An Expectant Salma Hayek At The Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel

Salma Hayek

An expectant Salma Hayek was snapped leaving the Beverly Hills Four Seasons hotel after a lunch date on Wednesday. Her dress is so pretty!



  1. May says

    Zibby chunga tu madre you perra!!! bitch
    You are probably a bitch who can not have babies, It is a blessing to be able to have a child. Salma looks beautiful and should feel proud of being blessed to be a Mother

  2. Zbella says

    OK Anz – that’s your opinion! One of my best friends IS married to a millionaire and she was recently saying how she envies my supportive husband. Hers has never changed a diaper in over 4 years and 3 children! Oh well, since I’m a poor woman, guess I’ll keep my f-ing supportive husband…

  3. tj says

    I LOVE SALMA!! i cant wait to see her baby i cant believe shes pregnat!!!! oh my goodness!!! well the reason shes “fat” is cause shes gunna have a baby for christs sake!!!! my god you people {{to the ones that called her “fat” in a mean way}} are just simply RUDE!!!

  4. Anzhelika says

    to dont need any fuckin supportive partner or father to your child if you have so much money like she has…i understand a poor woman needs a supportive partner,but not Salma

  5. annab says

    i don’t think those are “her” boobs.
    she is very, very annoying!
    nice set of legs…………………………………

  6. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I didnt know selma smoked….I might not have dieted..healthy eating is the way to go..but she definetly works out, she cant aviod that or else she would have looked like a pretty big beach ball way before she got pregnant..

    Someone like her cannot afford to sit on thier bum in order to remain nice and trim especially being above 30…Never seen her smoke though

  7. freddie says

    she’s huge all the smoking and drinking and not taking care of her health is going to be really hard to lose the baby weight you can see that the weight she gained isn’t all the baby she use to brag on how she didn’t diet and about her smoking and ect., boy she look’s bad

  8. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    I believe its not about money..Selma makes plenty to make her look anyway she wants…Money never made anyone happy other than the spurts of highs derived from shopping and drugging it up..ask Holmes and Spears of their respective vices…..

    The guy is rich alright too and thats a bonus. However just to explore the other side…
    Family Wealth is different from personal wealth which is different from Cash . Ever heard of royals sitting in a fucking huge castle and they couldnt use the elctricity because it cost too much then have to resort to selling their titles to commoners ahahhah.

    If have a clue about the nightmarish french inheritance laws, Miss Selma will be running to get married pronto, if she was that interested in the money. She may probably already be married to him, with all the legal paperwork to take car, child citizenship etc.

    Neither are all comments about jealousy..some are simply observations..and for that matter how do you know a millionaire is not reading and writing some of these comments…for all you Selma maybe contributing.:)

    In short some folks take comments not directed at them a little too personally, try to seperate you indentity from that of a person in a picture.

  9. Zbella says

    I certainly don’t have a billionaire or millionaire husband!!! He seems very supportive and loving – good for her. 🙂

  10. JJ says

    thanks for clarifying Corrine!
    million or billionaire you get my point…tomato – tomatoe, potato – potatoe…

  11. Corinne says

    The father is a billionnaire big difference, he is worth between 7 and 9 billion ,if not more. One of the richest family in Europe.

  12. JJ says

    Selma will be having the last laugh. The father of her child is a millionaire. She has nothing to worry about. She can have a personal trainer and personal chef and anything else her heart desires after she gives birth. She will lose the excess weight, water and cravings. She is enjoying her pregnancy now and will worry about the weight later. How many of you critics on this board have a millionaire for a partner??

  13. MommaE says

    wow-there are sure a lot of intense comments on here. I think she looks great-everyone on here-with the exception of a few narrow minded ‘fatties’ knows that being pregnant is no walk in the park…I think she looks wonderful

  14. myrna says

    pink poodle…get your facts straight. she is mexican lebanese.. her dad is lebanes, her mom is hispanic. she is from a beautiful city name Veracruz, Veracruz…….

  15. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    Selma AA still look gorgeous no matter ho wshort ot fat she is…she is a beautiful woman to look at….

  16. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    oH..Some of the Americans on this board have a serious issue with the FAT…the think o fit as negative…missing out on using all the words in the Dictionary, I say…AA

  17. ~*Miapocca*~ says

    # 46 ZIBBY= MY PENIS(IN LEBANESE) you are not worth replying..


  18. Zbella says

    Salma could have “made children” younger – but she chose to wait until she found a supportive partner to father her child. There is no doubt she’s gaining and retaining – but she’s pregnant! Again, WHEN IS SHE DUE, anyone know?

  19. Nisrine. says

    # 46 ZIBBY= MY PENIS(IN LEBANESE) you are not worth replying..
    # 49 Miapocca: its true what you’re saying,i dont denie it most of lebanese women tend to fatten up very easily.,.its a fact i dont feel offended,,but we dont have obesity such as in the US,cos we dont eat junk food,our kitchen is full of mideterrean healthy food..but still we have to watch what we eat and work out ,its an effort for some women to keep in shape,,but who says that beauty is just skinny flat bodies,?..its nice to have curves and im not saying to be fat,,i sure dont like to be fat…

  20. DMITZ says

    Pink Poodle – Salma’s mother is Mexican and her father is Lebanese. She was born in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico.

  21. Miapocca says

    Nisrine…I have met a few lebanese,, actually a lot…however what I note is that they are stocky and tend to fatten up very easily

    Sorry to offend others, just my obeservation from students I was in school with …

  22. Miapocca says

    She has lebanese ancestry

    She had a boob job with added size from pregnancy hormone its looking huge

    she retained a lot more weight and usually OBGNY will give you a warning on that,

    She is carrying a lot of weight everywhere and it shows,…she will not be having a 30 pound baby chances are its only 7lbs, and if her weight leads to BP , then the baby weight reduces

    Her fiance is French, they arent exactly tall people…HAHAH

  23. Pink Poodle says

    She’s mexican not lebanese – I saw an interview with her and she stated so. She’s one of those “latino” woman making big strides in the media?!

  24. ZIBBY says

    if you only know what your name means in lebanese..LOL!!
    your comments are just like your name!

  25. DMITZ says

    you’re totally right..i am lebanese who lives in Canada,,im pregnant and i look so much like Salma right now,,we lebanese women are known for our curvy beautiful bodies,,you don’t have to be a super model to be pregnant,you have to be a real woman,,i disrespect anyone who talks bad about a pregnant woman on this page,,it’s a shame..i bet they dont even know what pregnancy is and must have some personality problems…

  26. DMITZ says

    It doesn’t matter either way. Salma may be retaining a lot of water and the way I look at it is you never know how many times (and maybe only once) that you will be pregnant. Enjoy every minute of it – I know I did! I loved using my pregnancy as an excuse to pig out and get the 3rd helping when others would laugh at me 🙂 My daughter who is 1 yr old was born 9 lbs 11 oz!! I walked a lot but ate everything and anything I wanted and only gained 15 lbs during my pregnany. So I was ALL baby. So who knows what she’s doing as long as she looks healthy and happy. I doubt anyone but us babyrazzi commentors are saying anything about her double chin or chubby legs. She’s having a baby people!!

  27. DMITZ says

    H – I know that. I know that (Hayek) is the Lebanese name. What I’m trying to say is that when you have a certain heritage in you, it’s easy to take on those features that women of your background may have. In my case (I’m hispanic), I’m larger at the top and got no back! LOL. All the women in my family and most all my hispanic friends are the same way. But not always… I have a cousin w/a butt like J-Lo and no top!

  28. ali says

    I have to say I’m taking a devilish delight in seeing Selma with a double chin and fat knees….but I’m sure she’ll be slender as ever as soon as the baby is born, as celebrities seem to do so easily.

  29. Anzhelika says

    there was a mistake in my previous comment.I say it again: It is not best age to make children(40),couldnt she make a child before? she had a lot of money and has a lot of money..I dont understand those celebrities making children after 35 and is ridiculous..

  30. oby says

    i am six months pregnant,but i know i do not look as good as she does.i ve a high risk pregnancy and so have not been allowed to do much since i got pregnant let alone exercise,so i ve really piled on the pounds.some people are lucky in pregnancy and some are not.pls let those who are not lucky and who pile on the pounds be happy,donot distress them one knows how this pregnancy has been for her,especially when u consider her age.i think she looks good.

  31. amy says

    Zibby, you have obviously never been pregnant before…

    i won’t go as far as to say that i hope that when you do you will get hit with ALL the side effects pregnancy can give your body…

    but hey, if you do end up with a few, i hope there are a load of papps outside ready to take a million snaps of YOU for our entertainment….

  32. Play misty for me says

    My prior post mostly applies to you Zibby. Lay off Salma already! Let the woman be pregnant in peace.

  33. Play misty for me says

    Hey you idiots!! stop saying that my favorite actress Salma is fat, she’s probably alot more beautiful than you judgementals snobs will ever be. Jealous are we??

    Must be or you wouldn’t be putting her down. We all can’t be as beautiful as she.

  34. **** says

    what a tank. damn girl needs to stop eating, i feel sorry for her when she has the baby its gonna take a year to get that weight off.

  35. Nicki says

    Salma is a beautiful woman. Always busty and great curves. She is having a baby. Some people gain more weight than others, some people have 8-9 pound babies, some skinny people have 5-6 pound babies. Does it really matter as long as the baby is born healthly? Best wishes to Salma and her baby!!

  36. Zbella says

    Any woman worth her weight (haha) knows better than to judge a pregnant woman’s weight gain. I’ve been there, and it ain’t comfy. Now I think the paparazzi should leave Salma alone until she delivers. Does anyone know her due date/month?

  37. dori says

    geez you guys… she’s 40 years old …. give the woman a break She’s happy and healthy and having a baby .She’s beautiful and after the baby is born she’ll get her figure back. Let her have her time of indulgence.

  38. kimmy says

    I don’t want to say Salma is fat, but I mean c’mon. You can do light walking or 5 lb weights for your arms, or even some light cardio and keep somewhat in shape. There is no excuse to have legs like that. I realize that for a baby 25-35 lbs is a normal weight gain (with the exception of twins of course:)) but she has really put the weight on. But I also know everyones body is different and you have to listen to your body.

  39. fifi trooper says

    I don’t think that this dress is for her! I think that she looks like her pregnancy is is killing her!

  40. Xenafan96 says

    I love Salma, been a fan for years, and nobody could have been a better Muse than her in Dogma. I think she looks like the majority of near term women and is as beautiful as ever. She could be having blood pressure issues, and retaining water more so than normal, something that cannot be predicted until it happens in pregnancy.

  41. Chanelle says

    Wow, her knees look like faces, I can see the eyes, forhead and all, the pregnacy does her no good……..sorry, but its the truth and I don’t need the haterism for this, just being honest!

  42. Canada eh... says

    I’ve always found Salma to be a gorgeous woman, with a beautiful curvy body.
    She’s either retaining water or she’s gained alot of weight on her 5ft 1in frame. I think she should wear longer dresses.

  43. DMITZ says

    She does look thick but calling a pregnant woman fatty is childish. As I’ve stated before, Lebanese women (at least the ones I know) have thick legs. My best friend was Lebanese and looks just like Salma. I think it’s her legs, cheeks, and boobs that make her look a little thick. But lots of expecting women get chubby cheeks and big boobs when pregnant. I know I did! But she looks healthy and that’s what’s important. I’m not a big fan of hers but I agree w/JJ. Good to see pics like this.

  44. Lauren says

    She looks worn out here but she looks cute. That dress is flattering to her expanding belly. Can’t wait to hear what she has!

  45. Ellie says

    With a name like “Zibby,” who knows if you’re even female let alone skinny.

    My bet: You’re incredibly overweight, without friends, taking three different types of “mood regulators” and miserable at the prospect that you’ve got acne and no man to call your own.

  46. JJ says

    Finally! a photo of a “real” pregnant woman. Many celebrities, when pregnant only have a big belly but the rest of their body belongs to a skinny person. Most women I know look like Selma when they are pregnant. It’s good to see her looking like a healthy, robust, attractive, and sexy pregnant woman.

  47. Sissy says

    I agree with Marylou, never say that about a pregnant lady this should be the happiest time of her life, and she needs alot of love and support. I think Salma is so cute pregnant, and her dress is flattering on her. Also I have to comment on what onatear said, I am a shorter woman although not as short as Salma ,but I am married to a taller man and so because of that my son was a little larger and longer than average. Good luck to Salma and her fiance on the birth of their baby.

  48. Midge says

    She does look tired here, but very pretty. The dress is great. I feel bad for her having to carry around all the extra boobage! 🙂 I am not saying that to be mean. I can empathize as my boobs got huge with both of my pregnancies. Bless her!!!!

  49. onatear says

    Poor Selma is a small woman, who appears to be having a giant baby with her rather tall fiance!! I love her work, and can’t wait to see the px of her baby.

  50. Marylou says

    Zibby, never ever call a pregnant woman Fatty, it is mean and childish. But she looks so tired, I hope she does not have to wait that long.

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