Salma Hayek Is "Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant!"

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek was snapped showing her pregnant pride in a T-shirt that reads “Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant” in Malibu on Sunday. Cool!



  1. says

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  2. 34 weeks pregnant says

    how can you call a pregnant woman fat? she has another human being growing inside her hence the added pounds. How people can think that you can grow a baby inside you without your tummy growing even if it is by the slightest bit is beyond be abd realy thick! and im one of those girls who didnt know she was pregnant until 24 weeks and the thought that mayby i could have harmed my daughter in any way makes me feel phisically sick and is a guilt i will always carry with me. oh and i had no symptoms at all with no bump the doctor later told me that happens 1 in a 1000 so if this has never happend to you or your noy pregnant then how can you even have a opinion on this?

  3. mel says

    To all of those who are having fun putting down a pregnant woman for being “too fat”, you are just showing your own ignorance. She hasn’t gained any weight on her arms or her face, which means that you are all judging her based solely on the size of her stomach – which is ridiculous.
    My guess is that she is pregnant with a girl, as girls are carried right out in front, where as boys tend to sit much further in your back.You also tend to getting big quite quickly, but then it slows down. For all of you who are pathetic enough to call a healthy pregnant girl fat, just because she isn’t starving herself and her baby I say: May you all end up as big as a house when you finally get pregnant, and may you hear nothing but constant, cruel commentary on your weight. Clearly non of you have been through the incredibly hard journey of pregnancy, and until you do you need to keep your opinions to yourselves. In the meantime – you might like to try getting a life!

  4. lowdog says

    Salma is one BEAUTIFUL Woman…The luck man that knocked her up…..I envy him sooo much!….Once she has the baby…she will lose all that baby weight and get down to her normal size…..You can just see her working out like crazy to return to her Beautiful form. She will have the very best trainers helping her…..I would love to be the man to call her “MY WIFE”……


  5. Lee says

    Everyone who is putting Salma down is “Jealous”!!

    She is “HOT” and your husbands would “die” for her!!

    So, get over your JEALOUSY!! she is one “hot Mexican Woman’!! Well, most are!!

  6. Observer says

    Let’s just hope Salma has the baby in Mexico. We don’t need yet another Mexican with an “anchor baby”.

  7. ali says

    That was sort of the case with me too, I’m overweight and lost weight with each pregnancy. That along with the fact that I was chasing my first child (then a toddler) around and in a wonderful new relationship, I just didn’t realize it was happening. No one that knew me would have ever guessed I was pregnant.
    I think the important thing to remember is that every woman and every pregnancy are different…with my boys I was sick all the way through and showed instantly, my daughter I had no clue and didn’t show till the end.
    I sympathize looking at this picture, the last month is going to be agony for her.

  8. Zbella says

    I’m guessing girl.

    My mom was 3 months along with me when she found out too. Her dad died right around the time I was conceived. She was of course crying and very, very emotional. She finally went to the doctor because she was so emotional and he said, let’s take a pregnancy test. She wasn’t even imagining she was pregnant – and I was her third child, so you think you’d know!

    I will probably never, ever have such an experience considering I get as sick as a dog at 5 WEEKS and it lasts until 30 weeks.

    Oh, one of my mom’s friends was 6 months pregnant with TWINS before she found out. She was very over weight and lost a lot of weight – which must have made her ovulate again (stress, under or over weight or moving to a new country, etc can prevent ovulation). She was loosing weight and growing twins!!!

    My goodness, I’d NEVER say STARVE yourself because she looks big! How ridiculous! Of course the baby needs food. We are simply commenting on how she looks large for 5-6 months. Not to be rude. She is a petite woman and she is carrying around a lot of extra weight. I totally understand that. And it’s part of the life cycle. So she doesn’t look so hot for a few months, big deal. No reason to starve herself or diet.

  9. Kristine Cheney says

    With the added weight to Salma’s face, it is probably safe to say that Salma will be giving birth to a baby girl. Foerwhatever reason, baby girls seem to make their mama’s retain a lotsof extra water. I think she looks proud, stunning, and glowing.
    Best wishes to Salma and her new baby. My hope is that she will enjoy each and every second she has been blessed with this little angel. I think she will be a wonderful mother.

    Warmest regards,

    Kristine Cheney (Surprise, Arizona)

  10. ali says

    Well Libraesque, I was never very regular, sometimes skipping three or four months. And I did have spotting throughout, which was discussed with my doctors in great detail when I did find out. At that time a day or two of spotting equalled a period for me….perhaps it wasn’t very responsible, but understand I had no other symptoms at all. Thankfully my daughter had no problems due to the lack of prenatal care, and we did every test available to ensure that. Even though she’s 7 now it still haunts me that something may still come up. (And I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that now if I’m even a week late I stop to buy a test)

  11. oriana says

    One of my best friends is from LA. She makes gumbo a lot and delish fried food, chicken, pork chops, etc. I kept getting sick at my stomach for about two months off and on, I just thought it was from eating too much greasy food, went to the doctor, the doctor said let’s take a preg. test just for the heck of it, I said No way, but came back almost 3 mos. preggie! Was shocked! Lost the baby shortly afterwards, but was not showing at all, not even a little pouch!

    Have seen women five months look like they are 7 before, so hard to tell with some women, but she is gaining weight all over, not just in the tummy, even her legs are bigger, I would say more like six months for her. She always had big boobs to begin with, so being preggie they are going to look HUGE before it is over with! She is a gorgeous woman, always has been.

  12. Libraesque says

    35 weeks!!!!!!
    are you KIDDING?????
    why wouldn’t you take a pregnancy test after your first missed period?
    that’s CRAZY and not very responsible if you ask me

  13. Mac says

    I can’t believe some of these comments, I’m guessing most of you haven’t been pregnant before. You people are mean. I gained all my weight during my first and second trimester. People thought I was having twins. Every woman carries differently and each pregnancy is different. I think she looks gorgeous.

  14. ali says

    #12, I was one of those women who didn’t know I was pregnant until 35 weeks….it does happen and she was my second child, I had actually gone down three sizes by the time she was born (I didn’t show at all until 2 weeks before, then all of a sudden I had a tiny basketball under my shirt). In retrospect there were signs I should have picked up on, but c’est la vie, she was perfect and a blessing, and I didn’t have to wait 9 months for her:-) Selma looks much better here than the last pick, I think she looks very healthy. Best of luck Selma!

  15. Xenafan96 says

    I honestly think that Salma is much further along than what has been released. And I don’t blame her at all for it. She may have been very prudent in announcing her pregnancy until she entered the second trimester when miscarriage threats drop steeply. IMO, she has boy written all over her. We need to start a Celeb Baby pool:guess what so-and-so’s baby will be. Webmistress, can you do that on your site? I don’t know if that could be considered gambling or not. I think it could be really fun!

  16. oriana says

    I think she is gorgeous!!!!!

    Zbella may be right, and I have seen some preggies that turn five months balloon up like overnight, she is a beautiful woman! I wonder if she is having a boy or a girl?

  17. YONIVA says

    She really is big!!!! I’m only 7 months pregnant and I’m small. She looks like she’s ready to give birth and she still has a couple of months to go!


  18. mom123 says

    there is a lot of cruelty going on here. many women look more like Salma while pregnant. I hope she doesn’t read all of these commnets and starve herself so she can look “less disgusting” to many of you.
    i wish her a happy and healthy preganancy and baby.

  19. says

    if she is five months pregnant alone, she’s huge… pregnacy just doesnt suit some people, she is one of them in my opinion because i have seen a lot more pics of her and i dont like how she looks at all. i cant stand this woman anyway, never liked her

  20. Anzhelika says

    the wrong t-shirt she is is not about her at all…i would like to see that t-shirt on Heidi Klum or Jordan,but on that pig..

  21. Zbella says

    After having 3 children of my own, I consider her 5 months pregnant (oriana may want to add her opinion on my math). If she’s due in September, she has ALL of June, July and August and who knows how long in Sept. So 6 months pregnant tops, if she’s due Sept 1st. Poor thing!

  22. Keni says

    THIS pic is at an unflattering angle, in some others from this same day on other sites, she looks wonderful…. Soooo much better than some pics we have seen of her in the last lil while…

    I think she looks GREAT and the hair is SUCH an improvement over some others, dontcha think?

  23. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    This is acutally the best pic of her so far..if she is due in september, girl got fat quick…she looks good though..the baby is not being smouldered,its got quite a large enough tummy to lay it…The black works for her I see..

    He clothes look pretty tight though, but the tents make her look like a ball…so I guess she cant win on this one…if only she had waited on the boob job….she must freak out when she sees those melons in the mirror..maybe she will get a tuck after breast feeding to revise the size

  24. jenna says

    It is pictures like this that make me really wonder about women who “suddenly” give birth and “never knew” they were pregnant. Yeah right! Good luck hiding that, honey.

  25. Think About It says

    I’m sorry but I just have to say it. I don’t think she looks good pregnant. I know it’s normal, and pregnancy isn’t always beautiful but she doesn’t look that great. And that shirt looks terrible, I don’t even know how she got that on!

  26. Libraesque says

    sweet jesus
    she looks lovely …..but that shirt….those bazoombas…, looks….uncomfortable, but what else could she possibly wear without looking ridiculous? A billowy top would make her look like a tent.

    Never been a fan of the expectant moms showing their bellies……guess i’m old fashioned

  27. sally says

    I think people think its tacky to say that a pregnant woman doesn’t look good..but lets be honest..she looks big and sloppy…and its ok. She’s pregnant and pregnancy isn’t always beautiful..its the end result thats beautiful.

  28. MAGAVA says

    Salma is beautiful but I think she has put on weight very fast and she looks fat.
    Well, it’s a normal thing considering she is pregnant but she is due in September.

  29. fifi trooper says

    she is pretty, but I think that this shirt isn’t for her right now! it looks like it’s suffocating the baby! It’s one thing to look sexy, but it’s another thing when you still try to fit into shirts after your pre-pregnant days! CHOW!

  30. fifi says

    she is pretty, but I think that this shirt isn’t for her right now! it looks like it’s suffocating the baby! It’s one thing to look sexy, but it’s another when you still try to fit into your pre-pregnant days! CHOW!

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