David Arquette & Coco

Courteney Cox-Arquette

David Arquette and daughter Coco, 2, were snapped heading to the car after a family lunch with Courteney at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu on May 20th. Look at all those dolls he’s toting!
Star magazine


  1. Jules says

    I love CoCo and Courteney and yes David has managed to charm me over the years. Honestly.. I think she looks like she could be more Courteney and Matthew Perry’s. Just with the whole hair, Matthew has naturally lighter hair. Anyways.. I love that one of them is always with her. That’s great. And hey she’s dressed, quit bitchin’ about her hair or her out fit. I mean where I grew up, until we were six we mainly ran around in underpants or shorts.

  2. says

    would you stop with kid hair, maybe she just get out of the water, they are on the beach.
    David looks adorable with all the barbies and coco is the CUTEST girl, but agreed with some of you she don´t look like any of her parents

  3. Zbella says

    OH, I think she’s very cute. Messy hair and clothes don’t bother me. I prefer it to perfectly coiffed children. They need to be messy and have FUN!

  4. says

    My daughter’s hair is always a mess too. I wash it everyday and comb it everyday. I try to put clips in it or tie it up somehow, but mu daughter always messes it back up. Nothing I do prevents her from making her hair look like she’s been driving in a convertible all day. So… I’m not going to say anything about Coco’s hair. I totally understand. She’s cute no matter what! But David… Please find a stylist to help you out with your wardrobe! : )

  5. Diva says

    Awwww, they MATCH, how cute is THAT???? I think they’re BOTH adorable!

    I think she TOTALLY looks like her mama. I’ve seen some pics of Courtney when she was little and besides having dark hair, she looked just like Coco.

  6. Lauren says

    Aww, how cute. Coco is adorable. She always has this mischeiveous smile on her face. I think she resembles David more.

  7. Bethany says

    God, his outfit is hideous!!! Those shoes especially. I think Coco is a cutie, it just looks like her hair needs a good washing and brushing. Nice to see a pic of them though.

  8. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    Dang!! HE looks like he’s about to shove those cameras down somebodies throat!! Protective daddy, like he should be..not pimpin’ her out like *coughTC* some other daddies in Lalaland do.
    I’m not a huge fan of the Barbies cuz I gotta rip open the vacuum bag everytime I accidentally suck up a tiny shoe or earring (my 5 yr. old has a cow!), but I sure do prefer them to those wretched Bratz dolls.
    Love her little shoes! This isn’t a very good pic of her- I havent seen one of her since she was a baby.

  9. kim--original kim says

    Will somebody please comb her hair??? I’ve wondered if they’d have another baby, but it looks like Courtney is pretty busy these days… and all the speculation on state of their marriage… I love that David’s hands-on, carrying the dolls/bag and Coco… Very nice!

  10. claire says

    finally a kid playing with barbies!! according to my niece its all about some new american girl like doll. and american girl dolls arent in anymore either as she told me the other day.

  11. fifi trooper says

    I know that he dresses funny, and all, but to me he is handsome! in that quirky kind of way! I think that this baby has came a long way, because at first, I didn’t know how she would have looked, but Now I see that she’s cute, I think that she will look like her mother in the long run!

  12. oriana says

    I think the older she gets the more we will see a resemblance, but frankly, none of those are Arquettes are that good looking, Courtney is beautiful to me and she really doesn’t have that much resemblance to either of them!

  13. JJ says

    It’s hard to say who she looks like…I can’t see a big resemblance to either parent…yes! she does have a pouty, mischievous expression.

  14. oriana says

    I love her little shoes and outfit, Courtney dresses her very nice, but I have never thought she was cute at all. She looks like the Arquettes to me.

  15. says

    she sure has gotten big… she has a mischievous smirk on her face. lol she looks a lot like her mummy. she looks cute. not a fan of her parents though

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