1. ahhhh says

    the only reality about heidi is that she is still in love with flavio and resented.So,she acts as the classic child,let me go with the black man…lets play with the prejudice of the black male size and try to diminish the white one who didn’t pay attention to me or dismissed me sending the message of “you don’t fit my shoes sexually”…you have to be stupid if you don’t see that part….and in my opinion this is racism too(about the full package in oprah’s show)…it’s the same attitude of nicole kidman when tom left her and she began dating lenny kravitz…..If flavio acted bad or not is another issue but heidi’s answer is childish and moreover she is using a black guy who knows isn’t handsome and is looking for redemption…yes she is bad people too…the best is not to pay attention to her…It’s the same if I’m in love with brooke shield and she didn’t pay attention to me and I go to oprah’s show and I say that I like beyonce because has a bigger ass…that’s pain….anything else…

  2. Irina says


    Since you seem to be an expert on hair issues, just wanted to remind you that there are many caucasian people with curly to course hair. This is not only restricted to people of African ancestry. I think you should know that better than anyone else, since you mentioned the Greek festival. I’m assuming you are of Greek ancestry. Very culry and coarse hair can be found in Greeks, Italians, Irish, Spanish and I’m sure other places in Europe. So the comment you made about White people having fine hair, is not entirely accurate. Makes me wonder, it seems that we all might have a little of African in us.

  3. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    We understand your pain mildred, it is obvious you are a very bitter fat old white woman who is so resentful of white men because you were forced to settle for negro men. It’ obvious from your many posts that negro men are the only ones who will give you the time of day, and they are your only hope of having any kind of physical contact. the sad thing is that not only do you have to settle for negroes, you also have to allow yourself to be used by negro men for money, your credit, your car . See, you are the classic desparate fat lonely white woman who uses their financial stability to attract broke, unemployed negro men, it’s a very symbiotic relationship fueled by mutual desparation, you are the ox, the negro is the bird on your back pecking at the ticks. your relationships with negro men are totally devoid of romance and love, your relationships are driven by your loneliness and the negroes sociopathic greed. you know you are being hustled and used, but you tolerate it because of the depth of your loneliness. but you blame the white man. You see white women everyday in loving romantic relationships with beautiful children and everyday you grow to despise white men even more, because you believe they have deprived you of the same. So you go out and get a negro, and you pretend you are in an idyllic romance, just like you always dreamed of growing up, but every once in a while you catch a glimpse of yourself and your negro in the mirror, and the reality hits you for a moment, and your hate for white men grows a little more.

  4. Mildred Wogbash says

    The truth hurts, doesnt it? Penis envy is at the root of white mens’ racism against blacks, ladies judge for yourselves who the better man is – an insecure white racist with a peanut in his pants or a tall dark and handsome Nubian warrior with a “spear” to match.

  5. Club Baby Seals says

    Mildred, how many times are you going to post this identical disgusting message? We are not into bestiality. Get over it! And quit spamming!

  6. Mildred Wogbash says

    I have heard rumours regarding the size of seal’s “club”, and I assure you by even the most conservative estimates, and even on a very cold day, Seal is hung like an elephant, and Heidi is having the time of her life with it.

    I hope that makes you vulgar racist trolls green with envy as you picture scene after painful and humiliating scene, Seal taking Heidi through a hundred exotic positions with his enormous and hard Nubian ebony cock.

  7. human being says

    I don’t think adopting a child from a third world nation is wrong, but it is to have a baby gorilla sitting next to your daughter. Shame on you Heidi

  8. Xena Was A Dyke says

    Heidi’s niglets will be swinging from the fambly tree.

    BTW, love the two monkey shirts the oldest tootsie roll was wearing. What was Heidi Ho thinking?

  9. Imelda says

    Hallo Heidi, I wish I could tell you personally how

    terrific you are, thank you for giving me inspiring me!

    we love you and your family

    Imelda and Beata, Koeln, Germany