Britney & Sean Preston At Millennium Dance Complex

Britney Spears

Back from Miami, Britney was snapped back at North Hollywood’s Millennium Dance Complex on Wednesday with son Sean Preston.



  1. Danica says

    Um…that isn’t Sean. That is Jayden. He looks nothing like Sean and plus Sean is bigger than that.

  2. kelly says

    kimmy i can’t beleive how rude you were to paige, your obsessed to if you go on and post your comment’s. paige has the same right as you, or maybe your gospel on what is said about brit. have you ever met brit???? trust me, you would be singing a different tune if you had. and stop being rude, everyone has a right to post a comment, just because she did not agree with you, does’nt mean you have to be an a–…… britney is the screwball, not paige, we have the right to freedom of speech, unless we have to run it by you first. this is where you post your comment’s, and everytime you turn it into a bitch fest. paige rule’s……

  3. kelly says

    no class, no bra, what a role model… that is who i want my daughter to look up to, once a sleaze alway’s a sleaze. she lost the bra, maybe the smelly and ripped fishnet’s and then the boot’s. please dress your son like you care. he need’s a stylist just like you do. and stop the happy meal’s and coke in the bottle at bed time, no wonder his teeth are bad. and what were you thinking with the hideous extention’s??? someone need’s to set a rat trap in your head…. girl you totally are way out in left feed, the only reason you had a sold out show, people were there to make fun out of you, i was at 3, just to see how stupid you were. 12 minute’s were way to long just for you to lip synce….. your a mother act like one, no wonder kevin want’s his son’s. atleast kev has a sense of style, maybe shar helped him with the kid’s, i spotted the at tresor, she got her body back, it is not so funny now is it. you got what was coming back around. does not feel good when someone to take your man when he has babie’s with you. everytime i see kev, i see shar right there like all 6 of them are family, yes i included your 2 son’s. did you ever notice how sean p look’s scared to death of you, he like’s when shar hold’s him…. please get that boy to a dentist and nutrionist. i am so glad shar is helping with the boy’s. they look so happy with kev and shar and kev’s other children. sean is drinking way to much pepsi like his mom, and to many run’s thru drivethru’s for fast food he is a little rolly polly, jayden to. they need to have family time with you, not at a dance studio, well after seeing some perforemance’s, you do need the practice and alittle more lipo…brit you may think you look hot, well i have a long list on my survey that you are not making a comeback anytime soon. i just wanted to see if the wig stayed on. and yes, keep your clothe’s on. that pic with you and the 2 flower’s hiding your breast, trust me, you are pysco, and all your action’s support my view…

  4. Angie_in_Arkansas says I the only one who noticed??…she isnt wearing a bra and her nips are very visible…nazzzzzty!!

  5. peige says

    If Britney didn’t let Sean or Jayden be photographed then it wouldn’t be a big deal, infact I think its best for celebs to try and keep their children out of the spotlight as much as possible until they are old enough to decide for themselves if they want that lifestyle. What I am trying to say is that it is strange that Britney has always allowed Sean to be photographed from day one but not Jayden. Anyone can see that is slightly strange. It can only be that either
    A) Britney is waiting until her album comes out so that photos of Jayden can create publicity.
    B) There is a clause in the divorce not allowing Jayden to be photographed.
    C) Jayden has an illness and she Britney does’nt want the press going crazy (which could explain her post natal depression and her going off the rails if she was upset about her baby).
    D) Or it could simply be that she saw the media frenzy over every little thing she did wrong with Sean (e,g. the car seat, the highchair, the nearly dropping him) and doesn’t want a repeat with Jayden. She might regret allowing Sean to be photographed but because he already has been she just continues to allow him but not Jayden to be seen out!!

  6. says

    Why would she hide one of her children and show off the other? It doesn’t make sense. It is like she is ashamed of her baby. Even if the child had downs-sydrome or a birth defect,or is a girl, why would you hide this? You can’t keep your child under wraps forever. It doesn’t make sense.WIERD

  7. kimmy says

    peige- maybe she doesn’t want to bring Jayden out because psychos like you are so obsessed about it. Who cares? It’s nobody’s business anyways. Wouldn’t it start to bug you if you had a baby and people were calling you a bad mom just because you didn’t want the whole world to see him/her? Britney’s parenting has been looked at through a magnifying glass with Sean, maybe she doesn’t want to deal with that regarding Jayden.

  8. peige says

    WERE THE HELL IS JAYDEN!!!!! There is no logical explaination for his absence, something is definately up!!!!

  9. says

    Jayden seriously has something wrong with him if he is so small to fit in that seat under that cover &&&&& something seriously wrong with him if at 8 months he isn’t fussing to push the blanket off of him when there are people screaming his name, his brothers name, and his mothers name. There is no way that a blanket would stay put like that. Plus these pictures are especially concerning being that Britney not only never ever carried or held SPF, even when he looked terrified on that boat, but also because Jayden was obviously somewhere under deck while everyone on the boat with her was up top enjoying themselves. wrong wrong wrong

  10. Xenafan96 says

    I just had a thought hit me that kinda saddened me. I am doing paperwork(and,ok, posting here lol….I’m writing it off as a tax break for stress therapy 😉 and listening to music. Brit’s song “Everytime” came on, and I listened to it and then looked up the video. That video was 2004, pre-Federline if I remember right? It mirrors the desperate situation she ended being in with him. She had so much strength in her voice and the video is moving. She’s fallen so hard, so fast.

  11. fifi trooper says

    I think that she looks good! She’s carrying her baby! nothing here to get snappy about! Go britney! BLAKE, was robbed lastnight! A good singer is easy to come by, but a gooood peformer comes far, and between!

  12. Brandi says

    I am still convinced that JJ has some kind of disability that they are hiding until she can be more sane about it in public. Totally different that Suri. They didn’t take her out at ALL – Brit hides this one but keeps his close by.

  13. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    She doesnt pictures of jayden appearing in the newspapers…he will probably make his apperance with thenew album photo spread

    I think neither spouse can profit from having him in photo spreads…the money will probably have ot go directly to Jaydens bank account..Britney does not need the money, but the leech fed ex does..

    AWW MEN, she is wearing clothes..come on brit its hot out here!!

  14. Poor Baby Jayden says

    It is driving me crazy that you never see her holding baby Jayden. What’s the deal with that? What is she trying to hide? You see ton’s of pictures of her holding baby Sean but none of Jayden….I feel bad for Jayden, I hope she loosens up soon and let’s Jayden make his first appearance soon.

  15. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    rotflmaoooooo!!! has anybody taken a CLOSE look at her…ummm…shirt??? classy girl, indeed!!!

  16. Chanelle says

    Does she ever hold Jayden and I think its time for a hair cut on Sean, he’s still a cutie tho, he looks just like his dad!

  17. Elle says

    She still looks like a skank to me! Tater Tot looks ‘special’ . where in the hell is Small fry?

  18. says

    she does look like AS and that bobyguard is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i read on another site that JJ was there but he was carried in by her bodyguards in his car seat. britney actually looks pretty cute in this pic and so does sean p. still dont like her though:)

  19. Bethany says

    This picture is actually pretty good of Brit. I’m glad to see her looking halfway decent. I wish she’d leave the wigs off though…I thought she looked cute bald. haha

  20. libraesque says

    I HATE to say this but she kind of looks pregnant in that photo!!!
    you know how her tummy looked in both her pregnancy’s????
    looked just like that

    lord have mercy

  21. DMITZ says

    Not a Brit fan, but she looks cute (better) in this pic. She does look like Ashlee Simpson. Have you ever noticed how much Ashlee and Britney’s mother look alike?

  22. Lauren says

    Wow, Britney looks happy and healthy here! This is more like the Britney we used to know and love. Sean is soo cute! He’s getting so big. I wish Brit would take Jayden out. It’s about time the littlest Spears-Federline gets attention.

  23. islandgirl says

    Oh my goodness – I hadn’t noticed the bodyguard until someone pointed him out – HE IS MONSTROUS!

  24. vanessa says

    l love britney. what ever she did in the past, she is a new parson now. and all that coz of that stupid ex husband

  25. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Wow! No trashy holey fishnets! She actualy looks quite good in this photo. Sean Preston is quite sweet.

  26. libraesque says

    So good to see Britney looking happy and healthy again

    ANyone else think she looks EXACTLY like Ashlee Simpson in this pic????

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