1. European says

    Mildred you idiot, I hope you realise that all this talk about the black man’s superior penis and sexual stamina is no less racist than the people you indignantly call racist for pointing out the inferiority of African people. I suppose then you agree with us that we the right to distinguish, appraise and discriminate between races in our own minds?

  2. blacula says

    my baby daddy his white my dauther she 100 percent white she have blond hair green eyes and people dont believe she ‘s my dauther you cant tell she mix beautiful like jessica simpson i wich i can put her picture here so you can see black woman can have white kids .not white woman they ‘re kids always come out mix

  3. human being says

    Mildred, how can you slurp the sperm of a creature so primitive that it still has the prognathism characteristic of primates? You’re essentially guzzling down semen from monkey cock.

  4. Mildred Wogbash says

    Sister, you can have all the white men you want. Dont expect much, they have become so effeminate in the last 20 years.

  5. anonymous says

    amen .98 percent white woman dating black men are fat . if heidi was all that why she settle whit a black men if her pussy was great all those white men she have be heating her shit to stay whit her .those whore in hollywood are nothing how long they going to stay together so stop dissing each other

  6. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    mildred, you are a very fat old white woman who is so resentful of white men because you were forced to settle for negro men. It’ obvious from your many posts that negro men are the only ones who will give you the time of day, and they are your only hope of having any kind of physical contact. the sad thing is that not only do you have to settle for negroes, you also have to allow yourself to be used by negro men for money, your credit, your car . See, you are the classic desparate fat lonely white woman who uses their financial stability to attract broke, unemployed negro men, it’s a very symbiotic relationship fueled by mutual desparation, you are the ox, the negro is the bird on your back pecking at the ticks. your relationships with negro men are totally devoid of romance and love, your relationships are driven by your loneliness and the negroes sociopathic greed. you know you are being hustled and used, but you tolorate it because of the depth of your loneliness. but you blame the white man. You see white women everyday in loving romantic relationships with beautiful children and everyday you grow to despise white men even more, because you believe they have deprived you of the same. So you go out and get a negro, and you pretend you are in an idyllic romance, just like you always dreamed of growing up, but every once in a while you catch a glimpse of yourself and your negro in the mirror, and the reality hits you for a moment, and your hate for white men grows a little more.

  7. Mildred Wogbash says

    I shant dignify your racist remarks with a response, you are hardwired for hateful racism. Theres a lot more to black men than huge phaluses and endless sexual stamina they know how to treat and adore a real woman. They are kinder, more open, less prejudiced and they dont force their women to become skinny anorexic airbrushed models like white men do.

  8. Emilie's Nubian says

    Mildred, you whore, you are the one who says she needs a huge dick. Therefore you must have a very loose snatch.

    Screwing you must be like throwing a hot dog down a stadium tunnel.

  9. Mildred Wogbash says

    Why should black women want white men? Besides, unlike white women, white men are not able to see past their bigotry and prejudice, thats why most interracial couples are made up of a Nubian male and Caucasian female.

  10. The rev. dr. mike king .jr. says

    mildred is a lot like heidi, they both shit out of multiple orifices! hahahaha!

  11. Mildred Wogbash says

    I am attracted to black men therefore I am loose as a tunnel? You are vulgar and despicable.

  12. Club Baby Seals says

    Mildred, get yourself a pony so that you can become part of a sex show like they used to have in Cuba. I’m sure your Hollywood tunnel can accomodate a pony…and maybe a full-grown horse.

  13. Mildred Wogbash says

    I have heard rumours regarding the size of seal’s “club”, and I assure you by even the most conservative estimates, and even on a very cold day, Seal is hung like an elephant, and Heidi is having the time of her life with it.

    I hope that makes you vulgar racist trolls green with envy as you picture scene after painful and humiliating scene, Seal taking Heidi through a hundred exotic positions with his enormous and hard Nubian ebony cock.

  14. Lloyd Bonifide says

    That is one nasty looking little chimplet.

    I wonder how long until it starts stealing KFC and money to buy crack.

  15. Oppressor says

    Since that vile chimp is 20 months old, I suppose it is too late for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Let’s hope Heidi has a house with an unfenced swimming pool and – like most apes – the Niglet can’t swim. 🙂

  16. Mildred Wogbash says

    Why do his looks have to do with their race? Look I agree that their boys are not much to look at. The older one is fat, dumpy and dull looking, but its not because he is black, he is just not blessed with good looks like Heidi and Seal are.

  17. Libraesque says

    I agree with Yankee Jim and most everbody here.

    If Heidi has just mated with a white man she would not

    have had these monstrous black beasts that everybody calls kids. They look more like gorillas.

  18. Club Seal on the Beach Part 2 says

    Again with the threats of violence. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    BTW, “coloreds” were blacks in the Old South, but hideous mongrels like Heidi’s in South Africa.

  19. Love says

    wow theres another “attempt” at you trying to sound like you know something…your probably the guy that thinks “coloreds” are from Mexico.
    there is no other term for racism, and it SURE as hell isnt “racialist”!?!
    with a name like club seal on the beach, you need all the help you can get…go find a dictionary or buy a book. Read up on your so called hatred. One day…….you’ll open your mouth and someone will beat your stupid ass for the shit your saying. I dont have to know when it happens…I just know it will. Things come back on people ten fold and your lucky you have a computer to hide behind! Coward.

  20. Club Seal on the Beach says

    Anti-racist morons, “hate” is not a noun, it’s a verb. The proper word is “hatred”.

    And the other proper term is “racialist”, not “racist”.

    The words you use were dreamt up by communist Jews to incite Whites to destroy themselves. You are doing a fine job of doing just that.

  21. Love says

    Actually “Hate”, People like you create racism. Your attempt at sounding educated went horribly wrong at, and I quote…”Hedi is dead not in the physical since but in the since that thousands of years of genetic evolution has been thrown away on a monkey with a pop marked face.

    This bitch will swing from a tree one day.”

    You need to go back to your KKK shortbus, and get a education on life. Everyone is the same…white, black, asian, hispanic, ETC. If you were dying and needed a liver….I dont think you would care if it came from a person of a diferent race. GET over yourself and look at the big picture. Speak your mind, I dont care, however dont come on a BABY BLOG and speak your nasty racist remarks about children.

  22. Hate says

    Diversity does not solve racism, it creates it. Hedi is dead not in the physical since but in the since that thousands of years of genetic evolution has been thrown away on a monkey with a pop marked face.

    This bitch will swing from a tree one day.

  23. Baldy says

    Taylor M.,

    Go to the colored part of town to see real racism. They will kill you, your wife, and your children.

    Do not give me the “coloreds are victims” bit. They have, and have always, the same chances most Whites have. The problem is that they are retarded, by the rest of the world’s standards.

    If you don’t think coloreds are retarded, look at their homelands. Look at Africa and Mexico….

  24. says

    Polluting the site? Klum and her baby are pollution. Some of us are not interested in the entire world being brown or black which is what will happen as long as brainless women think it is trendy to race mix. To create another White person requires two White parents. Does Klum’s mistake look White? No, and no mixed race kid ever does look White. I prefer to see my own race of explorers, inventors and builders to carry on and not cease to exist. Not a single modern thing you use was invented by a black or a brown except for peanut butter and that’s a recipe, not an invention.

    You might ask yourself why race mixing is pushed so much. British women followed by American women seem to be the worst offenders. Who makes it ‘trendy’ and why? This is one reason women will never be ‘equal’ to men. They are too flighty and ready to follow whatever the trend of ‘in’ thing is, even if it is racial suicide or jumping off a cliff.

    So, there is nothing hateful about wanting to preserve one’s race and culture. The UK is a prime example of what is wrong with multicult thinking, so is Klum. Do some searches on sexual assaults in Sweden. You will find most of stories involve women being assaulted by Afreakan ‘immigrants’. In Australia, the Lebanese do the same thing to Australian women. Klum has spit in the eye of every one of these women.

    Google Channon Christian.

  25. Taylor M says

    Where did all of these racist people come from? Go away already! you are polluting this site with your garbage and your hatred. You should all be ashamed for writing such hateful, despicable, things about these children, which are all untrue.

  26. Xenafan96 says

    Hiya Doc!
    Which niece, I have 6. Last time I checked, they were lovely, happy, healthy girls.

    Marin-Oh my. The only thing that even jumped out at me was the statement that you live in France. Semper Fi baby, and you’re welcome for the last three wars that our troops spent keeping your whiny white ass free. 🙂 Viva La Jerry Lewis!!

  27. says

    Cortical neurons by race:

    Blacks: 13,185,000,000
    Whites: 13,665,000,000
    Asians: 13,767,000,000

    So you see the simian negro brain is too small to think.

  28. Andrée - France says

    Look at that special little family. I’m curious, is that ‘thing’ considered human?He has human roots from his mother, but his father is some undevolved ape. Would he be classified as an ape? Another thing, isn’t bestiality an illegal practice? Shouldn’t she be jailed for having sex with an ape? That ‘child’ if you want to call it looks like it has some mental disability. Looks very unnatural to me.

  29. Cecilia says

    It’s a noble idea to raise a baby monkey, but not to mate with one. I thought mating between two entirely different species was biologically impossible. Well it looks like Heidi and Seal (notice his name is an animal’s name) created the missing link. This is the thing scientists have hankered for for decades. Here you go people! A scientific marvel, a genetic disaster. Hitler should have won the second world war. We wouldn’t have any of this bestiality crap if the Germans got their way. Even more embarrasing is that Heidi is German. Shameful whore.

    I am not sure if people know this but sickle cell anemia is unknown in Sub-Saharan Africa as is Diabetes. Those diseases were created when the races mixed. Why do people race-mix? A selfish disposition, mental retardation, impressionable minds, curiousity, demention, mental illness, low self esteem. They usually regret it. It’s a vicious cycle.

    Maybe it has an unintended advantage towards the white race, it’s rooting out all the defective genes. Natural selection? I think so.

  30. anon says


    5. ash | May 30th, 2007 at 10:34 am

    I just wish she would do something with his hair .

    I think she is limited to afro or shave. Plus mongrel kids have ‘special’ hair problems though there are some enterprising folks that have brought out a line of products for these little mongrels.

    Just hope that the kid never needs a bone marrow transplant. They will never find a match.

  31. anon says


    73. Englishgirl | June 1st, 2007 at 5:26 pm

    BNP = British Nationalist Party.

    A political group who wish to have no one in England other than teh English. Basically a racist group masquerading behind a political party.

    Tell us how you feel once England is completely nonWhite, English culture is dead and gone. Do you really think that wogs and jamaicans are going to carry on English traditions? Enoch Powell was right, though it would be interesting to compare crime stats in England over the years….


    1. Suzy Q | May 30th, 2007 at 9:37 am

    This is going to be another “interesting” thread! (Sometimes I think the webmistress posts certain pictures to stir up controversary) Oh well, time to sit back and watch all the fools come out……

    Then why delete the fools’ comments?

  32. Noemi says

    Ah the joys of diversity. Nothing makes the ancestors proud like bringing in a mutated turd into the world. I think this trumps “All humans are made in the image of God” because this thing ain’t human and I’m sure God would commit suicide if he looked like that thing. I guess that’s karma for breeding with an ape. Haha, notice how huge the runts lips are. He looks like he is constantly shitting. We all know Heidi shitted him out and his little brotha. He’s a mistake. That’s what he is.

  33. anon says

    Hi Tina, I hope that you are not inferring that I was degrading anyone in my post. Being called an idiot and an imposter by some racist inspired me to point out that in the animal kingdom, it is possible to creat new breeds. In humans, race is NO factor, we all have the correct chromosomes and can creat a new viable life. I certainly meant no insult to any race in any way. I too have a huge issue with the garbage that anyone non-white is a different species. Clearly, to me, as a human being, any other human is the same as me. Again, I am sorry if you thought I was derogatory in any way.

    Then take an AKC registered German Shephard (or breed of your choice), mix it with something else (since they are dogs and have correct chromosomes) and see what AKC has to say about it.

    Interesting that so many want to save the whales or whatever but think nothing of murdering their own race off.

  34. anon says

    Klum has pissed away thousands of years of excellent genetics by mating with a race that never figured out the wheel or a written language. The kind of women that gab over this crap love their purebred dogs and dog shows. They probably wouldn’t even argue over the merits of horsebreeding and yet think nothing of race mixing with a race that has done nothing to contribute to the world’s civilization and still lives as it has for thousands of years in slavery, brutality and violence.

    Klum sure isn’t going to see herself when she looks at the kid. She will see a negro.

    Meanwhile, some idiot gushes, ‘he’s going to be a basketball player’. Yeah, like the gazillions of negroes in Amerikwa that are the next rap star or NBA star (till they get arrested a few times).

  35. anon says

    kimmy | June 5th, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    Everyone is racist and until we all accept that-nobody is going to change. People make such a big deal out of the n word- who cares? It’s a word. I’m a honky, cracker, whatever! Wow-that hurt-I’m over it!! WHO CARES!!!!

    Then google Channon Christian and ask yourself if she ‘got over it’ and said ‘who cares’.

    Over 20K women in the US raped by negroes, women of races other than black. Klum and other race mixers spit in the faces of these women.

    May Klum be the next Nicole Simpson.

  36. says

    Tina said: “Her son is beautiful and represents the best of this world”

    HAHAHA! What are YOU smoking girl?!!! She’s carrying A TURD in her arms!


  37. Marin says

    All of you anti-racist lemmings are embarrassing. Calling this child adorable is laughable. If anything he’s an abomination, especially for a mixed race child. I’m surprised her parents aren’t ashamed of their daughter for breeding with Seal and bringing this foul critter into the world. I’m sure if her already dead German ancestors were alive today they’d not accept that ‘thing’ as their own. I believe that the Lebensborn program should be resurrected, only allowing whites to have babies and all others sterilized. A better solution would be to rid Europe of all non-whites. I already see enough of this race-mixing shit where I live in France. Funny these women are proud of their mixed breed child, like they’ve done something good for humanity. The best they did was destroy their genes and remove themselves from the genepool. The crux of the problem is the media assuring the masses that this is acceptable. The Jews encourage their daughters to marry other Jews but they encourage your (white) daughters to marry negroes. It’s genocide, and the last time I checked genocide was against the laws of the United Nations. No need to make your families the United Nations either, I want my future children to have an identity. That identity will be white and if any of them marry outside of their race I’ll disown them. I like the way the Muslims handle it, they’d kill their daughter if they married one. Nothing like some good violence. I propose that if a white race-mixes with a black they get hung besides eachother in public for them to be shamed. Race-mixers might as well go and spit on the graves of their ancestors since they dishonored them by destroying the future they worked so hard for you to have. I have no pity for you, and I have no respect for you.

  38. Marvin Marvelous says

    Few things are as disturbing as seeing a White woman carrying around the disgusting evidence that she has been experimenting in bestiality.

  39. Sandy Gee says

    The only thing uglier than then 2 negro boys is the filthy white whore that produced them

  40. kimmy says

    Everyone is racist and until we all accept that-nobody is going to change. People make such a big deal out of the n word- who cares? It’s a word. I’m a honky, cracker, whatever! Wow-that hurt-I’m over it!! WHO CARES!!!!

  41. oriana says

    To Xena, 1580! My Goodness, Super Nice and Super Smart! You have been blessed! I am impressed! Congrats to you!

  42. Xenafan96 says

    #119 Call Me Kat, Kitty Kat

    Actually, it’s Mrs. 1580 SAT. I’m married. Just an FYI.
    I don’t speak racist, so AA to me is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Affirmative Action is referred to as AA? Fascinating.
    Kindergarten students can cut and paste as well. It is no show of intellegence, I simply cut your dialogue and pasted it into a post to clearly respond to what you were saying. As a courtesy to not misquote you.
    Be specific please. How do I do what in the real world? Cut and paste? Usually I use scissors and sticky type products.
    Emotions, yes. I have them, it makes me human. I try to avoid overt platitudes since they can be very condescending and basically meaningless.

  43. Call Me Kat, Kitty Kat says

    I never asked my Anatomy/Physiology prof(where you learn about Genetics) if he was an AA member, and sadly I will never know since he is now dead.

    Uh, Miss 1580 SAT, an AA hire is an affirmative action hire.

    Again you proved your ignorance. BTW, anyone can cut and paste to look intelligent. How do you do it in the real world? Do you use emotions and platitudes?

  44. Nigless Up North says

    Tia, you’re right, I’m not exactly a big fan of Halle Berry, Derek Jeter, Mariah Carey, etc. Mulattoes, quadroons, and octoroons are seen as the exact same as those who are 100% negroid. Those mixed curses of nature also have low IQ and high propensity towards crime and violence just as their African counterparts do.

    Here’s an analogy you might be able to understand: Take a fresh gallon of milk. Even if you put just a few drops of motor oil in it, that will still be enough to render the milk bad and unfit to drink!

  45. Perfunctory says

    Many normal, intelligent people are sincerely worried about the destruction of races and cultures. If you don’t beleive me, then I suggest you take a look at the political/electoral scene across Europe. Heidi Klum has incurred the annoyance of alot of people and you will see this on many sites about her.

  46. Xenafan96 says

    You are quite welcome!
    I agree with you on the other celebs listed. Total double standard, but I guess it is much easier to pick on a little boy who cannot defend himself and act as if his mother is a bit of trash. IMO, Heidi and Seal are so lovely together, their beautiful children are blessed to be living in a loving home where their parents are not out inciting the media to ‘look at me, look at me!’, and Mom Heidi is pretty hands on with them with some help from nannies and Grandma Klum(I have 4 kids, and if I had ever been given the chance to have a nanny, I would have jumped at the offer lol).
    Every time I see their kids, I wonder, have any of them inherited their Dads’ awesome singing ability? I can’t wait to see!

  47. Tina says

    Thank you for clearing that up. Suffice it to say that reading all of this garbage has me on the defensive. Her son is beautiful and represents the best of this world ~ where some people have the ability to see beyond race and accept people for who and what they are.

    Um, well to all you racists out there I imagine that you also hate Halle Berry, Dereck Jeter, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Lena Horne and the list goes on and on . . .

  48. Xenafan96 says

    Hi Tina, I hope that you are not inferring that I was degrading anyone in my post. Being called an idiot and an imposter by some racist inspired me to point out that in the animal kingdom, it is possible to creat new breeds. In humans, race is NO factor, we all have the correct chromosomes and can creat a new viable life. I certainly meant no insult to any race in any way. I too have a huge issue with the garbage that anyone non-white is a different species. Clearly, to me, as a human being, any other human is the same as me. Again, I am sorry if you thought I was derogatory in any way.

  49. Tina says

    You are a walking example of how “intelliegence” has nothing to do with common sense or human decencey. Another question, what is your point? are you saying that Blacks, Asians, an any non-White is from a different species than White folks? My heart goes out to all of the good White folks reading this garbage – you have a lot to clean up!!! GARBAGE!!! Perhaps things were easier when you folks walked around in your little white sheets . . . .

  50. Xenafan96 says

    109. Call Me Kat, Kitty Kat | June 4th, 2007 at 2:59 pm
    LOLOLOL-inter-species ‘breeding’ is impossible. Genetics 101. But hey, you tried to make a point that just went awry.

    Xenafan, you are an idiot and an imposter. Have you ever heard of mules, hinnies, ligers, helleri? All the result of interspecies breeding. Either you didn’t take Genetics 101 or your professor was an AA hire.

    Mules and Hinnies:In its common modern meaning, a mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. The reverse, the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey, is called a hinny. The term “mule” (Latin mulus) was formerly applied to the offspring of any two creatures of different species – in modern usage, a “hybrid”.

    The mule, easier to breed and usually larger in size than a hinny, has monopolized the attention of breeders. The chromosome match-up more often occurs when the jack (male donkey) is the sire and the mare (female horse) is the dam. Sometimes people let a stallion (male horse) run with a jenny (female donkey) for as long as six years before getting her pregnant. Mules and hinnies are almost always sterile (see fertile mules below for rare cases). The sterility is attributed to the differing number of chromosomes of the two species: donkeys have 62 chromosomes, whereas horses have 64. Their offspring thus have 63 chromosomes which cannot evenly divide.

    Conclusion:mules and hinnies are unable to reproduce. While the original horse and donkey can be bred together, their offspring cannot reproduce. Due to genetics. Suffice to say, not a compatible breeding idea.

    Ligers:According to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, accredited zoos frown on the practice of mixing two different species and have never bred ligers. Keeping the two species separate has always been standard procedure. However they have admitted that ligers have occurred by accident. Several AZA zoos are reported to have ligers. While male ligers are sterile, female ligers are fertile, and they can reproduce.
    Conclusion:Mating between a lion and a tiger will result in a liger, but it is impossible to carry that genetic line to the next generation of cubs if a male liger is used.

    Helleri:What subspecies are you actually referring to? Would it be the Crotalus, Xiphophorus, Myrmica, Turdus, or Platyrrhinus?

    Am I an idiot? No, I scored 1580 on my SAT’s and maintained a 3.8 GPA in high school and 3.7 in college. That pretty much paid for my schooling, with all the scholarships I was given.
    Am I an imposter? No, I wake up every day and I am still me. What a weird thing for you to say.
    I never asked my Anatomy/Physiology prof(where you learn about Genetics) if he was an AA member, and sadly I will never know since he is now dead.

  51. Christine Fryer says

    I cannot believe what I am reading on this website. I used to enjoy the mindless fun of looking at the pictures. Now that I see the company I was keeping as a biracial woman I will not come to this hatefilled, biggoted piece of trash of a website again.

    Next time someone tells me “things” have changed, I will direct them here.

  52. Call Me Kat, Kitty Kat says

    LOLOLOL-inter-species ‘breeding’ is impossible. Genetics 101. But hey, you tried to make a point that just went awry.

    Xenafan, you are an idiot and an imposter. Have you ever heard of mules, hinnies, ligers, helleri? All the result of interspecies breeding. Either you didn’t take Genetics 101 or your professor was an AA hire.

  53. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    #105 melissa,
    the negro boy probably does not have down’s syndrome, it’s that the low IQ of the negro mimics the appearence of Down’s, the main distinction between a true Down’s and a common negro is the negro has a sociopathic personality in addition to the low intelligence, a dangerous combination, as the high numbers of negroes in prison demonstrates.

  54. Melissa says

    I have a question. Has Henry been diagnosed with something??? Some of you are saying “Down’s Syndrome”…. but have they come out and said anything about his health??? By the way…”Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” some of you heartless and cruel “Girls” should remember that!!!!!!

  55. boo who says

    Prognathism (having jaws that project forward to a marked degree) may be causing the tongue to stick out.
    It’s a common trait among lower primates.

  56. boo says

    Why is that Ass kissing sweetheart?? I am simply thanking the webmistress for getting rid of the garbage that you and your racist friends post all over a site that I at one time really enjoyed coming to!

    And I know what you mean xenafan96, these people thrive on our reactions to their comments which is why they don’t shut up… so at least now something is being done and most of there ignorant comments are being deleted. :)~*

  57. anonymous says

    white woman age faster then black women .are black men only want them for money plus they always go back home do you ever see older interacial couple white women are not prettyer then black woman we dont want no white men ok so fuck you ckracker

  58. Xenafan96 says

    Hola #102 Monica Bella-Estoy utilizando un traductor para esto puesto que no hablo español y espero usted sepa que respeto su opinión, solamente yo piense que el punto de su poste era que los racistas comparten una sola célula de cerebro entre todos y deben estar avergonzados. ¿Entendía eso a la derecha?

  59. Shanisha LaQuintawandah Shakazulu Smiff says

    His afro beez so idorabel, whut a cute litle shortay, LOL. Holla holla!

  60. Monica bella says

    Este mensaje es para JO hablale en espanol a la grinda creida esa, lo que pasa es que nos tienen ENVIDIA por que ni que vuelvan a nacer se pareceran a nosotras LOS GRINGOS SOLO TIENEN DOS NEURONAS EN EL CEREBRO UNA PARA CONSUMIR DROGAS Y LA OTRA PARA COJER HASTA CON LOS PERROS!!!!!!!! Nacieron sin MORAL, son RACISTAS LES ENCANTA LA GUERRA O SEA LA SANGRE!!!!! SON HIPOCRITAS LLEVAN EL APETITO DE DESTRUCCION EN SU MALA SAGRE. Asi que quien los envidia? NADIE!!!!!!!!!

  61. Xenafan96 says

    LOLOLOL-inter-species ‘breeding’ is impossible. Genetics 101. But hey, you tried to make a point that just went awry.
    A crime against nature? Whose nature? Yours? Then stick with what you know and you’ll be much happier. Feel like civilization is on a decline due to interracial(this is the correct word, not inter-species btw) couples? You can’t stop progress dear. Focus on the drug problem that enslave our kids if you want the world to be better.

  62. Xenafan96 says

    GO BOO! Speak your mind, you have way more supporters here than the nazi’s do. That is what really ticks them off the most, you know.

    Oh, I just read that Seal and Heidi renewed their vows again and that they plan to do it every year on their anniversary. Some men give jewelry to their wives on their anniversary, but Seal-the sweet awesome romantic he is-surprised Heidi with a vow renewal ceremony. That man continues to amaze me for being a great dad and husband and having a heart bursting with love! 🙂

  63. Lola says

    I think it is just one member of the ku klux clan writing all thos ewile comments. Web mistress could you please remove them. Henry is such a cutie and his mum makes having toddlers look so easy. Angelina should aske her about the tricks she uses. lol

  64. String up CBs says

    You’re right, Kitty.

    ~~~There’s a big, brown ring around her nose,
    And every day it grows and grows.~~~

  65. Kitty Kat says

    Boo, enough with the ass-kissing already. It’s not going to win you any brownie points.

  66. boo says

    I have not posted on this site since the middle of April, on the Heidi and Henry at the Park thread, due to all the racism and hate…. But I want to post just to say thank you to the Webmistress, It must be a tiring job for you having to go through all these comments and delete the cruel ones, but I’m thankful you are doing something about it, the last thing that most of us want is to come on a site filled with so much anger and hate and read racist remarks directed towards a baby, I do very much appreciate that you are cleaning it up a bit.
    I understand that people love to debate and argue about different celebs and thats fine and they have every right to disagree about certain things…. but for Anyone to come on here ranting and raving cruelty at a 2 year old baby is far from being ok.
    So again I say THANK YOU, for cleaning up some of these comments, I know its hard to track down all of them , but what you are doing now is wonderful and So Many of us do appreciate it tremendously 🙂

  67. Ohbexx says

    quote ” #

    88. Henry the APE I am I am | June 2nd, 2007 at 10:10 am

    I can’t get over how nasty looking that kid is!! He looks like a monster!!

    Ladies, why are you giving this person energy. She is obviously sitting in her trailer in her bathrobe and big fluffy slipppers, puffing on her cigarettes and drinking a 4o oz. of Ole E. She is fueled by you feeding off of her ignorance, her comments just keep getting nastier, which means she gets some thrill out of her pathetic, unemployed day. Who knows, she is probably sitting in some looney bin making macarroni necklaces! Everyone knows the baby is adorable, and that for some reasons pisses off these small minded bigots and fuels their insecure fire. Again, this is a baby, stop being a bully and pick on some one your own size.

  68. Zbella says

    You can tell that Henry & Heidi have a close relationship. She seems to be a doting mother. I think he is cute. Isn’t it just amazing that he’s not even 2 yet? He’s about the same size as my 3 year old. Nothing wrong with that – just so tall! He must be in the 99th percentile.

  69. Englishgirl says

    I suspect she married Seal because she LOVES him, and she is intelligent enough to see beyond the colour of a persons skin you ignoramus.

    People like you make me ashamed to be white.

    This whole thread is vile, vile, vile.

  70. Xenafan96 says

    88-Sounds like you’re jealous that Heidi married. And to a black man no less. Astounding that you bemoan that fact and say nothing that really matters.

    #87 Annie-You made a fool of yourself. Oriana is poster #81 and I KNOW she wouldn’t give you the time of day. As far as black women go, many many black women are quite beautiful.

  71. Henry the APE I am I am says

    Heidi could have any man she wants. Why did she marry Seal? Now she has horrible fat lipped kids w/ red FROS!!

  72. Annie says

    .81 – you are totally right. Most black women are not as pretty as white women. That is a fact!!!

  73. says


  74. Henry the APE I am I am says

    Heidi’s daughter is beautiful… then she fucked a gorilla…a red FRO how attractive! LOL!

  75. Xenafan96 says

    Post #’s 78, 82(nice to hide behind anonymous so no one knows who or what you are, very brave of you), and 83-
    To quote from Larry The Cable Guy(minor paraphrase sp?):You make about as much sense as wiping your butt BEFORE you poop.
    Oh BTW-Col S, you never did answer me on the anthropology question. If you sit on an board monitoring the human racial evolution, then who is the leading expert on forensic anthropology? Even my 12 year old niece knows the answer, so surely you must know if you are indeed involved in a ‘panel’. Like I said before, he discoverd that the male Negro(not intended as a slur at all to, it is simply used in science to help identification of skeletons and remains) and was bombarded with donations from Aryan groups since he proved a slight curving in the patella that he has not seen in any other race(and since he has done over 30,000 autopsies(sp? getting tired, sorry folks!) I think he knows what he is talking about. The good doc refused every single penny and still to this day teaches and experiments.

  76. Bryant_G says

    all black men want white women because black women, on average, aren’t as pretty as white women.

  77. disgusted says

    Here we go again.
    What an ‘intelligent’ view, col sanders. Not ignorant at all (that’s sarcasm by the way, in case you didn’t understand).

  78. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    It must be difficult for heidi, having to look at that monster next to her normal daughter, the contrast is so dramatic. when she gets divorced, I don’t imagine she’ll put up a custody fight

  79. Englishgirl says

    BNP = British Nationalist Party.

    A political group who wish to have no one in England other than teh English. Basically a racist group masquerading behind a political party.

  80. Englishgirl says

    This has really put me off this site. I never post, just enjoy the pics. But these comments made me so cross. Hard to beleive that such bigoted, ill educated people still exist out there.

  81. disgusted says

    I’m English too, Englishgirl. I’m shocked at the comments on this site but at least the comments seem to have been removed, not quickly enough though. They were there for a whole day for all to read.

  82. Englishgirl says

    Disgusted – what is going on here? We are the only ones talking sense and not inciting racist hatred.

    I do not believe it.

  83. Englishgirl says

    Erm, why on earth is my comment awaiting moderation, yet disgusting racist remarks about a child are allowed to stay?

    This is RIDICULOUS?

    I’d like an ecplanation please.

  84. Xenafan96 says

    *correction:” because I believe that the only race that matters IS the whole HUMAN race”*

  85. Xenafan96 says

    #69 and 70-You are really going to have to try harder at impersonating me. I am surprised that it took you so long to finally copy my name. I suppose because I believe that the only race that matters in the whole HUMAN race, and I think that Heidi and Seal are indeed the rare couple in the media that loves one another and their children first that whomever are you had to take delight in pretending to be me posting. Really, I have posted here for a long time and regular posters know how I think and how I present myself. Go right ahead and continue to post as me if you want. I don’t hold the trademark on the name and if your life is that boring that you need to pretend to be someone else, go ahead. It gives me a great laugh and goes to prove that you are just like all white supremecists, all talk but totally oblivious to reality.
    69-I would never call any child homely. If you must mimic me, check my other posts first so you do not appear so foolish and misinformed.
    70-Why yes I am on drugs. High blood pressure drugs, that is. Does that still count or were you hoping I would say I am on crack or heroin LOL? Thank you for caring enough about my health to ask, that was very sweet of you.

  86. Onesam22 says

    Some of ya’ll are so mean! It’s one thing saying a kid isn’t cute, it’s something completely different when you are insulting an entire race of people! This is not Ya’ll need to go to a more approriate website.

  87. Vix UK says

    BNP Forever?? you disgust me also, giving the UK a bad name. ‘Intelligent and thinking’ is the last thing I’d describe you lot as. Disgusting, dispicable and utterly stupid is a much better description. Thank God you’re a minority in the UK eh?!

  88. Gesa says

    BUT: That doesn´t mean the webmistress shouldn´t CENSOR – because of the law but also for the sake of the readers who used to appreciate the style of this site…..

  89. Gesa says

    The good thing is: Heidi Klum and Seal will never read all those comments – be they nice or nasty – I am sure of that!
    They are way too busy with their kids and jobs!!!

  90. dutch says

    ok babyrazzi, you have now lost me. I really find it hard to believe that you tolerate this type of discussion on your site.

  91. Zbella says

    I think he’s cute too. Heidi looks like a natural mother.

    Happy weekend to you too, Oriana. 🙂

  92. says


  93. Nicki says

    The KKK meeting is not here you IDIOTS! Go away and put your sheets on and leave little babies alone. Sick F *ckers!
    Sad excuse for a breathing human being. May Karma come back and hit you 10 fold!!!

  94. OJ says

    He looks EXACTLY like her. The resemblence is incredible! He’s much better looking than her daughter.

  95. oriana says

    Xena and Tia, you too Zbella and you too Mia, big Pink Hugs to all of you this weekend!!!!! Have a safe one!!!!!

  96. oriana says

    I have to say, #53, as stupid as it is, it did make me laugh, some comments meant to rile people up, sane people can find humor and laugh them off. Reminds me of Gone With the Wind!!!!

  97. oriana says

    All I can say is Thank God they used Xena’s name instead of mine! Since EVERYONE knows that would never be her, no one would believe it, but me, oh Dear, I would be rolling as fast as I could in my wheelchair heading for the Mexican border right now trying to escape the lynch mob! And I would miss out on the Greek Festival!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!

  98. Xenafan96 says

    Posters 51, 52, 53, 54-it just wouldn’t be a Heidi/Seal post without the ‘witty’ (and repeated, unoriginal)comments regarding race. You all remind me of the kids who used to sit in the back of the classroom muttering things, and then freezing like a deer in a headlight should you be asked to share with the rest of the class. Incredible that you even bother anymore with the same old same old comments. I don’t even get mad anymore at the short-sighted comments. I actually feel sorry for all of you. How lonely you must be to obsess about 3 lovely children. Oh, and the Amazing Kreskin aka :Samantha-call Diana Warwick. She needs more high qualilty psychics like you.

  99. oriana says

    Tia will know what I am talking about, I love the stuffed Grape leaves and there is another dessert, it has like custard inside but can’t think of the name of it!

    St. Nichalas Greek Orthodox Church in San Jose, starts tomorrow!!!!!! Am taking ten Special O kids with me, everyone going, my son, my nephew, hubby and sister!

  100. Xenafan96 says

    Hey Oriana girly! Don’t forget my baklava. I simply LOVE it but I am allergic to most nuts(not peanuts, how weird), and also speaking of nuts, some of our silly posters on here. I think alot of baklava contains nuts of some sort, so you must eat some and pretend that it is for me lolol 🙂

    Aw heck, throw in a gyro for me too-those Greek fests have the most awesome gyro’s. Ok, now I am getting hungry!!

  101. oriana says

    Hi There Tia, going this Sat., got the dates wrong, all set to go and fixing to get in the car and looked at the ticket, everyone disappointed for we were good to go! So will let you know if I am able to lift my fingers after eating soooo much! Can’t wait!

  102. Peige says

    Why don’t you guys just all ignore the hate comments, if the sickos writing them don’t get a reaction out of us and we just completely ignore them, then I assure you they will soon get bored and leave us to enjoy the site in peace!!!! It’s a retaliation to their comments that they are hoping to get from us and this is why they post such hurtful remarks. They really need to get a life!!!! We shouldn’t give them the time of day!!!

  103. Xenafan96 says

    Good night to you too dear! Having my daddy, brother, uncle, and so many friends fight in the military, I really think that if I had the means, I would decorate as many graves as I could for our fallen heroes. I hate war, but I love our servicepeople and think we owe them the world for taking a job not many want. To me, I cannot fathom feeling any other way. LOL-you are pumping my ego up. Keep up the good work teehee 🙂 and thnx for the compliments!
    Sweet dreams-and if I don’t talk to you before this weekend-REMEMBER, you tix for the Greek Fest are this weekend, lol I couldn’t resist teasing you :)-promise me that you will eat an insane amount of baklava for me!

  104. oriana says

    Oh My Goooooddddd!!!! I love this story!!!!!

    I know you and your family have brought happiness and smiles thru the tears for the thoughtfulness to the military families! I want to say Thank you on behalf of my own family! Wish there were more like you around! Lucky hubby and kids!!!!!

    I have thought about this casket and the story about it soo many times. Everytime I see Ghostwhisper I automatically think of you and that Blue Casket!

    Goodnight my Dear Friend!!!!!

  105. Xenafan96 says

    Anytime Oriana! YOU are a very good, decent woman and I think you have a huge heart to begin with! Thank you for the kindness towards me, you always make me smile 🙂
    LOL-the casket!! Here, try this on: We participate every year in the local Memorial Day parade, usually using the nice Cadillac hearse(my baby, I love that car!) and use a trailer hitch to diplay an empty casket draped in the American Flag as tribute to the bravery and memory of our military heroes that fought for us to live free. This year, my oldest son said, Mom use the ghost casket, the blue by the handles will really look nice. So, we did, got home and put the casket back. Last night, I worked very late on a decedant and was so tired. I have the habit of checking over all the house to make sure it looks nice for the next day. Darned if that casket wasn’t where we put it back! Now it is in the regular diplay room again and has behaved since then!! For now 😉

  106. oriana says

    Xena my Dear, always so good to hear a kind word from you, and there are those on here that don’t care for me, but how ANYONE could not admire and adore you is unthinkable to me!!!!!

    This is indeed a very unflattering picture of Henry, I don’t think he has Down Syndrome, in a lot of his pictures he does have his tongue stuck out, and maybe he is still cutting some teeth? I don’t know. I do think he is very big for his age, and his dad is a big man so that would be par for the course as the saying goes. And Seal is very tall also.

    The little one is as cute as can be, now I think he will be a Ladies man!!! I have read that Heidi didn’t hold the boys a lot in other posts, I have never noticed that, I have always thought she was a hands on Mom to all of the kids equally!

    I have stated before that all babies may be sweet but not always cute, that goes for celebrity babies as well as the everyday person, I wish we all could be gorgeous and have gorgeous children, but alas, not always true! That doesn’t make us mean or racists for goodness sake.

    I think Seal is a good man. Not just a good husband and father, but a good man, period. And an enormous talent.

    Thank you for the vote of confidence in me, I am much older than you my dear Xena and too blunt sometimes in my opinions but I have never made any comments towards this family as far as the color of their skin goes. That is crazy to me! I happen to like this family very much.

    Now, more stories from you, how is that casket doing by the way? Ha!

    You have a nice evening.

  107. Xenafan96 says

    Finally! The tired members of vnnforum and stormfront don’t get to spread their uttely inane comments about biracial children. How tragic for them, since they can’t spread hate anymore, hopefully. Now we can just concentrate on the beauty of Heidi’s family and the individual opinions on the children without any cruel, uneducated spam postings!!
    That said, Henry reminds me of my niece so much!! She went through an ‘awkward’ stage around the same time that Henry is going through it. He is built like a Tonka truck!! IMO, I think as he gets older, his little pudgy cheeks(the kind that just want to make you nibble on them lol!) will begin to slim and then watch out world, he is going to be a handsome little guy!
    Also, if you post here regularly, you will know that I am friends with Oriana and I always try to back her up. I honestly think that Oriana wasn’t being mean at all. She is looking simply at a picture that is not the most flattering and speculating on if he does have Down’s. I can vouch for Oriana, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and she has always said that Henry is not attractive. Mainly b/c his hair is so out of control, but also b/c Henry is a dear little guy but not a supermodel by any means. I’m duplicating this post in the other thread for the Heidi/Seal family so my apologies if you see it twice and think I am being redundant! 🙂

  108. Nicki says

    WOW!! All I can say is Thank You webmistress for deleting the BS. Can’t and don’t want to know what the “deleted ???” said,.
    Henry is a cute boy, I think he needs a haircut, but so does Ryder Robinson and Rene Charles (Dion’s 6 yr old) but a cute child. Leni and Johan are cute too.
    I do have a cuteness cutoff, and I won’t say which children but I do try not to make comments on thier thread.
    I will say Violet looks cute with her dimpley smile-but not smiling, I try not to comment.
    They look like a loving and happy fami;y. 3 kids under 3, seems like a lot of work, but God Bless them, they seem happy.

  109. oriana says

    Jo, if you had your facts straight about me, you would know that I have always said the little one is very sweet and cute! Isn’t he part of this family too? And I am sorry, every baby to me is not beautiful or even cute! Too bad, those are the facts of life!

  110. phnxgirl says

    I think it only makes sense that Henry is so much bigger then his sister because he has a different father, obviously. Seal doesn’t seem like a small guy to me. I’m not sure what Leni’s dad looked like.

  111. Sister Faye says

    This family is truely blessed! The love they must feel for him is unmeasurable. As a mother myself, I know. You over-look physical beauty and concentrate on inner beauty. You will be a better person for it. God bless little Henry and his family.

  112. jo says

    mia pia,U R OFF UR MEDS.PLS DONOT START WITH ME.i actually suspect u r one and the same person as DMITZ.

  113. Lauren says

    Henry is soo cute. He’s going to be gorgeous once he gets older. He’s really big for this age and he’s not even 2 years old! I hope Heidi and Seal have another one. A little girl would be adorable.

  114. Sunshine says

    Hun, I already wear glasses. EXCUSE me for making a typing error. I wish I were perfect like you! I’m sure any kids you have are pefect too, and not ugly at all. Right? That is the only way you could call another CHILD ugly. You are horrible!

  115. jo says

    DMITZ,PLS LEAVE ME ALONE.U ARE THE IDIOT.if u had been ff the blog,u wud have noticed that the webmistress seems to have deleted the comments of hateful people like u.ONCE AGAIN,LEAVE ME ALONE.

  116. Turkish Delight says

    Sunshine. before i answer your question.could you please inform me to what a “chld” is? That word isn’t in my English dictionary, Slag!

  117. says

    i think that he will be fine when he get’s older! I guess alot of you hate the fact that you don’t have the balls to have a beautiful mixed baby like that! Oh my his lips are big!(that is a bunch of crap!) what’s wrong with big lips? i bet you that have of your children isn’t cute, but you don’t hear anyone ragging on your down syndrome kids! I think that you say these things because he is a mixed child! Toughen up B@#$%$es!

  118. C says

    Some of you are IDIOTS! Go google ” Down Syndrome” and then compare what you find to Henry.

    Children make faces. Who doesn’t know that? Yes it makes this photo very unflattering but it’s a paps shot. He’s probably licking his tongue at them.

  119. says

    i think henery is cute but he would look much better with a haircut… oh please i have seen a lot of kids who appear bigger in size than their age, so he’s not the first people… heidi looks lovely

  120. Miapocca says

    That child is cant carry him around…Heidi is being quite brave in carrying hime..he looks like a regular 3yr old….

    Father is tall, mother is tall..they created a giant…with red hair to boot….

  121. Gesine says

    It is really amazing that Henry is as big as (or bigger than??) Leni who is 3 (born in may 2004), while he is only 20 months old (born in september 2005). He will be a basket-ball player! 🙂 I think he really looks cuddly!

  122. Mary says

    She probably doesn’t carry him much because he’s HUGE! He’s the size of a five year old or something. And what with his mouth? Why is he always making that face, is his tongue too big for his mouth or something?

  123. oby says

    really glad to see her carrying henry,cos some people claim that she is ashamed of her sons and never carry them.i really like her and i think that henry is cute.

  124. Suzy Q says

    This is going to be another “interesting” thread! (Sometimes I think the webmistress posts certain pictures to stir up controversary) Oh well, time to sit back and watch all the fools come out……

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