1. Zbella says

    Don’t judge right off the bat about the child in a diaper at Target. Kids can throw up, poop, spill food, paint – 101 different things can get on their outfit from the door to the store. I had to stop at Old Navy one time (on our way to dinner) after one such incident with our son! I do have redneck tendencies though…

  2. Granny says

    Actually the more clothing such as a swim suit or t-shirt would be a good idea for the SUN protection not pervert protection.

  3. oriana says

    These are some gorgeous kids and obviously a lovely family! Very nice to see, and the little girl is sooooo cute!!!!!!

  4. says

    thanks #10

    i dont think anything is wrong with a baby not having clothes on at the beach…if it were somewhere else, then yes especially at target, traveller lol

  5. traveller says

    I don’t see anything wrong with a little girl wearing only a diaper on the beach. She’s just a baby. What I think is wrong is taking your baby to a store in just a diaper. I saw that at Target the other day. Horrible! If you’re going out, at least dress your kid before you go. It screams redneck when you don’t.

    I don’t feel Brad and Angelina make it a point to say that their kids are adopted. She usually talks about the adoptions because she’s asked about them by the interviewer. Hugh is not asked about his adoption experiences in interviews, therefore, he usually doesn’t mention it. To me, Pitt and Jolie treat each of their children equally, adopted or biological. Like them or not, they seem to be good parents.

  6. kim--original kim says

    She’s so cute, but I will not be letting my 8 month old daughter on the beach without a bathing suit! Too many weirdos in the world…I want her covered up!!!

  7. says

    oh by the way, very cute pic of ava and hugh… i saw some more of these on another website a little while ago and they were just as adorable… ava seems to have asian in her?? i dont know. shes way cute. he seems like a really good dad to both his kids 🙂

  8. says

    #2 i agree with what u said that adopted kids should not be reminded constantly that they were adopted and should be treated just as another member of the family, but i dont think that brad and angie out of all people tell their kids that they should be grateful that they were adopted . to me it seems like they dont care about things like that and genuinely love their kids(all 4) equally

  9. Jackie says

    Malayka and Maggie, you are spot on. Children are a gift whichever way you get them. But some on these celebrities will not let it rest that they adopted their kids. They always remind us what a gift they are to these kids, which is sad. I too did not know Hugh adopted his kids. Great father, lovely picture.

  10. says

    agreed with you too malayka, adopted kids shold be treated like if they really were yours, I dont mean not telling them they are adopted, but not remind them all the time

  11. fifi trooper says

    I think that this picture is soo cute, It’s nice to see parents really inneracting with their kids! I promise, that she will defintely remember this when she get’s older! I love to see men, playing with their kids, it’s quite sexy!

  12. Malayka says

    I know Maggie, I also did not know they were adopted and that Oscar is actually black and cherokee. His is handsome and such a doting dad. I wish celebs who adopt children would not parade them around as trophies but teat them just like any member of the family. To me Brad and Angelina seem to be telling the children that they should be grateful to be adopted and the world owes them for adopting but Hugh, Cruise and Kidman actually treat these children the exact opposite, like they owe the kids for coming into their lives. And that is how it should be if you ask me.

  13. maggie says

    hes a very great dad, I dint know that his kids were adopted, I actually see a little bit of huge in ava. shes very cute

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