Shiloh's First Birthday!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

The Brangelina bunch went all out to celebrate Shiloh’s first birthday in Prague!

Birthdays are very important to Angelina Jolie, as her late mother Marcheline Bertrand (who died of cancer in January) devoted boundless energy to celebrating her children’s big day. “She would spent weeks to plan the right birthday party, and write four drafts to get the right birthday card ready,” Angelina recently told Dateline NBC’s Ann Curry.

At the family’s special rental in the Czech Republic capital, where Angelina, 32, is on location shooting the thriller Wanted, the family gathered on May 27th to celebrate Shiloh’s big day. Angelina had to work that morning, but was home by 2 p.m. to be with her daughter.

“I was contacted by the bodyguards,” Katarina Rozsivalova of Prague’s Balon Servic (a balloon service) tells Us.

“They told me they needed 50 balloons for Saturday and Sunday. An assortment of colors.” Also delivered: cookies and a cake.

But birthdays come around just once a year, and the parents of Hollywood’ most rapidly expanding brood are committed to making every day a special one for Shiloh, Zahara, 2, Pax, 3, and Maddox, 5, and no one is better at finding fun than doting dad Brad Pitt.

“One time, when the kids were bored, Brad had them all throwing empty pizza boxes as Frisbees,” says a source. “Obviously, Shiloh was too young to join in, but you could hear her laughing.”

Too sweet!



  1. KIMBERLY says

    to see them have 2 more biological children, just to even things out.

  2. tsue says

    God Bless ALL of Brad and Angelina’s babies ! All 4 are very blessed to have the love that has been bestowed upon them. They ‘re all beautiful children of God. May the parents that the Lord has chosen to place them with, raise them with the unconditional love that they deserve. And, more importantly Bless Brad and Angelina’s relationship for the sake of their lovely children. God Bless this beautiful family.

  3. says

    I think all of u talking shit is wrong…Damm and wat Pilar said is fuked up too…Don’t talk shit about Jennifer let her count her millions atleast she has something rite??

    Happy Birthday Shiloh…Ur a beautiful baby…U kno u famous wen u have HATERZZ!!!

  4. Mary says

    Pax doesn’t look like he has any affection for mummy dearest. It is his book that am waiting for in 15 years’ time and Shiloh’s. Shiloh will probably be a sicko and on war path like Angelina so she will have interesting things to say. Pax will most likey hate Brad and Angelina with a passion, so he will have an interesting tale. Zahara will be an overweight angry woman and I don’t want anything to do with her. Maddox will be quiet and loyal to his sick mother so no interesting tales from that one.

  5. Libraesque says

    Dori, you’re TRIPPIN’
    that was not yelling
    and YOU need to admit that you saw my post and just HAD to say something nasty

    and how can I have an inflated ego. YOU’RE the one who said that because of me people don’t come to this site anymore
    that is power plain and simple
    and that other little twat that said there’s a petition against me
    that is power when people spend that kind of time and energy!!!

  6. dori says

    You know when I read the comments here I have to laugh. Some of you people act as if you know these celebrities personally. And you get all these information you think you have by looking at a photograph. It’s hysterical.

  7. dori says

    Libra you were yelling that the phots were not touched up I simply corrected you You were wrong can’t you just admit you were mistaken and not get bent out of ahpe about it?
    Power you have no power. Go take your inflated ego and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine ok/ You don’t intimidate me you big puffed up bully.

  8. Libraesque says

    Dori, can I suggest signing the “petition” Lola was talking about???


    and who GIVES A SHIT if the photo was brightened, etc…jesus christ you people act like they completely altered her entire appearance


    and if I have the power to run people off a site when I haven’t even been here that much for months, then I underestimated my power and need to give myself a big PAT ON THE BACK

    you’re boring, and on top of it, you’re a bitch
    your absence here is a blessing

  9. Shadow Girl says

    By all means dori, leave. Don’t let the door hit your gigantic asshole on the way out. Close minded freaks like you are pimples on decent minded people’s asses and should be removed.

  10. dori says

    102 libra stop yelling at everyone will you?These photos are photoshopped. I happen to be a graphic artist and I tell you her skin tone and eyes are touched up a lot. They were selected out of the picture enhanced and printed again. So miss stupid why don’t you shut up when you don’t know what you’re talking about?
    You act like you know it all when in fact your knowledge is very limited.
    All you bring to this website is your toxic anger
    You are the reason so many of us don’t come here too much anymore. You are full of yourself and have nothing to offer in the way of intelligent conversation.

  11. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, Kelly! Take everyone’s responses and blow them out your ass…when it’s not busy with your head!

    Try pulling your head out and take some spelling and grammar courses…you might be able to pass FIRST GRADE!

  12. milagros says

    omg shiloh looks just like her parents so adorable godbless her no doubt shes an angel!!!! she’ going to have a happy and wonderful loving life knowing that brad pitt and angelina jolie are the parents , and who knows she might also be an incredible actress and sill find time to help chlidren and people around the world she is so lucky i look at that beautiful face omg by the age of two she might beat her mom and dad to most beautiful person on the world

  13. Analise says

    What a piece of work some of you are. LOLA. And kelly could you be more stupid and shallow?

  14. Xenafan96 says

    Yes Miss Oriana, don’t waste your time with worrying what the next batch of Sci-Fi members and nazi’s have to say, As long as we continue to answer them back it just feeds the beast within them. Did you know that you are an old lady now? Whew, time flies fast!!
    Lola-Indeed I brainwashed Oriana. Of course I did, and lawd is it tough making her keep up with the dishes. Any thinking outside of the box by her is so no-no. If she does good, then I let her into the sauna,get her loaded up on oil and Niacin. Cleans her right out and then we do an E-Meter to make sure her attitude improves Originally, I wanted to turn her into a zombie, but no one in my area practices Santeria. So I settled on the Sci-Fi method. By golly, it works!!

  15. Pilar says

    “Brad and Jen are still in love”?! Kelly, what in hell are you smoking?

    You wish this was a child from their marriage, huh? Well you should have told that selfish cow that. She couldn’t be bothered giving her husband a child; she was too busy promoting her “career”. So now what has she got? Her career is in the toilet, she has no man, she can’t keep a man, she has no child, she has no life, and she’s reduced to shilling for Smartwater.

    Well, she can always sit on her ass, count her $110 million, blow some of it on Rodeo Drive, go to parties and premieres, walk the dog, and maybe once in a while Vince will take pity on her and give her a charity f*ck. That’s about what her life will add up to from here on out.

  16. Libraesque says

    he’ll never make a dime again as an attorney.
    She was his only client for 10 years
    he’s out of the game with no experience in the legal world

  17. oriana says

    Howard’s life is over. He will live with memories, and I don’t see him having a long life at that. I hope that Larry lets him see the baby and gives him a reason to live for. I think Howard is a weak person and he will never get over Anna.

  18. Libraesque says

    gotta agree with the dannilynn comment, she’s absolutely gorgeous….I love her cheeks!!!!!
    why the hell was there even a paternity test, those beautiful blue blue eyes are identical to Larry’s!!!

    poor howard stern to think he could get away with that mess…..what will he do now…..sell used cars????

  19. Libraesque says

    #139, why thank you hon, always nice to hear that!!!!
    hope I can continue to amuse!!

    Brooke Shields’ older daughter is probably the most beautiful kid I think I’ve ever seen. I doubt given her childhood she would ever get the kid into modeling/acting at a young age, which is probably a good thing

  20. oriana says

    She is not the most beautiful baby in the world but she is very cute and I think will only get prettier as time passes. She looks just like Jon Voight, try finding some pictures of him when he was younger, a very handsome man!

    The picture on the mag cover did look like a Doll, Dannielynn looks like a little Doll also, with the most gorgeous eyes.

    Brooke Shields has some very beautiful children also.

    All the comments about Heidi Klums little boy, well, not so little, it would be hilarious to me if Henry and Shiloh got together when they get older! Ha! Absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!

  21. Lovethebabies says

    I have to say that I love your posts Libra!!! Make this place a great place to return to – I am sure if you didn’t post, many people wouldn’t hit the site!! Love it!!!!

  22. C says

    I honestly don’t get the big deal about this baby. “Most beautiful baby in the world?” I think NOT. I’m not saying that she isn’t cute but it seems like alot of people hype her appearence up more then it needs to be.

    She does look like a little doll baby in that photo lol. I have a couple baby photos of myself where I look like a doll baby.

  23. oriana says

    Yes, Lola, please, do tell? What am I being brainwashed about now?

    The site that Lib posted is funny if that is what you are referring too. Other than that, I don’t know?

  24. Libraesque says

    the only people on this planet who are brainwashed are SCIENTOLOGISTS

    what EXCATLY is she “brainwashed” about

    Please explain, we’d LOVE to know

  25. Lola says

    Oriana, I see you are still being brainwashed. I can’t believe you are an old woman who cannot think for yourself. I know this is a misnomer seeing that you are probably the oldest on this site but ‘GROW UP!’

  26. Libraesque says


    Go back and read comments 88, 89, 90, 91 and 105.

    These foul people come out of NOWHERE and try to attack me for NO REASON

    read my comments above all of these and ask yourself if they deserved that kind of reaction

    a PETITION, you’re ……KIDDING right


    WOW I feel really….special
    imagine that…..a PETITION
    good luck with that


    do yourself a favor you uptight twat, go to Gallery of the Absurd, have a laugh or two,and GET A GRIP

    btw….you’re trying to perpetrate like you’re in the business……… what honey…..the coffee girl??
    You’re going to have to display a little bit more of a higher education than “miss no it all”

    nice try though

  27. traveller says

    Given the horrible comments some people make about celebs on blogs, those who know them or even the celebs themselves rarely come on. AJ has said she doesn’t follow the tabs or celeb blogs. Why would she when all they print are lies and half-truths. I wouldn’t come on here either if she were my relative or friend.

    This is how I see it. If you were walking down the street and came across a woman walking her dog, would you feel any significant compassion for her? Probably not. But if you were walking down the street and came across a woman in a wheelchair with no legs, you’d probably feel some compassion for her predicament. The same pertains to the JP kids. You’d feel more compassion for Z and her fight to stay alive than you would for Shiloh, whose never had to endure that kind of struggle. That’s all AJ was saying. In fact, I think Shiloh is the luckiest kid out of the bunch in that she never had to go through that. Abondoned or orphaned and struggling to live without anyone to love you. Mad, Z, and Pax were literally alone in the world. My hope is that there are more Shilohs and less Madds, Zs, and Paxs in the world. AJ never said that she loved any child less than the others, only that she’s more inclined to feel compassion for the other three, which most people would. And Shiloh has been privileged, just as most American children are when compared to their counterparts in the third world.

  28. says

    People,people,people for the millionth time, Angelina did not call her daughter a blob!!!!!! Good Lord, why even talk about things that you are so ignorant about.Just because she said that she feels less inclined to her beacuse she was so priviledged from the moment she was born, unlike her other children, doesnt mean that there’s not the same amount of love for her. She even went on to say that she has to make sure that she does not neglect her daughter’s needs because of this. That shows you that of course Angie knows this is in no way Shiloh’s fault.I assure you, and i am 100% sure about this, that Angie loves Shiloh just as much as her other kids.

    #125, haha trust me, Brad and Jen are not still in love…haha

    #130, I agree with most of what you said, but why do you say that anyone who really knows stars would not be posting on a blog? You might be surprised to know what boredom does to people sometimes and how normal and down to earth even some stars themselves are to post on a blog…….

  29. traveller says


    So, who are you? If you’re going to brag about it and expect us to believe it, you’re going to have to give some facts. A lot of people come on websites claiming they “know” AJ and BP. I highly doubt anyone posting on a blog knows these people personally. Not even you.

    Doctors will almost never perform surgery for ricketts on a child younger than 4. The condition will sometimes reverse itself and it’s best to wait until they are older to see if it does. Unneccessary surgery can be harmful to a child. I suspect that if Z had surgery for ricketts right now, you’d be on here claiming how bad a mother AJ is for exposing her child to a potentially unneccessary surgery. There’s just no pleasing you people.

    And for god’s sake, and this is the last time I’m going to say this so pay attention, AJ did not call Shiloh a blob. The interviewer called her a blob. I’m sure you do not appreciate being accused of saying something that you did not say, so stop doing it to other people. All of the JP kids seem happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. A sign of a good home life, good parents, and lots of love.

    And for the record, I think Shiloh is a very cute baby, although not as stunningly beautiful as Zahara.

  30. kelly says

    i have to say i am really pissed off, i try to stay neutral express my feeling’s. and everytime i read the other comment’s posted, there is one person that blow’s everything out of porportion and attack’s everyone. this is so immature, well. libraesque. i gave you a shout out one day and then you tell me you think that you intimidated me, whatever, i just don’t like when you attack everyone’s comment’s. apparently only your comment’s are the gospel. and no, zahara is alittle brat, bullying shiloh,pax. and she never get’s corrected. poor shiloh will beat her ass, what is up with the surgery she was suppose to have to correct her condition.(rickett’s) i guess from now on we should send all of our question’s to miss no it all. the gospel according to libraesque. i really wish i could tell you exactly who i am, i am similar to the right arm to the star’s. anymore foul language, you will be removed, you can bank on that. stop being mean. everyone is complaining about it. have you seen the petition to block you????? it can’t happen soon enough. this was suppose to be special, well, not anymore. so, keep your negative comment’s to yourself.

  31. celine says

    zahara has such sexy lips. and beautiful almond dark eyes. shiloh has beautiful eyes too. those chubby red cheeks are cute 🙂

    and brad … damn it…he’s hot

  32. oriana says

    HI Nicki, yes, people need to lighten up and laugh a little bit, this site is very funny that Lib posted!

    I do think that Shiloh looks very pretty and I do think her eyes are blue, she had little red cheeks but other than that she looks the same pretty much to me, she is adorable!

    Can’t deny this is a happy family!!!!

    Hope you had a peaceful day today!

  33. kelly says

    she is a living doll, ange and especially brad must be proud. i have to admit, i was very critical and said alot of hurtful thing’s about angie. i am just sorry this was not a child from brad and jen’s marraige, somehow i think they are still in love. i only wish shiloh a normal and loving life with her dad, he is the only one that look’s out for her, she is his whole world. ange gave him the most important gift of all, shiloh, i guess if anything happen’s to there relationship, he still has is daughter, she look’s like her dad, thank god. his parent’s are sad because they were hoping jen and brad would have worked thing’s out. happy birthday, shiloh.

  34. Zbella says

    Cute old photo. She was like 9 months old here. I noticed her chapped cheeks were photo-shopped.

    I don’t understand the big head and hoddie comments. So you think she has a big head. A LOT of babies have big heads. And why do you think the hoddie was ph-shopped? I see it in the original. Guess I”m confused??

  35. Pilar says

    “I just cannot get past the fact that Angelina called Shiloh “Blob” in an interview”

    Aimee, you need to get over it and fast, because Angelina never said it. The interviewer said it.

    Compared to her other children, Shiloh did indeed arrive into this world privileged. Z might have died of malnutrition before her first birthday if Angie and Brad hadn’t adopted her.

  36. Brenda says

    I think Shiloh is an Angel and that she does look like Brad. I also can not get it out of my head about what Angelina had called that beautiful little Angel. Thank God she has her such a wonderful,loving and caring father like Brad. keep up the GREAT WORK Brad that you have been doing.

  37. Nicki says

    And about the photo shopped crap-maybe they did brighten her eyes a bit, but they are blue. And the only thing I notice from the original, other than a bit brighter blue eyes is they washed out the rosy, chapped, teething cheeks redness. Other than that she is as adorable as the Gerber Baby!

  38. Nicki says

    Oriana~ GOTA is so funny. There is one with Angie as Lara Croft with the kids. It is great. Libra, THANKS for the link. Maybe some people can relax a bit and have fun. It is the best for belly laughs.

    Aimee-read an actual interview from Angie and then come back and b!tch. She didn’t call her a blob, the interviewer did. She just said “yeah like a…….” My niece last week was talking about when her son was a newborn and the interaction her husband had with him. She said now that he is almost 2 (and for the last year and a half) he is more comfortable with him. She said when the baby was little, like a blob, ( I laughed right out loud and she said “what? they are like that for a couple months.”) I said “Blob” in some places means you don’t love your kid. She said “No way, they must not have kids.”
    Thanks Libra for the link for GOTA, I just wished it us updated more, but artists I know work on thier own pace . Great link thanks.

    Hope all is well with you Oriana, take care!

  39. Aimee says

    I just cannot get past the fact that Angelina called Shiloh
    “Blob” in an interview, and also claimed that she considers Shiloh “privileged”. Angelina said she calls Shiloh “Blob” because she didn’t arrive out of the womb with a personality like her adopted kids. And she said that she cannot feel the same way for Shiloh as her adopted kids, because Shiloh hasn’t had to go thru the hardship that Maddox, Zahara, and Pax did. Hello Shiloh, welcome to psychotherapy with Angelina.

  40. oriana says

    Paris Hilton’s people act like she is some Snow White Princess, I have no doubt she is capable of not only having crabs but giving them to people too, and that is putting it mildly! Her mother makes me sick too! The way she carried on in court to the Judge, he should have had her thrown out!

  41. oriana says

    I’m telling you people, look at the site Lib posted, it is the funniest thing and will make you laugh till you cry!!!!!

    And Suri as Elvis is hysterical!!!!!!

  42. Kinsie says

    I have a niece who is 8 months old and gorgeous! She needs no photoshop, she is perfect as is. I don’t think Shiloh needs photoshopped either ! No baby should be.

  43. okay says

    man i just looked at myself in the mirror and i am so

    HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am on fire.

  44. Libraesque says

    what about the Rachael Ray Donut Pusher

    that reminds me it’s happy hour, time for a Donutini, with a vodka chaser!!!!

  45. Libraesque says

    you should have seen the Paris ones with crabs hanging off her…..before they were contacted by her “people” to take it down…………so he got around it by making Paris a crab
    gotta love it

  46. oriana says

    Yep my Dear Lib, seen them all, Madonna was funny too, Paris’s butt stuck out killed me, but Brit my fave! Toooo funny!!!!

  47. Libraesque says

    Ori, did you see the Paris H. parody’s at GOTA?
    they are priceless
    the Britney Cheeto ones are too

  48. Libraesque says

    “okay” are you really “lola”???

    why don’t you get a name and stick to it instead of posting under different user names


    to the other ladies….glad you enjoyed the links/comments, nice that SOME people have a sense of humor

  49. Libraesque says

    Please…your getting all GHETTO on me….on a baby gossip site???
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I laugh at you

    who’s “LES”
    who’s the FREAK? with your ghetto ass, I haven’t said anything different than anyone else


  50. oriana says

    Who’s screaming? I am screaming! With laughter! This is the funniest site Lib posted and I have looked at all of them, Farrah is Hilarious too! Never seen this before! Ha!

  51. okay says

    LIB-LES, what ever your name is

    You need to get a new life! You sound like your a freak.
    Stop bitching at everybody here, get your ass out of here before i get across you.

  52. Libraesque says

    and Des, you seem like the only sane one on this thread….you’re neutral like switzerland

  53. Libraesque says

    #88…..I’m a liar?????? About what???? What did I say in any of my comments that was a lie?????

    #89 WHo’s screaming??? What am I screaming about supposedly???? I don’t see screaming. Abusing Suri???? How??? By repeating what EVERY website known to man was saying about that ridiculous VF cover. I didn’t make it up honey, google it bitch

    #91, what am I supposed to “get over” did I yell up and down calling people names in my other posts screaming that Shiloh was beautiful…go back….check, THEN SHUT UP

    #92 I have to agree, she has a big ol head

    MIA, thanks for the update

    bottom line bitches, unless you’ve seen this baby UP CLOSE AND IN PERSON THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN SAYA PHOTO IS PHOTOSHOPPED


  54. says

    I dont think that Shiloh is the prettiest baby in the world and I’ve seen a lot of babies that are just as cute as her, but she is the cutest baby on this site. I think Suri is very pretty and she looks different than the ret of babies here. She has a different kind of beauty.She’s very unique. Anyway, who cares if the image was photoshopped? So what if it looks a little bit better than the original one? She is still the same beautiful baby with the same gorgeous features. I’ve always remembered her with blue eyes. I think she looks exactly like Brad when he was a baby, except she has her mummy’s lips. Beautiful, cute, gorgeous, precious, adorable, you name it, She fits all the descriptions.

  55. dori says

    You know for a baby website this blog is not staying up to date . This was posted yesterday and nothing new added when in fact today Brad added his name to Pax Thien Jolie and now Pitt. Thats the news!!!! Stay on top of things webmistress.

  56. Michaela says

    Beautiful baby, i like all of them. But i can say in all honesty ,that the photoshop is too much.

  57. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    nice birthday present..a brother
    TMZ was in a Los Angeles County Superior Court this morning as little Pax Thien Jolie officially became the newest member of the Jolie-Pitt tribe, having Pitt legally added to his last name. Who’s your daddy?!

    Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt is the third adopted child of Angelina Jolie to take the name of A-list dadfriend, Brad Pitt. Angelina adopted the 3-year-old boy from an orphanage in Southern Vietnam earlier this year.

    As TMZ first reported, as part of the petition for name change, the child’s new name was published in a legal journal for four weeks in support of the petition.

  58. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Anyway the paps had to enhance the photo to make it look good…cute baby pics sell..

    My opinion : she is just normal looking, nothing extraordinary…

    Possible responses:

    ~*If you like the family*~ :
    then of course she is the best thing ever to grace this earth since rocky road ice cream

    ~*If you hate them *~:
    then she is growing horns like a little licefera ahhaha

    ~*if you can even attempt to be frank and objective:
    then she is plain*~

    ~*If you are among those who are objective but diplomatic*~:
    then you will say — not bad, cute baby, like we say of all babies even when your friend hands you that wrinkly one week old with undefined features!!!

    Enjoy the Opinions and have fun..its mighty hilarious!!!

  59. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    Hilarious..LIB you had me ROFLMAO

    “K’ I guess you’re fond of Asian babies with Elvis wigs…..that’s cool.

    O, glad you liked the link , GOTA is THE most hilarious parody site ever.

  60. Malayka says

    Shilohs problem is that she has a very huuuuuuuuuuuuge head, and before you scream at me, check it out again and mentally take off that hood. Other than that she is OK. When you check out her older pics, it is as big as Z’s.

  61. Lauren says

    Lib, you are too sad for words. I can bet Angelina sanctioned this picture to be on the cover after approving its airbrushing. Shiloh will never be beautiful so get used to it. She is cute as every baby is but beautiful, Nuh!

  62. Lola says

    Geez Lib, could you get a life. Just because you scream it will not make Shiloh beautiful. Abusing Suri will not make Shiloh beautiful either. She is a plain cute child and if she needed phtoshopping to be on the cover of a magazine, she is not the first nor the last. After 15 or so years, she will be all over the place and looking at her she will be over weight and judging from her parents, with a drug problem. So quit shoving her down our throats.

  63. Libraesque says

    “K’ I guess you’re fond of Asian babies with Elvis wigs…..that’s cool.

    O, glad you liked the link , GOTA is THE most hilarious parody site ever.

  64. Pilar says

    For everybody’s information —

    The “Pilar” who posted #64 isn’t me. I posted #24 and this one.

  65. EveLina says


    Shi is soo AdOrAbLe!!!~ But we’ve already seen this picture…It’s a bit too old now…But who cares, she’s still lovely…. = )

  66. Lola says

    She is a cutie but when she grows plain, all of you will wonder what happened just because you fell for all the photoshop. I guess they expected her to be this cute and when she wasn’t they did the next best thing, air brush, doesn’t every one do it these days? Her old pictures are very plain though.

  67. Mary says

    I still insist, she is a cute thing but no way as cute as this, hell I even like her but she is not procelain doll. She is just an average baby period.

  68. K says

    #76, the vanity fair photos were photoshopped but at least Suri looks beautiful, Shiloh on the other hand is nothing special but she was photo shopped to look better. Nothing against her but we have been on thi site and we know what she looks like.

  69. K says

    Should a baby be on a magazine cover like this? Her parents should issue a complaint. This is unfair to her, let them attack adults but babies should be left out on celebrity gossip otherwise they will become targets when they did not choose their parents to be what they are.

  70. Libraesque says

    at least the parents didn’t approve the photoshopped Elvis wig like another kid’s parents did in her big “debut” photo shoot cover

  71. Libraesque says

    and have you seen Pitts eyes, they’re piercing like that, very blue, but I guess they’ve been photosopped since day one?
    and my ex had rosie colored lips like this as a baby (still does) it happens……..the rest of us have to wear lipstick

  72. Libraesque says

    you’re not serious about the hood making her look like a doll?
    yuo’re saying they photoshopped a hood on this kid to make her look like a doll?


  73. oriana says

    I have always said Jon Voight mini me, but she is very cute baby, even with all the added stuff, she is beautiful to me.

  74. bee says

    What are you going on about? You must be BLIND as hell!

    First off- The eyes were photoshopped, no question about it.

    #2 Tint of color was put on, that way she looks much more sereal.

    #3 Lips had a tint to them as well, that way they had a little more color to them.

    #4 And last but not least, the hood, which makes her look a step closer to looking much more like a doll.

    I don’t have anything against this baby, I just work at a photoshop… That’s all. I don’t think this baby is as special, just a cute average looking baby…

  75. Clare says

    The whole picture if you ask me, look at the old one or the original. If you removed her hood, she would be just be a big headed baby.

  76. Libraesque says

    WHAT excatly are you people going on about?
    WHAT is photoshopped?????
    her eyes????? no
    her mouth…….no
    her bumper guards? …no


  77. Clare says

    I have never thought that Shiloh was the most beautiful baby, she is like any other baby, if not a little plain. Photoshpping a baby is weird but she is not the first , though I must agree it is too obvious they made her look like a doll to get people to gush over the ‘beautiful baby tag’ which she missed. Happy birthday though. Didn’t even know she had turned one.

  78. Pilar says

    If you compare the original picture and this one, there is a huge difference, this is defintely touched up and it does not ake a genius to see that. She is cute but in most pictures we see she is nothing to write home about or half as beautiful as every one thought she would be. All babies are beautiful and those who want to attack her, please wait til she grows.

  79. Libraesque says

    they’re both cute, but the whole quen es tu papa Suri mystery is just WEIRD, the conspiracy’s of when she was actually born, etcetc. it just makes it hard to look at her and not feel sad or weirded out
    But Shiloh is really pretty, those eyes….WOW, and the lips, what a cutie

  80. dark faith says

    i agree with you libraesque, tomkat lovers always want to compare but suri comes up short compared to beautiful shiloh.

  81. Libraesque says

    #59, thanks for the post, you’ve proven for the 100th time that B&A haters, who are T&K lovers are all a bunch of un-educated douchebags

  82. cherisse says

    She look funny in that picture, sorry but she don’t look right.
    Tom and Katie’s baby look better than their baby. i don’t even like this couple. She’s a homewrecker and he is a low down cheating bastard.

  83. M`i`a`p`o`c`c`a says

    I am not going to join the flock and say how cute she is , because this is an old touched up picture

    She is pla!n a pla!n scandavian wooden doll. imagine a a m@tzo ball with holes poked into it…

    she is NOT ug`ly, just plain looking as her her parents before the surgeries to enhance years to come she will look smashing just as the scn kid ..with the the help of jaw inplant and nose job courtesy of mama’s surgeon

    Its my is in the eye of the beholder

  84. Gina says

    I disagree, I too think her cuteness is enhanced, in this picture, it looks surreal, even Dannielynn’s pics were enhanced and Suri’s VH pics. This however is too much if you ask me.

  85. Malayka says

    O.K there was lots of photshopping but she is still a cute. Not the most beautiful baby on her but cute. Her parents suck though.

  86. Melz says

    What are half of you banging on about – she looks exactly the same – only her cheeks look redder in the originals and the blueness of her eyes are more pronounced in the magazine version. Other than that, it’s the same girl!

  87. Lily says

    I agree from the original picture there is too much photoshop but she is a doll. Her parents are rubbish though. Happy birthday.

  88. Mary says

    You are right Jasmine and Lauren, there is too much photshop, we have seen pics of her on this site and she does not look like that!

  89. Lauren says

    Thanks for the original photo Mels, that picture was old and was just phtoshopped to look like that! She does not looke even half as pretty as that, if you think am lying, check out her other pics on this very site. Happy birthday.

  90. Tia says

    hey eyes have always been blue…at least when i saw pictures of her. i never remember them being green.

  91. tj says

    OMGOSH!!!! that baby is TOO cute, she looks just like her mom and dad!!! she’s GORGEOUS!!!! she’s already one years old!!!! {{AWWWWWWW}} i cant believe it!!! she’s SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  92. Jasmine says

    All her pictures she had green eyes , and in this one blue eyes WTF is going on with the photoshop. I remember this pic too it was from afar and could not see her eyes.

  93. MAGAVA says

    Shiloh is the most beautiful baby in the world. Angelina and Brad must be proud of her. They would have more biological children.

  94. eve says

    Shiloh look’s exactly like her dad and i have seen lot’s of pic’s of Brad and all his kid’s and he look’s at all of them all the same with so much love Angie to what a beautiful family can’t wait for them to have more kid’s and of course adopt another to.

  95. freddie says

    when Brad took Shiloh to work there were lot’s of pictures of her looking at another little girl holding a cookie and she looked just as beautiful as she does in this picture even if it’s an older pic and i saw one of Zee with the first smile i ever seen on her face and she looked beautiful to just a beautiful family the pic’s Angie and Brad took at Cannes and the kiss they shared in the back of the car wow the gene’s they have wow but then their other kids are all beautiful to i just can’t wait till they have another one Angie was more beautiful pregnant.

  96. Susan says

    ang ganda ganda nya (meaning in english, she’s very beautiful) she is a living doll.
    Congrats to Brad & Angelina for having a beautiful

  97. oriana says

    She is so beautiful she doesn’t even look real! She actually does look like a Doll! Breathtaking baby!!!!!

  98. Xenafan96 says

    Well, I think that Mad has grown up with all the paps around and he has found that he just enjoys Mommy and Daddy with him and shows off his happiness for the paps.
    LMAO about Miss Z!!! She has got to be the wittiest little kid to talk to! Oh, and such a Daddy’s girl, which is just too awesome for words! I think that if we don’t see pics of Brad anytime soon, we need to check Z’s pinky finger to make sure he is not wrapped too tightly around it lol! Also, how lovely that Pax is(according to his Mom), adjusting well and settling into his new home life very well. It must be so tough on him, but I think his parents have just created a safe, loving home and all children can blossom with that.

    Now to the gorgeous girl Shiloh!! Happy Birthday to the wrolds’ most stunning celeb baby. Her little face tells me she is very sweet and very much a Daddy’s girl as well. Hope she had a fun bday, and that she got to play in her cake and make a big mess!

  99. stephanie says

    I want to know how in the hell angelina goes on and on about everybody but shiloh……

  100. oriana says

    There doesn’t seem to be any trouble with the Paps getting pictures of Maddox smiling, and many times too!

  101. Nicki says

    And how long has anyone of us made silly faces, doing silly dances at JC Penney, Walmart, or where ever you get pics taken, to make a kid smile or laugh??? I know I have done many silly things to get a good pic of my family members. Sometimes they smile, sometimes they aren’t happy and whatever you do they don’t matter!!!!
    These are strangers snapping pics and shouting out the kids name, what kid smiles at strangers?? You know it’s just weird and are thinking about these “crazy people” shouting at you.

  102. Nicki says

    Tia~Exactly, no kid would smile ever with 30+cameras and constant clicking in thier face. No child!! And please don’t mention Jen G. and Violet, she has one pap that she calls. They hid that child under a blanket for 4-5 (or more) months before they allowed a pic. Now they are everywhere? Jen G’s last movie bombed and now she is co-sponsering a “mommy” talk show! And we get everyday pics at the playground???

  103. Tia says

    my god this child is a doll! You know, i was thinking…these pictures are all taken suddenly…thats why these children arn’t smiling alll the time. I mean, do we really walk around smiling 24/7?

  104. Pilar says

    Marie Claire Magazine is publishing an interview with Angelina in the July issue, out June 12. Some excerpts:

    Zahara and the other kids:
    “She’s a smartass” (Angies words)
    One day Zee says to Angie.. “I need a cookie.”
    And Angie says to her “You need a cookie? You don’t need a cookie”.
    Zee says “Daddy’s gonna cry.”
    Angie says “Why is Daddy going to cry?”
    “Daddy wants me to have the cookie!” Zee said.

    (You gotta love that l’il diva!)

    Oh yeah and about Zee’s hair, as soon as they comb it she loosens it out….

    Pax is the wildest person in the house, Madd is the tough guy and Shiloh is walking and trying to eat everything in her path.

  105. oriana says

    JJ, haven’t seen any pictures of Pax or Shiloh smiling, and the last one of Zahara was a rare one indeed, it seems like Maddox has the most easy going and friendly demeanor, he is very cute!

  106. dori says

    She’s so beautiful …Oh my god… those blue eyes! And that mouth. What a lucky little baby girl… She is so loved and it sounds like they have a very happy family life together. Bless them all. Happy Birthday little Shiloh!

  107. JJ says

    She looks like a living doll. A “Gerber” baby from the Gerber baby foods ads in the 1960’s. Brook Shields was once a Gerber baby and she went on to become a model in her teens. Maybe Shiloh will do the same(?). Shiloh look like Brad quite a bit. So far there haven’t been any photos of her smiling. She ususally has a surprised expression – like a deer caught in the headlights. Way too cute!!!

  108. Marcia says

    Now Shiloh has blue eyes. Give it to those mags they know how to photoshop. I remember this pic, it was when they were walking in the street of New-Orleans. Could not even see her eyes at the time, but now it is wide open and blue. Unbelievable.

  109. Nicki says

    This pic was taken while they were living in NO. If US ragazine had permission, they would have had a current pic of beautiful Shiloh. It is at least 3 months old. And it is a paps pic so anyone can and will and has used it.
    She is a beautiful child. I think she looks like Brad very much, but only pic I saw of him was about 2 yrs old, same face. Very cute.
    I’m surprised one of those doll places hasn’t made a “look-a-like” doll of this child. She is adorable.

  110. Lauren says

    Shiloh is 2 cute!! She looks like a little porcelain doll with those big blue eyes! Suri and Shiloh are going to be heart-breakers when they get older.

  111. fee says

    Oh man, they are gonna have a little heartbreaker on their hands when Shiloh gets older!!!! She is so cute. This was a paparazzi photo, so Brad and Angie may not have had any rights over it. Hence why Us weekly can use it as a cover shot.

  112. Alicia says


  113. DMITZ says

    probably not… I read somewhere that Angelina will only talk to/share photos with PEOPLE magazine.

  114. Pilar says

    She’s a very beautiful baby — but I wonder, did US Weekly put her picture on their cover with or without her parents’ permission? I can’t see either Brad or Angie giving the tabs consent to publish any photos after the way the tabs have been slandering them for the past two months; and if tUS Weekly put Shiloh on the cover without their consent, that is really despicable.

  115. fifi trooper says

    i think this is a pretty baby! she almost looks surreal! she looks like Brad Pitt! This baby has star written all over her! She’s up there with Henry, Leni, sean P, Suri, and Gavin!

  116. says

    shiloh is just tooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! look at her eyes and lips and cheeks, OMG she is just a perfect doll!!!!!!!!! sweet baby 🙂

  117. Team Jolie says

    OMG, she looks like a little babydoll, I just want to pick her up and play with her! So adorable….

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