Heidi Klum & Family Enjoy Ice Cream Cones Together

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum was snapped with Leni and Henry out for ice cream in New York’s Greenwhich Village.

And below Heidi enjoyed a family outing to the Big Apple’s trendy Soho district on Monday. Grandmother Erma pushed six-month-old Johan in his pram while Heidi (who turns 34 on Friday) took charge of three-year-old Leni. Two nannies brought up the rear with one-year-old Henry, leaving the third nanny to push the double stroller.

Heidi Klum

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  1. Nigless Up North says

    Yeah, she really could, with all that experience in TNB. Heidi could also choose to be a zookeeper or prison warden. Her choices are endless!

  2. Xena Was A Dyke says

    Helga, actually, the toddling turd wore two monkey t-shirts on that particular day, an orange one and a white one.

  3. Helga says

    The little monster is getting the ice cream all over itself. No wonder it was wearing the monkey t-shirt in the later pictures.

  4. Nigless Up North says

    Sure it’s pink colored, but I’ll still bet the niglet’s ice cream cone is watermelon flavored!

  5. Kitty says

    to #68, i’m black, from the caribbean to be exact, but that doesn’t mean we should bash Seal for marrying Heidi.
    They love each other and that’s what matter. If God doesn’t have a problem with it I don’t see why mere, mortal man should. We are all human beings, we bleed, we cry, we have emotions. Cut the crap! I am representing sisters both black, white , brown whatever colour doesn’t matter to me. Have a nice day

  6. Xenafan96 says

    I don’t see the dog or a monster eating anything, so I believe that you are mistaken. I see two WONDERFUL children and Mommy eating ice cream, and for Henry to be so young, he doesn’t have a drop spilled on him. Most kids can be covered in ice cream on a cone at that age. LOL-he must be one of those kids that hates getting dirty. My daughter is the same way, very concerned with keeping clean. How sweet! Heidi is a lucky woman to have such well behaved children!

  7. String up CBs says

    Good grief! I’ve seen chimps eat more gracefully. I bet if you gave that monster a banana, it would eat it peel and all.

  8. says


  9. Xenafan96 says

    Actually anonymous, it is rather nice to have an African-American posting here from you. I have to warn you tho, we get alot of nazi’s and skinheads that have nothing better to do so watch out for them. They love to fight.
    Thank you for the post, we needed your side of the story.
    Jay-Z and Beyonce, if five years ago you were to ask me who I thought would end up together, I never would have guessed those two. Jay-Z better pop the question soon, I don’t think Beyonce is going to wait forever! Curious, who is the kiss ass?

  10. anonymous says

    kiss ass i dont know any real black person comming here to defend seal he go out-side is race he forgot where he came from the black community dont care about seal we care about the real negro .jz all the rich black men married to black woman help the sister out ok he look stupid whit that white woman

  11. Xenafan96 says

    #64-Johan is a baby boy, not an ‘it’. As far as swinging in trees goes, I suppose that you made the assumption that a biracial child should perform as a monkey in the trees. Wow. What an original insult to make. I hope it did not tax your narrow mind too severely.

  12. Call Me Kat, Kitty Kat says

    Look at the toes on the youngest one!

    It’ll be swinging from trees in no time.

  13. Xenafan96 says

    Anyone who has been around kids will relate to this:the first time a baby tries ice cream! I have seen it countless times and the look of surprise on their little faces always make me laugh. Most babies WILL stick out their tongues, it’s a natural instinct to show Mom or Dad that they want more please!
    Kitty-TY for addressing the ID theft in this thread. I know you have been here awhile so you know that wasn’t me that posted comments 60 and 62. It’s kinda impossible for me to have posted at those times since I was in the middle of receiving in a decedants’ body and setting up for prep work. My last legit comment was drooling over an ice cream cone.
    Miss Oriana and Fifi-hey, no worries! Looks like we are THAT popular that we now have our own groupies! 🙂

  14. Xenafan96 says

    I think that buck is getting ready for the down-low, based on the way he’s licking that ice-cream cone.

  15. Kitty says

    it is so amazing how my comments can be moderated , and these buffoons (xenafan and company) can get away with this shit. Blasted cowards! would you have sent those comments if a face had to be shown?

    sicker yet is the act of using someone else’s name to post your racial remarks.

  16. Xenafan96 says

    No fifi, forget the kennel, just send the groidlet back to Africa! He can swing from the trees in peace and quiet there.

    You’re correct in that Heidi does need to get those tubes tied though, as long as she is with that old shaved n’ scarred orangutan anyways.

  17. oriana says

    #57, Well it didn’t take long! First Xena then me, only thing dead giveaway, I don’t know how to do those Smiley faces!!!! Please, try to come up with something better than this, I am disappointed in whoever is doing this! I would have thought much stronger than this!!!!!! I deserve better than this! Get with the Program!!!!!

  18. fifi likes it doggystyle says

    Wow, the last one is even more hideous than the second one. Maybe Heidi has learned her lesson and will get her tubes tied and send the pets to the kennel.

  19. oriana says

    Damn, with a mouth like that, I’m surprised it didn’t suck her flat-chested.

    Wait a minute! Maybe it did; ergo the implants. 😀

  20. Xenafan96 says

    Mmmm-that sounds like an excellent plan! Load me up with soft serve chocolate with sprinkles and a waffle cone. Dipped in chocolate. ****Drool****

  21. Xenafan96 says

    Finally! The tired members of vnnforum and stormfront don’t get to spread their uttely inane comments about biracial children. How tragic for them, since they can’t spread hate anymore, hopefully. Now we can just concentrate on the beauty of Heidi’s family and the individual opinions on the children without any cruel, uneducated spam postings!!
    That said, Henry reminds me of my niece so much!! She went through an ‘awkward’ stage around the same time that Henry is going through it. He is built like a Tonka truck!! IMO, I think as he gets older, his little pudgy cheeks(the kind that just want to make you nibble on them lol!) will begin to slim and then watch out world, he is going to be a handsome little guy!
    Also, if you post here regularly, you will know that I am friends with Oriana and I always try to back her up. I honestly think that Oriana wasn’t being mean at all. She is looking simply at a picture that is not the most flattering and speculating on if he does have Down’s. I can vouch for Oriana, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and she has always said that Henry is not attractive. Mainly b/c his hair is so out of control, but also b/c Henry is a dear little guy but not a supermodel by any means. We can-and have- speculated all the time on the health condition of Jayden Spears Federline, w/o batting an eye, yet someone who has experience with Down’s Syndrome is throwing in her two cents. That’s ok, really. It is just speculation. I’m duplicating this post in the other threads for the Heidi/Seal family so my apologies if you see it and think I am being redundant! 🙂

  22. Tia says

    why is it on every Heidi blog there is disgusting mindless people like Lisa H.? Leave Heidi and her BEAUTIFUL little children alone.

  23. dutch says

    Since when did babyrazzi become a hate site? BTW, does anyone know where I can get Heidi’s shoulder bag?

  24. Peige says

    If we all just ignored Lisa H (or any other pathetic losers) racist comments then she would soon get bored of no one retaliating to her and would leave. She just posts comments like this to get a reaction so if we didn’t give her the satisfaction of seeing us get angry back at her then she would eventually get sick and leave!!! She obviously has some kind of sick mental problem so we should just completely ignore her!

  25. Kitty says

    webmistress my comment can await moderation, while a number of people can send racist comments and you do nothing about it. Makes me wonder about you!

  26. Kitty says

    don’t you dare delete Lisa H webmistress!
    the f…ing idiot has noone but God to answer to, let her be!
    It’s not her fault if her pea brain only allows -1% of such thoughts.Let her be!

  27. Kinsie says

    C, I agree with you. I believe they are the same person. I think it is really sad when people have to insult innocent children! people can’t help how they are born. Maybe this “ignoramus” is jealous of Heidi’s beauty and success, so they are taking it out on her children. Oh why are their so many ignorant people in the world.

  28. Andrea says

    There should really be a feature on this website to report abuse. — And it’s apparent the same pathetic person is using different usernames to post the same shameful message. You are a sad, sad person.

  29. CHOC says

    Lisa I guess you can not handle a black negro boy. Possibly have you been hurt by one HINT,HINT. The kids are very cute and don’t hate LISA I understand this is the only way you can express your deep down hatred !BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER LOL

  30. Zbella says

    I love how Henry is bigger than Leni! My brother is 2 1/2 years younger and was the same size at a really young age too.

    Maybe they are nannies, maybe not. SO nice that her mom is so involved. I envy her for that. VERY supportive. As long as mom is present and involved, I see nothing wrong with nannies as well. I could certainly use an extra set of hands with my 3 little ones. 🙂

  31. fifi trooper says


  32. fifi trooper says

    Ok, I think that Heidi can have however many nannies she wants! I bet you that if you had money like her, and is busy like her then you’ll probably do the same thing!
    LISA H.: I think that you are a stupid jackass! I truly don’t like close minded people like you, I bet you that it hurt your feelings when she had 2 precious boys that looked beautiful! Just think about it, I know that your racist, and all, but I bet you’re the first person to go tanning, why? you know why? because you want to get your skin darker, You, probably don’t think that your lips are fuller, but I bet you’re the first person to get botox, guess what I as a african American, don’t need botox, because my lips are naturally big! SO……MAYBE YOUR A HYPORCRITE! GROW UP, THIS ISN’T THE 50, AND 60’S!!!!

  33. oriana says

    Leni is always dressed so cute, I love the little baby, he looks so sweet and cute to me.

    Unfortunately, little Henry, he is lacking, of all the kids I have ever seen, he is by far the least nice looking one of all, he really is weird looking to me, she should do something about that hair but don’t think it can help his looks.

  34. C says

    H and J would look so much cuter with a hair cut! They are cuties though.

    I want to say that I can’t believe some of these comments but the truth is that I can! There will always be ignorant people out there whether we like it or not. I bet that monica, shirley q liquor,sally star, and mia are all the same person. This person has nothing better to do with their life then to make up a bunch of names and sit around and bash 2 innocent babies.

    There are many celebrity babies that I don’t find to be cute and while I do express my opinion about it, I don’t do it in such a hateful way as this person.

  35. says

    monica, shirley q liquor,sally star, and mia, if you dont think that the kids are cute, why cant u simply say that u dont think they’re cute?? y the disgusting language???? so sad…. as 4 lisa H its terrible when we still have people like u living in the 21st century…

    anyway, i love this family. i agree that they all might not be nannies, but close friends and family…. i think all of her kids are cute, and im not just saying that…. heidi looks great as usual

  36. oriana says

    I think Leni is getting very tall and she definately doesn’t need to be sucking on a baby bottle!!!

    Henry, oh dear, all I can say is, James Brown!

    The little one, very cute, he does look like Seal but I think he is a cute baby.

    All those people, guess she has a Nanny for each child, why not if they can afford it? I don’t see anything wrong with it, gives people jobs for an income and between Heidi and Seal and all the help she gets, the kids will thrive and will be well taken care of.

  37. Sally Star says

    Look at the mouth on that thing! I’m surprised it didn’t suck Heidi dry.

    BTW, people who approve of miscegenation are brain-damaged.

  38. Shirley Q. Liquor says

    That savage beast is already bigger than the human child. Good thing Heidi can afford all those animal trainers, er, nannies.

  39. Oh really.... says

    My comment #15 was posted at 12:12pm, apparently it’s “Awaiting moderation”, does it mean my post can’t be seen. If so, what was wrong with my comment, compared to the racist remarks of the other “adults” who’ve posted. se

  40. Anna says

    Lisa H, what the H-E double hockey sticks is your problem? also, mabe thore aren’t all nannies. I agree with jay, they are probably Heidi’s friends or family or something. The kids are not the cutest, but they are a cute family.

  41. Anna says

    Lisa H, what the H-E double hockey sticks is your problem? also, mabe thore aren’t all nannies. I agree with jay, they are probably Heidi’s friends or family or something. The kids are not the cutest, but they are a cute family.

  42. Lauren says

    How cute! Heidi’s family is adorable and cute. Henry and Johan look so much alike. I hope Seal and her keep having kids together. They make beautiful babies. I read somewhere where she and Seal wants 6 kids.

  43. JJ says

    I think Henry and Johan are WAY cuter than Kingston. Most infants look alike but these brothers look quite different from the traditional hollywood babies, and I like that about them. And it’s not just a skin colour diffference. They have such interesting faces. That, to me, this is what makes them “cute”. The fact that they don’t look like everyone else’s baby.

  44. jay says

    Hey,they´re not nannies,they´re relations.

    PS:I´m really shocked to see that animals like LISA H still live on our Planet!
    Please delete her.

  45. marla says

    phew, Looks like its hot in Greenwhich village. Maybe the nannies were hungry for an ice cream cone too 😛 Love Leni’s dress and shoes.
    Lisa H, don’t interrupt when grown ups are talking.
    They are all so adorable!

  46. JJ says

    Heidi has cute kids!! Leni is adorable. Henry is such a cutie with his crazy curls. I can barely see Johan in the photo but I’m sure he has big squishee cheeks and a full pout, just like Henry. Super-duper cute, I say!!!

  47. voice says

    Lisa H – I think we all know who is mentally retarded. In fact I dont think you are even retarded, just plain STUPID and lacking in brain cells. I hear that happens when siblings or fathers and daughters procreate so I guess your mommy and daddy were also brother and sister or your sicko daddy got some extra ‘love’ from his daughter and made you – and no doubt you are carrying on the tradition. They used to drown people like you in the old days. What a shame they stopped that. Sad, pathetic cretin that you are it would be putting you out of your misery.

  48. Amy says

    my aunt has 8 kids, between 2-18, and she never hired nannies. they have the money too, but she refuses to let someone else raise her children.
    i agree with sandra, though. in some situations a nanny may be needed, but it dosen’t look like they were needed in those pictures

  49. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Actually Webmistress, could you please remove Lisa H’s comment because I find it extremely offensive.

  50. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Lisa H, you are a vile and disgusting person. Racist people like you should just go away, grow up and get an education. The ignorance of some people astounds me.

    Anyway, I don’t know anything about this family but THREE nannies to go out for a walk is a bit excessive. With both mum and granny there they didn’t even need one!

  51. Sandra says

    lisa H. grow up maybe your mommy should have stopped touching you, because you sound mentally retarded.

    Anyways I think she has too many nannies! If you are going to have a bunch of kids then stand up and take care of them! Don’t hire 3 nannies to do the job YOU are suppose to do! That doesn’t mean I am against Nannies or child care! I just don’t think she needs them when doing family time!

  52. lisa H. says

    Heidi is getting long in the tooth, says my husband. looks like she avoids touching her negro babies as much as possible, can’t blame her for that! with all that hired help she has, you can’t help but wonder if the negro boys are mentally retarded

  53. Canada eh... says

    Not one, not two, but three nannies? Tell me again how it’s not jealousy that makes Brad&Angelina the object of such venom on TMZ.
    When was the last time we saw Brad and Angelina surrounded by nannies, I’m sure they have one or two; God help them if they didn’t four kids are a lot of work. Three nannies to go get ice cream?
    I don’t get it.
    I salute Brad & Angelina and their expanding brood; celebrity parents that have a “hands on approach”.

  54. Just me says

    Maybe Henry’s closer to 2 (??) but I was thinking that he is a big boy, too!
    Yeah, that is a lot of nannies!

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