David Arquette & Coco In Malibu For Memorial Day

Courteney Cox-Arquette

Courteney Cox-Arquette

David Arquette and daughter Coco, 2, (Coco will celebrate her third birthday on June 13th!) were snapped on the beach by Courteney and David’s Malibu home. David, Courteney and Coco spent Memorial Day with Jennifer Aniston.



  1. oriana says

    I really hope there’s nothing to the rumor about David and Courtney having problems, I want them to be happy and stay together! Surely it is just a false rumor!

  2. Libraesque says

    #3, #13 and #14, I can always count on some assinine comment from you three, you never disappoint.

    What does Jen have going on her life? NOTHING.

    In case you hateful bitches forgot, AJ gave birth and lost her mother recently, adopted a child ALL while continuing tirelessly with her humanitarian work
    but go ahead and bash her looks and compare her with JA who does nothing but get high all day, go to the beach and lay in the sun and do pathetic interviews

  3. Pick, Pick, Pick says

    Funny, I didn’t see Angelina Jolie OR Brad Pitt in the picture…why does everyone have to keep re-hashing this crap over and over and over?? It’s like walking into a chicken coop…blah, blah, blah, blah…
    WHO FLIPPIN CARES????!!!!!!
    She’s an adorable child, has great parents that love her very much & “auntie” Jen to hang out with. What a lucky child! There’s millions of kids in this world that have no parents, aren’t loved, & are dying.
    It’s a shame that you can’t say, “Oh, cute child” and leave it at that rather than assume you know every situation and every person. If you are that concerned about these people, maybe you should give them a ring or write them a letter because I’m sure they need the parenting and life advice from a bunch of women that sit around and gossip about strangers rather than spend time w/ their own families. But please keep it up, it’s very entertaining…you all must be close personal friends of them..I am so lucky to be amongst you!! lmao 🙂

  4. tj says

    Ok thats it Angelina Jolie is a better actress than Jennifer will ever be!!! Angelina is deffinitly more gorgeous than jennifer!!! Angelina Jolie made her way up to becoming one of the few woman that are powerful and Jennifer will never win that oscar or golden globe. We all KNOW that Angelina is the better actress and person. Brad made the greatest choice in his life by being with Angie. I dont see why everyone feels sorry for Jennifer, she’s a loser and might of made more movies than Angie in the ast 3 years but still doesnt mean those movies were great or even good for that matter. Angelina is the best no doubt. I mean come on now it’s Angelina Jolie for christs sake YEAH Brad’s gunna fall for her- who wouldnt. Jennifer sucks at acting, im sure she’s a good person and all, but come on now be for real Jennifer can never ever be the great actress that Angelina brings in ALL her movie. I think Brad and Angelina are happy together then they have ever been, i think the kids bring them closer and closer together, Jennifer wanted to start her “career” but no one really knows Jennifer, because when you think about Jennifer Aniston whats the first thing that pops to your head????- “Racheal from ‘Friends'” now with Angelina you know her from Lara Croft to Lisa Rowe {{in girl, interrupted}}, Gia, Olympias, Jane Smith, etc…. If Jennifer could of popped at least one kid out then i think she and Brad would of still have been together, so leave Angelina alone cause Brad and Jennifer were haveing problems BEFORE shooting Mr and Mrs Smith!!! Angelina was playing with Mad on set and Brad fell in love with some one else OK?!?!?! GET OVER IT!!!

    TEAM JOLIE!!!!!

  5. Cat says

    I don’t know the fine details of why Brad Pitt has had such poor luck with his relationships, whether it has to do with his choice in women or if it is all the women’s fault & he’s just gotten unlucky. I do know that it didn’t take him very long to get over Jennifer Aniston after years together, considering how quickly he did end up with Angelina Jolie. I am just glad he and Jennifer Aniston did not have children, and I hope that for the sake of their children Brad and Angelina are committed to each other more than they’ve been committed to their past partners. I don’t wish any of them harm but I don’t understand why people insist on bashing Jennifer and praising Brad/Angelina, or vice versa. For whatever reason, Jennifer and Brad did not work out. I’d think people who are pro Brad/Angelina would want the best for Jennifer. But people are spiteful for no reason I guess. All I know is Brad’s track record isn’t too great nor is Angelina’s– but like I said, with the kids, hopefully that has changed. Guess we’ll see…

  6. oriana says

    Have to add though that I am very impressed with Brad as a Dad and I think he truely loves all kids.

  7. oriana says

    Mia, I have heard for years now that it is indeed true Brad is wishy washy and leans to and takes on the personality of whomever he was with. This goes back years ago before he was even with Juliette Lewis, at that time they were both into the Grunge look, didn’t bathe, wash their hair, etc. for weeks at a time. He is no big prize to me, handsome, Yes, but I can see where he can easily be led and swayed by any woman, he doesn’t have a chance against a strong woman at all!

  8. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Brad has a rep for being selfish and wishy washy and prety much lacks a spine , also take son a new personality with whoever he happens to be with.Jolie is just a psycho accept that and you wont have any critism of her. Your expectation of her are too high..Good luck to her, it hollywood afterall. Its only a countdown till the next partner switch.

    And Jen is better off without Brad..SH eis free to find that person who will support her life choices.

    There is nothing wrong with moving on, if you do it respectfully without having to humiliate another person..Not even the ugliest person on earth deserves that kind of pain and humiliation…

    Beauty is more than a face..Let the most beautiful person have the ugliest character and they will drive people out of the room in floods. The business they are all in places entirely too much emphasis on beauty , which becomes their achilles heel as the clock ticks away..

  9. Lurker says

    I wondered about that too..why David is shielding his face and not the little girl’s.
    But then maybe he wasn’t hiding his face so much as keeping the sun out of his eyes?
    And typical kid, she may have had her face away from the sun and then at the last minute turned INTO the sun?
    I don’t know..it’s just a thought!

    But regardless, she is a cute little girl, IMO. I can’t decide it she looks more like him or like her, but she looks like a fun loving child in any case! 🙂

  10. Nicki says

    Cat- You do know Gwyenth cheated on him and that is why they weren’t together anymore? It took her 5 years to finally admit she was the one that ruined thier relationship, and she mentioned it again last year. He, Brad doesn’t get tired of “women after a while” Gwen, Juliettte and most of the others weren’t “women”, they were girls. I think he found his “woman” now and is happy with his family, the one he has always wanted.

    I still don’t know why David is covering his face and not shielding his daughter instead!!!!

  11. Cat says

    They have both been around for a long time. I have admired Angelina Jolie since early 98 and Jennifer Aniston since early 96. They are very different and aside from Brad Pitt, there is no real way you can compare one with the other. Personally since I was a fan of both of them before all the Brad Pitt mess, I don’t take sides. I wish them all happiness. I remember in early 97 when Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow were the hottest couple around and then they suddenly broke up and it was quite sad. He seems to get tired of women after awhile, and always goes for the actresses. But now that he has a baby with Angelina maybe that will change. It’s really hard to compare his past relationships given this is a new factor (Shiloh). I just find that I have little respect for him of all people.

  12. Joelly says

    Too funny, Jen looks great!! Brad doesn’t deserve a loyal person like her. He’ll get it back some day, we all know Angelina bounces from man to man similar to the way she adopts children.

  13. oriana says

    Nicki is right on, as I stated, Angie is a major Star worldwide, Jen is a TV star, big difference, as far as beauty in the face, Angie wins over everyone I can think of hands down, she is gorgeous! Jen is plain and simple, plus her snout is too big, she does have a very good figure, nice legs for sure, Angie’s veiny arms, skinny arms, no butt, no figure there to me at all! I do think Angie is looking older also, she looks a lot older to me than her actual age, same as Catherine Zeta Jones, another beauty!

  14. Lynn says

    Nope she only got 9 -10 million in Mr and Mrs Smith and 5-6 in Tombraider. Don’t forget she had a small part in The good Shephard so she did not star and got a lot less money. I think part of the reason she hooked Pitt was to financially support her charity dos as money flies fast in hollywood if you lead a lavish lifestyle which she aspired to. Girl is a master planner. You can’t deny her homewrecking antics got her more fame than either her movies or charity work. She is GOOD! Isn’t she?

  15. Nicki says

    Angelina Jolie makes between 12-15 million per movie. How is that not in the highest paid? I think she was #8, Nicole Kidman being the higest.

  16. Lynn says

    May be we are looking at different people lately but for sometime Jen has looked younger than Jolie. Jolie is not even among th ehightest earning female stars.

  17. Nicki says

    In 2001 Angelina Jolie became an international superstar with the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Before that she had since 1997 won 3 Golden Globes an Academy Award,and several other awards. So Mary she has been on the radar for a very long time.
    Jen has lots of money from Friends and her divorce settlement. Jen hasn’t made a movie in a long time. I don’t know what she has planned for movies in the future, but she will never get as much money per film as Angelina.
    Oriana is right Angie is a huge star, movie star. Jen is, or was, a TV star. Big difference.
    Jen probably looks younger because she is in short jean cutoffs, and she has great legs. Face wise up close, no comparison, Angie wins.

  18. Mary says

    I guess Angelina wanted that link and connection to Brad and I pity whomever Brad will go out with next because she is going to become a menance. From their recent pics, Jen looks younger than Angelina. Oriana, Aniston is a bigger star and Angelina has become only globally recognised in the last two years thanks to her man eating ways. Infact, Aniston earns ten times more than Jolie and and is 20 times wealthier than Jolie.

  19. Zbella says

    Funny how this went from Coco Arquette to Angelina Jolie. But since I like Angie, I will go there. 🙂 The good thing is that Brad and Jennifer did NOT have children together. Jen is free to go on and forget Brad – fine. But if Angie and Brad break up, they will have a connection – known as Maddox, Pax, Zahara & Shiloh. Now those are some cute kids!

  20. Cat says

    Angelina was born in 6/75 and Jennifer was born in 2/69, making the age difference 6 years.

    Marriages work and marriages fail. There is no comparison between these two women, they seem incredibly different aside from the profession. Obviously Brad has fallen out of love before for someone else so if anyone is in a better position that would be Jennifer.

    Hopefully she is moving on & glad to have no connection to Brad like Angelina will have when they fall apart (4 kids and counting….)

  21. says

    coco is the cutest little girl for me, she s just so adorableee, and yes bethany coco is very tall for her age, she looks like 3 and a half

  22. Zbella says

    Cute Co-Co. David is looking better than usual, or maybe it’s because we can’t see his face? Sorry, that sounded really mean!

    Angie looks and is much younger than Jen. No pity here for Jen. Guess I can’t understand NOT wanting babies. I love ’em too much. Good for Brad, now he has babies AND a gorgeous, smart woman.

  23. oriana says

    Oh Courtney is with them and Jennifer and her are the best of friends. Jenn would never want David or do anything to hurt her best friend, that is silly!

    Angie is a Shark, she would chew Jennifer up and spit her out before she even knew what hit her.

    Angie is a Star, a huge Star, Jennifer will never reach that status, she would love it and that was her goal, but she now realizes I am sure, that she lost Brad because of dreams of making it big, she is not Rachel on the big screen and she can’t coast off of that forever. It is too bad, she looks sad to me, but Angie looks much older than her, Angie looks like she is 40 years old to me, Jennifer is plain and simple, not pretty at all, but she has a nice body and she will be okay. She strikes me as one of those women that doesn’t have to have a man in her life to feel complete so hope she is happy.

  24. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Coco and her father look cute together, looks like these two goof out together quite a bit hahaha..the arquettes are hilarious!!

    Aaniston looks great…I think she is older than Angelina..I sincerely wish her much luck in her private life, she handled her self well, and it would be nice to simply forget about Whorelina and Hermaphrodite..Anniston had mentioned she jsut want to forget all about that, but she gets reminded daily and those who feel they have to speak on her behalf just make it seem like she is sitting at home crying over those two

    I doubt Anniston will ever go for Arquette, they have been friends too long and helped her hrough a difficult time, speaking up when she couldnt speak for herself..she is strong woman for sure…The public humiliation in the media was horrible..most people have to contend with thier husband leaving but not in the glare of the media and being faced with pictures of an instant family daily…breaks ups are hard enough without the inteference of the media

    Those two deserve each other and time will tell wether or not Karma can be Grande Dame of a bitch

  25. says

    angie is 32 and jen is a few years older, like 37 i think… anyway, i dont think the jen is attractive at all… not because i loveeee angie and think she’s the most gorgeous celebrity, but i think jen looks older than she really is and i dont think she has any real beauty to her …. well courtey was there in the other pics, and even if she wasnt there, that doesnt mean that anything is going on between david and jen… courtney and jen are best friends…jen would never do that, she’s no denise richards…. and angie did not steal jen’s husband, their marraige was already headed for split ville because jen did not want to give brad a child.

    neway, i agree that david should be hiding his child’s face and not his if he wants to be covering someone…coco is cute, i dont see much of david in her, she looks like she has a whole lot of personality. cutie 🙂

  26. Lauren says

    Coco is a cutie! I think she resembles David more than Courteney. I love Jennifer! I hope she takes Sheryl Crow’s route and adopts a baby. She’d make a terrific mom.

  27. Cristhel L. says

    brandy i completely agree with u
    jennifer is still sad dat brad abandoned her 4 a much better woman like angie
    i think she will steal her best friends husband . Just because she is a stupid whore
    who doesn’t haave a life
    and angelina never stole brad 4 jennifer brad just abandoned her because she didn’t wanna ruin her “perfect body” 2 have kids with him
    so angie wus a sexy mother of 1 now she is a mothere of 4

  28. Nina says

    Love Jen, she used to look so good with Brad, pity they split. At least she looks hotter than both of them. Karma.

  29. Malayka says

    Wow that is one strong woman and a survivor. She looks hot! Brad must regret why he left her because she looks much better than Jolie. But lets not be unfair, Jolie has four kids!

  30. M says

    Aniston looks goooooooood, Life without Brad must be agreeing with her. She actually looks better than Jolie in these pics! Coco is cute.

  31. Polly says

    The baby is cute. Does someone know whether Angelina is older than Aniston? She seems older but it could be because she is skinny.

  32. fifi trooper says

    I don’t think that none of you know’s what Jen will/would do! Yeah, she seem pretty wholesome, but usually those type just go for what theu know! I think that He is cute, with his kid, and all, but where is COURTNEY! I don’t see them taking pictures anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Nicki says

    #2 Nicki- Courtney was with them in some of the pics but not the 2 pictured here. She was walking a bit behind them.
    Coco is cute, she looks like she would be funny and silly, like her Dad.
    Why is David covering his face instead of his daughters? He is an actor, she is just a lil kid. Seems odd to me.

  34. withintemptation says

    just because Courteney’s not pictured, doesn’t mean she wasn’t there. sheesh

    i think Coco definately looks like her daddy, she’s so adorable! 😀

  35. Brandy says

    Is it just me, or are we seeing more of JUST David and Jennifer Aniston snapped together?
    Hmmm, rumors of marriage trouble between Courtney and David, then photos of David & Jen?

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