Gwen & Gavin Help Kingston Celebrate His First Birthday In NYC!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Kingston celebrated his first birthday yesterday! Gwen and Gavin helped him celebrate in NYC by taking him out to lunch followed by some shopping. He is way too adorable!

Note: Does anyone know what Kingston’s shirt says?  ____ life begins at 1!


  1. Kate says

    Kingston is definately a cutie! One of my fave celeb babies along with Lola & Sam, Apple, Violet, Zahara, Shiloh, Maddox, Pax…..I can’t choose! I love them all!!! 😎

  2. tj says

    the father is handsome and so is his child!! he looks lik gwen too, you dont think gwen is pretty???? {{JJ}}???? he’s adorable!!! pure gorgeous!!!

  3. JJ says

    Consider yourself fortunate then that I’m not a member of your family, Miranda and Z! Pleasant dreams to you both.

  4. Zbella says

    JJ – I’m 32, American and would not appreciate it if someone said one of my daughters looked like a boy or my son looked like a girl. But I have family members like you who think it’s oh so cute to be ‘honest’ all the time. Just an excuse to be rude whenever you want. Miranda, you sound like a mature 16 year old. 🙂

  5. Miranda says

    OK JJ, so you’re 37 and wear glasses already, wow. I’m 16 and I wear contacts, and I just happen to think that you’re a bit rude. What about you being a Canadian? ok?

  6. margaret says

    kingston is really cute & adorable,,,i would love to have a baby brother/sister as cute & cuddly as him…

    oh btw, his t-shirt says “good life begins at 1!”

  7. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    That’s funny that they took him out to lunch and went shopping…bet he was thrilled!! Those one year olds…shop til they drop!! LOL
    He’s such a doll face!!

  8. Alicia says


  9. Patty Machain says

    He’s so adorable and cute. Happy B-day Kingston, many blessings for you and your mommy and daddy.

  10. Patty Machain says

    He’s so adorable and cute. Happy B-day Kingston, many blessings for you and your mommy and daddy.

  11. oriana says

    I’ve never seen Shiloh smile in any of her pictures that have been taken, although not that many of them, this baby is laughing and smiling a lot, very happy little tyke!!!!

  12. stacey ann bradley says

    that a pritty baby i whould love share picture of my baby giri she is 14 mouth her name is deja

  13. loopylou says

    Someone has way too much time on their hands, go get yourself a life JJ instead of waiting for someone to post something which argues with your opinion.

    Kingston is a cutie, have to agree Im am more partial to the mo hawk look but that boy is gonna be a stunner.

  14. traveller says

    I think Kingston is adorable and I have the right to say that. If JJ thinks the kid is not cute, she has the right to say that also and not be ostrasized for it. Leave the poor woman alone!

  15. JJ says

    I’m 37 and proud of speaking my mind. I already wear glasses…and I am Canadian!!! Any other queries?

  16. kim--original kim says

    He is really adorable!
    JJ, I’m sure your niece’s mommy really appreciated that comment from you….

  17. Miranda says

    JJ, please, are you being serious about that you TOLD your sister in law that her little girl looked like a boy? PLEASE, how old are you, 7?

  18. oriana says

    JJ is right, not all babies are cute, they may all be sweet but not all are pretty, I think Kingston looks just like Gavin, love him too, he looks older in these pictures to me than a year old but he is a joyful child and that is wonderful to see.

  19. Sandra says

    Wow I would never tell someone that is related to me that their kid looks like a boy. That is a bit harsh, even though you can have your opinions it is ones like those that belong inside your head. JMO

  20. Layla says

    I have three nieces as well JJ, and they are all so beautiful. The two oldest ones have hair down to their knees. And the youngest is seven months old, I’m sure her hair will be just as long when she becomes older.

  21. JJ says

    Well, since I have three nieces that (in my opinion) are very cute, I must be partial to little girls. The youngest one looks like a boy though and I often tell my sister in law that she looks like a boy. I guess I’m honest to a fault.

  22. Layla says

    JJ, you are indeed entitled to your opinion. I have seen cuter babies in my time as well, but Kingstons little personality just makes him irresistible! Along with those BIG brown eyes.

  23. JJ says

    Some babies are cute and some are not. in my opinion, Kingston just doesn’t fit the bill when it comes to being a cute baby.

  24. Lizzie says

    JJ-you definately don’t have to be part of the clique but obviously you’re in the minority. Every comment but yours has been positive. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and I also think he’s very adorable. Gwen and Gavin are totally awesome parents. Very seldom do you see Kingston with a nanny. And I do agree with you about Suri, Shiloh and Violet. Will never get tired of seeing those precious lil’ faces. 🙂

  25. JJ says

    People if I don’t think Kingston is cute – I can say it.
    Not everyone has to agree! I don’t have to be part of the clique, ya know!

  26. Sandra says

    I think he is adorable! Happy Birthday!!!!

    I would like to see what JJ’s kids look like if she doesnt think Kingston is cute!

  27. Layla says

    Well I think he is a cutie, and he has a sweet little disposition. It is quite mean IMO to say that a baby Isn’t cute. They are all precious in his sight.

    Happy first Birthday, Little darling.

  28. JJ says

    Don’t think Kingston is cute at all. He looks like his father and I don’t think his father is good looking or cute either.

  29. says

    the hole tshirt says “Vote 4 smile, good life begins at 1”, very nice tshirt and adorable little boy, he´s already walking

  30. fifi trooper says

    He is sooooooo cute! I see star written on him already! I think he looks like his dad, bur with Gwen’s eyes! He is adorable!

  31. oriana says

    Now this little boy is truely loved and blessed! She is a very loving mother to him and he is very cute, looks more like Gavin every day!

  32. maggie says

    ohhh hes just the cutest little guy, hes too sweet, happy birthday for kingston and for shiloh too

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