Tori & Dean Filming A Segment For Their Show

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were snapped filming a segment for their reality series Tori & Dean: Inn Love in Fallbrook, Calif., on Wednesday. Tori looks so cute in her buttercup tee and pigtails!



  1. says

    Saudi Arabia and Libya were the source of about 60 percent of the foreign fighters
    who came to Iraq in the past year to facilitate attacks.

  2. says

    mary j just because u went through that is does not mean that tori will tori is a lovely mother and a great wife and her and dean are very happy so if i was u just keep your bissness to yourself

  3. Mary J says

    My husband left me for another woman. I was 44 yrs. old with 5 children.
    You can’t imagine how many “slimey married” men came onto me and wanted a one night stand..–and more.
    Trust me, I know what Mary Jo is going through. Someday the show will be on the other foot for Ms. Spelling and she’ll deserve the hurt she gets.

  4. amy says

    get a life you are all losers!!!!! tori and dean are two very lovely people and they deserve to be happy and anyone that disagrees needs to get a f***ing life

  5. Celeste says

    #26 Katie…I told you if you posted a picture of your face you might get alot of e mails, how is that 10 fame???? Was it worth it?

  6. Celeste says

    OMG….Another boob lover on here #16…..I can see Zibby likes boobies just like me…..I love Toris boobs they are so perky and firm………….All I got to say is WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Miapocca says


    The sole purpose of a celebrity blog is simply to write opinions and thoughts on what we think. We DARE to judge becaue these people spend millions trying to sell us an image, we reserve the right to write what we think of that image. It does not matter who is right and who is wrong..its a past time. You are welcome not to partake. I may also ask, HOW DARE YOU come here and tell people what to think or how to behave towards a celeb.

    If you need people to control , look towards your family, they might just allow you to do so. If you are not interested in listening to other opinions, stay away from opinion sites.

    Again another narrow minded person who thinks all people in earth are obligated to tow HER line…

    Look at Carlieghs post, she came expressed her opinion did not throw out insults and did her may learn quite a bit from some posters here.
    You remind me of someone who walks into a town hall meeting while a a discussion is at an end and you open your big mouth to reverse the topic at hand without having a clue that you are disrespecting all the people in the room..dont take your bad habits out of your house..learn how to interact with other s politely …I believe you and Rosie will make a good pair…care to join her??

  8. Analise says

    She DID just have a baby. She’s not fat, just pudgy. That happens after having a BABY you know.

  9. Kristen says

    I was referred to this site by a friend and I cannot believe the stuff I am reading by all of you out there. Who are you to judge people you do not even know. Just because they are stars does not mean they are out there for you to tear apart. Put yourself out in the public spotlight and see what people may think about you. From the amount of posts here I can see that not all of you can be a supermodel, you probably have a bad nose, eyes to close together, a little bit of a baby belly left over from your three year old or something you would hate people bashing you for on the internet. Last thing, what do you know about Dean McDermotts ex and their marriage? Nothing. People get Divorced for reasons other than other women and they go on to remarry. Maybe you guys need to sit and think about yourselves instead of spending time blasting others. I know I will be blasted for writing this but I will not be around to read it because this was first visit to this site and reading these things has left a bad flavor in my mouth so go ahead and waste more of your time blasting me.

  10. carleigh says

    I think it’s kind of ironic that neither Tori or Dean have spoken one word about either of their respective ex’s to the press and now Mary Jo Eustace has written a book and Charlie Shanihan has been giving interviews.
    Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors and since Tori and Dean haven’t spoken out about their ex’s, people are only left to ponder. As I stated above, they BOTH could have handled their previous relationships with a bit more discretion, but since they have been together they haven’t flung mud or written a tell-all tome. They apparently fell in love and wanted to be together and that’s the bottom line. I, too, am of the thought that if any man/woman is fulfilled, happy and content at home then they won’t be prone to seeking the “missing” X-factor somewhere else. Sex is always great in the begining of any relationship, so once the newness wears off couples who are going to sustain for the long haul better darn sure hope they share interests, life goals and have things to talk about or it won’t work no matter how hot the sex is.
    People need to let this whole scene die down and let Tori and Dean be happy, who knows wether or not they are going to be in this for life, but for the time being they are very much loving to each other and they both love their little boy. Maybe they are crappy spouses to their ex’s, but people can change and sometimes the person you are with brings out the worst in you. I’d rather be w/ someone who makes me happy for however long it will last then to be stuck somewhere miserable and living an empty shallow existence.

  11. Miapocca says

    Frankly..of all the terrible comments about her, mine ranks nowhere,…I suggest you stick to making your own comment and not pick on other people.

    If you cant a STRICTLY whatever blog, create your own. If the web mistress is unhappy about commnets she will delete them..Now please find someone within your reality to take our your distatisfaction with…


  12. onatear says

    Another happy day on babyrazzi, with the grade school dirty mouths, thank you, Miapoco (?)..are you in grade 5 or 6?
    This is SUPPOSED to be about babies. I can’t understand why as time goes on, it is just one cranky reader after another blasting the “celebs”…what fun.

  13. **** says

    won’t be long before dean leaves that horses ass, another uglier and richer bitch will come along.

  14. fifi trooper says

    Yes, It is Shiloh’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the prettist baby, besides Gavin, Suri, and Sean S.!

  15. oriana says

    I do believe the old saying, the wife is the last to know, I have heard when there is a troubled marriage there are signs, but I am not for sure about that. There have been long lasting marriages that I am certain the wife was dumped and being cheated on where she didn’t have a clue, maybe not true in this case, but not every relationship I don’t think.

    I did love that movie, First Wive’s Club!!!!

  16. says

    Tori is not an attractive girl, but who cares. It’s her behaviour that really makes her ugly. BUT NOT FAT. She just gave birth, so for someone who just gave birth her body is SLAMMIN’.

    All I know is if karma really does exist, it’ll get these 2 in the long run.

  17. Layla says

    Tori is actually much cuter than that. It’s a bad picture of her. Dean on the other hand looks much more handsome.

  18. keller says

    Dean has a 9 year old son and a one year old adopted girl with his first wife people!!!! I feel bad for his son here. He has had to witness this media cirus of his dad and ‘girlfriend’. Dean left his wife and one month old girl for heavens sake!!! His ex, Mary Jo is WAY prettier, slim and funny. She is a DJ on a radio station in Toronto now, her home town. She is Dj”ing on North AMerica’s first gay station which I love!

    Dean used to be a valet driver when he met his first wife.HE chased HER.

    I give him and horse-face 5 years tops. She is so fug.

  19. Sissy says

    Sarah, I can’t stand homewreckers as I am a victim of one myself. A twenty year + marriage down the tubes.

  20. Sissy says

    Aimee, I am so glad I was able to give you a good chuckle. You know what they say “laughter is the best medicine”.

  21. Sarah says

    How funny– judge a 60 year old married woman for having a baby, but NOTHING about what a homewrecking creep Tori Spelling is? Gimme an

    What’s that spell? HYPOCRITE.

  22. oriana says

    I can’t believe he just walked out in three weeks, after adopting a new baby! Obviously Tori made him feel young all over again,, he certainly didn’t act 40, more like 14! But she was the icing on the cake for him and we don’t know what went on behind closed doors with his wife. Maybe adopting the baby was a ploy to hold on to a dying relationship and it didn’t do the trick.

  23. Xenafan96 says

    Wow-I had no idea on the drama about this particular couple. I knew he had left his wife but didn’t know that it was so close to their newborns’ birth. I can only imagine the bitterness and rancor that goes on between the three adults. This is a two sided coin, IMO. Tori and Dean have a new baby and are in love, yet it started out hurting so many other people. I read the article from his ex-wife, and can understand her reacting the way that she did, too. It’s fine and good to be honest-ie. I am leaving you, not the kids, I am the type of person that can accept that kind of answer and throw you out at the same time. But, 3 weeks? After 12 years? That to me sounds like a guy who started window shopping long before he met Tori.

  24. fifi trooper says

    #50, Actually, i am! I’ve been with my guy for about 4 years! and going on strong! But your quite welcome for the laughs…….anything to help a boring ass prude!

  25. Rae says

    Oh my gosh ppl seriously…do y’all have nothing better to do than talk bad about other ppl’s lives?? You don’t know them, you have no idea how they really are…all you know is what the media tells you,and NEWS FLASH, the media LIES big time! I think Tori is absolutly goregous,and she and dean look VERY VERY happy together. And about Dean leaving his wife for Tori, i say if you meet your soul mate you need to be w/ that person! I believe Tori was who God meant for Dean to be w/…and they have a beautiful baby together, let them be happy! ANd stop gettin upset cuz some of y’all are jealous…Oh,and for the record Tori is very small for just having a baby not to long ago, just so y’all know..she’s far from fat considering how big she was while pregnant…don’t hate y’all…be polite..

  26. Jacquie says

    Has anyone ever seen Mary Jo? on the cooking show she use to be on?? If she was anything in person like she was on that show OMG one word for her OBNOXIUOS!! No wonder it was easy for him to leave her.

    I certainly don’t agree with how things went BUT it is all said and done and they really seem to be happy with each other.

  27. Zbella says

    LOL – you are so ridiculous and it’s so funny. Thanks for the laughs, fifi trooper. There is no way in hell you are in a long term relationship the way you talk.

  28. fifi trooper says

    #32, An #48, please do me a favor, and loosen up! I think that maybe that last comment hit a tender spot, SO… maybe you need to take that advice, and start pleasing your partner, before you end up sad, and lonely like Dean’s wife…….TOUGHEN UP BITCHES!

  29. oriana says

    Charlie is better off without her and I am sorry, Tori is not pretty, never has been, I remember years ago when she was interviewed the reporter was commenting on her head being bigger than her body, I do like her hair and they do appear to be having fun on their show but they are selfish as hell! For him to be 40 years old, it didn’t take him that long to decide he wasn’t happy with his wife of 12 years and two kids. I think he would prob still be with his family if he hadn’t made the film and met Ugmo!

    And without a doubt, Candy Spelling is on the scene, she isn’t going to sit back and let Aaron’s money go to McDermont, on NO, now the baby, he will be taken care of like a Prince for the rest of his life! He is very cute and I think Tori will be a good mother.

    Tom Brady is another asshole in my opinion too!

    And the Webmistress is THE Webmistress so I would think she can post anything she wants too and make any comments she wants too, whether we agree or not, it is her site!

  30. Zbella says

    I had no idea Dean was such a slimball. “I’m not leaving the kids – I’m leaving you.” What a jerk. I haven’t seen any pictures of him with his other babies anywhere.

    And – sorry, but Tori is not and never will be attractive.

  31. Ali says

    I just read an article by Deans ex-wife on the break up. I am now an official Tori and Dean hater!! He is disgusting.

  32. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    oH MY gOSH Tom Brady is on E news and claims he knows the sex of his baby..he also says h ehas a crush on Alis aMIlano..I say Gisselles watch out..he is already on the next..Milano loves atheletes so I wont be suprised if she look shis way…but she will probably leave him if he doesnt tow the line…

  33. says

    webmistress….. i think if u cant see the babies or kids in the pics u should not post them….and especially if the kids are not even there at all!!!!!!!!!!

  34. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Tori has an amazing personality, so I understand baou tht ehotter in person, since her pictures dont show her personality, meeting her in person certainly will do it for you hahahhahah

    She is not waht most ppl would call pretty, but I was impressed by her humor and personality….oh well life goes on, if McDermott has only horrid intentions lets hope it hsows up sooner than when Candy Spelling croaks!!

    Because old candy is certianly suspicious of him…

  35. says

    dean is a tool who leave thire wife of 12 year for a horseface tori she have so many Plastic Surgery and came out looking like a drag queen i wonder how she look with no makeup on and who married some one who he meet only for three weeks and he a baby with and you just apoted a baby too what an asshole

  36. says

    I was a difficult time for Mary Jo Eustace, the ex-wife of Dean McDermott, and her children Jack and Lola. Now the relatively unknown player in the relationship between Tori Spelling and McDermott opens up about their breakup in an essy for new anthology called, The Other Woman.

    An excerpt of the article appears in this week’s issue of People Magazine:

    “When Dean called me from the set [of his TV movie], he told me how great he was getting along with his costar Tori Spelling. She was fun, caring and much hotter in real life. I assumed this was good. Before he left, jokes flew at the prospect of working with the daughter of a Hollywood mogul. I suggested he befriend her. “Who knows?” I laughed. It might be good for his career.

    “Now here he is, back. We’re on vacation and I’m wearing my bikini with saggy faded bottoms. I know something is wrong. “Have you met someone?” I ask. He nods yes. “Is it Tori Spelling?” He nods. “We’re soulmates,” he says. “She loves me unconditionally.”

    “What conditions?” I scream. “You’ve only known each other three weeks.”

    “I look down at my baby daughter. “We just adopted a baby.” The phrase single mother pops up in my brain. I start to feel weightless as I cross the divide between together and alone.

    “I’m not leaving the kids,” he says. “I’m leaving you.”

    “I begin to sob. I actually begin to worry that maybe it’s all because I look fat. Maybe he was undecided, and this dreadful bikini sealed the deal

    hotter in real life. please he just want her money

  37. Brit says

    I hear his ex-wife has written a book re betrayal. Maybe Jen Aniston should come out with a book. When Pitt married her, I gave them 7 years – I preferred Gwyneth to Jen, but now that Angie is on the scene, prefer Jen.
    There was obviously a connection while filming M&MS together – regardless of what they say and that crap about not wanting to be with a married man – phooey!!

    That said, yes, you should be with the person who makes you feel whole, but it is sad when it comes at the cost of someone you are already with, including children.

  38. says

    ok dont get mad but tori have to be the most uglies women out there next to sara jessica parker paris hilthon chole s. and joan rivers she have all the Plastic Surgery and came out like that i know for sure dean married her for the money who can ever love that horse does she think she look cute with that pigtails

  39. Aimee says

    Thank you for cracking me up! I love that you are so diplomatic, ie ‘not fat, just extremely hippy’. I like that Tori’s
    hippy. I’m usually only hippy when I’m happy, and apparently Dean & Tori are eating well, and … happy.
    So what if she looks like a horse? Her new show endears her to me.

  40. carleigh says

    I do agree that they should have handled their respective marriages more appropriately and with a bit more discretion. I also believe that life is way to short to be tied to someone you do not want to be with, someone who makes you miserable and everyone is entitled to their own happiness. The people who have nothing better to do than sit around and nit pick someone to death need to get their own life and a clue. I hope that for their baby boy’s sake they are stable, steady, happy, and committed to each other, Liam is a precious little boy and they seem like a very happy family.

  41. Karen says

    fifi trooper – I see your responses on all of the other forums. You sound like a total mindless idiot!

  42. fifi trooper says

    Nobody cares what you losers say! they don’t even care what you think! I think that her hair is cool the way it is! I think that they make a good couple! If, his first wife was pleasing him in all areas then maybe he wouldn’t have fell for Ms. Spelling, but now they have a family! So TOUGHEN UP B#$@#es!

  43. Lauren says

    Tori does look cute in this picture. No matter what anybody says about them, Dean and Tori seem to be in love. They both could’ve handled their respective marriages differently but now they have a beautiful little boy. Leave them alone!

  44. minkysmom says

    hmm… I don’t care about her. It’s time to let go of the pigtails, you are done being pregnant, now it’s just idiotic looking.

  45. sharlee says

    I feels like I am back in High School again!! Pick, Pick, Pick. I don’t like the fact that they had an affair and left their spouses but to pick on Tori because of her looks? A low blow in my book. I think she looks unique. Yes she has gained a few pounds, who doesn’t when there pregnant? She’s happy, healthy and has a beautiful baby and nothing is more important than that. Instead of tearing her down why don’t you try writing something nice or atleast more positive.

  46. Miapocca says

    Charlie came out saying stuff..but by then the drama was all about her war with candy it died charlie was comeing across like a weak arse whose wife left him of a more virile man,….hust whiny jealous bit….

    so he was effectively ignores

    Oh well…

    I am with Orianna on the Happiness and Self centeredness

    If everyone of us chose happiness without considering our environment, can you imagine what a horrid life it will be. A greate part of happiness comes from making other people happy..Only narciccists dont get that statisfaction and infact they are never happy anyway.

    Its make sme happy to take a leak and dump on your face, therefore I will go ahead and do so without thinking of your discomfort….now that should provoke some gunfights in the wild wild west ahahhahahah

  47. Janie says

    Did Tori’s first husband Charlie ever come out and say anything about all of this?

    They were only married for one year when she had the affair with Dean. Charlie is better of without that tramp!

  48. oriana says

    I do believe that life is short and it is important to be as happy as one can be, but, being happy and self centered is two different things to me. He was married, had just adopted a baby, he knew her three weeks, and all of a sudden she was his “soul mate”! Please! Marriage vows should mean a little bit more than that, what if he meets another soul mate when making his next film? I can’t stand him!

    He was with his wife for 12 years, if he didn’t want to be with her any more he should have had some insight to his feelings while they were pursuing the adoption. I don’t know how hard it is to adopt in Canada but surely it didn’t happen overnight.

    She is a spoiled brat, One million dollars spent on a fancy smancy wedding, and she didn’t have any respect for her husband, her parents, Dean’s family or herself!

    These two deserve each other!

  49. Diane says

    20. Canada eh. My sentiments exactly. Everything you said is the truth.

    I live in Mass. right near Tori’s first husband Charlie Shanian’s family. Believe me he had no idea what was going on with her. She was up in Canada filming and having an affair. He thought everything was fine. His family was glad to get rid of her.

  50. Canada eh... says

    Dean Mcdermot is a loser. How could any woman want a man who already has a family (wife and two children). How do you respect this man?
    As for spoiled little Tori, she was no prize before, she now has to be one of the most unattractive post-pregnancy actress in Hollywood.
    It’s a good thing she’s rich, or better yet, their new son is rich. Tori&Dean will be able to live off their son’s considerable Trust Fund (I’m sure he has one) for the rest of their lives.
    I don’t see these two ever being more than “D” list actors.
    Dean, your ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace should be glad to be rid of you; you’re obviously a very weak man. By the way, despite the fact that she has at least ten years on Tori, Mary Jo looks waaaaaaaaaay better.

  51. Zibby says

    The ony thing she has going for her is big knockers and a whole lot of money! Those are the only reasons that any guy would be interested in her!

  52. Diva says

    OK…. I know I’m going to get lambasted for this, but….

    If you’re unhappily married, and you find, for lack of a better word, your soulmate, are really supposed to stay in a miserable existence rather than follow your heart?

    I seem to be the minority on this board thinking that life is short and we should be happy in the limited years we have here. No one benefits in a bad marriage, I believe, and given the opportunity to be happy, one should take it.

    That being said, I’m pretty shocked at a board of (probable) mother’s who would criticize the woman’s comparably small body right after she had a baby!

  53. Nicki says

    Dean’s wife should count her blessings that she is rid of him. He is a money hungry blood sucking leech!

  54. Monica says

    Her face looks like a horse and those two pigtails look like horses tails. There is nothing cute about her.

  55. Miapocca says

    Deans wife is speaking out about the OTHER WOMAN ahhahahhah…its was on Enew life ,she talks about how he told her on a family vacation that he was leaving her ..and she assumed her swim suit had something to do with the descsion,but later realized it was his feelings for miss big personality horse face here and not her swim suit…hopefully they both dont meet their soulmates on the way to Liams recital and abandon each other right then …ahhaha

  56. Nicki says

    Look at how fat she is now! She looks terrible! Dean only married her to get his hands on dead daddy’s money!

  57. Molly says

    Web Mistress – are you okay? “Tori looks so cute in her buttercup tee and pigtails!”

    There is nothing cute about Tori Spelling!

    She looks like a DRAG HAG!!!

  58. Monica says

    Dean left his wife and kids for Tori. Tori left her husband for Dean. They deserve each other – two losers!

  59. DMITZ says

    I agree w/#1. Her hair is too long for this hairstyle. I liked Tori w/her reddish brown hair and much shorter. Their show is cute though.

    Does anyone know if Dean has any other kids? I heard he did but I never see them w/Tori and Dean?

  60. kimmy says

    ok- her hair is way too long. She looks really good with short hair- like a bob. Her hair looks like a 12 year old.

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