therefore Henry has it easy with his shampooing and free style and its defintely combed through every day or else it will be dreadlocks by now
    I dont like whorelina and the hermaprodite but gosh people are picky. ..who cares wether or not she holds one child and not another..she is psycho..your expectations are too high…for now she seems stable..Scientelluyah!!!! till doomsday
    I wonder when the next child is going to be added!!

  121. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Oh and i dont see what there is to admire about movie stars…dont you have parents or kids you can waste your adoration on???…

  122. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Orianna I would say jus tignore ????…thats on of thos efishy folks who were posting emails across the internet and always picking a fight….boring if you ask me!!

    Unless you have a totally sick mind, you would come to the outrageous conclusion you did from Orianna statement….It nothing..a comment…stop nitpicking …\\\

    Some people here ar enot only dumb they take their arguments to a whole new personal level…

  123. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Dont assume just because it took you long to figure this out, the rest of the world is as slow on the uptake as you..Brown eyes for many years has been depicted in songs et as SOULFUL…blues and greens are colder colors and reflects back….. brown is warm and pulls one not brain science, its existed before anyone of us were born.,..
    #24: many of you might miss it because they are not blue, green, etc.

  124. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    What you describe is not RELIGION it is simply fanticism and mental instability hiding behind religion…If religion were a human person, I woud feel sorry for them, in the name of religion horrendous actions are committed…must be quite a burden on RELIGION
    But I am still not clearly. Do you really think that child-molesting Catholic priests and Muslim terrorists are more moral people than say, Brad Piit and Angelina, who have done masses of good work for masses of people, simply becuse the first example are religious and the second are not?

  125. oriana says

    128, the “fallacies of my character”! Ha! Your list should be and would be, much longer, if you really knew the half of it!!!!

    My husband’s flaw, as you put it, was a sorespot with me and I have no qualms about voicing it so your concern for him is touching! I am sure he would agree with you since he is still stunned over my contribution.

    And since I am not living back in the day of the genteel South, and there is now way I have ever been described as a proper Southern lady, I am wiping my eyes right now from laughing over that prospect! Ha! Ha! HA!

    As for millions and billons of mothers wanting to keep their sons home at any cost, I am not in that group either, my son could not quit school, quit a job, do drugs, get drunk, shack up with his girlfriend (especially at 14) not do chores, and lay around the house and me say, Oh Ok, that is fine, I want you to stay home at any cost and hope he would grow out of it!

    Nope, don’t think so! So obviously I am worse off than even you think! Poor Me! Oh God!!! I need help!

  126. ???? says


    I’m not picking a fight with you. Why do you think I pick a fight when I presented the fallacies in your character? By your rule, it is alright for you to do this to Angelina, but you shall remain untouchable?

    In my opinion, telling the world about your husband’s flaw is wrong. From books about the genteel South, no proper women should air family’s dirty laundry in public. Women in many parts of the world still practice this edict. You apparently don’t despite your Southern root.

    If your husband divorced you, you’d probably give sordid details about him to Chineses too, wouldn’t you? Because you were a saint and he, a devil? How many common women have done that?

    Strict or not, moral or not, you did not live in the Jolie’s household so you should refrain yourself from critiquing the woman’s motherly skill. There are millions, if not billions, of mothers in this world keep their children (mostly boys and men) at home at all cost because they could not bear losing them, hoping again and again and working on and on on getting the children back on the right track. They are devout ‘any religion’ and moral. Some succeed and some die broken hearted. They were/are all good mothers.

    And about your statement that people from other religions cry ‘Oh God’, it is stupid. The word ‘God’ means which ever God people worship, not just your God.

  127. oriana says

    Maybe she doesn’t now, just like she doesn’t cut herself, use drugs, sleeps with anyone in sight, so maybe she doesn’t believe in that any more, I just know what was reported she did (out of her own mouth) when she was younger.

    Jenna, if you think a statue of a big Fat Buddha is the same as the Christian Cross, and that Voodoo is the same moral religious belief as Christian beliefs, then we have nothing to discuss, I am not going to waste my time with you, I feel sorry for you.

    So to save time and space, YES, you are right, your beliefs are right, Angie and Brad are Heroes, everyone that doesn’t idolize them is wrong, and let’s let it go at that. I am not going to try to debate or discuss a mute point or way of thinking with you, your mind is made up.

    When I had to spell it out like a child, that a blind person could see, NO ONE thinks a Terrorist from whatever country or a Catholic Priest, any man of God supposedly, Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, etc., that would abuse or hurt an innocent child cannot even be compared to Brad and Angie, tells me you don’t want to understand!

  128. Pilar says

    “Angelina believes in Voodoo”? Where in hell did you get that? Next you’ll be saying she believes in Sufi mysticism or she’s joined the Holy Rollers.


  129. Pilar says

    Jenna, I can’t speak for all Catholics, only for myself.

    I think any priest or nun who abuses a child physically or sexually should not only be expelled from the clergy but kicked out of the Church. They are a disgrace to Catholicism and the idea of sharing a religion with them makes me want to puke.

  130. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Statues of Buddhas are similiar to the Christian cross, its a symbol, not something they worship.

    Angelin Jolie, as far as I am aware (but correct me if I am wrong) has never stated that she believes in Voodoo.

    Even though, Voodoo is a religion, no different to many people than Christians. Thus if she does practise,Voodoo, she will have “religous morals”.

  131. oriana says

    Jenna, the reason I said Statue worshipping, is in every Buddhist home that I have been too, there is a statue, so that is where I got my opinion from.

    Do I need to spell it out, that NO, I don’t think a Muslin TERRORIST or a Catholic CHILD MOLESTER has more morals than Brad and Angelina Jolie! That is just plain stupid and I would think that wouldn’t have to spelled out for anyone.

    I do think that most Catholics would be disgusted as I am by the Priests, as their children were being the ones abused! And I don’t think that every Muslin approves and supports Bin Laden! That again should go without saying!

    I have some friends from Iran, we love them, I don’t have their beliefs and they are certainly not Baptist but they are good people and I definately think they are people more morally than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! So, I am focusing on the INDIVIDUALS not the Race or Culture or Religion. I hope this is not too hard for you to understand and it clarifies things up for you on my feelings.

    Angelina Jolie believes in Voodoo, Brad doesn’t believe in anything, so I don’t care if they give tens of millions of dollars to charities, I don’t like them, I think they have some good qualities, but I don’t think they are God’s gift to humanity. She is certainly not my Idol nor him!

  132. Pilar says

    LadyOne, from your posts on this board, I can just see you now — a miserable, sanctimonious, moralistic, bitter old hag. (And probably fat as well.)

  133. Pilar says

    “If Angie chooses, I think Brad will go along with just about anything, since he is an Atheist he has no religious morals to say NO, but hopefully as a parent, he will have some guts about himself!”

    Are you kidding me? His being an Atheist has nothing whatsoever to do with his moral values as a parent. I’ve seen atheists who were excellent parents and religious nuts who beat the hell out of their children in the name of God. And as for Z’s boyfriend moving in — God help the poor guy who wants to date her. Brad will be waiting for him on the front porch with a loaded shotgun demanding to know the guy’s intentions before he lets him set a foot in the house.

  134. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, I read the older comment by ????. I’m assuming by “statue-worshipping” you are referring to Buddhists. Buddhists do not actually worship a statue. And the reason they probably would not say “Oh Buddha” is because they do not actually worship Buddha as a god.

    I think that the reason people in America (I’m assuming you’re US?) and Britain say “Oh God” is more likely to do with the act that we are raised in generally Christian societies, so it just becomes normal. I understand why it would annoy Christians though, it always seems disrespectful to me when people say it and like I said, I am not a Christian.

    But I am still not clearly. Do you really think that child-molesting Catholic priests and Muslim terrorists are more moral people than say, Brad Piit and Angelina, who have done masses of good work for masses of people, simply becuse the first example are religious and the second are not?

  135. oriana says

    ????, I am not on here to discuss religion with you, especially as close minded as you are and definately wanting to pick a fight.

    Yes, I do believe if we sin daily and pray and ask forgiveness for our sins, and are sincere and don’t keep doing the same thing over and over, I do think we get forgiveness, all of us. I am not Catholic, I don’t go to a Priest for confession, I just pray every day. I hope I have a chance at forgiveness, and I don’t think an Atheist cares either way.

    NO other religion has to like me or my way of thinking, I am just giving my opinion.

    If you think I have been praised by everyone all that much then you must be blind or can’t read!

    How could Brad and Angie, especially her, say anything bad about their previous lovers, BBT was a nutcase just like she was and I don’t think Brad has anything to bash Jennifer for other than she didn’t want kids, they drifted apart. Surely Gwyn cannot be compared to Angelina Jolie!

    As for me trashing my husband, you apparently don’t know what trashing someone means! If he ever pulled any crap on me that set me off, the whole world would hear about it, and not on here, they would hear my mouth to China and back again! Just keep your ears open, that day may still come!

  136. oriana says

    Jenna, I ran my post together with the response to ????, you can see that I said it didn’t surprise me one bit about N agreeing with that person so sorry I didn’t make it more clear to read.

    And I am the first one to step up and say there are plenty of so called Chistian people and religious people that are big time hyprocrites, they will answer for that one way or another, but on the whole, I definately do believe in religious people having stronger moral character than Atheists do, I wasn’t there when the Bible was written, I wasn’t there when the Sermon on the Mount was given, but I believe it happened, and I hope it did.

    I do know, that when there is a tragedy or illness with most people, the expression out of their mouths, isn’t Oh Buddah, or OH Allah, (unless you’re Muslin) it is Oh God, even with the non-believers, even with profanity, Goddam, not Buddah Damn, so yes, I do believe in God and I am proud to say so.

    ????, if your child was doing drugs when you say, well I had rather you do them at home instead of living on the streets and doing them so just stay at home and do whatever you want too? That is stupid to me, same as allowing a 14 year old to shack up with her boyfriend. No, I don’t think her mother was very strict with her or set a good example of good moral behavior, not at all! I don’t see any good common sense or morality in that.

  137. dori says

    Traveller you don’t know what you’re talking about how’s that> The parent have 72 hours to give up and sign away the child and if the father is not in the picture he has 30 days to stake a claim. A year? Where did you heaer that from? Complete nonsense ….you are absolutely wrong!!
    I have 2 adopted kids whose parents were from out of the country but gave birth here and I adopted here in the USA and nothing you said is correct.
    Libra I agree with you.. these women complain about everything.. what a group we have here. I just came back after 3-4 weeks to find this website in a sad state. Bitch bitch bitch thats all you women do And half the time your informayion is incorrect. Get off the computer and go get some education will you?

  138. ???? says

    Miss Oriana,

    1) You sin daily? What happen? A prayer at night and the sin was washed? And you therefore have the right to condemn an atheist as moral lacking individual?

    2) By normal people’s reasoning, if you sin daily then you should stay clear of critiquing moral character of others.

    3) Should all Catholics, Buddists, Mormons give you a grateful public speech for your liking and loving them?

    4) You like to be praised, don’t you? That’s why you go on the most popular subjects and post your life story and opinions, swaying toward anyone responding to you nicely regardless of their foulness. You like attention and praise so much you even trash your husband to get it, telling how pissed he was at you doing good deed at the animal shelter. This must be a religious moral behavior because it seems to me the morally lacking Brad and Angelina have yet to say one bad word about their previous lovers.


    What can I say other than I have sinned. I go to confession tonight.

  139. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Who mentioned worshipping statues? I understand your point, but I don’t think its very fair of you to state that religious people live more moral lives than non-religious peoples.

    Plenty of religious people in the world are thoroughly lacking in morals. With people killing in the name of Jihad, “honour” killings in Allah’s name, Catholic priests abusing kids, the nun’s old orphanages of abuse in Ireland, etc etc, I cannot understand why anybody could think that simply being religious makes a person more moral than someone who devotes huge amounts of their time and money to helping people (i.e. Brangelina).

    I am not a religious person as such, though I’m not an atheist (I would describe myself as spiritual, I follow the ways of the old), and I would like to think I have far more morals than some religious people I know. I would never allow my 14-year-old child to have a boyfriend to stay the night, let alone shack up with them! That has nothing to do with religion, just morality and common sense in general.

  140. oriana says

    Jenna, I do definately believe that someone with Christian beliefs has more morals than an Atheist, or someone that believes in Goodness in something! And no, I don’t believe in worshipping statues, what can a statue do for me?

    And anyone that will a 14 year old kid shack up with her boyfriend to give in to them is a Cop Out in my opinion. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that N agrees with ????

    Yes, Angie was wild, she rebelled, if she had chosen to walk the streets that was her choice, her mother didn’t toss her out. She was not in the positon of having to escape from sexual abuse or beatings, she was Wild and that was how she wanted to be.

    And yes, I am sure Brad will listen to one with real life experience, she certainly has that!

    And whoever said that people that weren’t Christians weren’t good people and taught their children manners and respect? There are lots of religions out there that are wonderful people, I happen to like the Mormons a lot but I think their idea of a planet Kolob is more Science Fiction but I admire their values.

    Love the Catholics and I have stated many times how I feel about the sicko priests molesting the young boys, no mercy from me on that point, and I do believe in the old sayings and teachings,

    Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given!

    So I guess I won’t be getting any or expecting any, when it comes to a child being abused by whatever rotten bastard, priests or not!

    I am not perfect, I make mistakes and sin daily, but I do believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that is my stand, it doesn’t have to be accepted or believed by everyone, that is okay, but I do think those kids would be better off taught some values and morals.

  141. carleigh says

    I just wish people would stop picking on lame things like how much she doesn’t hold Shiloh, how much she hold’s Mad, Z and Pax and blah, blah, blah. Their choice of where to live, their choice to travel, their choice of school, right down to their choice of WHERE to adopt from and WHEN they should adopt. Then let’s not mention their clothing colors and choices of what OTHER people think is appropriate in inappropriate??? WTF…………some people are NEVER going to be satisfied. If Brad and Angie were Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Evangelical, or any other religion you people would be jumping on that fact. If Brad and Angelina were followed around by a crew of nannies, bulters, chauffers, personal trainers and body guards I am quite sure there would be squabbling and ramblings about them being overly decadent and spend-thrifts. As is it, they travel for work, their children are adopted from various countries, they spend a huge chunk of their TIME and INCOME and various charities, they LOVE and spend quality time with their children and they fight off the legions of paparazzi while just trying to do the normal things all parents take for granted. What mother has 100 photographers climbing and clamoring all around her to take pictures of her dropping off her little one’s at daycare or preschool??? These two are doing a very good job of trying to maintain a balance of family-work-charity and juggling 4 children w/ the appearances of relative ease…leave them alone. Brad couldn’t be stolen from Jennifer Anniston, he wasn’t a piece of jewelry or a car, a human being cannot be “stolen” persay. He happened to meet someone that he grew to care about, his wife didn’t want to have a family with him and chose to put her career first (which we have all seen just how far Chin-Chin has managed to take herself), so they broke up and got divorced. Brad is happier, more charitable and has the family and life he has always stated he wanted..does anyone remember the interview he gave shortly before he and Jen broke it off he said “having a little girl would break his heart” he has two pretty little girls and ALL the children are very fortunate to have him and Angie as their parents. They are happy so leave them alone already!

  142. Libraesque says

    to the person who posted that AJ doesn’t know how to care for “black” hair
    are you KIDDING???????
    look at all the dumb shit people write about Heidi Klums sons hair. HIS FATHER IS BLACK and these half wits are saying “why doesn’t she comb his hair”
    he’d look like Bozo on crack if she “combed” his hair

    these kids appear happy and healthy and all you cackling hens can go ON AND ON about is why don’t they wear bright colored clothes???? Believe me, the way AJ has described Z in interviews, I’m sure if she wanted to wear a tutu to school she would

  143. Jenna M. (UK) says

    And LadyOne, of course Pax is happier! Even with all the paparazzi in his face (which isn’t Brad and Angelina’s fault in the first place) Pax now has:
    # Two parents who love him
    # A stable family
    # A warm comfortable bed every night
    # Plenty of food
    # Adequate medical care
    # The opportunity for an excellent education.

    Why on earth do you think that he would be better off in the orphanage:
    # Living in a dingy, rundown orphanage
    # Not having any loving parents or permanent carers
    # Not having adequate, nutritious food, medical care, clothing or education
    # Facing being being forced to work in an child sweat shop?

    Have you no heart nor human compassion?

  144. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Uh Oriana, why do you say that he has no morals because he’s not religious? Why do morals have to be religious? That’s just plain bigotry and dicrimination. Religious people are no more special than non-religious people.

  145. Teresa says

    ok guys stop with the “she looks old” thing she just lost her mother and clearly she’s NOT over it!! it’s gunna take tmie and time is healing, i love this woman to death!! she is my idol! i hate how every one judges her by her PAST!!! i mean the past is in the past, she’s a wonderful amazing woman and mother!! one that jennifer could never be. and CLEARLY BRAD IS MUCH HAPPIER!!!! ANYWAYS!!! he wanted a family and childern and he got that WITH ANGELINA!!! so just LEAVE ANGELINA ALONE!!!

  146. Essie says

    Just want to say, I was just in the South of France and caught the tail-end of the film festival. I saw the papparazzi close up and in person for the first time and it wasn’t pretty!!! They are like a pack of wolves, running and jumping and yelling to the celebs. No wonder little Zahara looks at them in that way!!!

  147. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    ???? I thought you were advocating staying out of other people’s business, but yet go and and on and on…does support qualify as saying out of other peoples business…; so that must mean any foirm of critique is classified ad getting into her bussiness.

    Hmmm a totally different dictiinary on babyrazzi..

  148. ???? says

    And on the matter of religious moral…

    Dateline has caught rabbi as sexual predator on the net. The Catholic church is going bankrupt settling sexual molestation lawsuits against its priests. There was highly respect pastor killed by his highly respected wife; Jimmy Baker, Oral Roberts were telling people they must send money to build God’s churches which went to their mansions (air conditioned one for dog too), etc…Surely these people had religious values.

    By the way, there are millions in one country that I know well, practice no religion. They go to work every day to make their living, raise their children to love and respect family and neighbors, to take care of themselves, not to expect government’s welfare or anything. They have moral values is mho.

    To insinuate that Angelina has no moral values because she went through rebellious phases as a teenager and a young woman is to insinuate that her mother lacked moral values. The woman raised two kids on her own. Neither of her children lived or live off welfare. Angelina was not an unwed teen mother with children fathered by different men collecting food-stamps. She had moral values, and hence, her children have some, religious people they are or not, matrons of the well-mannered South.

  149. ???? says

    Pax felt quite good actually, lady (uncommon) one. There’s a picture of him skipping on his way to his school, looking very much a happy three year-old to me. Don’t stress yourself out over other people’s choice to live their lives, other people’s children, other people’s business in general. Bad mouthing people when they haven’t done you any harm–even if the people are said to be bad–is not a becoming trait one–even a woman–should possess.

  150. ???? says

    It is best that girls stays away from sex until later but it isn’t always easy to keep, what with the TV shows and movies, and sexual education at 5th grade. Being strict doesn’t work on every child.

    Between having my 14 year-old daughter with a boyfriend at home and her being a runaway, possibly walking the street to survive, I would have her home with the boyfriend, teacher her about birth control, and slowly guide her out of rebellious phase. Angelina’s mother was very smart to keep Angelina home, and she was a terrific mother, for her daughter is maturing well.

    So hopefully Brad will listen to the one with real life experience and be open to the method.

    Is religious moral values different from moral ones? By this reasoning, does a Christian think the Buddists lack moral values?

  151. LadyOne says

    No matter what you all say…….Angelena is a weirdo, she cannot stand her own natural child but insists on collecting her little international knick knacks. You all are so pro saving a child from a life of horror abroad, but how do you think little Pax feels being ripped from the only life he knew to a bzillion cameras in his face everday???

  152. oriana says

    I totally agree with Mia about Woody Allen’s lovely wife, and NO I don’t have to brainwashed to think the same on this subject, I thought that years ago when it was first brought to the light over her posing naked for that pervert to take his pictures of! I can’t stand him and have never seen Genius as far as that weirdo goes! That girl wasn’t so innocent she didn’t know what she was doing! I wouldn’t spend one dime to go see any of his movies and I think they are both sick!

    Mia had to be devastated! Can you imagine Zahara ending up with Brad? NO ONE could with a sane mind, and that is exactly the same thing only doubt that Woody the freak that he is, ever thought or loved his “daughter” like Brad does Zahara. It is too disgusting to even consider, Oh I despise Woody Allen!

    And I wonder if Brad will stand by and allow Shiloh to move her boyfriend into the house when she turns 14 or Zahara either for that matter? If Angie chooses, I think Brad will go along with just about anything, since he is an Atheist he has no religious morals to say NO, but hopefully as a parent, he will have some guts about himself!

  153. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Also pathetic that one cannot seperate themeselves from a celebrity in order to simply enjoy the hilarious comments…

    After all its better to hate and gossip about a celebrity than an family or friends…ahhahahah

  154. Analise says

    I’m sure so many of you qualify for mother of the year. How you can hate this woman is beyond me. Pathetic.

  155. traveller says


    I plan to adopt internationally also. Have you ever thought to ask someone why they would choose international over domestic adoption? You might learn something.

    International adoptions are safer than domestic adoptions in the U.S. The problem is with our laws. They are to biased toward the birth parents. Did you know that in most states, if a birth mother gives her child up for adoption, she has a year from the time the adoption is final to change her mind. Could you imagine spending a year raising a child and falling in love with a child, just to have it taken away because some idiot woman can’t make up her mind? And if the father never signed away his parental rights, he can come back at any point in that child’s life and get custody. Even if it’s 10 years down the road. How would you feel if the child you’d loved and raised for 10 years was suddenly ripped away from you?

    I also saw a story on the news about a foster family that petitioned to adopt the 6 year old little girl with ceberal palsy that they were currently fostering. What a great thing, right? Apparently, the government did not agree. They tried to block the adoption. Those people had to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars trying to fight for her. My parents went through the same thing when they petitioned to adopt my siblings. They spent tons of money fighting the government. It was ridiculous.

    And you ask why people don’t adopt domestically.

  156. neil says

    Hmm, let’s see, Angelina is a whore, Angelina is a bore, Angelina has nannies, Angelina doesn’t adopt from her own country, Angelina doesn’t hold her children, Angelina holds her children, Angelina is a bad mother, Angelina is a good mother ( but it’s all a publicity stunt) and on and on… If half the posters (read, haters) had their way Angie would die from a lack of space to breath.
    Here’s hoping you don’t place these sorts of unreasonable standards on your children because if you do THEY are going to need therapy when older.

  157. Tia says

    For christ sakes…she did not steal Brad. That was BRAD’S decision! and anyways, if my husband wouldnt have wanted children, I too would have to question our relationship…the heart whants what the heart wants…Brad wanted children, Jen didn’t at the time…end of story..everyone has moved on..the end.

    Also, who the hell cares where she adopted from?! the thing is that she gave these children a home. I say good for her, and god bless this family!

  158. LadyOne says

    Oh just wait until the Jolie-Pitt Rainbow tribe grow up and read about how their mother stole their dad from another woman like a common whore.

  159. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    too bad you werent around to advise Mia Farrow when she was busy collecting her little tramp from the streets of Asia…

    With this jolie househld I would be suprised if all the kids hook u powith each other at some point…after all wiht a woman who bangs anything moving creature, she would have a problem passing her sexual openess to her brood all the name of educating them to be openminded and accepting..ahahhahah…this fmaily is yet to generate more publicity in the years to come…first more adoptions, followed by splitsvilles, followed by scandalous escpades of Maddox in LA or wherever the work he turns up and then the sex scandal begin…WE ARE IN FOR A TREAT…

  160. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Who cares where the children are coming from….

    Imagine..) (lenon said it first)…ahhah

    Imagine if you saw two very ill people on the street, you have the option to save just one..are you going to spend time asking about their nationality before choosing the one with the same nationality as you??? ..what is nationality anyway…I guess to SOME stateside its some foolish attempt at patriotism by worshiping the stars and stripes at all cost..I thought we moved away fom the stars and bars decades ago!!! Am I right in thinking the southern approach was a lot better than the yankie hypocirtism which permeates society to date since thier victory in the civil war……

    Your expectations of Jolie is too high..she is just another hollywierd psycho trying to survive in a morally bankrupt community.

  161. LadyOne says

    With all that being said…….celebs are STILL trying to make themselves look like some of hero by adopting a baby from each country like some sort of sick collection. B or no B that’s my opinion and I am definately entitled to it.

  162. Zbella says

    We don’t have orphanages in the USA. I worked with foster children and juvenile delinquents prior to becoming a teacher. They are the modern day “orphans”. Many cannot be adopted because their parents still have legal rights. Once (and IF) that ever happens, most children are older, and not likely to be adopted. That is why Pax being adopted was a wonderful thing! Many US children are never adopted because they spend years in foster care, bouncing between birth parents, treatment centers, group homes, and juvie.

    My husband and I would like to adopt older children once our little kids are grown. Think of how lonely and difficult it would be to be 18 and on your own forever with nothing but a $500 check to make your way in the world.

    LadyOne, you don’t sound like a lady, you sound like a B.

  163. Pilar says

    LadyOne, until you put your money where your mouth is, you really need to STFU.

    And could you wipe the foam off your lips while you’re at it?

  164. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Also, why do you think Angelina and Madonna should have adopted from America? Are American kids lives more important then the livesof all the other kids in the world? Just because they’re American. Of course not.

  165. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Children growing up in (north) American orphanages are far more likely to be adopted than children in African, Asian and South American orphanages. Seriously, what do you think the chances of a baby in an Ethiopian orphanage being adopted compared to an American baby?

    Also, kids in America and Britain who are unlucky enough not to be adopted will probably grow up in nice foster care, not a dingy, shabby orphange where they are likely to die from starvation, preventable diseases like measles, malaria and diarrhea because their carers can’t afford vaccines. They’re not going to be tied to a crib and left without human contact, are they?

    Zahara would have DIED if Angelina hadn’t adopted them. Maddox and Pax may well have ended up working in a child sweat shop. How can their adoption possibly be a bad thing?

  166. Pilar says

    LadyOne, before you start dumping on Angelina for adopting overseas, how many American children have you adopted? Hmmm??

  167. LadyOne says

    Celebs think it makes them look like they are doing something great by adopting some foreign child…….yet and still the orphanages in America are overlooked by the rich and famous. Look at all the crap Madonna went through……..unnecessary!

  168. oriana says

    The way I see it is really and truely, any child adopted anywhere, is one less child going without, and from the other countries, quite probably, one less child to die or starve.

  169. LadyOne says

    I think all these stars are goin nuts adopting kids from all over the country when there are a bzillion kids right here in the good ol u.s. of a!! and don’t give me that b.s. that it’s cheaper to adpot abroad…….these are celebrities for crying out loud!! They have enough money to buy anything they want including kids!!!!

  170. oriana says

    Mia, 14 years old and she had a live in boyfriend?!!!!!!!!! Guess her Mom wasn’t too strict with her as a teenager.

  171. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    If you are mesmerized by Ms Jolie rare beauty , you should vist her surgeons…

    It backfires when you do nudity early in your give a historical documentation of you physical attributes..ahahha

    Hmmmm Nose job, jaw inplants now boob job..what next..I now believe her self proclaimed hate of her physical appearance,…

  172. ami-zar says

    wow she looks old,is she 54?
    and very she addicted?
    im not jennifer aniston fan,aniston is very overrated,like jolie.never find both of them that atractive.

    and about kids,poor kids,tools of a weirdo’s publicity.

    i dont like see kids in sexy and slutty clothes ,thats very weird and gross.but put them in dark clothes is as must wear kid’s,blue,with,yellow.and nothing sexy and slutty.only kids clothes.

  173. bambie says

    oh people who are criticizing angelina are SSOOOOOOO


  174. traveller says

    Wow! Some people are very critical. First of all, these are not your kids. Why do think you have the right to parent them? AJ and BP can dress them in whatever they see fit. And really, of course they wear the same things over and over. Don’t you? Don’t you do laundry once a week? Don’t you have favorite outfits that you like to wear again and again. This is espeically true of children. If my 5 year old niece had a choice, she’d be in the same 3 outfits for the rest of her life. I like that they wear the same stuff over again. That they aren’t out wasting money on closets full of clothes they don’t need. That they’d rather teach their kids better ways to use money, like helping people in need.

    The constant criticism about the spacing of their children really irks me too. I hear nothing but praise for Heidi Klum and her family, despite the fact that she’s had 3 children in 3 years. But when AJ and BP have 3 children in 3 years, people slam them. Why is it ok for one family, but not the next? As long as the families can handle it, then why not? Who are we to say it’s wrong? Would you like someone criticizing your parenting techniques and family planning strategy? Probably not.

    I don’t blame Z for her lack of smiles. I wouldn’t be smiling either if crazy people were shoving cameras in my face everytime I left a building. That’s why I feel bad for these kids. No kid deserves crazy people stalking them or criticizing them.

    As for carrying her kids, I don’t blame her. Do you know how fast a person can run off with your kids? It’s scary. Especially with the paps swarming around it’s probably chaos. All the more easy it would be for someone to grab a kid and run. My sister has twin 2 year olds. We aren’t famous at all and she still carries both of them when going from point A to point B. It’s just safer.

  175. Zbella says

    Bibounette, how cool is that? Nice perk of the job! BTW, after all my ramblings, I forgot to mention (again) that I think Angie is AMAZING, love her image and her dedication to family, children and third world countries. She’s not bad looking either!

  176. Holly says

    hahahahahahahha i totally rekn some of you people just put comments up to see reactions!! FUNNY!! anyway you guys who really cares what she does during the 10 minute walk to school. None of us can judge her coz OMG guess what? NONE OF US KNOW HER!!!! much love ya’ll.

  177. BIBOUNETTE says

    Brad flew back to Prague yesterday morning from Paris, my husband who works at airport boarded him into the plane… They’re all together now ;-))))

  178. anna says

    like i said haters dam that u guys aint what the fuck do u think u muthafuckas r doing look i say dont hate her cause u aint her its funny how jealous bitches and dudes get angie u look fine shake them haters off to all u bitches i bet if she let yall fuck u would take that chance with her

  179. Zbella says

    Oriana, I have 2 girls (5 & 9 months) and boy in the middle (just turned 3). We would like to have 2 more, but will wait a few years.

    My oldest is fair skinned with freckles and blond hair. She wears lots of red, pink and purple – she is old enough to make her own choices, I think. Lots of dresses and skirts.

    My son looks amazing in blue – since his eyes are the most amazing shade – they are so bright. I dress him mostly in t-shirts and jeans or khakis – either solid colors or stripes. I do not like logos and pictures on clothing. With his light brown hair and gorgeous skin, I don’t want to detract from his natural beauty!

    My baby I dress in lots of one-pieces. I don’t like babies to look like little grown ups. I like soft cotton outfits. She has a few dresses, but I prefer to wait until she is walking to wears dresses (otherwise they ride up and look silly). She has some adorable ‘bubbles’ that show off her very chubby legs. They are so chubby that her knees have dimples. I LOVE IT. My other 2 are skinny! Oh, my baby has red hair and I think she looks amazing in pink and green.

    I don’t dress my kids in black. And I don’t think AJ is taking advantage of all the cute girl clothes out there. Also, Z is dark skinned black and would look lovely in bright colors. I’ll stop my rambling now…

  180. Pilar says

    So one of Jennifer’s three fans comes in here changing names with every post to make it look like she’s got a fan club? How tired can you get?

    Angelina is a great actress and a good, loving mother. She loves her children and she loves Brad. And she doesn’t have a tin fart what you trolls think. That’s what really pisses you off, isn’t it?

    Meanwhile, poor old no-life, no-man, no-child, no-talent Jennifer is reduced to shilling for Smartwater. If you really want to see something scary, check this out:
    (The comments are hilarious.)

  181. daisy says

    If you surround yourself in darkness, shroud yourself in dark clothes, always – it has got to have an effect on your mood. Mother and kids always in dark drab colors. Let AJ do what she wants, but put your kids in colors reflective of joy and peacefulness. Maybe this is why Z always looks so miserable. Honestly, I could care less about AJ, I don’t like her and I think she is sort of off her rocker and manipulative. My heart goes out to those kids. When I think of her, I can’t help but think of Mommy Dearest

  182. Cat says

    + by the way
    Angelina’s kids are very lucky to have her. They will all have good lives because of her. She saved them, and whether or not we like her work, appearance, or the way she dresses them, she has given them a life they’d have never had if not for her.
    Even if it doesn’t work out with Brad. Even if she does continue to make movies and do a lot of traveling. Ask these kids in 15 years, I have no doubt she is a devoted mother and they will always love and appreciate her.

  183. Aliciasweets85 says

    **hahaha** Why is everyone calling her a slut/whore?
    Is it because Brad left his frigid, barren, boring wife Jen Anniston, for the alluring, mysterious, spontaneous Angie Jolie?

    Angelina Jolie is a beautiful person, in every sense of the word.

    She should lay off the adopting though…three kids was enough.

  184. Jill says

    I think Pax is wondering if the orphanage was not better. LOL

    Seriously those kids need stability not flyng around the world like that! Selfish witchy slut.

    Those hands Arrrrrrhhhhhhhhh.

  185. K says

    I agree there is something depressing about this family. The dull colrs don’t help but I think it is the fat that they rarely seem happy apart from one or two pics. No one likes miserable loking rich people.

  186. oriana says

    Courtney Cox has a black see thru top on too with a black bra showing.

    Essie, who was critical of Barron wearing white a lot? It was mentioned that she dresses him a lot in that color but I have seen him in many other colors also, and always very stylish. Of course with Donald he wouldn’t be dressed plain and simple. Angie dresses her kids like they came from the Goodwill sometimes, I don’t think she cares about clothes, she is practical and not into style but being sensible, I just wish the girls could actually look like girls instead of boys 99% of the time!

  187. says

    #36, i bet you wear all of your clothing once and then throw in away right??? I highly doubt….Just because she is a celebrity doesnt mean that she doesnt wear the same thing a few times. And i have only seen her with that see through top once and its not her fault that the paps run her and her family down so much that she has to remember what she had on the last time they took pics off her, so that she wouldnt wear it again.Get real people, AJ doesnt care about things like that. She’s too busy trying to be a better person and make the world a better place…back off, if you dont like her, fine, but stop with the stupid comments already, if u have nothing else to complain about…

  188. Nina says

    Her head looks weird. She’s nicer looking in professional magazine pictures. Still very pretty though.

  189. Aliciasweets85 says

    I think that Angelina Jolie is a gorgeous woman. Her little girls wear a lot of dark clothes, because I am assuming Angie thinks it’s alternative, and that it makes a statement. However, to the rest of us…it is quite drab looking. I am black, and wonder how in the hell Zahara is having her hair taken care of. No matter how good her intentions are, Angie, I am sure, does NOT know how to tend to African American hair, hence Z always photographed with a nest of a hair do. I think that she made a mistake in adopting Pax, and I also think that she shouldn’t adopt anymore children. It’s starting to look as though she “collecting” from each country she visits and that’s a little disturbing.

  190. Essie says

    Barron Trump is “always” dressed in white and Melania is criticized; Pax and Z are “always” dressed in black(?) and Angie gets criticized. Famous mothers just can’t please people these days!!!! They should hide their heads in shame!!!

  191. Brit says

    I dressed my daughter in navy when she was younger. She wore pants for most of her daycare experience, but as she turned 4 she wanted to wear dresses and prettier clothes – I think it is a girl thing.

    She loves trains, planes, princesses and ballet. Not keen on Spiderman anymore.

    Maybe girls with older brothers have different views re dressing up, but I am sure the JP girls will voice their opinions someday!

  192. Granny says

    Jeans, tennis shoes, and knit tops; sensible, servicable clothes. And one pair of kids jeans usually looks like a nother pair of kids jeans, so I’m confortable that their clothes don’t stink. The look like most kids on their way to pre-K. And the fastest way from point A to point B, especially if one is only 2 1/2 is pick ’em up and carry them.

    I’m impressed that she can carry two at a time.

  193. oriana says

    DMITZ, Angie said herself that once she saw how much
    Brad loved the kids and she realized having a biological baby wouldn’t take away from them, then she was willing to try. It has been obvious that her main concern and care was for the best interests of the adopted kids. If she had thought for one min that Brad would ever love a biological baby over the others, there would be no Shiloh today.

    I think there is a huge difference in the way she feels about the girls and it will be noticeable to Shiloh when she gets older.

  194. oriana says

    The bodyguard, Thug that he looks like, wears more bright colors than the kids do!

    I remember the first pictures of Pax in the Orphanage, he had on some nice yellow and white, turquoise and white short outfits, he looked so cute, since then, all you have seen is gray and more gray, she has an aversion to colors, it is not just my not being a fan of hers. She looked gorgeous in the bright yellow dress at Cannes, it was beautiful!

  195. Karen says

    Angelina is such a miserable self righteous witch!! What the hell is Brad Pitt doing with her?

  196. minkysmom says

    some people are so crazy. obviously some of you have never had kids. toddlers are slow (I don’t mean retarded), they toddle along they admire stuff, they stop at random times and it takes forever to get somewhere it’s just easier to scoop them babies up and carry them somewhere.

  197. Nicki says

    Angelina should dress Zahara in cute bright colored dresses and skirts sometimes. She looks like a little boy. I feel sorry for her.

  198. oriana says

    It does seem to me that she wants to make a special point of dressing her kids in drab colors. Maybe she has seen so much suffering with children in the poverty countries, she feels that her kids shouldn’t wear bright colorful or cheerful clothes?

  199. Molly says

    This family is so depressing looking. Always wearing, dark, dull, depressing clothing! Angelina is a dark, dull, depressing whore!!!!

  200. Keni says

    hahaha u guys r all funny!!

    I love that Z’s hair is combed!! So nice to see them all together…

    Like most of u, I DONT kno her, but I think AJ is PRETTY cool!!

  201. Janice says

    Angelina is sick Period and should get help ASAP! Any one notice that this family wears the same clothes all the time? I bet they smell!

  202. DMITZ says

    # 32 – huh?? You come off as dumb in your post.
    You have to admit that when you go into any store (whether it’s for children or not) and come across children’s clothing, very rarely will you find black, browns, or grays. So to go out of your way to buy or special order dark/drab colors seems odd to me. Boys maybe, but for girls too?!

    #33 – it seems like AJ goes out of her way to prove to the public that she loves her adopted children as much as she loves Shiloh. I would think that Shiloh will notice this when she gets older but just because a lot of us want to see more pics w/Shiloh doesn’t mean we are Angelina haters.

  203. Huge admirer... says

    Quit whining about seeing AJ with Shiloh….I’m glad she isn’t doing it to appease a fickle public, I’m sure she loves and holds her daughter in private.

    Angelina won’t ever win with many of you. I’m sure we will see AJ photographed in public holding/kissing Shiloh; but eventually the headlines would read ” Angelina hates her non-caucasian children, regrets adoptions”.
    The haters would hurt themselves jumping on that bandwagon.

  204. Lili says

    unlike so many celebrities who don’t care about their kids and wear them slutty clothes at age 2 or 3 ,she is very down to earth and she wants her kids to be like her as well. I can’t believe how much people are dumb these days and espesially if you are a mom makes you more dumber and stupid. wearing colorful clothes won’t make anybody look smart or well mannered. I’m sorry for you childern to have such mothers. poor kids.

  205. oriana says

    I don’t think I have ever seen Zahara in any bright colors, maybe once or twice a top, but even her dresses are mostly black. The one picture I thought was so cute of them walking with their little backpacks on, if you went by how they were dressed, you would not be able to tell which one was Pax and which one was Zahara. Angie is even dressing Shiloh in black and drab colors, wouldn’t it be nice to see the little girls actually dressed like little girls, at least once?

    What would be wrong with it? Of course wimpy Brad will not encourage it, the last time we saw Shiloh in a pretty little dress was when Angie was out of town.

    I don’t understand why Angie’s is so stuck on all these dark drab colors for?

  206. arad says

    gush,she look very old,overrated,

    and kids,all kids are always cute,but i thinke Z can wear some colors.angelina is still,crazy,dark and WHORE.

  207. Lauren says

    I don’t get why Angelina is always carrying her 3 older kids around. They can walk and she should let them walk. Pax is adorable!! Zahara looks cute depending on the picture. I wish we would see more pix of Angelina with Shiloh. She’s adding fuel to the fire by being pictured with Mad, Z, and Pax and not little Shiloh.

  208. Just me says

    I think AJ is one of the most beautiful women alive. I just think she looks too skinny here and it makes her look old and tired. I know she has said losing her mother is one of the reasons. But I also think she works way too much. Take some time off, stay on one continent for a while at least for the kids’ sakes.

  209. Zbella says

    Watch and learn. Super moms (with 2 or more little kids) learn how to carry a LOT. I’m only 5-3, 110 pounds and I can carry 2 kids, diaper bag, keys, third child’s hand, food, toys and a variety of other items! I amaze myself sometimes! People are like “You have your hands FULL” Yup – I do!

    She does not look old. Z does not have a sour puss. She is not a whore or slut. She is a mother and deserves some respect for the great job she is doing. One that gets little to no recognition. She’s not being a movie star here. She’s being a mom.

  210. says

    Amy, one can only imagine what your face looks like…..

    #7 whether you like it or not, these kids are happy and they wont have issues based on their family life

    #17 wonderful post. well said

    I dont see anything wrong with their kids being carried all the time, and she can dress them how she wants because its school that they are going to, and she is their mother!!!!!!!!!!

    I admire the fact that AJ,HK and DR make holding 2 kids at one time look so easy lol

    I like this pic, angie is a great mum, and her kids are adorable

  211. Huge admirer... says

    Zee looks like she pissed at the folks scurrying to take pictures of her family. To me, that little girl has eyes that are deep and soulful; many of you might miss it because they are not blue, green, etc.
    I’m appreciative of many forms of beauty, not just what is considered the “white ideal”.

    Two of the most attractive people in this world have have created a beautiful rainbow family. I give Brad and Angelina credit for realizing that each child should be aware of their own culture so they can be proud of their heritage.
    Maddox, Zahara and Pax will grow up to be proud compassionate people. Don’t worry about Shiloh, I have no doubt she is very much loved by both her parents and her siblings.

  212. Janie says

    Angelina dresses those kids in such dark depressing clothes to match her dark depressing evil personality!

  213. Libraesque says

    how does she carry those two with those teeny tiny arms

    I notice a LOT of stars carry their kids, even if they’re kinda big……..maybe it’s a saftey thing, they can’t be snatched away…..???????? I’m sure they don’t want bodyguards around 24/7

  214. Essie says

    Jenna, she is taking the kids to school. What else do children wear to nursery school but jeans and khakis? They will be on the floor and using finger paints. Also, what does it matter?

    JJ, I don’t think Angie looks frail at all. She’s skinny but she looks healthy to me. Carrying two kids at once is probably easy for her. Maybe she’s carrying them because she’s in a hurry to drop them at school and get to the movie set. Brad is due back in Prague in a few days so we will probably see him dropping the kids off again.

  215. JJ says

    Number 11 is an imposter!!
    I’m the real JJ (from Canada). Whoever that is doesn’t even have proper grammar. Get another nickname number 11.
    I happen to like Angelina so i would never write that comment about her.
    My question is how does Angelina carry two kids – one in each arm, when she is so frail looking? I have a hard time just lifting up one 3-yr old child.

  216. ??? says

    Slut? Whore?

    That’s funny. A slut calling another one slut? A whore calling another whore? Really funny. Here in America almost every girl has sex before graduating from high school and almost all women marry without virginity in tact. In many parts of the world, we are called sluts and whores.

    Once upon a time, even sex with your husband was dirty. Proper women were not to find pleasure in sex; it’s for procreation only.

    Before calling another woman slut or whore, take a good look at yourself first. Has your cave been visited by only one man and is he your husband and will be your husband until death? You don’t know the latter would be true until you’re dead, do you? For now, keep that quarter between your knees always and you may earn the right to call your fellow women slut or whore.

  217. DMITZ says

    I agree w/# 5 & #6.
    Angelina/Brad are starting to grow on me but I just think they should have waited for Shiloh to be a little older before adopting again. I have 2 children and I know how much time and effort they take and I still think the kids she already had could have had more time w/her before she adopted again. I’m pretty sure her wheels are already turning on when she will adopt again. I can barely carry my diaper bag, purse, and my 12mo old daughter! Don’t know how she carries these 2 or why she would need carry both. It’s like seeing a 3 yr old w/a binky in their mouth.

  218. Lola says

    Yeah #13 that is because they wanted accolades for best parents. They are just whoring bastards.

  219. Lola says

    How come we saw her with Maddox when she was less than one acting as a true mother to him with love and cherish. Any way after some years, we will read Shiloh’s book and interviews, if she is still sober.

  220. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh and Lola, are you honestly slagging of her for taking her kids to school herself rather than getting nannies to do it?

    So what if they have nannies, they are working parents so they need them and they can afford them. Brad and Angelina are always been pictured with their kids sans nanny so its not as if they are just dumping the kids with the nannies 24/7.

  221. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Elena, there are plenty of photos of the all kids walking (apart from Shiloh of course) so they are not ALWAYS holding them.

    Many celebrities choose to hold their toddlers when they are out and about. Its much safer when you are constantly surrounded by reckless paps and loony stalkers. It would only take seconds for one of the kids to be snatched and then god knows what would happen.

    Plus, its often quicker to carry toddlers than to wait for them :p

    So why don’t all you haters just find something REAL to complain about? Like your bitterness perhaps?

  222. JENNIFER says

    pink poodle–why would you like to see her carry shiloh would that really make you feel better and if it does your a loser she’s not holding her because she’s not going to school!!!!!!

  223. JENNIFER says

    pink poodle–why would you like to see her carry shiloh would that really make you feel better and if it does your a loser she’s not holding her because she’s not going to school!!!!!!

  224. Carole Danielle says

    Well , Pink Poodle,
    You see, Shiloh is only one year old, so obviously she
    doesn’t go to school yet, so Mamma Angelina doesn’t
    have to bring Shiloh for the drop of in school, as she
    already have her hands full with two little todlers.
    I am sure that Shiloh is with her nanny safe at home
    or in the luxury home or suite they are renting in Prague.
    Get it Pink Poodle
    Woof Woof.

  225. Malayka says

    These kids willdefinitely have issues, not with a mother who wears black. I have never seen Z wearing any bright colors or dressed like a pretty girl.

  226. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Nice pic, cute kids. *hands Angelina some Burger King vouchers*.

    I know it is really none of my business but I wish she would but the kids in some nice bright, childlike colours. Its not a criticism, I wear mainly black myself but kids should be dressed like kids!

  227. Elena says

    why are they ALWAYS carrying those children? Can’t they walk? They still even carry Maddox and that child has to be 5 or 6!

  228. Lola says

    We know sh ehas four nannies, she does not have to show that she does everything herself. Heidi Klum lets nanies hold her kids and its cool. Slut!

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