Angelina Jolie Takes Pax & Maddox To Marineland In France

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Last week Angelina Jolie and her bodyguard took Pax, 3, and Maddox, 5, to Marineland in France. The boys enjoyed feeding the whales. The family has been in France for the Cannes film festival.



  1. me says

    ok – really – all the comments here are about brangelina and things… ok not from me. I have no interest at all in the “celeb” world it really is so silly how much people talk about all that crap that they aren’t even apart of – But I stumbled on this that she went to marineland. I actually admire her as a person from what I know of her and I am not about to prentend I know her at all but to me, she has a job, she has a family and she is out taking her kids to see the whales. I DOUBT this thought crossed her mind but for all you celeb obsessed people it clearly influences the world too and what they do.. they do what she does and things. But I know she’s always said she like to be wild and free… so I don’t understand why she’s at marineworld feeding the whales in the pool with her kids when she could be out on the seas, in the natural world seeing them with her kids in a much more enriching way and better experience….. and at the same time not ‘promoting’ marine world by simply being there, that is her curse and I KNOW she’s just making her kids happy – but I think even if she hates water, that maybe out with some scientists who research these guys would be FAR more fun, private and totally easy to orgaize given people jump at the chance with famous people (so funny.. how people are) and would do that… so you know, I just hope she does that instead, cos all around, I think the’d all find it a better day out together… and at the same time not promote whales in pools for kids and families to enjoy.. rather enjoy them in the wild – wild and free….

  2. daleo says

    I just read all the comments about Angie–well here is my take on things—It seems to me that Brad and Angelina are way more suited for each other than Brad and Jen. Jennifer is very boring and very career orientated, and it is so obvious that Brad was dying to become a Dad, and he wasnt getting any younger……I think he picked Angelina because she could give him what he wanted—-simple as that—-if he was happy with Jennifer he would still be with her…..I wish them the best………

  3. daleo says

    I really admire Brad and Angelina–they have a lovely family and they both seem very happy–and they are making their children very happy–those kids are so blessed to have them as parents–I love the pics—wonderful!!—they are all so gorgeous–the kids and the parents

  4. Nancy Morrison says

    Has anyone noticed in the 50 or more photo’s of Brad Pitt’s natural child, Shilo, that not a single photo shows the baby smiling? She is a year or so old now and should have been smiling since a couple months after birth…I find this very odd. Most babies automatically smile when someone speaks to them….

  5. oriana says

    Maddox looks really tall in these pictures, he is growing up fast! I think he is very smart also, I can easily see him an Ambassador himself one day!

  6. tj says

    i think angelina jolie is a great mother to her kids!! to all of them not just mad not just z and not just pax, shiloh too, she loves all of her kids ALL of them. im sick of people saying she only loves her adopted kids, come on guys thats not true!!!how can you be that ignorant to say or even think that!! Angelina and brad im sure are wonderful parents. Pax and Mad are so HANDSOME!!!! and her girls Z and Shiloh are BEAUTIFUL!!!! all her kids are GORGEOUS!! even her and brad themselves. Angelina Jolie is a great actress and brad is a good actor too, i can deffinitly see shiloh in movies already!!! she has the face a a moviestar anyways!!!

  7. Xenafan96 says

    Sabrina-good saying. I hope the Jolie-Pitts work out, and prove the public wrong, but only time will tell!
    In the subject at hand, am I cuckoo to say that Pax and Mad are really starting to resemble one another? Their body language seems very tuned in to one another. Can you imagine how thrilled both boys were to have their Mommy all to themselves for a day?? Awesome that Brad and Ang make sure to give each child alone time with themselves. It’s the very essence of love to help the children grow!

  8. Zbella says

    We can enjoy watching their beautiful family grow. If they split, so they split – like 50% of all marriages. Some last 20 years (like my in-laws) and then split. Some last 35 years and counting (like my parents). So how long does a couple need to be together to get your respect? Is there a magic number that means you made it? No. You take each day and year and make the best of it. The dooms-dayers may be right. So what? We are enjoying seeing these wonderful children and beautiful parents together NOW.

  9. Analise says

    Malayka and Lily need to shut the hell up. You spout off about this woman as if you both know her and you don’t. Anymore than you know the details of her relationship with Brad or his marriage to Jennifer. You both look stupid and hateful. Kim is borderline.

  10. cb says

    Pilar – thanks for giving me a new word – “superannuated”. I hadn’t heard it before and needed to look it up; good word. I love learning something new.

    Thank you.

  11. oriana says

    I think he has adjusted just fine and is feeling more like being a part of this familly. He looks very happy and secure to me. I blame Angie and Brad for letting Princess Zahara rule the house and it does seem she is much happier with Pax as a playmate. I think he has been a good influence on the family too.

  12. Pilar says

    People on other blogs who were snarking that Pax would be ruined for life after being taken out of a familiar environment and brought to a strange country with strange customs, strange language, etc. etc., and Angelina is a monster for putting the poor child through all that, yadda yadda yadda. Tens of thousands of children adopted from overseas have made a successful adaptation to life in this country. Little Pax has a warm and loving family, and it shows. He looks like a very happy little guy.

    I also think adopting Pax has had a very beneficial effect on Miss Thang, a/k/a Princess Z, who looks like she has come out of her shell since he joined the family. They are close in age and having someone her own age to play with may have helped her to be more outgoing.

  13. oriana says

    Who were all those people that didn’t think Pax would adjust? I don’t remember anyone making those statements?

  14. Tia says

    Awww! Love this family, love Angie! These kids are loved…and thats all that should matter. Maddox is a doll and Pax as well! I love the last picture of him…adorable

  15. Pilar says

    Oh Lily with the capital L, for heaven’s sake! Brad wanted a woman and a family; he got Angelina and the kids. Jennifer isn’t a woman; she’s a superannuated Barbie doll.

  16. Lily says

    Yes I know most of you will make excuses for her but she did what she did and that can’t be changed. If they split, which they will by the way, I will not cry any tears and as for Brad fans, I bet you will move on to the next Mrs Pitt and start attacking Jolie for saying she never trusted any one not even Brad and she did not have to be legally bound to him as long as the kids were. In the mean time, am not stopping anyone from enjoying her spin. You will not be the first starry eyed people to learn a lesson.

  17. says

    I know people are going to jump down my throat for asking this, but I don’t know why people say they hate Angelina Jolie…
    First of all, how can you really hate someone you have never met and know very little about? Sure, we can get a glimpse through interviews, articles and other filtered information that is fed to us. No one really knows her though and to judge her personal life is beyond comprehension to me.
    I also hate when people say she is only doing relief work and donating money for publicity. Even if it is partially for publicity, how many other people spend so much time and millions of dollars to try to make a difference in the world? I don’t think there are many people as devoted as her.
    I am not saying she is perfect and I have never met her, but she is making a difference in the world like it or not, and I think it is time to stop being so critical and apreciate what she and others have done to help out the world while we are writing on this board!

  18. fifi trooper says


  19. fifi trooper says

    I don’t think that Jennifer wanted any kids. because she was “trying to get her career off the ground” It was obvious that they were headed in two different directions! Brad, is a huge star, and Jennifer, I’m sorry is really known for being a t.v. star, I guess that she wanted her own reconition!, but these are things that couples need to discuss when they are together! i BET, YOU THAT BRAD IS ENJOYING BEING A FATHER….. MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Pilar says

    Fifi, I had to laugh at that question “when is the perfect time to have a baby?” I think if my ex and I had waiting for the “perfect time” to have our son, he might never have been born. One day we just decided to go for it, and he was born nine months later. I don’t know if we were “ready” or not, but we never for a single day regretted it.

  21. Pilar says

    Congratulations on your parents marriage, Nicki. That’s an enviable achievement. Hope they will beat my aunt and uncle’s anniversary. They were happily married for 64 years until cancer took my uncle at the age of 88.

  22. oriana says

    I have wondered so many times if any of these bodyguards for any of these stars have families? Wives, kids? They must love to travel for when they go away on film location they have to be protected and the children also, I guess they get their ins. benefits paid as well as living expenses, must pay pretty good!!!!!

  23. oriana says

    Nicki, did yu ever go to Aunt Sallie’s and get some of the fresh pralines? I love the blackberry jam with pecans in it!!!!!!

  24. oriana says

    Married for 52 years!!!!! How proud you must be!!!! That is wonderful!

    My oldest son’s dad was killed in a car wreck right after he returned from Vietnam, was never the same mentally! In his 20’s, so sad!

    My Dad was a Colonel in the Army, stationed mostly in Korea so my heart is with the military men and their families. The mothers that over there fighting, can’t even think about it, it hurts me too bad and makes me mad that this war is still going on.

    Glad you had a peaceful weekend with the hubby!

  25. Nicki says

    OK, sorry, comment on the topic,:lol: Maddox is a cutie, he looks like he is afraid to feed the whales,(other sites had these, 3 more, pictures a few days ago) but totally enjoying himself. Pax looks fearless grabbing the feed fish and tossing them to the whales. (there are at least 3 more pics out there). They look like happy children. Best wishes to all the Jolie-Pitt children!!

  26. Nicki says

    oriana~OH yes!!! Red beans and rice……….I still enjoy, but remember from Lousiana, it was a must.:lol: so good. Glad you enjoyed!

  27. Nicki says

    42. oriana ~While I agree with most everything you said………..and yes we don’t agree on Angie, you are 1000% right on… Why do they “guilty” party get away with not being blamed?? Men. If they are married, then aren’t they to blame????
    Yes, I did have a great weekend, hubby had 3 days off, not easy for a salary supervisor(sp). We had a great time, thanks for asking in #40. oriana . Yes my Dad is a Korean War Vet. A great person, compassionate, loving and an animal lover. He is still alive and doing great and I always enjoy his wisdom. Wonderful man, and he and my Mom have been happily married for 52 years!! Great people.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and wish the best to you and any and all Vets you know, or have known, and love!! Best always!
    NH bestest friend is doing well, thanks for asking. (house is a different thing, but she is strong and will make it work.)

  28. fifi trooper says

    I think that Brad’s marriage was over along time! Jennifer, didn’t want to put her career on hold to start a family, Brad, wasn’t getting any younger! He, found someone that had his interest in life, and he went for it! I’m not mad at that! I mean, they were together for 7 years, and exactly when was the perfect time to have a baby? I think that couples really need to sit down, and discuss when is the right time to start a family, because it’s always nice to avoid situations like this! ( I do think that she (angelina) has lost a lot a weight, but then again, her mother just died, and I don’t think that nobody has the right to put a time on how long is to long to mourn!)

  29. Pilar says


    Lily, good lord, the way you talk, you’d think she was Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, or the Antichrist! She didnt break up anyone’s marriage. You can’t break up what is already broken. And you can’t “steal” anyone who doesn’t want to be “stolen”! If Aniston hadn’t put her career ahead of her man, she’d still have a man. A costly lesson which she probably hasn’t learned even yet.

    You really need to let go of this. It’s TWO YEARS already. But I am coming to realize that Angelina’s most rabid haters no longer use Aniston as an excuse. They don’t even pretend to care about Aniston any more. They hate Angelina for simply being Angelina.

    Find a hobby or an interest or something positive. All this hating is just going to make you old and bitter.

  30. Alicia says

    awww what a cutie family!!! look at those boys!!! pax is so adorable!!! maddox is such a joyous!!! Angelina, and families are truly blessed!!!

  31. oriana says

    Lily, she did appear to have been head over heels in Lust with BBT and she and him both, acted ridiclous to me, but I do think she loves Brad and admires him for loving the kids and wanting kids like he does, and he shares some same common interests with her. They have four kids now and that isn’t anything to sneeze at. Yes, she can afford nannies and assistants from here and the deep blue sea, but that is not like having a partner and someone that truely loves your children the same as you do.

    Now she may have had her flings and her fun, but who in Hollywood hasn’t? And let’s face, how many of us common people, and by that I mean those that shop at Sears and love the sales, instead of on Rodeo Drive, a few of us have had our fun times too! And I don’t just look at the women, the men have been dogs and Big Dogs for how long now and it seems to be laughed, accepted and said, Okay, that is how men are! Bullshit on that Bullcrap!!! There have been more whoremongering men in Hollywood than we can blink at!!!!!

    Lord knows I am not one to defend her but right is right and wrong is wrong, if you a A-List, D-List or Shit List!!!!

  32. Lily says

    She will always be a home wrecker to me. I at first believed that she may be did not break that marriage and just accerelated what was already down hill but after a comment in one interview that when she met Brad, she thought she met someone she wanted to spend her life with. This man was married and whereas many people have problems, marriages have been known to survive after huge patches. Her presence as a third wheel and her actions there after have made me hate her more than I ever hated any one. She is a mean spirited woman who from the onset set out to sleep with a married man and her affair with Martinez while he was in a longterm relationship and BBT when he was engaged to Dern show what kind of person she is. I don’t think this will last, she went crazy over BBT but where is he now? I think she is playing on every ones’ brains.

    I will not blame her for the veins since thye are natural but for her cruel actions since they are intentional. I feel sorry for the fans who buy all the spin.

  33. oriana says

    Hi Nicki, Happy Memorial Day to you and your family, and friend in NH!!! Do you have any service men in your family?

    Thanks for the info on Mickey, I wondered where he came from, and I am certain he takes good care of her and the kids, and prob well paid for his excellent care. He does look like a rough customer to me, but I saw some of the Israeli bodyguards Liz Taylor used to have, they didn’t look like pussycats either!

    Having a nice quiet weekend, did a little cooking, Red Beans n rice with smoked sausage, ribs and baked potatoes, and Carrot Cake!!!!

    Mostly reruns on TV but I do like the music concerts from D.C. Hope all is well with you my dear!

  34. kim--original kim says

    Hey traveller—- please! I’m far from ignorant, I assure you… and YOU can’t be “quite sure” of anything unless you’re in the know, which I suspect you are not!
    Also–I’ll comment on whatever I like, thank you, as that’s what this site is for! And I’m not worried about my reputation with you, that’s for sure. Thanks for the good laugh!

  35. CyberKitten38 says

    re: the veins in Ang’s arms and’s very commonly seen in muscular people..ppl with more muscle mass than fat. Almost ALL body builders have it..and actually I have it. And i’m NOT thin at all. I’m a little overweight but also VERY muscular

  36. Nicki says

    10. oriana ~ hey, how are you? Fine I hope.
    Mickey has been Angies bodyguard since she did the first Tomb Raider movie. He lives in England, and works for her since Tomb Raider, when she is overseas. He was also Nicole Kidmans bodyguard and a few other stars as well. He seems like he knows his job and does it well, almost exclusively Angies overseas bodyguard since Laura Croft. So they have been together for quite a while.
    At the Oceans 13 premiere in Cannes he only stuck to her, when her and Brad seperated to the left or right of each other, he was always and only watching Angie. Brad has his own bodyguard, not sure if was on the red carpet like Mickey was, but goes with Brad with the kids at school.

  37. oriana says

    To their credit I didn’t see a bunch of pictures of them with Zahara when it was her BD either so they prob did want quiet family time with both girls.

  38. Pilar says

    I think Angie and Brad wanted to give Shi a nice, quiet first birthday party away from the prying eyes of any paparazzi. Good for them.

  39. oriana says

    Although I don’t see Angie as the Goddess, Saint and Angel that so many have proclaimed her to be, in those words, I don’t think she broke up the marriage, Brad and Jen were already having problems and had been for quite some time. But I do think when he flipped for her and she set her sights on him it was a Done deal for sure! The ink wasn’t even dry on the divorce papers and he was playing Happy, Cozy lovey dovey family with Maddox and Angie.

    I think that he really loves Maddox too and it is plain to see Maddox adores him, that is a very sweet thing to me.

    traveller, you could make excuses for her if she broke up ten marriages, and I don’t very seriously if they spent the “whole” day celebrating Shiloh’s BD. She is a baby, give her a cake and she will be happy.

    I agree with Kim, I think she had Shiloh to keep Brad happy and the adopted kids, plus more adopted kids, will be for her heart’s desire. I do think Brad will love all of them also like he does Maddox and Zahara but I think he will always have a soft spot in his heart for those two, he is truely their father in every sense of the word.

    I wonder how long Angie is going to be dressing the girls like they are little boys?

  40. Scared of veins says

    Those veins loks like they have a life of their own, i have never seen veins like that before. Her Ann Curry interview, God help me, the big one on her forehead scared me, i thought it was going to explode.

  41. Sarah says

    Oh look, yet another home-wrecker than the webmistress chooses to dote on. Double standards abound as usual.

  42. oriana says

    #26, where are the pictures of Angie with Shiloh from Cannes? These look like they are boarding the plane GOING to Cannes? Maybe the ones you meant didn’t come thru?

  43. says

    these pics are wonderful. awwwwwww 🙂
    maddox looks like he got used to sharing his mommy very well. he does look like the protective brother (in this pic, and many others… he seems to be a really good boy. pax looks like he’s adjusting well… angie is as gorgeous as ever, veins or no veins lol… she’s a wonderful mom…i agree if Z was there, she might have wanted to jump on the whale. lol. brad got to stay home with the girls. i wish we could see more pics of shiloh though… best wishes to this family always.

  44. GEMENI says


  45. my wish says

    jackie…i would like to get those veins and use them to tie your hands to stop your stupid comments appearing here…
    go away

  46. Malayka says

    I don’t like her much but a nanny is better than an orphanage any day. I would have preferred if she had helped Pax’s grand parents financially to raise Pax. To me it is better than bringing an innocent soul to hollywood in a controversial relatiosnhip.

    Of course these are the future Britneys and Lohans. Financing their lives and education would at least have given them a chance to become lawyers or doctors. This life is doomed to drugs and anti-depressants. It is her money so she can do what she wants with it.

    I can’t stand her, never would, breaking up a marriage made me even dislike her more. Cannot deny she helped these kids but I do not for one moment it is anything other than self glorification and wanting to be a huge world reknown star which her career and crazy lifestyle had failed to give her. Now she has Brad to finance all these self promoting adventures and even has some people buy into them. She is good at spin isn’t she? Lets sit back and watch, am sure the conclusion to this hollywood drama has to be interesting.

  47. oby says

    i do like the fact that she is spending time with her adopted kids,and i think she is a great mum,but i personally have not seen a lot of pictures of her with shiloh.i wonder why?

  48. traveller says


    Read the article. It said “last week” they went to marineland. Shiloh’s b-day was Sunday. I’m quite sure the family spent all of Sunday celebrating her birthday. Don’t comment on what you do not know. It only shows your ignorance and I’m sure that’s not the reputation that you want.

  49. kim--original kim says

    What about Shiloh’s b’day??? She obviously had Shiloh for Brad, and she’s adopting for herself….

  50. oriana says

    Angie, can you just picture her alone, with all four of them in Target or Wal-Mart, Ha!

    We don’t have bodyguards to help carry our kids, Nannies, assistants to help, it would be a whole new world for her to go and handle them by herself, even if just going to McDonalds! Ha!

    Well, I am not a big fan of her or wimpy Brad, but I don’t hate her, I am not an Anniston fan either, I have never really liked her, she makes me sick with that cigarette dangling out of her mouth all the time spouting off about how she absolutey wants kids, bull,she wants a big time career and to me her movies haven’t been that great, The Breakup was okay, but only because of Vince.

    She will never be the movie star that Angie is and Brad even has star quality also.

    Well, I do wish this family well and I pray they stay together, I think they do love one another and the kids love them and need a united family. I wish she would allow her dad to see the kids, he would love Shiloh so much, she looks just like him!

  51. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I’m glad that she’s giving kids a good home and all that but I wonder if she could ever take care of all 4 of them on her help…?? Could you imagine her takin them all to the store by herself?? LOL

  52. Pilar says

    “Most people” hate her with a passion? Who is “most people”? If you’re talking about the Aniston fans, I doubt they represent “most people” anywhere.

    Anybody who “hates with a passion” someone they never met needs to get a life.

  53. Terry says

    As for the Kids they all look so happy, Pax and Maddox are so adorable. And it also seems like Pax is adjusting to his new family quite well.

  54. Terry says

    I agree with you Oriana, that body guard of theres is a complete thug. For sure I wouldn’t want to mess with him!!

  55. Jackie says

    Pax is such a cutie. Maddox looked cuter when he was younger. I just wish she had not entangled her life in all this Brad Pitt mess, she would be a great woman with a great story. Now she will always live with that image. I know most people hate her with a passion but that is life.

    She should do something about the veins though.

  56. Pilar says

    Hi Renee, I noticed that too. I googled bulging arm veins and found a lot of complaints from women who all seemed surprisingly similar: they were all in their late 20’s or early 30’s, all were thin, and they all said the problem started in their late teens or 20’s. Nobody seems to know what the cause is but hormonal imbalances may have some influence and the problem seems to get much worse in the hot weather. I don’t have any visible veins in my arms but I have very visible veins in my hands and I’m a size 4. It seems like this is exclusively a problem reserved for thin women because the veins lie much closer to the surface. I’ve seen hefty women with varicose veins in their legs but I’ve never seen any with visible arm veins and in any case bulging arm veins aren’t varicose veins which are almost exclusively in the legs. I don’t think there’s a medical term for it. Anyway, Angelina looks gorgeous, bulging veins and all, although she really needs to gain about 15 lbs IMO.

  57. oriana says

    Mickey looks like a Thug to me! I wonder where they found him? He looks like someone that would work for Tony Soprano! But I am going to miss my Tony!!!!!!!!!

  58. Pilar says

    Cute pic. If Z had been there she probably would have jumped in and tried to ride one of the whales.

    Happy birthday to little Shi!

  59. oriana says

    I do like these little boys, both are very cute but Pax is my favorite. And yes indeed, I don’t remember her always having those veins in her hands and arms like this, I did like her in Lara Croft and thought she did an excellent job in Girl Interrupted, she is a fantastic actress, much better at acting than Brad will ever be!

    I do have to say Jon Voight when he protrayed the Pope, I loved him in that role! He is an excellent actor too.

  60. Lizzie says

    Not a Brangelina fan but I love this picture. Pax looks like he’s adjusting well and Mad looks like such a big protective brother in the 2nd picture. All of their kids will experience things in their lives that most kids can only dream of seeing and doing. Although it’s not the life I would want for my kids, kudos to them for making it work for them.

  61. Lauren says

    How cute. Maddox looks happy to be feeding the whales. Maddox and Pax are extremely lucky little boys.

  62. says

    ohhh how cuteeee, those kids are very lucky they are having a great education and travel around the world. Pax is so cute he´s still adapting to his new family, how can he imagine that he would have a family and all this big changes in his life he must be really scared and surpised

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